Healing Burn Out-Part 1

Each energy center is a like a doorway to a new level of consciousness. As we continue our discussion of the navel center, or to use the Sanskrit name, the manipura chakra, let us explore more about this plane of radiant energy, vitality and dynamism. In Japanese this area is called the hara. In Qi gong and Tai chi the focus is just below the navel, what is called the dan tien. The navel center is also sometimes called the city of jewels because of how beautiful and radiant the body looks when this center is tapped. As we get ready for work won’t it be great to put on the jewels of the navel center which is available to all of us?

The navel center can store energy and keep it in reserve so it’s available to us whenever we need it. Today I’d like to share the first part of a practice that helps with healing and preventing burn out. We will add to our practice from yesterday.

As we begin we want to keep the body alert and comfortable, not so much relaxed. We can place the palms of the hands on the navel area. As we breathe out feel the stomach contract and as we breathe in feel the stomach expand. Keep the consciousness in the navel area. This is the way to begin to empower this chakra. Let the inhale and exhale be slow and long. Keep the awareness of the navel very strongly. Hold the navel area with just a little bit of tension so that it is not flabby. The more we breathe out the more we can breathe in. Follow the breath for a while.

When ready we can take it further. It’s important to follow these steps gradually. There is an inner guide which will  prompt you, look for it.

This time when we breathe out all that we can, breathe out some more. As we inhale all we can, breath in some more. Go gently. To do this very smoothly we might like to pause after every inhaled and exhaled breaths. Breathe in fully. Pause. Breath out fully. Pause. If the focus is very strong on the navel center you can remove the hands while keeping the focus as intently as possible. Enjoy the rhythm of the breath.

When we begin to work with the manipura follow closely what this energy is doing. Notice where it is carrying us and we will feel that we are guided in doing the exercises.

Once again at the end of the exercise look at the experience of well-being built up in the body, a feeling of comfort, like the body is held, supported. Notice the tranquility of the mind and the emotional stability.

During the day just take a few moments and place the hands on the navel and consciously breathe into that area. Keep the tank filled.

Tomorrow I will continue. Have a great day.


2 Responses to Healing Burn Out-Part 1

  1. Henk says:


    As I just commented on the message of the day before, of how to fill even more and my goal to keep Manipura filled up and shining, this message came up 🙂 All in line with the Universe.

    Thank you for keeping the practice going. What a start of the day.

    All my love, Henk

  2. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    I am happy to say that today was different from yesterday. I started with a bit of nadi shodhana (having just read that it is supposed to calm, I am again amused as I felt quite fired up, particularly in the naval area) after which, I moved my focus to my naval area, keeping some tension in my belly and working the breath as per your guidance. My naval area was pulsing, my entire body felt vital and energised and the energy seemed to expand into a couple of other centres. It was very interesting and I was aware of feeling relatively less reactive about things that popped up.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!
    Love and thanks

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