We Can Recharge Ourselves


If you are in a vehicle, how can you say the vehicle is you? Think carefully. The vehicle can be on idle, so all functions are working, but without the driver what can the vehicle do? I want you to remember that we carry a body.  The driver inside is the part of us that does the thinking, the feeling, and creates intention. It allows us the idea of soul awareness whilst in the body. That is why we can think in terms of soul consciousness. That is why we can realize Self, because of the nature of this body. 

In ignorance we say that we are thinking in the brain. Yes, we are thinking in our brain, but with our soul. It is the soul that has the power to think, to reason, to experience chakras, and it uses the marvellous nature of the body to drive it.

We can power up the body from different spaces. We can power up the brain from two chakras in the head, Ajna chakra and Sahasrara chakraWe can bring energies in our voice at will, when we are more soul aware. And we have the ability to also bring energies through our voice, with a throat centre, Vishudda chakra. When we begin to feel this chakra, we feel our listening power, because this is connected to the Akash, the element of ether through which thoughts flow. We are able to feel the communication space beyond audible sounds of the human being. We are able to feel quantum energies in the space and what information they are carrying.

We have an emotional centre, Anahata chakra, from where we can pulsate energies of love, compassion and forgiveness at will. You have forgotten your power; you‘ve lost it. We have a chakra at the navel area. This is able to recharge the body in a very powerful way. So, this soul has the power to recharge a physical body from Manipura. Just breathing into the navel area, we can begin to feel that power recharging the body.

Then we have the Swadhisthana chakra in the sexual area that is able to allow true lovers to share energies in that field. Those who are devoted to higher purposes can transmute that energy and take it to other places. It gives such awesome power. And in the perineum area we can energize the body in a very physical way, ground ourselves to the earth like a tree and to earth consciousness.

In Day 7 of our 21 Day Meditation Series Sri Vasudeva guides us in energizing ourselves through the subtle energy system.



Transformative possibilities in illness

 DAY 39:

Disease can become a blessing for the wise seeker and can be an agent of transformation.  I said, “wise seeker,” because the ignorant becomes a victim immediately, cursing life.  But the wise will begin to question: “Why did this disease appear?  What is it saying to me?  What is the experience that I am going to get from this?  What is the learning outcome of this?”  That itself can be an amazing exploration that can transform our entire consciousness and help us to deal with the situation in a much better and more enlightened way.

Can a disease help us to appreciate our body a little more and the gift that it is?  Can a disease help us to come into a place of greater emotional freedom, by learning to forgive and to rise above anger?  Can a disease drive us to move beyond the belief system; to come into a space where we could actually believe and realise that there is a part of us without disease?  Can it drive us to see that immortal part of us or to get into a closer connection with the higher self, with the God within?  These are sober facts that a soul interested in transformation should engage in: the transformative element in a disease; the transformative process in looking at disease, and; in the experience of a disease.

There is a space within us where our consciousness experiences immortality, we cannot die, we will not die.  The body may be ill, we may have an emotional block, we may have a mental belief that challenges us.  But there is a space inside of us where we can meet every challenge with power, with strength, with faith, with higher awareness.  The invitation really is to come into a place where we can prevail; to come into a space of immortal consciousness.  That is the place that will liberate us from all disease and from the idea of disease consciousness.  Of course if we think carefully, ignorance (ignorance of who we are) is the worst disease in the human experience.  Ignorance of who we are makes us a victim of every other disease.

Coming into the consciousness of who we are, coming into that immortal consciousness of who we are, is what will help  us to live masterfully in the human experience and to meet with any form of illness from a space of strength and immortality.  This is where I look at the whole experience of disease and having to deal with it around me.

Transforming Consciousness

When I have to deal with people who are terminally ill, my joy is helping them to come into a place where they can feel that there is no illness within them. They can understand the scenario of the illness; why the illness is there and they can appreciate the experience as a blessing.  It gives me great joy to help that person to come into that space.  Whenever I meet with someone with illness, I am always showing them how to change the consciousness, how to transform the consciousness and to see the blessing of this event.

This is an invitation to you to take a liberating view of disease; a view that can help us to make the next step in our evolving consciousness as a soul.

Food Influences our Spiritual Journey

Day 36: Today, we look at the influence of food on our well-being.

First, let us look at the effect of the quantity of food that we eat. Some of us, we consume right up to the top of the stomach, and then we take some appetizers to eat a little more. Is that eating to live or living to eat? When you do that, you overload this wonderful organ within you, that we call the stomach, that tries to help you by digesting your food with its movement and chemicals. Poor stomach! Now it is so overfilled, it gets sluggish, consumes a lot of prana, uses a lot of blood flow, just for digestion – living to eat. In that kind of scenario, we feel a little dull in the senses. We want to sleep, the body is tired. We do not realize it is because of this quantity of food that we have eaten. In the science of yoga we are told that it is best to fill three quarters of the stomach and leave a quarter as space. Because of the way the stomach works, it is better to leave a little room, so when the food is moving inside there is space to move.

We should be observant as to how we prepare food. What is the idea of preparing this food? Isn’t it to get the most out of the food? Shouldn’t we be using the best quality of food? Shouldn’t we be preparing it in such a way that we do not destroy the essential nutrients in the food? We, who are so wise, gifted with this wonderful brain, we overcook the food destroying nutrients and we overfill the stomach and we expect the best. The body is supposed to transform this now into wonderful energies for our well-being.

The process of feeding your body, which carries the soul, should be a sacred process because the body is a temple of your spiritual being. We have a responsibility for what we eat. It influences our journey. It influences our meditation. It influences our awareness, and especially so, when we are now growing on the journey. When we become powerful, we can transform the food with our powerful minds, but until then as we are growing, we need to give attention to what we eat, how much we eat and how we eat.

Pranayama – Managing Life Force

Day 34: Pranayama is the management of the life force within us.  ‘Prana’ can be translated as life force and ‘ayama’ means extension, drawing out, controlling, restraining.  So pranayama means extending this energy, managing this energy.

In every thought that is created in the mind Prana is involved at the spiritual (subtle energy) level.  All forms of energy manifestations in this Universe have a spiritual background, or spiritual dimension; the pranic dimension.

When someone has a very strong presence, it is pranic energy in manifestation.  If we cut the body, we cannot see that strength of presence but it is prana, it is life force.  In this teaching of prana – it is an Indian teaching at the heart of the Yoga tradition – the entire energy in the Universe is called Prana as well, but it has a capital P.  Prana (with a capital P) is the entire Cosmic Energy in the Universe from which all the other energies emanate.  All the energy manifestations in movement are prana with a small p.

The more spiritually aware we become, the more aware we become of our power to move prana.  Every chakra allows us to bring prana into manifestation from that infinite supply, that infinite store that we have within us.  So as we become more spiritually aware, we will realise that our look towards another with the intention of loving or supporting or showing compassion is a pranic flow; and the stronger our intention, the more the flow of prana.

We see the abundance of prana in fresh fruits.  When we eat them, our body is nourished and we feel an extra vitality; our body picks up the prana.  According to the Yoga tradition, in our pranic body, we have seventy-two thousand (72,000) channels through which prana can flow.  They are associated with our nervous system as well, so the prana system charges up the nervous system.

There is prana (subtle energy) in the air that we breathe.  When we breathe the air into our being, our pranic body picks up that life force and it recharges our body.  If we become in touch with this life force, it is amazing what we can do.  We can bring healing energies through this pranic body – through these seventy-two thousand nadis to any part of our body; recharging the nervous system; stimulating body functions from a spiritual level; bring about healing within the body; and influence the space around us with this vitality, with this presence.  So pranayama is much more than just breathing exercises with moving the breath; it is getting in touch with the energy behind the breath, getting in touch with the life force within us and learning how to manage that.

Holistic look at Well being

Day 27: Emotional well-being is where passion comes from, is where emotion comes from.  You know very well what fear can do to us, what love can do to us, what compassion can do to us, what kindness can do to us, what faith can do to us, what hope can do to us.  You know what these emotions can do to us in the human experience.  When we are hijacked by negative emotions, we lose our power.  Hence the need for the intellect to observe what is happening, and protect and open up the heart; the emotional being. The intellect needs to be the driver, working marvellously and harmoniously with the heart.  Then reason and passion can work powerfully in the human experience. That is a very powerful partnership.  Apart from this partnership of intellect and Higher Self, there is a wonderful partnership of intellect and heart.  Of course the Higher Self is always there, inspiring.

Live in Harmony with the Body and Avoid Distractions

Then there is the physical.  The physical is the chariot.  It is driven by the spiritual being.  It has basic needs and the wise person in the human experience will look after the chariot (the physical vehicle), because if this physical vehicle is challenged on the journey, all the attention has to go now to the physical vehicle.

Then social well-being: we live in a co-existence with other life forms. When there is harmonious co-existence, the feedback of energy towards us can be uplifting.  When there is disharmony in that co-existence, it can also pull us down in terms of well-being.  We need to know how to interact or relate to our world, to other living forms in this co-existence; so there is the need for social well-being on the journey.

Think Holistic

So here it is; we need to look at every aspect of well-being if we really want to enjoy this human experience.  So we continue the conversation.  We need to think in a holistic way.

The Universe responds to those who take charge

Day 26: When will we wake up to our true power? And that is where the Rudra Granthi is.  It is a place inside of us where we begin to take charge of our own journey.  That is when it becomes a joy for me to coach, to lead or to guide someone.  When I see Rudra Granthi awakened and I see the person begins to take charge of the journey, I am excited!  When are we going to take charge of our journey?

If you are on a journey to freedom and to true well-being, you need to take charge at some point, saying, “I am going to achieve what I want to achieve.” If you want to stay healthy don’t put that in the hands of others: doctors, the person preparing your meals, people who have to inspire you to exercise, remind you to do it. Take charge! Eat what you need to eat; exercise when your body requires it; rest when the body requires it. Go to the doctor when you need some advice or support. Take charge of your journey: your journey to healing, your journey to well-being, your journey of preventing illness; your journey of staying well.

Look for your tools. They are right there within you and if you find that you are in the Vishnu Granthi area and that you need support, use the support from around you.  Use those who inspire you, keep their company but whilst you are doing that, tell yourself, “I do not want to be dependent.  I want to be a light as well. I want to be able to support people as well. I want to be independent. I want to be strong in my being. I want to be like the master. I want to be like those whom I admire.”

Your destiny is to be awakened.  Your destiny is not to be a slave to anyone, but to be a master of your senses and a master of your journey. That is your destiny! It is time to take responsibility. Don’t put responsibility in the hands of others for your well-being, for your career, for your life, for your relationships. This goes for anything you want to accomplish in life; anything  that your soul is driven to accomplish. Take charge! The Universe is going to respond to those who take charge. There is a saying  God helps those who help themselves. Come into that space where you can take charge of your journey. Ultimately, you have to, so why not do it now! Today!

Three Stages on the Journey to Spiritual Power

This spiritual journey to our true power is a journey of stages.  In the Yogic wisdom, these stages are called Granthis, or knots.  There are three stages:

  1. The first one is the very basic spiritual awakening, called Brahma Granthi.  It is the first awakening.  The human being begins to become spiritually conscious, but in a very material sense; worshipping material objects; a very conditional relationship of praying for material things.  But there is recognition that there is a greater power but the ideals become very material: acquiring more; having more children; getting involved in more material pleasures.  We crave for power, to control more and more; very human instincts.  There is a strong pull by the material world, but the spiritual instinct is awakened.  We know that there is more.  We do a lot of worship to the Gods for the material things and our Gods are very material Gods.
  2. On the second stage of the journey, we have to break the knot that is called Vishnu Granthi.  This takes us on another stage, from the Manipura chakra to the Vishuddha chakra. This consciousness involves the Manipura chakra, Anahata chakra and Vishudha chakra. Here, we begin to experience (as a soul) more consciousness, and as a result, more power.  Our worship becomes different: we begin to worship the God of love; we begin to worship the God of vitality.  Our Gods become different and we can feel the existence of more.  But we are still associated with the lower centres; the human world still drives us.  On the journey, as these chakras open up, they do not open up fully to give the full consciousness; they open up partially and allow energies to flow.  So on this part of the journey, there is a lot of worship of a God outside, and still very conditional worship.  We worship so that we can get: get more knowledge; acquire more things in the world; get more pleasure, and we see the arts and music and the expression of the voice.  But we are still troubled by the material things because the goal is still material.  So when material things perish, our happiness is influenced. We still have issues with broken relationships; we still have emotional issues; and we do a lot of praying to an outside God, waiting for its help.  A lot of turmoil can happen at this stage as the soul consciousness is still caught up in the world, and it depends on an outer source for support.
  3. There is a third stage of soul development where we pierce a knot between the eyebrows called the Rudra Granthi.  When this knot is pierced, we begin to be able to see the world differently.  For the first time, we begin to realise that we can be divine; that this God is not outside, but that we are part of this Divine, like a drop in the ocean.  For the first time, we begin to look from a different space, a space of co-creation, where we can be involved in the co-creation or we can identify with divinity.  This step is the most powerful step on the journey because it allows us, in the soul consciousness, to bring in soul power that can help to manage the lower chakras.  But we can still be vulnerable to the pull of the world, even here.  Even as we begin to feel this soul power, we can still be caught up in these areas that were not completely cleared of the material pull; this selfish pull to the world, the thirst for pleasure and power in the human experience.  You can see how this can also lead us into a place of disturbance in our quest for true well-being.

Four D’s: Qualities of a Wise Seeker


The wise seeker, first of all will have a strong desire for freedom, to be centered in a place that can never be shaken in the human experience – freedom from fear, freedom from ignorance, doubt, confusion. The wise seeker wants to sit there to be able to see the human experience for what it is as a spiritual being. So that strong desire is a quality of the true seeker. Have a strong desire that you never forget. No matter how involved you are in the human experience, you never forget what the goal is while you are here.

Everything that you do, therefore, is focused on that single purpose: “I ultimately want to be free.” That desire to be free occupies the thoughts; it occupies your dreams. It engages the person in contemplation. It inspires the person to act on that desire, so that the person can forge ahead on that path to freedom. Therefore, the desire never leaves.

2. Discrimination

A wise seeker should be wise and discriminating, being able to see clearly what the distractions are when they come, always being aware. When you are focused on what you want, when you know what you want, when you have a clear vision of what you really want, you can see distractions: “No, this is not going to take me there! This is not good for me. This is not what I really need.” That constant discriminating ability is always sharp to protect that vision.

3. Detachment

The next quality is Detachment. The greatest love should be for the vision, nothing else! Though you are involved in other things, the greatest love should be for that vision, so that you easily become detached from everything else. They cannot tempt you or pull you because you have another focus – detachment. So you are not caught up in distractions, you are not hijacked. You are wise, centered, focused. Discriminating through detachment.

4. Discipline

Finally, the wise seeker should be disciplined. Discipline is a protection when we know what we do not want, and when we need to avoid distractions when they come. We become disciplined and do the things that can lead us to that vision.  Knowing that in ignorance we forget things easily, such as, we are spiritual beings in a human experience. We need to constantly remind ourselves. That is why we say prayers, have affirmations, chant mantras and read. That is why we keep good company to stay inspired.

These are the marks of a true seeker, the 4 D’s: Desire, Discrimination, Detachment, Discipline. These are the qualities of a wise seeker. Which seeker are you? It does not matter whether you are number one or number two. What are you aspiring for? That is what is important!

Be wise as a seeker! Only the wise seeker achieves the goal. Ultimately, all will, but the wise reaches there faster!

Be in this marvelous world, this perishable world, this transient world, but living in a place of immortal awareness: “I am a spiritual being in this human experience. I can embrace this humanity from that place of spirituality, being free in my being.”

Where are we headed? A vision of true Well Being

Sometimes we think we are stable.  We believe something, and when that is shattered at some point, we are distraught.  We think we are loving beings and we have found some stability in loving but even that is challenged if we are not in that true space inside.  In the physical world of course, we are so vulnerable to disease, duality, aging and physical death.  That is sure to come in the physical experience, so can you say that we will be ultimately well in the physical level, no chance.  We can hope for optimum health but the body is going to shut down at some point, it is going to age. We can hope to age gracefully. We hope we can maintain this machine, but it can take effort as it grows older with a true understanding. We can hope this biological machine will die out of wear and tear and not degeneration.  So there is a story.

True well-being is not just about eating right.  It is not just about exercising.  It is not just about thinking positive thoughts or just about manifesting love.  It is about going to that place inside where you can continue to manage your thoughts no matter how much the mind is challenged.  You can look at the mind from another space and you can manage the mind.  When you become emotionally challenged, you can observe the space and manage the emotions. When you are physically challenged, you can stand back in that place where you are already happy and contented inside and meet with the experience of “dis-ease” from a place of fearlessness. You know you are centered in a place where you will never die; where you are immortal in your being and you can watch the world of change.  You can observe the world of change from that place of changeless being, immersed in your immortality, in your peace, in your place of true well-being.  That is the place where we need to go.  That is the vision.

Three Types of Seekers

Day 21: The first seeker knows that it has to go somewhere; it knows that this is not the plane, but is so hopelessly caught in this pleasure domain (sensory pleasure) that it completely sidelines this inner remembering. Of course, it knows very well – the seeker can give you a good lecture on what the goal is. They will tell you, but they are completely caught in the material experience. They worship those who are freedom seekers, who are making the journey, “Oh my God, these are great people.” They become iconic to them. But they are so hopelessly caught.

The second kind of seeker is one who knows, and one who practices, but it is a lower priority. They have more important things in the world to get done. In the list of priorities, the spirituality or the spiritual seeking takes a little lower priority. They say, “Well, a little later on, right now I am so busy with so many things that I have to do, so this can wait for a little bit later.” Of course, for some of them, when the body shuts down too soon, they have missed the boat. They were waiting for later on to practice, but the body shut down on them. You know how that can be; it can lead to a lot of misery, while the body is shutting down.

The third kind of seeker is the one who the moment they become awakened to something, they grab it. It stays in the mind, it never leaves, and it transforms everything that they do. No matter where they are, this thought is present in them. No matter how involved they are in the activities of the world, it is not forgotten. It is always there, on the forefront of the mind. These seekers make their active world a part of their seeking. Whilst they are in the world, they are using the world itself to help them in their seeking. This is the third kind of seeker. What is amazing about this seeker is the moment they understand, the moment the knowledge becomes clear in their mind, it transforms them completely; it stays with them forever.

Now you can well imagine that the Universe would respond differently to each seeker. Where do you fall in this category? Are you a mixture? Are you in any particular one? And where would you like to be – in terms of seeking?