Self knowledge Reveals Nature of the World

We may think becoming a better person is selfish – in a way it is – but in going within to really know ourselves more, it’s really an unselfish pursuit. In knowing ourselves more, we understand and are able to relate to the world better. So though it may seem selfish because we are giving attention to “us,” as we know ourselves more, we find that pursuit really becomes unselfish, because the more we know ourselves, the more we know others. The more we understand the nature of our own being, the more we understand the nature of the world. Sri Vasudeva


How Is my Purpose fulfilling me?

Those purposes that are driven by survival needs and the pursuit of power and pleasure, bring a kind of happiness but also bring a lot of pain and misery in the human experience. Because in pursuing those purposes sometimes we do not give attention to the welfare and well-being of others. And once we do that, some part of us will never be fulfilled when we act selfishly.

And when our purpose is to become better, to know ourselves more, to live more in the light of understanding and love and wisdom, we find that some deeper part of us is fulfilled by doing this. And when we try to make our world a better place – to co-create spaces of love and harmony and peace – we find that a quality of happiness emerges in our being that fulfills us. So we should be very observant as to where our purpose is coming from. Is it selfish? Is it unselfish? Sri Vasudeva


What is Driving our Purpose?

As we seek to tap into that unlimited power within us we need to be purpose driven. When  we have a meaningful purpose, then it’s easy to drive any desire, any intention in the human experience, so it’s important to have purpose. If we do not have any purpose, then we find that the drive is not there; life is meaningless.

We need to observe what this purpose is all about. If we are finding that there is some purpose that is within us, we need to explore where this purpose is being driven from. Where is it coming from within us? Is it based on survival? Is it based on the pursuit of personal power? Is it based on the pursuit of selfish pleasure? Is it based on trying to accumulate more, so we never have needs, to the extent where we do not care about others as we do this? What is our purpose? If we observe carefully, is that purpose based on being a better person, improving who we are, knowing who we are, and helping our world to be a better place? Sri Vasudeva


Make a Positive Impact

How do we tap into this power inside to impact our world positively, so that we can create a world of peace, love, and harmony? Of course, you will agree with me that’s a better world, that’s the world we are all seeking, whether we know it or not. Even those who are in a negative bent, they are seeking the same, but they don’t know it. They feel that by destructive means they are going to have power and happiness and freedom. But, no, no, destruction is never the answer!   

So as we tap into this unlimited potential, we need to be benevolent. We need to be kind towards our world. We need to be well intentioned to our world and then all the forces of the Light will support us. The entire Universe will support us.   

We can be destructive in very visible ways and very subtle ways. In the way we defame others, in the way we insult others, in the way we make them inferior, in the way that we take their power away; these are very subtle ways and sometimes we don’t see it.  Of course we do it in very visible ways too by hurting someone physically. When you are destructive pain is eventually going to come. Whenever we create hurt and harm in the human experience it’s going to come back to us. In harming another, we are harming a part of ourselves. So in tapping into “that potential that we are,” and experiencing a higher power, that we use it for the good of our world, it is extremely important to be aware of this. Sri Vasudeva



In Essence we are One

We have been speaking about the greatness of our inner being – that we are all great. We all have unlimited potential in our being. And I say “unlimited,” because we really do not know the vast potential of the inner space that is called “consciousness.” The space from where the Universe emerged, the space that continues to support this entire Universe. And you see consciousness abounds this Universe; it’s everywhere. This is a conscious Universe.

This consciousness is also imbued with intelligence; it has the power of intelligence. And every life form has the experience of “identity.” But underlying all those separate identities is an essential unity that makes us all one. We may appear to be different in the external parts of this form, but on the internal, in our essence, we are all one – absolutely one. Sri Vasudeva

Celebrated & Lowly have the Same Tools

What is there, in this amazing space of consciousness? How can some people achieve so much? Olympians, great musicians, artists, what makes them different to us? We are all the same! From the saint, the celebrated ones in our world, to the seemingly lowest, we are all the same! No one is greater! We are all blessed with the same tools. Sri Vasudeva



The Tools of Self – Discovery

What is the secret to going inside and finding the tools that we can use to discover who we are? It is right before you!

You have the power of intention. The power of intention is magical. It can help you to bring energies into the space from within you, from that source of unlimited energy. The power of reason to investigate, to analyze, to discriminate. The power of passion to enjoy what you do, to love what you do, to desire it with everything that you have. The power of wisdom, discrimination, to not be distracted and to stay focused. The power of discipline to hold you in that space, in that desire, that you may sustain yourself every day. And, the strength of wisdom to meet every adversity with courage! You have all these tools within you, every one of them!

Even if we have lost a limb,  if we have lost an eye, what are we lacking? Has reason gone because we have lost a limb, or one eye has gone bad, or even two eyes? There are souls who have prevailed in the human experience without vision, some without hands, see how they write with their feet? What have we made of ourselves? How can we really account for the time we have spent in this earthly life, with all these precious tools we have been given and the field of treasure that lies within us? What have we done? How can we justify the life? What have we done with this Grace we have been given? It is time to wake up and understand that we have the tools. Sri Vasudeva


Do We Ask for the Greater Things?

I have been humbly blessed to touch a space inside of awesome power, and I realize we all own that space! I gave up a lucrative career to come into a life where there is no salary, only the passion to give and not to receive, simply, because I want humanity to wake up and realize who we are, and the power we have to transform ourselves and transform our world! We are powerful beings! How long are we going to sleep in the darkness of ignorance?

We have a wish-fulfilling tree in our being with the ability to manifest anything that we want! What do we ask for? A house that collapses, a spouse that may leave us, food that never fulfills us completely?  We never ask for the greater things of life: a powerful mind; more wisdom, the ability to bring energies into the space; energies of light, of love, of harmony. Most of us do not ask for that in our prayer every day. Of course, I know some of you do, but how passionately do you do it? Do you use the tools that are just before you?

If life is playing a game with us, can’t we play along? Life has hidden the tools from us, can we find it? Amazing that the tools are right before our eyes, and we do not see it. Life has made the game so easy, but we think it is so complex. In ignorance we go for the little, the perishable, and we never go for the things of real value that can enhance the earthly life and thereafter, the things of real value! Sri Vasudeva


The Ancient Masters

The ancient Masters were profound and subtle.
Their wisdom was unfathomable.
There is no way to describe it;
all we can describe is their appearance.

They were careful
as someone crossing an iced-over stream.
Alert as a warrior in enemy territory.
Courteous as a guest.
Fluid as melting ice.
Shapable as a block of wood.
Receptive as a valley.
Clear as a glass of water.

Do you have the patience to wait
till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
till the right action arises by itself?

The Master doesn’t seek fulfillment.
Not seeking, not expecting,
she is present, and can welcome all things.

Ch 15 Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu
as translated by Stephen Mitchell


Protect that Inner Flame of Goodness

The ones who really succeed, the ones who are the great performers, and the ones we remember in the journey of history are those who are disciplined! Disciplined! Focused! Driven by their vision! Never losing it!

This is how we can strengthen the desire for the good. Sri Vasudeva



Remember the Benefits of Nurturing the Good

We need to use discrimination to always remind ourselves in every moment of why we choose to nurture the goodness within. Why am I focused on the good? As we repeat the reasons for our choices, it will continue to energize us to want to stay with it. So we need to refresh our minds every day, refresh our conscious being every day as to why we are doing what we are doing – because it will keep us strong. Sri Vasudeva


Quarantine the doubters

We need to protect ourselves from the doubters and those who say, “Oh, that’s never a possibility, why are you wasting time with that?” Those who tend to pull us down. We need to say … “Okay” … we need to quarantine them and grow stronger. We need to protect ourselves. Sri Vasudeva


Associate with those who are Purpose Driven

How do you grow this little thought of goodness? First we have to give it attention. It has to become visible. The good space, the good ideas need to become important! So even though the dark thoughts still consume you, make the time to give this little flame of goodness importance.

It is like how we take care of children. We know that when they grow, they’ll become our protectors, and they will help us to create our future as we grow older. So we grow the young ones, and make them strong, educate them well. So too, this little flame of spirituality, or goodness, we need to give it attention to grow.

And how do we do that? What do you think happens when we associate with those who have positive energies, those who are centered in meaning and purpose, those who are purpose driven, those who live in a little more light? How does it feel when we come into their presence? Somehow, there is some kind of energetic boost in the presence of those who are centered in meaning and purpose, in goodness. That’s the power of association. Sri Vasudeva


Nurturing the Flame of Goodness

Sometimes people say, “This is a hard journey! Everywhere I look there is a challenge and it seems difficult to come out of these challenges because whenever I aspire towards good, it seems then all the negative things come to me, how can I give attention to the good?” We are so caught up in looking at the negative, that the good becomes insignificant … it becomes the small. We are consumed with the negative, all day negative thinking, worry, misery, all challenges! We are so consumed that we attract negative possibilities towards ourselves, just like a wish-fulfilling tree.

If only we would grow that little flame of goodness. Begin to nurse it every day, like the way we nourish a plant. Protect it from violation. Every day nurture it,  so it becomes stronger and stronger and stronger, because we are giving attention to it and intention to it, and we are making it more powerful. Soon enough, as the goodness begins to grow, it will become as strong as the other thoughts. If we continue to let it grow, it will become stronger than the dark ones! And then, if we make it grow so huge, the dark one appears small now. That which was so big now has become so small – and this good thought that was so small, now is so huge, simply because of attention and intention. Sri Vasudeva


Growing the Good

As we explore this consciousness space, we will see that we have the power to open up the space and not to give our power away with our attention and intention or be consumed by the things that are not good for us. We need to find thoughts and ideas, that can help to lift us out.

We all have the desire to be happy and to have freedom from any wants and needs, that drive us into some kind of slavery. We want to be free of poverty, of hard work, of sadness.

So couldn’t our desire be so strong, that all the other things that would tend to pull us into contraction would be insignificant, or meaningless, because we are so consumed with the desire for the good? If we have a desire to hold on only to that which is good, if we have a desire not to give our power away, if we have a desire to look for all the tools that can help us in doing this, shouldn’t that desire be so strong, that when we become distracted, we can easily pull back and say, “No, I don’t want to go there. Let me continue to explore how I can grow and become stronger.”

Shouldn’t we grow that desire? So that when the tendency is there to be pulled into the lower or narrower points of view, we immediately feel, “No, I don’t want to go there! This space limits me! I don’t like this space! This is a dark space! I want to go in open spaces of light. I want to see more. I want to experience more.” Shouldn’t our desire for this experience of freedom and happiness be so great that we go after the tools, making the rest meaningless? Do you see when we we give the narrow points of view so much intention and attention how they grow strong? Sri Vasudeva


The Power of Opening the View

Let us begin to think about how we can control  fear.

If we fight fear by confronting it, and being in conflict with it, it’s not going to be solved so easily. We need to come into a space that can help us to see beyond the fear. It’s difficult, but we have the power to do it. We have the power to look at the fear, observe it – and here we are using discrimination and awareness. We have the power to accept that it, we have grown to develop a relationship with it, so it is a part of us.

We have the power to rationalize or reason. “Does this fear have any basis? Is this fear going to do me any good? Am I giving my power away to the fear? Is there another possibility where I can direct my attention and intention?” So the moment you think of another possibility, you are opening up the space of consciousness. When we think that the fear is the only possibility, we are so consumed with it, we are closed. In a space where we have the power to open up the view, we have narrowed our view.

As we explore in this consciousness space, we will see that we have the power to open up the space, and not to give our power away with our attention and intention, to be consumed by the things that are not good for us. We need to explore the power of opening up the consciousness. To find other thoughts and ideas, that can help to lift us out. We need to search the consciousness space. Sri Vasudeva


Humility to Life Itself

Sometimes we fear that which doesn’t even exist, because we think it exists! In our conditioning, we conclude that it exists when it doesn’t. How do we know? How can we be sure? I am open to every situation with everyone.  Anyone can teach me! I don’t see the Guru or the Master only in a person. I see the Guru and the Master in life itself! I thought in my limitation that the Guru was just a human being, and I gave a lot of honour and respect to learn from the Guru. But when I really learned, I began to see that the Guru is everywhere! Everything can teach me! That is the idea of humility. Sri Vasudeva


Every Situation in Life has been Created just for Us

Can we see every situation in life as though it has been created just for us?  Can we see as if  for the first time and look for the learning opportunity? Can we look without judgment, without label, without conditioning … thinking that we have gone through this so many times, we know what is going to happen? Do we really know exactly what is going to happen? Can we predict that this situation is going to be the same as yesterday, and it will continue to be the same tomorrow?  Or can we be open to the now, to any possibility?       Sri Vasudeva


Approach Evolved Ones with Humility

When we approach those men and women of wisdom … those more evolved souls … what is our posture in the learning process? Do we show respect? Do we show an openness to learn and an openness to listen, without our own opinions? How we try to test them! How we try to label them! How we try to see them as we see ourselves! And we are completely closed to “That which is” in them. Is that the way we will learn more? Sri Vasudeva


Approaching Nature with Humility

How can we take a humble approach to all of life? If we were humble to Nature  wouldn’t we be greater friends? Humankind is so full of scientific knowledge yet look at how we are slowly destroying the earth! Look at how we are changing the weather patterns.

We who are so “learned” do not approach Nature with humility as native populations did. If we were truly wise we would never cut down trees so wastefully, so indiscreetly. We destroy the rivers, disturbing the ecosystems. We create so much garbage! Everything is biodegradable in Nature, it goes back into the system. We who are so seemingly wise, do not approach with humility, to learn from Nature.

But the truly wise ones learn from Nature – how to mix colours, how to blend things, how to see the sense of balance and how every life form is important. How much we can learn from Nature which is right before our eyes! When will we human beings become humble?             Sri Vasudeva


Humility in the Learning Process

Let’s look at the posture, the approach and the power of humility. When we think of humility we think of being little, sometimes we think of being the doormat, offering no resistance, accepting everything. And some may even take it to the extent of gullibility – believing in everything. But what really is humility? How does it feature in this process of learning and growing, opening or shifting the consciousness?  How can we use it as a tool in the learning process? What does it mean to be humble?

One of the great qualities of humility is respect. Respect for that which is. Understanding the greatness of that which is. Understanding the power and the greater meaning of that which is. There is so much to know in life. There is so much unknown space in the learning process. There are so many possibilities in every situation. Will we ever know enough? Will we be ever able to be completely in that knowledge of everything about everything? And can we say in every situation, even when we are learned, that we really know?

When you look at those who are truly wise, even though learned, you see childlike simplicity … humility to life itself … humility to the learning process. When you meet them, they give you their full attention as though they are seeing you for the first time, and as though you are the greatest person in the world. No matter how learned they are, no matter how they are recognized and called great. Have you ever seen the Dalai Lama? Have you ever seen his approach to life?  You see humble simplicity, with such attention to everything around yet he’s considered to be such a high being, but so happy to meet with everyone, be with everyone, completely unassuming! Sri Vasudeva



Associate With Those Who are Strong

If we are investigating out of fear, searching our way out of the misery, but we are fearful, then it’s a defensive approach. We are trying to protect ourselves, we are trying to save ourselves … but there is fear. Can that create a good learning environment? There is a need to have this curiosity that creates excitement and the desire to explore. And if we don’t, then we really need to ask ourselves, “Do I really want to know more about me, or am I happy with what is happening around me?”

So for the true seeker, there must be this desire. And if you feel you have the desire, but it’s not active, it’s not strong, then this grows by associating with those who have the strong desire. There is nothing more powerful than that energy boost we get from others who are confident about their search, who are centred in strength. Sri Vasudeva


Analyze, Improve, Discriminate

The most powerful tool on the spiritual journey is intellect, and it is in the hands of the ego. The ego within you has the power of intellect. It is such a powerful tool. Refine it, observe it, understand it, use it!

Analyze your activities! “What am I doing? Why am I doing this?” Try to improve all the time. Use the power of investigation that is in the intellect, to ask questions to improve yourself. “Who am I? What am I doing here? How can we create a better world?” Ask yourself these questions! It is the intellect that helps you to investigate.

It is the intellect that helps you to discriminate. Is this right, is this wrong? Is this harmful, is this helpful? Discrimination – use it as a protection, as a guide. Sri Vasudeva


We have the power to reason!

Our individual being has the power to reason, to analyze, to make decisions, to process thoughts. We have the power to discriminate between that which is destructive and that which is constructive. We have the power to protect our sacred space of consciousness. We have the power to protect our world. We have the power to make decisions for cleaner water, better air that we breathe, protecting nature and other life forms. We have the power to remove poverty from the earth.  We, humankind, have the power, and in our selfishness, our greed, our uncontrolled aggression we are slowly destroying the planet every day with our toxic behaviour.

This is a most powerful tool that we have in our consciousness. Be aware, this is your tool to discriminate between what is harmful to you, what is depressing to you, what is healthy for you, what is uplifting to you. You have the power to create change within you, because you can reason! You have the power to protect yourself from destructive energies around you, depressing energies around you. You have the power! Sri Vasudeva


Let’s Create our Future

Let’s create a new world, where we don’t give our power away, waiting for handouts, where we can tap into our inner being, and share with each other the greatness that lies within. That is the future of our world.

“Let’s be the change that we want to see in the world. Let’s look for it on the inside. Let’s not wait for someone, some angel, or some God, or some super Guru from somewhere to bring the change to us. Let’s start today, it is right within us. And the time is right on the planet for a change in consciousness. Sri Vasudeva




Readiness for Change

Sometimes in our search, when we find that time seems to be coming for change, should we begin to look at the holistic picture and see that we are being prepared for something different? Should we listen for every sign, even from within, so that we can really unfold like the caterpillar into a butterfly, or like the seed into the tree? Can we really unfold as we are meant to? This is what readiness is about.

If you don’t feel that the time is ready for you, don’t make the step! Be comfortable with where you are. Continue to do that which strengthens you and wait for the moment. How do we know completely when we will be ready? The signs will be there: inner and outer. Do not make a decision that brings fear or insecurity. Wait until the moment comes. Look carefully, and all the forces of life and Nature will support you on this marvellous journey of unfolding. Sri Vasudeva


Protect the Space of Transformation

As seekers, do we need to create a cocoon, a safe space that protects our transformation being very careful who we listen to, who we allow in our inner space, being very careful with the addiction to so many things, being very careful with the indiscipline, that saps our energy away? We need to provide that cocoon that is sacred, that is protected by discipline. And inside of that space, only hold on to the words, only hold on to the information, the food that nourishes and can support our transformation. Think about this. Sri Vasudeva



Agents of Co-creation

The Universe has not only us, but it also has so many agents of co-creation in it. We are not co-creating just with a single power, we are co-creating with all the forces in the field! So sometimes the things we desire may not come immediately because there are so many forces in the field. We need to understand how all these beings in the field are co-creating the destiny of our world with us.

My wish is that you can begin to open your eyes to see the magnificent, highly intelligent Universe that you are in and the joy of navigating in this field, not with fear, but with excitement. Sri Vasudeva  


Do not Jump to Conclusions

8363564653_9b42f17e71_o.jpgRestrain yourself from wanting to jump to a conclusion. Even though you think you almost know, restrain yourself, because in this Universe of so many possibilities, you can never know completely. It is said, “the one who thinks he knows; knows not.” It is very wise, isn’t it? Because he is caught up in the mind, he is caught up in limitation, “the one who thinks he knows; knows not.” But the one who knows that he knows not; truly knows. That is power; that means that person is completely open every time for new. In a Universe of all possibilities, how can we with a finite mind ever think that we know completely, that we have the full knowledge?

It is the same way we think about the Divine, the Supreme. Every tradition has so many ideas of what the Supreme is; everyone is locked into a particular way of looking. Of course, it is a way of looking, it is valid, but is it the only way? Can we be open to every tradition, every aspiration towards the Divine, know that it is one way of looking at the Universe and celebrate the many ways of looking at the Universe? That is being open. Sri Vasudeva

Listen to Every Dimension

XS4ZDtQ.jpgWhen you are listening to the Universe, listen to every dimension because the Universe is not sending you information only from the outside of you. Guides, Masters of the Light, and souls who are connected to you from other dimensions continue to send messages to you. So whilst you are looking only at the physical level information is also coming to you from other levels of being.

It is a joy to open my mind on the inside and wait for thoughts to arise from those forces of the Light that support me and support what I am doing. When I feel those ideas coming into my space, it is such a delight. There is such gratitude to these Beings who channel information to us. I know this physical plane is not the only level there are so many levels operating. Sri Vasudeva

Am I Open to Learn?

I am going to assume that you have the curiosity to know and that you are willing to investigate more. I am going to assume that you have the strong desire to learn and to grow, so that you are very interested in learning the art of exploration.

One of the powerful qualities of our consciousness is that it is able to look at an experience objectively; even whilst we are experiencing something, there is a part of us that can observe it. But sometimes we become so caught up in the experience that we limit the power of observation to what we want to experience, what we want to know, and we are not fully open to all possibilities. So in critically observing – for our development, for our growth, for our learning – it is important to always be open and not think that we know. We always like to operate with the idea, “I know.” Even if we want to learn a little more, we think we know exactly how to learn that little more. Some of us want to direct our process and even make it happen the way we want to make it happen.

So learn to be open – even though you have a good knowledge of something, it is always extremely important to say, “I am sure that I am not seeing everything” – and to be humble enough to observe the Universe and all the information your Universe is bringing towards you, being completely open to every communication that is coming to you. So continuously, continuously be open!

Now apply that to yourself; are you continuously open? When you listen, are you continuously open? See how we communicate; when somebody is speaking to us, we are already thinking, concluding and preparing our response. It requires listening; having ideas, but keeping them in suspension, no judgement, no conclusion. Even if ideas are coming and we want to conclude, to hold that space of being completely open.

I love doing that in every situation. I love to listen to everyone, trying to see more. Whenever the tendency from the conditioned mind is to make me believe, I say “No, no, no, no,” I check it and say “No, open up a little more, open up a little more,” always willing to listen to my Universe. And no voice is insignificant. So listen to everyone.         Sri Vasudeva


Develop the Skills of Exploration

We are beings of Consciousness and we need to explore that field beyond that which we are conditioned to experience –  the human consciousness.  It requires great curiosity; your interest needs to be heightened and you need to learn how to investigate, otherwise you will not see that which is right before you. I am sure that you can remember instances where you are observing a situation and you do not pick up everything, and then someone brings it to your attention, “Look at this,” and then you say, “Ah ha.” How easy it is to get locked into our own limited way of looking in simple situations, not being able to see that which is right before our eyes. So  true observation, is an art. It is an ability you can develop.

How do we develop the skills to really explore, that we can see more than meets the eye or the senses? How can we go beyond the known, beyond the conditioned thinking, to see more? How are we going to explore the Consciousness if we do not develop these skills? People are trained in investigating, it is a skill. If you want to explore such a critical field that is important to your wellbeing and transformation and shift, then you need to develop those skills. Even in daily life when you develop these skills, you are much better at everything that you do. So it is worth the while to develop these skills of exploration.  Sri Vasudeva



Conscious Evolution

Are we engaged in conscious or unconscious evolution? Unconscious: we say, “This is my life, everything just happens. I cannot control it.” We do not see any other possibility. That is how we evolve; by the world, prodding  us. Conscious evolution means understanding what is around us; defining our path for freedom and growth and making conscious steps, rather than being kicked, pushed and pulled by life. Sri Vasudeva


The Goal of Life

Our life in the human world is not a paradise, a place of total happiness with no worry and no pain. You will agree with me, won’t you? The human experience has with it moments of joy, sadness, pain. The physical body, when mature gives so much joy, strength, pleasure but as it grows older it ages, and what happens? And as it grows even older and the time comes when it has to go back to nature — as it is borrowed from nature — what happens to the consciousness? It is filled with sadness and pain. That is your human consciousness: duality.

But there is another level of consciousness: with no sadness, no pain, no disease, no death, no aging where true happiness is, where mastery is, where freedom lies. That is the level of consciousness that is worthy of exploring.  The goal of life, therefore, is really to evolve in consciousness until we fully experience that place. We call that “Higher Consciousness.”  Sri Vasudeva


Nurture the Flame of Goodness

Sometimes people say, “This is a hard journey! Everywhere I look there is a challenge. And it seems difficult to come out of this challenge, because whenever I aspire towards good, it seems all the negative things come to me, how can I give attention to the good?” We are so caught up in looking at the negative, that the good becomes insignificant … it becomes the small. We are consumed with the negative – all day – negative thinking, worry, misery, all challenges! We are so consumed with the challenges that we attract those possibilities, just like a wish-fulfilling tree.

If only we’ll grow that little flame of goodness. Begin to nurse it every day, like the way we nourish a plant. Protect it from violation. Every day nurture it, so it grows, so it becomes stronger and stronger and stronger, because we are giving attention to it and intention to it, and we are making it more powerful.  If we continue to let it grow, it will become stronger than the negative one! If we make it grow so huge the dark one appears small. That which was so big has become so small – and this that was so small, now is so huge simply because of attention and intention. Sri Vasudeva


Role of Curiosity & Desire

What is required in this journey is curiosity and desire to really understand the Consciousness. Because if you don’t have that deep curiosity or desire, how will you learn? For learning, curiosity is extremely important, and a desire to investigate and to know — a desire that is so strong that it consumes your mind. And if you reflect on what I have just said, you will see why we don’t learn. The curiosity may not be strong enough; the desire to investigate may not be strong enough because we are distracted by other things. So if you really want to make a shift, and if you really want to evolve in consciousness, you need to have that curiosity and desire to investigate so strong that it holds your mind; that it holds your interest. Sri Vasudeva


Leading From Within

May we stay connected amidst all challenges – my Higher Self and I.


Where is your Centre of Being?

Non-attachment is not about the dryness of letting go of the world, that passionless existence. Non-attachment simply means not being driven by the world, but being in one’s own power and allowing yourself to be driven by inside. And when you are driven by inside, the drives are noble. They are uplifting instead of destructive. So where is your centre of being? Let it be in that centre of the subtle space. Sri Vasudeva


Give Power to the Good

Can our desire be so strong, that all the other things that would tend to pull us into contraction would be insignificant, or meaningless, because we are so consumed with the desire for the good? If we have a desire to open up the consciousness space, if we have a desire to hold on only to that which is good, if we have a desire not to give our power away, if we have a desire to look for all the tools that can help us in doing this, shouldn’t that desire be so strong, that when we become distracted, we can easily pull back and say, “No, I don’t want to go there. Let me continue to explore how I can grow and become stronger.”

Shouldn’t we grow that desire? So that when the tendency is there to be pulled into the lower, or narrower points of view, we immediately feel, “No, I don’t want to go there! This space limits me! I don’t like this space! This is a dark space! I want to go in open spaces of light. I want to see more. I want to experience more.” Shouldn’t our desire for this experience of freedom and happiness be so great that we go after the tools, making the rest meaningless? Now, do you see when we make the less, the narrow points of view – when we give them so much intention and attention – how they grow strong?                      Sri Vasudeva


Acknowledge the Divine as Being the Source of your Existence

Happy New Year Everyone! Here is a wonderful way to make the new year a happy one.

Sri Vasudeva: 

Your will be done in and through me. I am the instrument, You are the Power. Hold me in Your space of grace. Nourish me, protect me, guide me, liberate me, that I may live in the constancy of Your presence and power within me, knowing that I am nothing without You, and I am everything because of You.


Give Attention to the Inner Space

Sri Vasudeva:
The important thing in that inner space is really understanding who is the one who is saying, “I want to know this space.” Who is that entity inside of the space that we have become aware of, that needs to know, that feels ignorant, that feels separate, that has lost some kind of knowledge, so it is seeking to know, “Who am I?” Who is that one inside and how did this one come about? For me, it is tremendously fascinating that there can be a “one” or an individual in that Consciousness space that is seeking. It can only be seeking itself. It can only be seeking to understand the root of its existence.
The attention should be to the inner space. Does it make sense to you that we are so caught up in the things of the outer world, using the human senses, that we do not give enough attention to what is happening in the inner space? So this “one” that is in there, that is searching, that is seeking, that feels separate, that feels that it is ignorant, that one is called the ahamkar in the Vedantic teachings; the ahamkar, the “I” maker. How did this “I” come about inside there? That is also interesting to note.

Consciousness is a field; it is like a clear screen on which or in which anything can appear. So the “I” appears in this Consciousness space. What is the cause? How does an “I” appear in the Consciousness space? If you look at a screen on which a film is being projected, the screen is just this clear space and the picture is projected on that space, and you are having quite an experience of looking at the projection in the space, when the projection disappears, what remains? Clear space; what has always been there. The light is playing with its colours and forms on a clear space that continues to exist after the play.

The human form is an experience in that Consciousness space and this gives us an identity. It embodies the Consciousness. So that which was like a screen, a clear field, now has an embodiment, the physical embodiment allows us to view and to experience this plane.

But we do not only have a physical embodiment, we have a subtle energy embodiment on the inside. We do not perceive it because we do not look carefully. But the moment we begin to explore the other energies that are in the Consciousness, we will begin to become aware that we are more than just a physical embodiment.


Freedom from Limitation

Sri Vasudeva: Hinge yourself to the Divine!


Master the Now

Live in the freshness of this moment.



May my Soul be Free of all Fetters

Sri Vasudeva

I greet a new day with the intention of being a blessing to my world today, with the intention that my eyes will see only Divine Order in the Play. And I will see it in every moment, knowing that the Universe is communicating with me through every response to my actions. What more can I ask for when I have the Universe holding me, supporting me, instructing me, showing me, guiding me, loving me. I pray only for liberation from all the bondages that hold me in ignorance. May my soul be free of all fetters. May I be aware of my existence in the Infinite and never stray from that awareness.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


My Home is Within

Sri Vasudeva:

I am in gratitude for the blessing of this day. I pray that I can stay in the inner space, making it my home and realize that no matter where I am, I am home in my Higher Self. This world I am just passing through, but my home is within in the Infinite Consciousness. Physical homes are only artificial. My permanent home is here. May I stay here. May I rest in the abode of my Creator, my Higher Self.


Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


Choose Wisely

Sri Vasudeva:

When our intention is not precise, then the Universe is going to send us all kinds of possibilities. Then we think, “Ah, the Universe is sending all these things to me.” But it is sending them for us to select! We may follow one because it comes first, then we exclaim, “Oh, I thought the Universe was sending this for me!” Yes, it sent it for us to check it out and to decide if this is what we want…. or not.


Hold me, Carry me, Guide me, I am Yours

Sri Vasudeva:

“Help me to open my heart that I may release all the burdens that are there. That the love that is within may finally be free.”

“I rest my being in you Oh Divine One.  Hold me, carry me, guide me, I am Yours. Cleanse me, transform me, purify me. Lead me to the Light. Let me know I am only You. You and I are One. In my ignorance I think that I am the doer but in truth, You are. I make myself transparent. I make myself clear that you can flow in and through me without any obstruction. You are my Light. I have no need for any other, nor do I need to create any belief about You. Come, take over my space, have compassion on me O Lord. Come and dwell within my being. Without You life is so painful and lonely. Fill my empty vessel with your love.”




Desire Can be a Ladder to Freedom

Sri Vasudeva:

We need to very careful about the things we dislike, to not allow them to preoccupy our minds, because they bind us to the world. We need to be able to be aware of our desires, to see how they hold us, drive us, how we become caught up in them and then how we can create the desires that are required to lead us to freedom. Desire is like a ladder that can help us to climb out of bondage and can lead us to ultimate freedom.


Thought and its Attendants

Sri Vasudeva

Your mind is the most powerful part of you, by now you should know that. We can think anything into reality. What a fascination! If I think I am warm, I become more warm. If I think I am cool, I become more cool. If I think I am well, my system works better. If I think I am not well, I compromise my system. Our very thought has power. Why? Because the power of thought is rooted in the Divine. So we need to respect the power of thought.

We have such creative power, such  quantum power! We can create these powerful energy waves in the consciousness space that can permeate our entire physical being and it can flow in the space around. Thoughts can create toxicity, darkness. Or thoughts can create light waves that uplift. And the centre of creation of these thoughts are right in the brain.

But when we produce a thought, it has siblings attached to it. It opens up a space, it brings an emotion, it influences vitality and it influences physicality. So our thought is always working with a family. So whenever we look at our thoughts, we need to think of the rest of the family that is attendant.



“We” instead of “I”

Sri Vasudeva:

Sometimes we use our power at the expense of others, not respecting people’s rights around us. Let us enter into a more fearless more inclusive consciousness where we begin to think of “we” instead of just “I”.