Three Steps to Wisdom

winter-lantern-snow-spruces.jpgJyana yoga, the path of wisdom says there are three steps to wisdom. The first is listen to knowledge that is being imparted to you, that’s called “shravana.”

The second step is to contemplate it, process it using the tools of the intellect, turning it in the mind; that’s called “manana,” 

And the third step is nididhyasana, which means that you need to assimilate it. Not just understand it from reflection, but assimilate it.

When do you contemplate? In your spare moments. You have lots of those, don’t you? Contemplate what you have heard, the more you do, the more you are able to absorb them.

Then that knowledge needs to become part of your lifestyle, to influence the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act. They must be completely assimilated in your being and that is nididhyasana.                                                                                                                           Sri Vasudeva


Can you Make a Decision in the Divine?

snow-beauty1.jpgAll the problems we have can be solved by the Divine entering our space. When you are confused, indecisive, if you only open your mind to a Great Source Being, you will experience profound responses entering into your space. It is because we are so wrapped up with the ego, ‘I want to solve this, I have to solve this, I have this knowledge, and I have this experience’. We do not allow ourselves to experience the grace of the space.

We need to think in the Divine, we need to reason in the Divine, we need to explore in the Divine, and we need to make decisions in the Divine. Not outside. Not separating our consciousness from the Divine but in the Divine.  Sri Vasudeva

Do not Jump to Conclusions

8363564653_9b42f17e71_o.jpgRestrain yourself from wanting to jump to a conclusion. Even though you think you almost know, restrain yourself, because in this Universe of so many possibilities, you can never know completely. It is said, “the one who thinks he knows; knows not.” It is very wise, isn’t it? Because he is caught up in the mind, he is caught up in limitation, “the one who thinks he knows; knows not.” But the one who knows that he knows not; truly knows. That is power; that means that person is completely open every time for new. In a Universe of all possibilities, how can we with a finite mind ever think that we know completely, that we have the full knowledge?

It is the same way we think about the Divine, the Supreme. Every tradition has so many ideas of what the Supreme is; everyone is locked into a particular way of looking. Of course, it is a way of looking, it is valid, but is it the only way? Can we be open to every tradition, every aspiration towards the Divine, know that it is one way of looking at the Universe and celebrate the many ways of looking at the Universe? That is being open. Sri Vasudeva

Listen to Every Dimension

XS4ZDtQ.jpgWhen you are listening to the Universe, listen to every dimension because the Universe is not sending you information only from the outside of you. Guides, Masters of the Light, and souls who are connected to you from other dimensions continue to send messages to you. So whilst you are looking only at the physical level information is also coming to you from other levels of being.

It is a joy to open my mind on the inside and wait for thoughts to arise from those forces of the Light that support me and support what I am doing. When I feel those ideas coming into my space, it is such a delight. There is such gratitude to these Beings who channel information to us. I know this physical plane is not the only level there are so many levels operating. Sri Vasudeva

Am I Open to Learn?

I am going to assume that you have the curiosity to know and that you are willing to investigate more. I am going to assume that you have the strong desire to learn and to grow, so that you are very interested in learning the art of exploration.

One of the powerful qualities of our consciousness is that it is able to look at an experience objectively; even whilst we are experiencing something, there is a part of us that can observe it. But sometimes we become so caught up in the experience that we limit the power of observation to what we want to experience, what we want to know, and we are not fully open to all possibilities. So in critically observing – for our development, for our growth, for our learning – it is important to always be open and not think that we know. We always like to operate with the idea, “I know.” Even if we want to learn a little more, we think we know exactly how to learn that little more. Some of us want to direct our process and even make it happen the way we want to make it happen.

So learn to be open – even though you have a good knowledge of something, it is always extremely important to say, “I am sure that I am not seeing everything” – and to be humble enough to observe the Universe and all the information your Universe is bringing towards you, being completely open to every communication that is coming to you. So continuously, continuously be open!

Now apply that to yourself; are you continuously open? When you listen, are you continuously open? See how we communicate; when somebody is speaking to us, we are already thinking, concluding and preparing our response. It requires listening; having ideas, but keeping them in suspension, no judgement, no conclusion. Even if ideas are coming and we want to conclude, to hold that space of being completely open.

I love doing that in every situation. I love to listen to everyone, trying to see more. Whenever the tendency from the conditioned mind is to make me believe, I say “No, no, no, no,” I check it and say “No, open up a little more, open up a little more,” always willing to listen to my Universe. And no voice is insignificant. So listen to everyone.         Sri Vasudeva


Develop the Skills of Exploration

We are beings of Consciousness and we need to explore that field beyond that which we are conditioned to experience –  the human consciousness.  It requires great curiosity; your interest needs to be heightened and you need to learn how to investigate, otherwise you will not see that which is right before you. I am sure that you can remember instances where you are observing a situation and you do not pick up everything, and then someone brings it to your attention, “Look at this,” and then you say, “Ah ha.” How easy it is to get locked into our own limited way of looking in simple situations, not being able to see that which is right before our eyes. So  true observation, is an art. It is an ability you can develop.

How do we develop the skills to really explore, that we can see more than meets the eye or the senses? How can we go beyond the known, beyond the conditioned thinking, to see more? How are we going to explore the Consciousness if we do not develop these skills? People are trained in investigating, it is a skill. If you want to explore such a critical field that is important to your wellbeing and transformation and shift, then you need to develop those skills. Even in daily life when you develop these skills, you are much better at everything that you do. So it is worth the while to develop these skills of exploration.  Sri Vasudeva



Conscious Evolution

Are we engaged in conscious or unconscious evolution? Unconscious: we say, “This is my life, everything just happens. I cannot control it.” We do not see any other possibility. That is how we evolve; by the world, prodding  us. Conscious evolution means understanding what is around us; defining our path for freedom and growth and making conscious steps, rather than being kicked, pushed and pulled by life. Sri Vasudeva


The Goal of Life

Our life in the human world is not a paradise, a place of total happiness with no worry and no pain. You will agree with me, won’t you? The human experience has with it moments of joy, sadness, pain. The physical body, when mature gives so much joy, strength, pleasure but as it grows older it ages, and what happens? And as it grows even older and the time comes when it has to go back to nature — as it is borrowed from nature — what happens to the consciousness? It is filled with sadness and pain. That is your human consciousness: duality.

But there is another level of consciousness: with no sadness, no pain, no disease, no death, no aging where true happiness is, where mastery is, where freedom lies. That is the level of consciousness that is worthy of exploring.  The goal of life, therefore, is really to evolve in consciousness until we fully experience that place. We call that “Higher Consciousness.”  Sri Vasudeva


Nurture the Flame of Goodness

Sometimes people say, “This is a hard journey! Everywhere I look there is a challenge. And it seems difficult to come out of this challenge, because whenever I aspire towards good, it seems all the negative things come to me, how can I give attention to the good?” We are so caught up in looking at the negative, that the good becomes insignificant … it becomes the small. We are consumed with the negative – all day – negative thinking, worry, misery, all challenges! We are so consumed with the challenges that we attract those possibilities, just like a wish-fulfilling tree.

If only we’ll grow that little flame of goodness. Begin to nurse it every day, like the way we nourish a plant. Protect it from violation. Every day nurture it, so it grows, so it becomes stronger and stronger and stronger, because we are giving attention to it and intention to it, and we are making it more powerful.  If we continue to let it grow, it will become stronger than the negative one! If we make it grow so huge the dark one appears small. That which was so big has become so small – and this that was so small, now is so huge simply because of attention and intention. Sri Vasudeva


Role of Curiosity & Desire

What is required in this journey is curiosity and desire to really understand the Consciousness. Because if you don’t have that deep curiosity or desire, how will you learn? For learning, curiosity is extremely important, and a desire to investigate and to know — a desire that is so strong that it consumes your mind. And if you reflect on what I have just said, you will see why we don’t learn. The curiosity may not be strong enough; the desire to investigate may not be strong enough because we are distracted by other things. So if you really want to make a shift, and if you really want to evolve in consciousness, you need to have that curiosity and desire to investigate so strong that it holds your mind; that it holds your interest. Sri Vasudeva


Leading From Within

May we stay connected amidst all challenges – my Higher Self and I.


Where is your Centre of Being?

Non-attachment is not about the dryness of letting go of the world, that passionless existence. Non-attachment simply means not being driven by the world, but being in one’s own power and allowing yourself to be driven by inside. And when you are driven by inside, the drives are noble. They are uplifting instead of destructive. So where is your centre of being? Let it be in that centre of the subtle space. Sri Vasudeva


Give Power to the Good

Can our desire be so strong, that all the other things that would tend to pull us into contraction would be insignificant, or meaningless, because we are so consumed with the desire for the good? If we have a desire to open up the consciousness space, if we have a desire to hold on only to that which is good, if we have a desire not to give our power away, if we have a desire to look for all the tools that can help us in doing this, shouldn’t that desire be so strong, that when we become distracted, we can easily pull back and say, “No, I don’t want to go there. Let me continue to explore how I can grow and become stronger.”

Shouldn’t we grow that desire? So that when the tendency is there to be pulled into the lower, or narrower points of view, we immediately feel, “No, I don’t want to go there! This space limits me! I don’t like this space! This is a dark space! I want to go in open spaces of light. I want to see more. I want to experience more.” Shouldn’t our desire for this experience of freedom and happiness be so great that we go after the tools, making the rest meaningless? Now, do you see when we make the less, the narrow points of view – when we give them so much intention and attention – how they grow strong?                      Sri Vasudeva


Acknowledge the Divine as Being the Source of your Existence

Happy New Year Everyone! Here is a wonderful way to make the new year a happy one.

Sri Vasudeva: 

Your will be done in and through me. I am the instrument, You are the Power. Hold me in Your space of grace. Nourish me, protect me, guide me, liberate me, that I may live in the constancy of Your presence and power within me, knowing that I am nothing without You, and I am everything because of You.


Give Attention to the Inner Space

Sri Vasudeva:
The important thing in that inner space is really understanding who is the one who is saying, “I want to know this space.” Who is that entity inside of the space that we have become aware of, that needs to know, that feels ignorant, that feels separate, that has lost some kind of knowledge, so it is seeking to know, “Who am I?” Who is that one inside and how did this one come about? For me, it is tremendously fascinating that there can be a “one” or an individual in that Consciousness space that is seeking. It can only be seeking itself. It can only be seeking to understand the root of its existence.
The attention should be to the inner space. Does it make sense to you that we are so caught up in the things of the outer world, using the human senses, that we do not give enough attention to what is happening in the inner space? So this “one” that is in there, that is searching, that is seeking, that feels separate, that feels that it is ignorant, that one is called the ahamkar in the Vedantic teachings; the ahamkar, the “I” maker. How did this “I” come about inside there? That is also interesting to note.

Consciousness is a field; it is like a clear screen on which or in which anything can appear. So the “I” appears in this Consciousness space. What is the cause? How does an “I” appear in the Consciousness space? If you look at a screen on which a film is being projected, the screen is just this clear space and the picture is projected on that space, and you are having quite an experience of looking at the projection in the space, when the projection disappears, what remains? Clear space; what has always been there. The light is playing with its colours and forms on a clear space that continues to exist after the play.

The human form is an experience in that Consciousness space and this gives us an identity. It embodies the Consciousness. So that which was like a screen, a clear field, now has an embodiment, the physical embodiment allows us to view and to experience this plane.

But we do not only have a physical embodiment, we have a subtle energy embodiment on the inside. We do not perceive it because we do not look carefully. But the moment we begin to explore the other energies that are in the Consciousness, we will begin to become aware that we are more than just a physical embodiment.


Freedom from Limitation

Sri Vasudeva: Hinge yourself to the Divine!


Master the Now

Live in the freshness of this moment.



May my Soul be Free of all Fetters

Sri Vasudeva

I greet a new day with the intention of being a blessing to my world today, with the intention that my eyes will see only Divine Order in the Play. And I will see it in every moment, knowing that the Universe is communicating with me through every response to my actions. What more can I ask for when I have the Universe holding me, supporting me, instructing me, showing me, guiding me, loving me. I pray only for liberation from all the bondages that hold me in ignorance. May my soul be free of all fetters. May I be aware of my existence in the Infinite and never stray from that awareness.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


My Home is Within

Sri Vasudeva:

I am in gratitude for the blessing of this day. I pray that I can stay in the inner space, making it my home and realize that no matter where I am, I am home in my Higher Self. This world I am just passing through, but my home is within in the Infinite Consciousness. Physical homes are only artificial. My permanent home is here. May I stay here. May I rest in the abode of my Creator, my Higher Self.


Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


Choose Wisely

Sri Vasudeva:

When our intention is not precise, then the Universe is going to send us all kinds of possibilities. Then we think, “Ah, the Universe is sending all these things to me.” But it is sending them for us to select! We may follow one because it comes first, then we exclaim, “Oh, I thought the Universe was sending this for me!” Yes, it sent it for us to check it out and to decide if this is what we want…. or not.


Hold me, Carry me, Guide me, I am Yours

Sri Vasudeva:

“Help me to open my heart that I may release all the burdens that are there. That the love that is within may finally be free.”

“I rest my being in you Oh Divine One.  Hold me, carry me, guide me, I am Yours. Cleanse me, transform me, purify me. Lead me to the Light. Let me know I am only You. You and I are One. In my ignorance I think that I am the doer but in truth, You are. I make myself transparent. I make myself clear that you can flow in and through me without any obstruction. You are my Light. I have no need for any other, nor do I need to create any belief about You. Come, take over my space, have compassion on me O Lord. Come and dwell within my being. Without You life is so painful and lonely. Fill my empty vessel with your love.”




Desire Can be a Ladder to Freedom

Sri Vasudeva:

We need to very careful about the things we dislike, to not allow them to preoccupy our minds, because they bind us to the world. We need to be able to be aware of our desires, to see how they hold us, drive us, how we become caught up in them and then how we can create the desires that are required to lead us to freedom. Desire is like a ladder that can help us to climb out of bondage and can lead us to ultimate freedom.


Thought and its Attendants

Sri Vasudeva

Your mind is the most powerful part of you, by now you should know that. We can think anything into reality. What a fascination! If I think I am warm, I become more warm. If I think I am cool, I become more cool. If I think I am well, my system works better. If I think I am not well, I compromise my system. Our very thought has power. Why? Because the power of thought is rooted in the Divine. So we need to respect the power of thought.

We have such creative power, such  quantum power! We can create these powerful energy waves in the consciousness space that can permeate our entire physical being and it can flow in the space around. Thoughts can create toxicity, darkness. Or thoughts can create light waves that uplift. And the centre of creation of these thoughts are right in the brain.

But when we produce a thought, it has siblings attached to it. It opens up a space, it brings an emotion, it influences vitality and it influences physicality. So our thought is always working with a family. So whenever we look at our thoughts, we need to think of the rest of the family that is attendant.



“We” instead of “I”

Sri Vasudeva:

Sometimes we use our power at the expense of others, not respecting people’s rights around us. Let us enter into a more fearless more inclusive consciousness where we begin to think of “we” instead of just “I”.


We have the Power to Create Change

Sri Vasudeva:

When we see things within us that need to change, when we are not where we want to be, sometimes we feel helpless, because we have forgotten about the power we have to create change. We have enormous power within us, more power than we can imagine. The same power that created the universe is behind us, but we tend to forget this.snowfeb27-1.jpg

Living in the Space of the Mystics

Sri Vasudeva:

Whatever we dream about and hold very firmly can actualize, and though it might be a challenge to have this happen, our dreams ultimately come true. The Universe supports every dream and gives us a chance to experience every consequence of those dreams. That’s why we say that the mind is like a wish-fulfilling tree. Once you think about it, the Universe is going to offer it to you and give you an experience. So it is like a child with a parent, wanting to keep the child happy, the parent gives the child everything.

In the journey from darkness into light we want to be carried away from suffering, because suffering is all in the mind. When we accept suffering as our lot, when we own it as ours, we are identifying with it. It is possible to experience it but not identify with it. It is happening in our space and it is an experience, but at the very core of our being, just like in the eye of a storm, the experience is of stillness amidst change, of being carried amidst challenges. And that is the experience the mystics, the yogis and every spiritual seeker is striving for—to come to that space and to live in that space. Not to be in that space for a moment, but to live in it.


The Freedom of Creating Anew

Sri Vasudeva:

We can direct energy to anything if we know our centre of power. But we are so caught up in the energy forms that are created in an unconscious way by the force of environment, and the force of people’s opinion and the force of everything else, it shapes our reality. When someone tells us something, we hold onto that as real when it is not.

So we need to get to that centre where we can create any thought we want, we can deconstruct any thought we want, any pattern we want and we can feel the freedom of creating anew. Reality in the space that we know is fluid, it changes in a moment. But there is a space inside of us that does not. It is the space where we observe change from, and it is a space where we can continuously feel peace because it has no fluctuation in its essence; its essential peace stays. Its essential lovingness stays, its essential bliss stays, its essential existence stays. And that is the state we all need to go to, that is the state where reality is created; the reality we know in the space, the energy forms, that is where it is created. Why not go to the creative space and see what joy there is in there at the very centre?


The Soul is Like an Actor on a Stage

Sri Vasudeva:

Today lets us observe the power of the mind to create its reality that is only temporary and subject to change. Stay at the centre of Being and clear the mind of thought constructs as much as you can. Deconstruct all the things that you believe to be true. Hold nothing to be absolutely true but only temporary. And begin to watch how you can create different thought forms. You can experience the creation of these forms – if I think I am warm, if I think I am cold, if I think I am lonely, if I think I am not lonely – watch how you can play with these thought forms at will, just like an actor plays with emotions and moods skillfully.

When you engage in these thought forms, you are really acting in a play. Though you are embracing moods and thought constructs and actions, you are none of those. Just like actors know they are playing with moods and thoughts and gestures, but skillfully know they are none of those. Just so in life; the soul in its essence is really acting on a stage, playing out all of these things when it is not any of them. So the very conscious soul is aware of that and sports beautifully, creating only harmony and light in the play.


May I Be a Blessing to my World

A beautiful prayer by Sri Vasudeva:

Let me realize all that I am in this earthly lifetime. Let me uncover my infinite Self, and grant me the strength, the wisdom, the grace, the power, to manifest this Light fully in the human experience.


I centre myself in the Source of my light, my infinite Self, as I begin a new day. I stay there, that my every thought, word and action in this day become a blessing to my world. I give thanks to my Universe for every blessing, and I pray humbly to continue to be worthy as a seeker. 


What Has Grabbed your Attention Today?

I had a request from a reader for a simple tip that a beginner on the meditation path could use to understand and experience what it means to observe oneself. I thought a story would illustrate the concept.

A few days ago I left home early for an appointment. It was downtown and I planned to walk there. On my way I noticed there were quite a number of nail salons that have cropped up. Nail art has grown in popularity. I paused for a moment to gaze through a store window …. mmm creativity on such a tiny canvas.

I arrived a few minutes early at the office and while waiting I looked around at the people in the vicinity and noticed many interesting nail designs ranging from the simple to really complex. I smiled with enjoyment. I love to see variety in expressions.

Now this was not exactly an earth shattering experience, how could something so mundane bring me to a greater inner awareness? It begins when I become curious about why nails were catching my attention. What about my nails? Well at some point that morning I broke a nail, eventually the discomfort drew my attention until I discovered what had happened.

I had walked past those same nail salons many times before but they did not come to my attention until there was some personal connection. If I was to delve a little deeper I can say I have an interest in many forms of creativity so that innate tendency combined with my broken nail drew my interest. This is a simple story where it was easy to figure out the personal connection. Often times when the story is more complicated by emotional overtones it takes quite a lot of reflection to discover the personal connection.

The intention of this article is to illustrate the starting point in self exploration. First we need to become aware of what is drawing our attention in the outer world and begin the investigation of our personal connection with it. So the most important question is what has drawn your attention today, and why do you suppose it did? I recommend starting with the more neutral attention grabbers.


Image courtesy Lassie Maclean




The Way of the Flower

Today I would like to bring your awareness to who  you are and how you influence the world.  We’re all striving to create a better world and one of the best ways of doing it is simply the way a beautiful little flower influences its environment.  If you think of why you are drawn to a little flower in a garden,  you’re attracted to its fragrance and its beauty.  A flower doesn’t say anything to you directly, yet it draws everyone to its beauty and it can transform its environment.  Its mere presence changes the environment.  If you take the lesson of a simple flower, you can see  how you can be a positive influence on your environment without saying anything.  Sometimes too much speech is unnecessary. When you keep on saying the same things, people don’t hear it anymore,  they automatically tune out.  Through the fragrance and the beauty of your divine Self, can you influence the environment in a very positive way?

Take responsibility by observing your actions

It calls for being the Witness, the observer in every moment.  Can you be watchful today and see how you are influencing your environment by what you think, what you say and what you do?  That’s a way of taking responsibility for our environment, our world.  

Sometimes we just do as we feel.  Sometimes in our weakness, we do things that create disharmony and conflict around us.  Sometimes we want to teach lessons to those around us and we take the way of force and fear and creating pressure.   Can we think of a gentle way?   Can we think of a very powerful and effective way just as a flower influences its environment by its being?  Can we manifest what we would like to see around us?  Can we be the example?

 If we love to see silence, can we be powerfully silent,  lovingly silent, unaffected by anything around us and unaffected by anyone?  Can our silence be so powerful that those around us will be drawn into silence, automatically?  Can you see the power of it?  Can you work in your environment in such a way, that people can’t help but are drawn in to look at you:  “How marvelously she works!  How in the moment she is!  How spontaneous is her smile!  How kind is her look!  How gentle are her words!”  Can we do that?  Can our silence, our beautiful actions, our wonderful thoughts be so apparent in its beauty that people can’t help but be attentive to and experience a transforming effect?  Can your kindness be so felt that people can’t help but notice it?  Not that you want them to notice, but it’s so beautiful to look at, to observe.  

This is a way that we can really transform our world, not in the preaching of many words, not in creating guilt and pressure because of what we want to see in others.   We can become the beautiful example, so powerful in our expressions that they begin to see the beauty of what we’re doing and automatically begin to be influenced by it.  That’s the way of the flower.  That’s how the flower transforms its environment.  

May your peacefulness, your love, your silence, your kindness, your compassion be so resonant today that we can’t help but notice it and be transformed by it.  Sri Vasudeva


Freedom Is the Goal

Unconditional loving, no boundaries, non-judgemental thinking, present moment awareness, harmonizing with every level of being. Inner peace …. acceptance at every level.

“To live in limitless being is my goal. I seek to be free.”  Sri Vasudeva


In This Moment Is My Consciousness Contracted or Expanded?

Expanding the consciousness gives the possibility of hope in the human experience. Just knowing that all is possible gives hope. We have a consciousness that can hold itself in limitation, or can expand itself infinitely; to dream of whatever we want to, to create whatever we want to in our consciousness and to bring it into manifestation. Sri Vasudeva


Be Open and Flexible to More Points of View

The intellect can help you very much, but you need to be able to let go of the old and be open to the new. You need to say, “Maybe the way I am seeing is only one way. Maybe there are other ways of seeing the same situation.” So when you tell yourself this, you become more open. When you see another point of view, don’t jump up and say, “Ah! Now I see it” and you hold to the next point of view and limit yourself. Can you continue, “This is another point of view, and maybe there is another, and yet another.” You need to have the flexibility of seeing many points of view. This is very exciting for me!

If I have a problem to solve and I am seeing it in a particular way, I may be very convinced in my way but I am careful not to hold this view of the situation as the only view because I am humble; the universe is so vast that I become humble in this space. I want to know more, to see more points of view so I begin to talk to others, “What do you think about this?” Then I see the way they look at the world and I get new ideas and new ways of seeing. That’s exciting. Sri Vasudeva


Let Us Seek Our Greatness

Today as we greet a new day, can we feel a sense of rebirth and renewal as though we’ve taken a bath inside, as though we’ve washed away all the past, as though the future is to be a gift that we can look forward to.  Can we see today as a day of rebirth and renewal?  Can we feel that the time we have spent in meditation and chanting, created a renewal within?  Do we feel clean inside?  Do we feel lifted inside?

In this moment we are a pure being.  In this moment we are sacred, as in every moment.  We are more than a mortal being.  Can you feel that?  Can you carry this spirit throughout the day — that you are a pure being.  In truth nothing can contaminate you, but you allow it to.  You allow thoughts in your mind, you allow feelings and ideas to limit you, to create fear and guilt and depression within you…but you are free in every moment.  You are born of freedom!  You are born of divinity in every moment!  Can you remind yourself of that?  That “I was born of spirit.  I exist in spirit.” Sri Vasudevafrangipani-macro-ladybug.jpg

When Putting Yourself First Is Important

You have come into the world for your own liberation, not for anybody else’s but your own.  When I was quite young, I was reading a book and this idea became crystal clear in my mind.  The book said we come to the world for our own realization.  Every situation that we are placed in is an opportunity for us to work out our own freedom.

Sometimes we can get caught up and think that we are helping other people.  But can we see differently that people are placed so that we may have an opportunity that we may become selfless, that we become free.  Sometimes we are more focused on “I’m helping the world and that’s my purpose to free and to lift people around me.”  But we have to consider first, am I fully lifted?

All the experiences whatever they might be,  it’s really for us.  It gives us the opportunity to lift ourselves and helps us grow.  So everything that happens around us, every opportunity to serve, to help to give, is really an opportunity for us, not the other person, it’s for us to become more and more free.  Sri Vasudeva


Can You Feel Your Divinity Today?

You are born of freedom.  You are born of divinity in every moment. Sri Vasudeva


Challenges Are Tests, That Are Also Opportunities

Love is a marvellous path. Be aware that you will be tested when you begin to love and express it. When you are tested see that it is a test. When you choose to love unconditionally, whether it is in the workplace, home or in relationships, then the tests come. Strive to pass them! Continue to use love. You will see what happens if you do. But when challenged and you move away from love, you go into the pitfall of the limited ego and to the experience of pain.

Remember that adversity is your friend, challenges are your opportunities. Begin to learn to love without condition and welcome all the challenges that come to you. Know that life is teaching you through these. Sri Vasudeva


Don’t let a day pass by without discovering something new about yourself

Each day look for something new in your awareness.   There must be something that is new during your day.  To just eat and sleep and to exist in the routine activities is not the way of wisdom.  Sri VasudevaPine_bark_tecpan_guatemala.JPG

Divine Beings Are Models To Show Us The Way

Love is a wonderful path! If you want to become unconditionally loving, and you want to experience this field of limitless love, be inspired by those human beings who show that kind of love, then you know it is attainable! If you associate with those who selflessly love and are unconditionally loving, you begin to feel it within you in a natural way, then you begin to feel its possibility and its power.

We say that God is love because love is such a beautiful energy. Love brings unity, it brings harmony and inspiration. When love comes into your field, it is a marvellous energy that enters in. It makes you want to give, to share. It challenges your boundaries and it opens you up to new possibilities.

In the way of the heart we begin by creating an image of love that drives us – the love of God, the love of a Divine being. We begin to hold images of love in our mind to motivate and inspire us. It may seem to be a conditional loving because we are only loving a divine image or divine expression, but that’s only so in the beginning. Sri Vasudeva


Challenges Are The Doorway To Growth

See how the Divine beings who come into this world display love? You may remember Christ on the cross saying, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ He felt the entire humanity as being part of him.

When people are negative towards me, my immediate response is compassion because I think what limitation they are living in, what pain they are going through in being negative towards me and I feel forgiving. How can I want to destroy what is a part of me? Can you see the challenges of the world that strive to move you away from love, and grow through them? That is the lesson that is before you. That is your doorway to growth! All the challenges around you that try to make your love disappear, create your opportunities for spiritual growth. Sri Vasudeva


The Challenge Is To Expand Your Vision 

It is easy to love those who love you, but the real challenge is to love those who challenge you, love those who disturb you, who annoy you, then you will begin to know what is unconditional loving. To love someone who is angry with you and who takes advantage of you, you have to see them differently. You really have to think about the divine within them. It challenges you to expand your horizon of seeing. When you begin to see another human being as yourself or as a part of your being, created like you, having an awareness like yours then the feeling of love flows naturally. Sri Vasudeva


Unconditional Love can Protect and Sustain You


If we pursue love more, if we break beyond the limitations, can you imagine what the love will be? Some people think that they give their power away and become weaker when they love like that, but that’s not true. When you love beyond condition, when you love in every situation you enter a field that protects and sustains you. You move into a field that is healing and revitalizing. We need to fearlessly break the limitations of conditional loving. Sri Vasudeva

Shine Through Your Unique Personality

When you wake up to a new day, how much do you do in really charging yourself up at every level? You need to come into that deeper centre of love and excitement and desire to engage in the play in a very powerful way the moment you wake up in the morning, and to centre yourself where your strength is. Sri Vasudevalotus-flower-water-1024x645.jpg

I want to remember You, O my Divine Self

voda-cvety-kamni-cvetok-lotosa.jpgI want to remember You in every moment. Hold me in Your love. Nourish me. Guide me to the light. Remove the darkness within me. I seek to be fully united with You in this play, that I may transcend the duality in my consciousness, and that I may fully engage in the play as a play. To You O my Supreme Self, I fully bow, offering the all that I am to the all that You are.

Om peace, peace, peace… Sri Vasudeva


The Universe Extends Support in Myriads of Ways

I constantly see how my universe is supporting me. When a day becomes challenging, I see how it is bringing support. When there is a need somewhere, I see how it engages me to help to fulfill that need. When I need some wisdom and I open my mind, I see how it sends it to me in different ways. When I go into my mind and I clear my field, I can see how it is placing thoughts in my mind. And I constantly search for what it is trying to say to me. If there is a challenge in the space, and I may not have in the moment all the views, I open my mind and I listen. I listen, I listen, I may create some thoughts there for prompting, and I listen.

I listen, I listen, and I wait, patiently, and the ideas come. It may happen when I am eating, it may happen when I am sitting silently, it may happen when I am in the shower, it may happen while I am walking, but it is going to come! This is my amazing and supportive universe. I need to be aware, I need to listen, and I will see how a whole universe is communicating to me, with me, and guiding me back to that place of freedom, and to the experience of all of me. Sri Vasudeva


If You Think You Know, How Will You Learn?

12241323_1237475279612099_5840389905898325002_n.jpgWe are connected to all the minds in the Universe wherever they are and we can pick up information but we have to be receptive. We have to tune into the frequency and we need the language to interpret. So once we are receptive, once we have the language in our consciousness, wow, these thoughts will come.
It requires an openness of the mind because if you think you know, how are you going to learn? With me, even if I think I know something, I know I really do not know because the Universe has infinite views so why should I be so proud that I know two or three or even four or even a million? That is the Universe, infinite views.
So always, the very safe space to be is to think that you do not know. In fact there is a saying that “he who knows that he knows not, really knows. And he who thinks he knows, knows not”. Remember that. He who knows that he knows not, really knows. And he who thinks he knows, knows not. So be wise. That is how we become intuitive. Sri Vasudeva

I Celebrate Every Day

It is a new day and another opportunity to engage in the karmic play in higher consciousness.  When you can see everything from that space, you see the perfection of the play, you accept the players and you use all the experience of the play itself to grow in consciousness. The play is perfect: all the challengers, all the friends, all the partners, if only we have the eyes to see it. Everything that we need to grow is right before us, so the goal would be to see all the opportunities that are there in every day.

It does not matter what the condition of the body is, it does not matter what the condition of the space is; I celebrate every day, simply because of higher consciousness. The weather conditions may not be right, astrological conditions may not be right, social conditions may not be right, there are so many things to be desired. But one thing is right; that I could be centred in my Higher Self, an Immortal Self, totally in present moment, totally in all possibilities. That is one thing that is right. Sri VasudevaUnknown.jpeg