Looking Back So That I Can Go Forward

Courtesy D. Bowslaugh


It’s that special time of year again. It’s getting colder, the leaves are changing colors, slowly but surely change is coming. The days are getting shorter, the light intensity is changing. This year is drawing to a close and a new year is approaching. Before I can look forward to what is to come I like to spend a little time on what was.


I’ve been browsing through these posts and really enjoyed the conversations we shared. I’ve also browsed through my journals and it’s made for interesting reading. I looked at my facebook history and I even did a brief run through in my “sent email” box. I didn’t spend too much time with this, just a quick run through because I didn’t want to get caught up in the details. I wanted to see big picture.



Why am I looking back so much? I’m looking for patterns, for habits. I’ve seen by this history where I’ve actually spent my time and energy. Do you find that  you can’t find the time to do what you really love? Right! That’s exactly why I did the review. I want to cut out areas where I’ve given attention but it’s not a productive use of my energy. I also wanted to discover where I could give added focus, what is interesting for me but I put on the back burner because I didn’t have the time before. My ideas are not crystal clear as yet. I give myself this time to play with different ideas.

It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day living that it’s hard to get that big picture perspective of how my life is going. I’m appreciating this time of year that reminds me reflect on where I’ve been and where I want to go.


I hope you too use this time of transition to think about where you’ve been and get a fresh perspective of where you want to go.





Treasures of the Soul

My spiritual guide, Sri Vasudeva, will be holding a retreat on Discovering and Living Your Life Purpose, November 25-27 in Cobourg, Ontario, and I am so looking forward to it. He was here in June and what I remember most about that visit was the idea that if we touch the sacred space inside then we will automatically know how to respond to every situation because we would have accessed that space of all possibilities.

This is a very interesting idea because it means that we don’t have to remember all kinds of techniques. The focus is in connecting with the Source of our being, then seeing all as consciousness expressing itself in myriads of ways. Connecting to the Source for me, means connecting to a wisdom field, the field of never ending joy, peace and harmony. If I can connect to this Source then I will not be challenged by the ups and downs of daily life. It brings the utmost in flexibility.

The value of such a retreat is not only interesting ideas to contemplate but also the ambiance created by the gathering. Depending on how open and ready I am, there is the possibility of experiencing my inner being in a whole new way. The experience of meditation is very powerful, not just the sitting meditation, I mean also holding the meditative space outside of the formal sitting. My physical body experiences a greater state of health and vitality, my mind and emotions become strongly positive and I just feel great  boosts of energy.

I am very excited to see what treasures of the soul will be uncovered for me in this retreat, some I will unwrap at the retreat, others I will bring home with me. Oh it’s going to be wonderful. Join us if you can.


Today we’re in the final throes of packing as we get ready to move for the summer to the Blue Star retreat center in Cobourg. As I go through all my stuff, letting go of some and deciding what is important to keep, it makes me even more aware of the transient nature of life in this world. I remember moving into this house and feel gratitude for all the lessons learned here. Now we leave here on Sunday. I’m ready for the new adventure.

So too there will come a time when I will have to leave this body that I’m currently living in.Will I be ready to go? Will I feel that I’ve made the best use of the time and the opportunities? Will I have grown in all the ways that I hoped? Hmmmm.

As I enter this day I will try to keep my ultimate life purpose in mind so that my day may be filled with peace, love and goodness. May I be a better instrument of that higher power in this new phase of my life.

I’m not sure when I shall be able to post, I’ll write once I’m settled again. I hope you will find inspiration in the 165 posts that are currently here on the blog. Keep well everyone.


We Have the Power

We carry the power of the Universe in us. How will we use that power in an innovative, creative way today? How will we dare to be different? How will we break free from our conditioned thinking? How will we roar like a lion instead of bleating like sheep?

We have the power to change our life, to change our world! We have the power to dream, to create powerful visions, and we can materialize them when they are aligned with the Universal will.

Are we ready for an exciting day, full of possibilities?


Adopting Another View

Are we caught up in specific roles, coming alive in a space based on those roles? Do we respond to our world predominantly from the view of  one who gives advice to others, one who needs advice and help, one who supervises, a cleaner, a healer, a cook, a designer, a parent?  How do we habitually view our world? This world is like a mirror; it tells us about ourselves. Can we come out of the box and consciously adopt another view? This is a world of infinite possibilities.

It is not easy to see ourselves in the box. When I consciously decided to adopt a certain view for one hour it shocked me to find out how my habits had controlled me in the way I interpreted what was happening around me, how much my view was biased, how much I missed out on. I invite you to try this practice. It is a real eye-opener.

Let us  begin to honor our purpose, to  serve the world in the best possible way.



Cell Phone & The Higher Self

What if we tuned into our Higher Self with the same familiarity that we have with our cell phones? What if in every moment we check in with where we are in terms of alignment with the Universal will? Are we picking up a good signal? We carry the power of the universe inside! How do we use that power?

We’re constantly checking our pockets and bags to make sure we have the cell phone. Can we check for our Inner Guide with that same constant awareness? Can we  do an internal check to see where we are centered?

Consider the amount of time we spend with the cell phone, even in our idle moments, playing with it, looking to see what new apps we can use, new ways we can have fun with it. Can we show an even great interest in expanding our awareness? We have a consciousness that can hold itself in limitation, or can expand itself infinitely; to dream of whatever we want to, to create whatever we want to in our consciousness and to bring it into manifestation.

We use the cell phone to receive messages, to keep in touch with, to get love and support from friends and family. What if we open ourselves to receive messages from the Infinite Field of love, joy and wisdom? Let us work on growing the self-awareness of who we are and the powers that we carry, the tools that we carry and not be ignorant in the use of them. We are door ways to the infinite!

What if we related to our Higher Self like we can’t live without knowing it, like we can’t seem to live without our phones? We become so distracted from our own journey, so much so, we get caught up in what is happening outside and we lose focus of our purpose.

I am the Ego

Ego is the consciousness of Self. Our ego is the sum of all the experiences we have had, all the behavioral patterns we have created, all our thoughts,  feelings and attitudes.

One of the postures of the Ego is to identify completely with pleasure or power; another is the capacity of the Ego  to witness the other parts of the Ego.  Can we explore where we are? Do we reflect on the times that we are caught up in pleasures, fleeting sensations? How those pleasures eventually lead to pain and suffering? Sometimes we allow our desire to be comfortable, to drive us but this may not lead to the wisest choice for example in the  times when we allow the body’s cravings for unhealthy foods.  Can we see  how we use our power or give it away and then blame others for our feelings of powerlessness?

As soon as we start to look at ourselves in this way, we begin to use one of the powerful tools that we have, the tool of the intellect, our reasoning and discriminating power. Of course the ego also has emotional and vital powers. To really develop these powers we first need to become aware of them. Lets have a look at where we are in this moment. How am I using my intellect to make choices that are in line with my purpose? Am I allowing the bodies cravings to drive me? When challenged how do I respond?

I choose to create small challenges for myself daily. Then I practice the manner in which I want to respond to challenges. In this way I have the opportunity of over coming my habitual patterns that hold me in darkness. For example each day as I sit to write a part of me might say, “Well you don’t need to write every day? Each post doesn’t have to be so exciting for you. It’s not possible to keep such a schedule up. It’s OK to not feel inspired today”. But if I allow my mind to continue in this line of thinking it will not take me to new frontiers within myself. So I use my intellectual, emotional and vital power to drive me to stick to my intentions. I tell myself, “Yes you can do it. Keep trying. Open yourself up, inspiration will come. There is a greater field of wisdom that is guiding, become in tune with that Field.” Then I begin to see the light. I begin to have fun as I feel the inner momentum building.

May you too enjoy observing and using your powers wisely today.

Self Unchanged by all Dramas

A play is like a drama.  We create dramas in our lives. When someone is acting a role in a play we know that whatever they are doing doesn’t change the essential character of who they are. When the play is over they go back to themselves. So let’s say I am playing a bad guy in a drama –  even though I’m appearing  evil and negative in the drama or the play, my essential being, Madhavi, is not being changed by this drama that I am playing. So all the roles that we play in life, father, mother, friend, teacher, photographer, lawyer – whatever it might be – all these are dramas because they don’t change the essential nature of the Self.

These are roles that we assume and these are roles that we’re going to have to leave behind when we leave this life.  So when we come into this life, we take up different roles based on our choices, and when the role is complete we have to leave them and the Self remains the same Self inside.

Our ego may become transformed,  influenced or shaped by these experiences but the Self which is beneath the ego is unchanged.  So from the viewpoint of the Self, it’s all a drama.  From the viewpoint of the ego that’s involved, it may not seem to be any drama.  But from the viewpoint of the Self that is unchanged by the whole experience, this life is a drama.

Driving Our Creative Will

We are all created beings, we all exist in a Supreme Consciousness, which means that the Supreme Consciousness has a drive for creation; and since we can create with our individual ego it means that we have a creative will that reflects the Supreme creative will.  If we want to come out of ignorance then we need to drive that wish. When we begin to drive that desire, the Universe will support our drive, because this is part of the evolutionary path.  So we have to take responsibility for the creative power that we have in our hands.

We have a consciousness of infinite possibilities. We can start where we are, to work with what we see,  work with the possibilities that are before us  as we extend our minds. What seems to be impossible just leave it for the moment. It’s just like a baby who has a desire to run, first she learns to crawl, then she takes one wobbly step and falls, but eventually with practice and determination she will be able to run. Only when we open up the space to think that something  is possible can we make it happen.  If we do not even open up the space, we will never see it, nor will we accomplish it.

Invitation to be open to listen

We are in a co-existence.  It is important in a co-existence to create harmony and not conflict. We have a lot of conflict in our world, because each of us sees the world differently and we all fight with each other instead of trying to understand each other.  We want to force our point of view on the other.

Every day our world issues an invitation to us be open to listen. We do not have to agree or disagree at this point but begin to listen and be open and know it is a point of view of the Universe.  We can decide  that we do not want to make a point of view a part of our own so we can just let it be, we do not have to fight with it, we do not have to deny it, we do not have to be stressed about it.  The main thing is to accept that it is there, it is part of the Universe and we are just going to leave it right there. We take up the point of view that we want to identify with. The idea is  being open to all points of view and not want to fight with others because their point of view is different.

The sun  does not decide  it will shine on this person today and not that one because it does not like this one.  Or a fruit tree does not say I am not going to offer my fruit to this one or to that one. That shows how nature is and the Universe (the Source) has created everything so it has no discrimination towards anything.

If we get caught into “this is good and this is bad”, we get caught into what we call duality and freedom is going beyond duality.  Sometimes when we move away from the bad, the destructive, we may get a sense of being superior, we are too good and that holds us into  bondage as well.  We begin to treat with people as if they are less  and  we take people’s  power away.

Can we identify with the Source  that accepts everything, that supports everything? If the Source supports all then who am I? If the Source has created it then who am I to reject? The  truth is that I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the opinions, I am not the beliefs but I am That which is beyond all that.