Healing Exercise – Part 2

For many of us, our new year resolutions included exercise, healthy eating or changing some habit of the body. We set wonderful goals for ourselves but sometimes the body throws tantrums like a spoiled child in rebellion. As our Manipura or navel center begins to fire up we become more in touch with our body, we develop a better relationship with it, we learn how to motivate and manage it, until the body starts to support us in all we do. We learn to transform the spoiled child into a responsible adult :); to pull out of the lethargy that prevents us from accomplishing our goals. Manipura also helps us to come more in balance, to avoid or recover from burn out from too much stress, overwork or a compromised immune system.

In energizing the navel center we start to move away from body consciousness – from thinking that we are the body, having the cravings of the body control us. We begin to experience a new dimension of our being, we begin to feel our subtle energy body; to feel more confident, more powerful; as the body becomes stronger. We start to have more “guts”, we can gather up the courage we need as we consciously enter challenging situations. Remember this subtle energy body is powered by an infinite source.

Lets us learn to empower ourselves from a deeper space inside. Today as we enter the meditation, let me share a way to get even more enjoyment of the breathing exercise. Keep the tummy tense or tight so that the inhaled and exhaled breath is happening under a little resistance. The stomach muscles will feel like a ball with a tight surface. As we inhale and exhale  there will be a little tension in the stomach, breathing feels like a muscular exercise. It’s easy to hold a strong focus in the navel area now. Isn’t it? We no longer need to place the hands on the navel area to be able to focus there.

Instead lets place the hands on the knees. Keep the whole body tense as we breath out. Now breath in a full breath, a breath of power. Feel as if the belly is full of power. Hold the knees tightly and hold this breath of power in the tummy. Now breathe out, release the breath, keep the power :). Continue the breathing practice generating waves and waves of power from the belly. We need to focus powerfully.

As the power builds, feel how the confidence level, the energy level in the body also builds. Now this time as we breath in hold the breath for as long as feels good, hold the knees again, while keeping the focus on the navel, feel as if the “saved breath” is giving energy. Now breath out. Pause. Repeat the cycle for as long as feels good.

At end of the exercise relax the body completely. Notice how the subtle energy has rejuvenated the physical body. There is a feeling like we had an internal shower. We feel pumped and ready for our day. Not so?

More on healing tomorrow.


2 Responses to Healing Exercise – Part 2

  1. Henk says:

    Thank you, Madhavi, for this exercise. One to maintain in the morning for me.
    Yesterday morning I did the exercise and for the entire, busy day I felt very energised, effortlessly. The energy maintained itself and this morning at 4.30 am I felt that I slept enough and was ready for a new day! A very powerfull exercise.

    All my love, Henk

    PS As I shared this with my wife, that I was doing these exercise, that they are helpful against burnout, my wife responded that our dog ( a high energy one) doesn’t have that problem, rather the opposite, “burn-in” 🙂

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