Aspire to a Shift in Consciousness

pexels-photo-206756.jpegLet us hold the intention of transforming the inner space, trying to rise above the human consciousness, to experience more and more of our spiritual nature. We need to be patient with this, as we have had life times of conditioning that hold us in the grasp of material thinking. To transform this consciousness it takes a shift. Let us aspire to shift the consciousness. It is simply an awakening, nothing else but an awakening more and more to our true nature. And the more we come together and do this; the shift will become easier for us as individuals. Sri Vasudeva


Give Power to the Good

Can our desire be so strong, that all the other things that would tend to pull us into contraction would be insignificant, or meaningless, because we are so consumed with the desire for the good? If we have a desire to open up the consciousness space, if we have a desire to hold on only to that which is good, if we have a desire not to give our power away, if we have a desire to look for all the tools that can help us in doing this, shouldn’t that desire be so strong, that when we become distracted, we can easily pull back and say, “No, I don’t want to go there. Let me continue to explore how I can grow and become stronger.”

Shouldn’t we grow that desire? So that when the tendency is there to be pulled into the lower, or narrower points of view, we immediately feel, “No, I don’t want to go there! This space limits me! I don’t like this space! This is a dark space! I want to go in open spaces of light. I want to see more. I want to experience more.” Shouldn’t our desire for this experience of freedom and happiness be so great that we go after the tools, making the rest meaningless? Now, do you see when we make the less, the narrow points of view – when we give them so much intention and attention – how they grow strong?                      Sri Vasudeva


A New Start

I took all my house plants outside to replace the soil in some cases and in others to repot. It was very interesting observing the feeling of the soil in my hands  as I emptied the pots. The soil was clearly depleted. It felt almost lifeless. The new soil in contrast felt vibrant, fresh, full of vitality. I could well imagine my plants flourishing with their new nourishment.

The plants that were pot bound were also interesting to observe. The roots were healthy,  they had filled the pot to capacity and had no more room for growth and that was affecting the overall health of the plant. They had made the most of what they had and they were ready for more.

repotting1.jpgphoto credit Heather Roades

Every external experience makes me think of my internal world. Is my current environment rich enough to support my spiritual life? How can I create space so my roots can grow more and support my branches as I reach for the sky? I have outgrown my current pot, I need a new one and I think writing might be the way.  Writing brings me greater insight about where I am. I also feel writing is part of my life purpose as I wish I could share some of the lessons I have learned from my spiritual teacher and mentor. I feel like I have gained so much from knowing him that I want to share my bounty. It is a rare gift to have a close relationship with such a Being.

The new soil or richness will come from reflecting on my life experiences. I will need to deepen my personal spiritual practises so that I can see more, to appreciate and find new ways to incorporate in my life the wisdom I have listened to and seen modelled by my teacher. That’s the fun part.

I will need to be disciplined with my time and energy if I am really going to fulfill this intention, to actually give it the chance to bloom. It is a little intimidating to share the dream publicly like this, I feel vulnerable like a little seedling….

It’s lovely to be here on the blog again.  The technology has changed and so I will need to learn all the new features. I am a bit rusty in the writing department too. I hope I will have your company in the days, weeks and months ahead as I embark on this new journey.



Two Attitudes To “I Don’t Know”

I’ve been exploring consciousness expansion practices with the key element of remaining open to all possibilities. I set out with the intention of finding out what observing from an open space would be like. A natural progression was wondering what happens when the observing takes place in a closed space.
There were a number of situations that occurred these past few days where I had to make a decision or take some action and I didn’t know what to do and from what I can see they fell into two categories. I’ll give you an example of each.
When I am creating a new workshop or writing teaching materials I often don’t have a starting point. There is stress as I look for inspiration to get started. As the deadline for submission draws near, the stress builds up. But deep inside me I feel that some idea will come and I keep looking. Indeed once the inspiration starts to flow I can hardly type fast enough to capture all the ideas. It feels like I’m carried by a wave as the creative process unfolds. When I look back at materials that came out of this type of experience I still find the materials interesting, they stand the test of time. So I ask myself how could I transfer this experience/ process to when I’m working with challenging patterns of behavior in myself. Because this must be what observing from an open space must be like.
On the other hand when I observe myself and encounter unhelpful emotions or patterns of behavior then sometimes I get very upset with what I see. I can get swept up in negative feelings. I start to feel powerless. I know in the moment that I’m feeling contracted but I find it difficult to change and until this practice of observing process I didn’t have a clue as to how to move forward. I now realize that my attitude is closed. I’m observing from a closed space. In this scenario when I realize I don’t know what to do I see it as an end point. Whereas when I’m writing and I don’t know what to do next I see it as a starting point and that the inspiration will come. This was like a thunderbolt to me; I have two radically different attitudes when I feel “I don’t know”. One attitude leads to new discoveries and the other attitude lands me mired in misery. Can you see the difference in the two “I don’t knows”?
The next step was to try to apply a change in process when feeling contracted by seeing unpleasant patterns of behavior in myself. How could this be the starting instead of the end point? I could focus my attention on the information and tools that I already have about making changes. I could pay attention to the role models around me and draw motivation from them. I could pray for support while keeping alert so that I recognize the help when it comes. There are so many things I can do. I can see how this approach would open up the space.
I have to keep at this longer to see where it will take me. Hope this all makes sense to you. Let me know what you think.

Have I Taken Control Of My Day Or Is My Day Controlling Me?

How quickly time is passing by! We are well into the new year. I have to reflect on what’s been happening to see if I am spending my time in a way that is congruent with my larger vision for myself.

So far today have I taken control of my day or did I allow it to control me? Or was there a mixture of both; sometimes I was in charge and sometimes it controlled me? When and in what situations did I allow the day to control me? Was I controlled by the feelings of the body, or the triggers that come from other people, or energies from around me? How did I feel when things around controlled me? What was the feeling when I was in charge of what was happening?

Did I go with the flow of things and was I still in control? Was I keeping aware and changing when I thought it is not going where I want it to go? Did I manage my thoughts and emotions and align myself to what was happening around me in such a way that I felt more harmony?

Today my intention is to uplift my Self, Self inside and Self outside, to recognize the very same Source inside of me is looking at me through another, to come to the awareness that this is my Self in another person, “those eyes are looking from the same space that is inside of me”.

I seek to understand my Higher Self in everybody else. I want to understand that, I want to feel that, I want to know that Higher Self, to see my Higher Self in everything!

I want to recognize the energy working within me, and within others, feel peace within me, and recognize peace within others. The more I can feel that Higher Self inside of me, the more I will see it in others. It is by knowing Self that I begin to know my world.

I will keep a check on that ego part of me that is looking to be satisfied with the little things – a little fight here, a little pleasure there, the need for recognition here, not wanting to serve there, the need to protect personal property, the desire not to give but to hoard. All these are ego plays that serve no purpose. There is so much to learn, there is so much to know and there is so much to experience in every day! Today I am going to keep myself on track.


Priceless Gift Giving

Are you busy shopping for Christmas gifts? Perhaps you are thinking about what gifts you want to receive. Or may be you are pre-occupied with the gifts you want to give. In the spirit of the season I thought you might like some suggestions for Christmas giving. What’s your budget like? How about some priceless gifts?

Have you ever thought about how you look? No, I don’t mean your physical appearance. I mean what you transmit through your eyes. When you look at a person, when you look at an object, when you look at a place; what kind of energy do you send out through your look? In the rush to tick off what is on your to do list what’s the ‘vibe’ around you?

As you know, I’ve been reading through my journals and I came across this little nugget. In my journal I recorded a special conversation. A friend came to me and said, “Please bless me with your look.” What a very strange request!  First of all I never thought of myself as capable of blessing another. I didn’t know where to start!

And another thing if it is possible to bless with a look, what kind of looks have I been giving all along? Well you can imagine this gave me pause on many levels.

Every gift giving starts with a loving intention, not so? Upon reflection I concluded a blessing could be a loving intention. May be my friend was asking me to radiate a loving intention through my eyes. I couldn’t be sure what was coming through my eyes so I added a brief pray. I prayed for good health for my friend, for greater spiritual awakening, for the awareness of ever-present support. It’s different looking at someone while having a pray in the mind. It’s hard to explain, try it you will see what I mean.

This was an amazing gift I got from my friend, the awareness that I could consciously use a look to uplift. It’s a gift that revealed more layers, the more I practiced it.  Naturally the prayers have changed over time with my growth and experience and awareness of the other.

I am so happy to find this little practice, to brush it off and to find myself motivated to explore it once more. As I go about my duties today, I am going to be more conscious of sending out vibrations of love through my eyes, to the people I meet, to the plants and animals in my environment, to the places I find myself in, and to the objects around me.

Will you join me in the quest to learn more about what it means to bless with a look? I’d love to hear about your discoveries. A lovely gift to our world don’t you think?

Looking Back So That I Can Go Forward

Courtesy D. Bowslaugh


It’s that special time of year again. It’s getting colder, the leaves are changing colors, slowly but surely change is coming. The days are getting shorter, the light intensity is changing. This year is drawing to a close and a new year is approaching. Before I can look forward to what is to come I like to spend a little time on what was.


I’ve been browsing through these posts and really enjoyed the conversations we shared. I’ve also browsed through my journals and it’s made for interesting reading. I looked at my facebook history and I even did a brief run through in my “sent email” box. I didn’t spend too much time with this, just a quick run through because I didn’t want to get caught up in the details. I wanted to see big picture.



Why am I looking back so much? I’m looking for patterns, for habits. I’ve seen by this history where I’ve actually spent my time and energy. Do you find that  you can’t find the time to do what you really love? Right! That’s exactly why I did the review. I want to cut out areas where I’ve given attention but it’s not a productive use of my energy. I also wanted to discover where I could give added focus, what is interesting for me but I put on the back burner because I didn’t have the time before. My ideas are not crystal clear as yet. I give myself this time to play with different ideas.

It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day living that it’s hard to get that big picture perspective of how my life is going. I’m appreciating this time of year that reminds me reflect on where I’ve been and where I want to go.


I hope you too use this time of transition to think about where you’ve been and get a fresh perspective of where you want to go.




The Pause That Keeps On Giving


This weekend we have been pausing and waiting for Divine guidance before entering into a situation. I have made some very interesting discoveries about when I connect with that guidance and when I don’t connect.


I notice that if in that pause I have already come to some conclusion about what is happening, then the result is that I have shut myself off from any kind of guidance. I feel contracted, confused, messed up. The trick is to train myself to open up to more, whenever I notice these types of negative feelings.


I begin the opening process by telling myself there are many possible interpretations of the signals that I’m picking up. As I try to observe more and hold off on drawing conclusions I start to come into a better frame of mind. I start to feel a change inside myself. I see the challenge the incident is presenting me but somehow there is a little space that allows more uplifting feelings to seep in. Then the guidance comes in how to act.

I need to practice pausing more before I enter into situations, I’m becoming very interested in this practice because it is improving my relationships. I’m not getting so cranky :). How is it going for you?




Trusting the Architect of Life

I was blessed with many challenges yesterday, I say blessed because they allowed me to discover a new way of dealing with challenges. You remember the practice from yesterday was to see Divine Order Every where.

It was easy to become inspired by the natural world around me, the flowers, the trees and animals. I decided to extend that perspective to all of creation; the buildings, roads, furniture, every physical object including people. I kept reminding myself, as I paused during the day, that everything my senses perceived was created and sustained by a Divine hand.

Then I took it the next step that this magnificent Divine Power was also supporting me in my evolution. Whenever I recognized a challenging situation, I reminded myself that it was designed by the Sacred Architect and all was in divine order. Somehow this affirmation helped me to remain calm and stable and to connect more to my inner wisdom.

When solutions were not apparent, I was better able to be patient, thinking that all aspects will come together in perfect timing and the reason I couldn’t see clearly at the moment was just that the time was not right. I could prepare for that solution by looking closer to what was happening right before me.

For example instead of getting stressed out during those pauses when solutions were not apparent, I opened myself to more creative thinking and I realized that they were gifts of quiet time. So I was able to write the blog post yesterday while waiting for solution to a conundrum. During another challenge I used the time when I couldn’t find a solution to do chores around the house then later in the day when another “crisis” came up I was better able to see it as an opportunity to make loving contact with family and friends while not allowing any problem to dwell in my mind or to enter the conversation. In every situation I saw that a simple, easy solution arose in the perfect time.

I am so thankful I had so many chances to use the practice yesterday. In writing this post I realize that the details of the challenges have become not so interesting because the lessons learned is much more fascinating. I’m going to continue with the practice of seeing divine order everywhere this weekend and look closely to see how I can make it more of my automatic way of seeing the world. I want to build greater trust in the Architect of life.

I wish you marvelous self discoveries in the practice!

Seeing Divine Order Everywhere

mango flower


The rain has just stopped falling this morning and the leaves on the tress are so attractive in their freshly washed vibrancy. I’m inspired by the beautiful design that the trunk and branches make and the patterns of dead leaves that have fallen on the earth.  The birds flit from tree to tree, singing cheerfully as they begin their day. The insects are industriously looking for food.


In the garden every flower has its own uniqueness; in beauty and in its position on the plant. It’s part of a bigger design.

All seems so perfectly arranged by the magnificent hand of the Divine. Ah as I look at this tableau outside my window I have a better understanding of Divine order.



Today my practice will be to see my world from this perspective, that all is in divine order. I will strive to keep this point of view as I look at my relationships with my world. Before entering any situation I want to practice pausing, waiting for the inspiration on how to act, looking for guidance from that higher power, that exquisite designer of life.

Will you join me in this practice? Let us see what we will discover today.