Become Aware of Subtle Energy

The physical being we know, we see it, we smell it, we taste it, we touch it, we hear it. Physical senses allow us to ground ourselves in the physical world. But energy awareness is a little more subtle and we have to listen, observe, give attention to it, until we begin to feel the existence of this subtle energy field. It is the field of thoughts, it is the field of emotions, it is the field of vitality beyond physical strength. We need to become aware of that energy field. So it requires listening to the thoughts, it requires observing how we feel when emotions flow through our being, it requires observing how we feel as vitality moves within us from the things we eat, from the air that we breathe, from the exchanges with people. We need to be aware of that subtle energy field.

Then as we interact in the world, we need to be aware of the energy that flows inside of the physical, and of the Source from where it comes. That is the idea of multi-dimensionality. The Kundalini model allows us to see all the different qualities of energy that exist within us and within our world. That is why this is such a perfect model in understanding the Universe and our interaction with the Universe. Sri Vasudeva

In Day 5 of our 21 Day Meditation Series Sri Vasudeva guides us in exploring our multidimensional being.




Don’t Overlook the Power of Attention & Intention

flower-2197679_960_720.jpgScientists with very delicate equipment have shown that plants respond to our negative and positive intentions in the space. The moment someone intended to drop hot coffee on the plant, having not done it yet, but just the intention, “I am going to burn this plant”, the meter showed a spike of waves. The plant reacted.

We can create destruction in our world, and we can create uplift in our world simply by intentions! That’s the secret of generating energies from the inner space: sustained intention.

The power of intention can drive our thoughts, it can generate more passion, it can communicate in the space powerful energies – negative and positive. Intention can lift our being, liberating our deeper Self and it can change our world. Are we overlooking a very powerful tool that we have, as beings of consciousness, being able to generate phenomenal energies from that space that we all own?

Of course, it also requires the power of attention. To focus our consciousness on a particular object, particular thought.  Holding the attention there, and generating through intention these energies from our inner being. Think about this. Sri Vasudeva

In Day 4 of our 21 Day Meditation Series Sri Vasudeva guides us in meditation using the power of attention and intention, leading us to the experience of Total Wellbeing.

Find the Place of All Solutions

flower-2502329_960_720.jpgThe solution to every problem that you have is already within you, but you do not know it; sometimes you do not believe it. The solution to every problem is within your soul. When thoughts disturb you to the extent that when you sit to meditate, you cannot remove them from the mind, then you need to give attention to them using the power of your intellect. You can reason, “Why are these thoughts here? Why are they disturbing me? What are they telling me? What am I fearful of? What am I attached to? What am I consumed with? What am I anxious about?” We need to look for the solution, because we do not want to be in a state of worry, that is a state of stress.

Obviously, this shows a disconnection with that Source of all Wisdom within you. It shows the ignorance of the soul, not understanding the Divine Order of things, the Divine Plan of the Universe, the Law of Cause and Effect in the Universe. Because, if the soul understood this, it would see the purpose of every challenge in the mind as being a lesson, a challenge for growth and development. In using the intellect to dismantle this thought pattern that is causing stress, we need also to seek to make that connection to the Source of Wisdom inside. All information is inside! If we have that faith that it is so, inspired by those who are wise, then certainly the stress will go away. We will learn to live in surrender, and we will learn to live in that intuitive connection with our Supreme Self inside, that can give us every solution to any problem.

It is important to understand that in the same way we have problems in the Universe and we are stressed because of our lack of connection, our ignorance of the Divine Order of things, our ignorance of the Law of Cause and Effect; the Universe has a system of Grace. This is not a Universe that punishes you, absolutely not! In the same way it challenges you in your ignorance, it offers Grace – powerfully, abundantly to help you out of it. Sri Vasudeva

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Experience vs Intellectual Knowledge


That place inside where there is no disease, is called the Source of our being. Difficult to understand, difficult even to appreciate, and to some it is totally non-existent, they would not even consider it a possibility. Do not wait until you are challenged to begin to look for that place. Do you know why? Because even if you consider it a possibility, and even if intellectually you have an idea of where this place is, when you become challenged, you do not believe in it anymore. You never made it an experience. You will say to yourself, “but I can’t feel it”, rightly so because you never went to the experience.

I remember this story about a rich man who was going across the river on a little ferryboat. The rich man is looking at the ignorance of the ferryman, asking him about his education, if he went to school and what he learned. The poor ferryman could only say, “No, I didn’t go.” The rich man was telling the ferryman how much of his life had been lost. Suddenly the boat sprung a leak, and the ferryman asked the rich man, “Do you know how to swim?” The rich, very educated man said “No.” The ferryman said, “Well, all of your life is going to be lost!” The ferryman, though he did not have the education that the rich man did, knew how to swim. That was the only knowledge necessary in that situation, not how educated the rich man was.

You need to learn how to swim to that place inside, now, while you are healthy, because when challenged with anything, you will know how to find that place, and how to operate from there. So you need to learn how to swim to that centre of being whilst you are healthy. Can you imagine the joy? Whilst you are healthy, you can be healthier; you can make yourself better to meet the many challenges of life. That is the place of pure Consciousness.

We need to go into that place of Consciousness, where we can be more aware of who we are in the human experience. Some call it “Enlightenment”. I think it is then that we really understand our humanity. We become normal. This state of ignorance is an abnormal state in the human consciousness, for our soul that is. Sri Vasudeva

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Seek that Place of Constant Strength

caudata-1073282_960_720.jpgSri Vasudeva: In my many years of the human experience I have seen around me all kinds of suffering. I have seen situations where there is no hope for physical survival. I have seen people helpless in these situations. There is the need for strength, there is the need for comfort, there is the need for understanding in these distressing situations. 
I have found a place inside that can give us continuous strength, even in these most challenging situations. I have experienced a place inside from where we can draw energies when challenged, from a deeper space. That makes me unafraid of any of the challenges that life will bring to me. I know in this world that I have seen, and experienced, we can expect any challenge any time. Wouldn’t you agree that life is unpredictable? So the need to be prepared, the need to understand, and the need to be wise, is important.
I am inviting you to consider that there is a place of well-being within you that is untainted by the entire human experience. I am saying to you that in all aspects of healing, all aspects of comforting, all aspects of well-being, we need to understand this place. That is not going to happen unless we have a desire to understand more. That is not going to happen until we consider it a possibility. And that is not going to be experienced until we shift the consciousness. Do you understand what I mean? Until we shift the consciousness, until we realize, not intellectually only, but in experience.                               

Meditation for Freeing the Blocks

We need the meditation practice.  It not only prepares the consciousness for a new day but it brings us into a place of balance at every level of being. It’s important to feel that silence and restfulness at every level of being.

Begin by focusing at the centre of the eyebrows.  This connects us to the energy centre of the mind that is in our subtle body.   As you breathe out take your attention down the centre line of the body right down to the perineum area. As you breathe in, keep that pelvic area firm and grounded and breathe up along the spinal column. Your attention should be along the spinal column,  right up to the medulla point at the back of the neck and across the brain to the third eye.  That’s how you connect to every level of being.

Now, if you feel that the prana or the breathing is not settling down then look for the area where you may feel a block in the breathing.  Breathe out from that point and breathe in from that point, keeping attention on the block, but holding the consciousness of freeing the block every time you breathe out and breathe in.  Each time you breathe in tap into your deeper centre of being, tapping into Grace, into a greater flow of energy.  And every time you breathe out, you’re letting go.  So if you feel a knot in the chest area for example focus there, begin to nourish that area.

As you breathe out once again take your attention down the centerline of the body letting the shoulders drop, the chest contract, belly contract and go right down to the root.  It should give the experience of being grounded, making contact with the earth and keeping that grounded feeling on the consciousness of the perineum area.  That’s the energy centre of the base that grounds you to the earth.  Breathe up along the spinal column.  So the spinal column is in your awareness and the brain is in your awareness and this is how you  balance the prana at every level of being. Sri Vasudeva


       Diagram credit Denise Parris

Freedom from Fear


How much fear is in our being!                                                                                                        Fear to make a decision.                                                                                                                     Fear when children leave us.                                                                                                           Fear when a spouse challenges us.                                                                                                Fear when we have difficulties at the work place.                                                                         Fear of ill health.                                                                                                                                  Fear of dying and fear of living.                                                                                                      Only that experience of higher consciousness, our true reality can protect us and can save us.

Oh Supreme One, we give thanks for Your boundless grace.                                                     We thank You for lifting us to a greater awareness of Your presence in us.                     Help us to stay there, never to lose awareness of You and Your presence everywhere as we interact with our daily life.                                                                                                        Sri Vasudeva

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Witnessing opens us to the Infinite


Consciousness is capable of infinite expansion. That is why you can become so creative with so many ideas, because you expand so that you can see from many different angles. That is why we listen to people in conversations; so we can begin to appreciate the many ways of seeing in the consciousness. So consciousness has an infinite nature and we need to give attention to that consciousness inside and move away from all the contraction, the limitation – that is what the Māyā is, it is a contraction of consciousness that makes us see the unreal for the real.

So when we think of Self, we do not think of an immortal Self, we think human. The wise ones say that we are immortal but we are dreaming mortality, they say “Be conscious, wake up and see that you are dreaming.” I showed you the dream-like nature of life – everything around you is changing before your very eyes,  and I said, “That which is changing cannot be real, cannot be eternal.” The goal then is to keep on witnessing.

If we are to Go Beyond Time…


                        If we are to go beyond time, then we need to go beyond change.                                               Begin to observe change in the inner space.                                                                                 The breath begins, and the breath ends. That is change.                                                       Thought begins, thought ends. That is change.                                                                    Emotion begins, emotion ends. That is change.                                                                  Intention begins, intention ends. That is change.                                                                         Just observe how change features in our consciousness.                                                         Sri Vasudeva

Does Perception Influence Suffering? (Part 3)


Dreams seem to be real whilst they are happening but when they are finished, we say,  “Oh this was just a dream!” When you change from youth to adulthood, isn’t youth like a dream, because it will come back no more?  Wouldn’t you say yesterday was like a dream because today is different? How can that which is changing ever be real? Isn’t it dream-like? Tell me now, all of these realities that we hold on to, how real are they?

Could we take suffering in the same context, that suffering is an experience that is not real but is perceived? If I were to change my interpretation of an event, can I change my suffering? For example, if I am having an experience of pain, can I see that pain is creating a transformation in me and I am learning something? When I go to the gym and I work the body, I want to push the exercise a little further, it is painful but I am doing it because I know it is a sweet pain because the muscle is going to become stronger and tougher.

Or if someone is changing their diet because they know that the body is going to be far better, but it is painful to do because we are addicted to food. Once they keep the image of where they want to go, suddenly it feels like it is not an issue at all. “I can do this!” The interpretation of the event changes the experience. That’s why we say what can be painful for someone, might be joyful for another.

If we have an ailing relative and the person is going through severe pain and subsequently passes away. If we think that they are relieved from the suffering, and they are continuing on their journey, then our interpretation of the event frees us of suffering. Somebody could misinterpret our response, thinking that we are happy because the person passed away. Another person will see our response as not right and they are totally sad, depressed because the person passed away. You see different interpretations of the same event?

Is it possible then that we can transform the interpretation of any kind of suffering because we have a divine self, “This is happening but it is not totally real.”  If we could interpret the event in terms of it being transformative then would we ever see suffering?

If we are to interpret change as being good for something then when change is happening we will not have an issue with it. If I have the awareness that I am going to live beyond the life of the body, and I can feel that deep within my being and it resonates powerfully within me, then there is absolutely no fear of death. There is no suffering in terms of that. Is it possible then that the consciousness could shift and go to a place where there is never suffering because we can reinterpret events in the way of learning, growing and evolving? We will only continuously see the blessing of transformation.

Is it possible then that the only one who is suffering is the ego which is not divine self? It is false self. If we can come back to that place of pure being where we can reinterpret events and see everything as being transformative, every experience in the consciousness as helping the ego to evolve and finally become free, then would life be free of suffering?

That’s what Buddha found out. He speaks only of pure consciousness; no God, no angel, no event, simply that which is not impermanent. He speaks about this consciousness space that is the basis of everything. Everything else is changing, transitory. Sri Vasudeva