Observe Consciousness and Energy in Meditation

Let us centre in conscious being. We are conscious beings. Let us stay centered in that awareness of conscious ‘being’, keeping that space clear as much as we can. That is the centre of your existence; ‘conscious being’.

And that centre of conscious being is a centre of an energy experience. You are having an energy experience in that consciousness centre. Begin to observe the qualities of both. Consciousness is not energy; consciousness is awareness of Self, awareness of being. Energy is the experience of the body. Energy is an experience of a thought. Energy is an experience of an emotion. Energy is the experience of an intention. Let it be very clear in your consciousness what energy is. Sri Vasudeva




How to Stay Empowered


We all want to feel loved, but the purest of love is coming from the deepest place in us.  There is a child inside us: one that wants to be cuddled; one that wants to be nursed; one that wants to be protected; one that wants to be nourished.

But there is also the nourisher inside of us. So where do we want to stay? In the powerlessness of the child? Or in the power of the one who is nourishing? Sri Vasudeva

The Joy of a Transparent Ego


When the ego becomes completely transparent on its journey, so that only the Self is shining through it, you lose ‘you,’ the ‘I’ becomes annihilated. You lose ‘you’ in the sense that the potency or the selfish nature of the ego is destroyed, and the Self shines in and through the ego as an instrument. Ego loses its sense of individuality, as it comes into a consciousness of being an instrument. It is not powerless by giving up its selfish existence, its individuality; it becomes supremely empowered by allowing itself to be an instrument. That has tremendous possibilities; the power of being an instrument and the joy of being an instrument, as opposed to individual and selfish thinking. Sri Vasudeva


Greet the Day as an Instrument of True Love


Yesterday when I spoke about love and its beauty, everybody was having the best day. Today, we may realize that our white sheet has some dark spots, how excited are we about the cleansing? “Wow, I want to know these dark spots really carefully. I want to clean every one of them, because my sheet cannot be fully white and clean if I do not give attention to the dark spots.” When you look at the whiteness of the sheet, because it is dominant, the dark spots look so big, distasteful. Can we begin to see the dark spots in us? It requires really sober thinking. It requires us to detach and take a remote view and really observe from a bigger space, otherwise we do not see it; we become blind. We do not see those dark spots. We think it is all white but the dark spots are there, so it requires very keen observation. To be the ultimate lover, you need to see those dark spots. 

Does attachment and unfulfilled desires drive anywhere within your soul, so that you are attached to comfort, to recognition, to pleasure, to power, and when unfulfilled, you become frustrated and angry and want to dominate even more or manipulate even more or exploit even more? Do we do it even subtly? 

There is going to be pain in the transformation of the ego, but it is sweet pain for the seeker of true love.

Cleanse me. Cleanse me. Purify me. Nothing is too difficult, take every stain away from me.

I centre myself in the source of all love within me. My soul knows true love. I seek to be an instrument of perfect love. I am open for every cleansing action, every kriyā that may enter my space as I surrender to the evolutionary power of the Universe, that is seeking to manifest within me, so that I may be an instrument of true love. Sri Vasudeva

Be Lifted in Love Today


May you be lifted in love today. May the mind be illumined with love. May your every breath be a breath of love. May your every footstep be a step of love. May your hands hold and hug with the power of love. May everything your hand touches be blessed with love. May you love today, differently to how you have ever loved, knowing that love is sacred, love is divine. Sri Vasudeva

Catch that Experience of the Quantum Space


Observe the physical experience of being. Observe the human body and the experience of the human body in the consciousness space – weight, gravity, heat, movement of fluids, taste in the mouth. Observe the human experience. The goal would be to observe in a pure way, no judgement, no labelling, moving away from conditioning.

If you observe carefully, there is an experience of lightness of being. There is an energy experience in there that we do not see if we do not focus beyond the humanity, beyond the physicality. Observe and see if you can catch that experience of the quantum space, the energy space, the subtle energy space. Mind is subtle energy; mind moves in waves. Emotions are subtle energy; they move in waves. The vital energy that moves the core of the body, that feeling of vitality, that experience of vitality; it moves in waves. Your intent generates waves; the intention of being loving, being peaceful, being vital; they are waves that permeate the physical, so learn to observe.

Breath moves because of a wave of energy; it is called a vāyu, prāa vayu and apāna vāyu. So breathe out and breathe in, observing the movement of the breath. There is an energy experience behind the physical movement of the breath, so sharpen your observing skills.

Sri Vasudeva


Observation can Create an Inner Shift


To observe means to look carefully at a particular object.. There is an observing consciousness, but the one that is observing can shift its centre of observation, its centre of viewing, its centre of experiencing can shift. The quality of the observing shifts, but the observer and the observing remain.

The one who is observing can become more detached in the observation and more and more centred in a Divine Space. That brings a big transformation in the one who is observing. The quality of the consciousness of the observer changes, not the observer, not the observing, not the observed,  but the quality of the one who is looking. By that I mean the ego is the one who observes so the quality of the ego changes; the quality of this ‘’I’’, of this observer is changing. Sri Vasudeva

For more read here.

How to Find the Pure Observer


Are we ready for a shift? Can we entertain the possibility that the Observer within us can move away from its selfish existence? Can we begin to be that pure Observer that detaches and observes the conditioned ego at play and how the Observer creates its realities through this ego consciousness that we experience? Can we, observing that, make a shift in the Observer to pure observation? In making that shift, we need support; that is why I had to find a Master. So the Observer is essential to this enlightenment experience.

Patanjali, the great master of yoga, said that when we can still the energy waves or vrittis in the consciousness, then we will have a chance to experience the pure Observer. He calls it tada drashtuh svarupe avasthanam. He says when we still these ego waves in the consciousness, yogash chitta vritti nirodhah. In the chitta, the consciousness, if we still the waves, the vrittis, we get a chance for the drashtuh, the Observer, to observe in a pure way, to stand in the glory of its own light. That is the way to the enlightenment experience. It is possible for all of us.  (Patanjali Yoga Sutras Ch 1 V1.2-1.3)

Excerpt from Day 1 of the 40 days retreat 2018 with Sri Vasudeva,  for more go to https://www.blue-star.org

Humbly Acknowledge that Great Power Inside

Observe that Self inside of you that you are trying to uncover, trying to know fully and to unite with. It is just behind your thoughts. It is behind your emotions. It is behind your vitality. It is right there. It is quiet, silent. It is ever loving. It is holding you, even when you do not know it. Sri Vasudeva

How to Nourish the Mind


Let us centre in the present moment, observing our chariot, it needs to be in good order. Think kindly of it. Hold your body in your love. It is on a journey, it is on a ride of a life time.  

Observe that Self inside of you that you are trying to uncover, trying to know fully and to unite with. It is just behind your thoughts. It is behind your emotions. It is behind your vitality. It is right there. It is quiet, silent. It is ever loving. It is holding you, even when you do not know it. Humbly acknowledge that Great Power inside.

Hold the intellect in the light by breathing prāa into the brow

Let us look for where the intellect is; the traveler is in the Self. Let us give attention to the centre of the eyebrows. The reins are there and the charioteer is there – the mental power is there and intellectual power. You have the power to nourish that mind and intellect by holding the intellect in the intuitive light of Self. 

Do not think that you know anything. Just open up your space in silence so that knowledge may come to you from the source of all knowledge. Breathe the prāa or lifeforce into that centre of eyebrows, focusing in the brain. The energy centre of the mind and intellect is not the centre of the eyebrows, it is inside of the brain.  

When you breathe through the nose to that centre point at the eyebrows, connect with the medulla at the back of the neck, breathe in with the ujjai, you can actually feel that prāa that feeds the mind and intellect. Intellect has to be held in the intuitive light.

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