Maya: The Gaming Nature of the Universe


Maya is nothing more than the creation of a very powerful game. A lot of time is spent in this generation to create games, especially now with the computer; amazing games that draw so many people into the gaming habit. It just shows our typical nature to get involved in a game. Now the games are very involved; more complex, challenging, exciting.

Where did we get that quality of gaming? Why do we enjoy games, in particular hide and seek? Hide something, and then there is the thrill of finding it. Maya shows the gaming nature of the Universe. Maya is nothing more than the Universe in play, and you had to don this suit [the physical body] to come in this earthly plane to engage in this play.

But it is not you who are playing; it is the Universe in you that is in play.                               It is not you, the ego, the apparent self, but the real self that is playing.                                        It is the Universe that is playing in you.                                                                                         The Universe is very much in a hide and seek; it has hidden itself as us, inside of us.    And in the play, we have lost the sense of Self, so it is very much like hide and seek.       Sri Vasudeva


How Will we Know we Have Arrived?


No matter how much peace or power we feel on the inside, when we have arrived we’ll know, because the humility will be tremendous.

We will not feel that we have caused the arrival, or that suddenly we have become greater because of the arrival, but we have become a greater instrument of that which is, and we could have only arrived because of That.                                                                      Sri Vasudeva

Abiding Peace and Love


If your love is a changing love, if your peace is a changing peace, then it isn’t the peace or love that I speak about.

I speak of something that is abiding, that remains the same.

When love gets into a space of constancy, when the manifestation of it is the same in all conditions, then that is it.

When the peace is the same under all conditions, then that is it.                                              Sri Vasudeva

How Real is a Dream?


I remember as a young boy, looking up at the sky, looking at everything around me – so beautiful – and thinking, “This moment is going to pass,” and I am telling myself, “I want to remember this when it changes. I want to remember that I was lying on this grass, looking up at the sky and thinking that this is only for a moment; the physical experience.” I still remember that. And I remember very clearly being conscious in dreams of finding a priceless coin. Repeatedly I would want to wake up from the dream holding the coin and thinking, “Oh my God, now I will wake up with this coin,” the coin was so real. Then waking up and no coin.

We live in this experience every day. Why is it that we do not contemplate the temporary nature of life around us? It is so changing, it is so unpredictable. That is the Maya; we are so held in what is not real as real, and we do not even think that we are held in this false reality. We are so gripped by it that we do not even think. Those who have made the journey appear in the space reminding us, “Hey, what you are looking at is not real! What you are experiencing is not real. There is a greater reality.” Only those who are ready and receptive will begin to see the truth of that. Sri Vasudeva

Are we Sleeping in the Consciousness?


The wise say that this experience of waking life is just a longer dream, which means we are actually sleeping in the consciousness, because we know that dreams happen when we are sleeping. Is it true that we are held in an illusion, and what we are experiencing as reality isn’t so? That there is a greater reality than what we are experiencing? Is there?

Every day, you watch how that which you hold as a reality is ever changing. Things disappear around you: people whom you know, their body goes back to nature; pets that you have, they go back to nature; plants that you have, they go back to nature. You are seeing a constant change and flux in the space, and that which you hold close and dear today is going to leave you someday. What do you call a changing experience, if not dream-like? So why do we give so much attention to what is changing around us, as the reality? Why do we hold on to it so much, only to realize that it goes away, just like the dream? Which one of you is going to stay in that constancy of the physical?                          Sri Vasudeva

Meditation on the Inner Light on Divali


It is the morning of Divali. So the focus of our meditation is the light, to become that light. The light that drives away all darkness.  Deep within your being is the source of all light. The light within your being is considered to be the light that is brighter than a thousand suns. Let us invoke that inner light.

Breathe away the useless thoughts, as you breathe away the stale air from the lungs. Give attention to the peacefulness that appears in your consciousness as you let go of unwanted thoughts.

The Divine expresses through love. So as that love appears in the heart, it is really like the lighting of a Deeya.  A sacred light in the heart. As that light spreads into your being, a gentle smile appears on the face. Gratitude extends to every cell in the body. Allow God consciousness to permeate every part of you. “It is in that light that I exist. It is that Supreme light within that nourishes me.” Let God flow through your being.

Spread this loving and peaceful energy into your space. Breathe into the gut area. Feel the entire body warming up to your love. Love nourishes. Love heals. Let the sacred line of the Upanishads resonate with this feeling, Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya.  Tamas is the darkness; we are saying take away the darkness, lead me to the light, so that my immortal consciousness may manifest. Mrityurmaa Amritam Gamaya, we pray that the consciousness of death may disappear. “Hold me in that sacred space of truth and in the words of the Upanishads, Asato Maa Sad Gamaya. Take away the false that I may see, let me only see or experience that which is real.” Hold yourself there, feeling and experiencing the power of that prayer.

“Let the light manifest within me, driving away darkness. Let my immortal consciousness shine, driving away ignorance of mortality. Let the knowing of the truth manifest within me; that everything that changes is false and only that peaceful, loving being that pervades my being is the essence of existence.” This is the way you light the inner Deeya.

Sustain that spirit of the light. Breathe into it as you breathe into the heart, opening up to warmth and fire inside that lights up your being with love. Breathe into the gut, extending it to every cell across the body. Think of all the nadis within the body, the subtle energy channels. They become lit with the subtle fire of prana as you open up to love, to compassion and to vitality.

When you open up the consciousness to charity, to being kind, and compassionate towards life, to sharing this love and peace with everyone around you, to wishing everyone well and bestowing the blessings of your soul that is filled with divinity towards your world, then you have embodied the spirit of Mahalakshmi, the spirit of the Divine goddess of prosperity, of abundance, and happiness.

The mantra of  Mahalakshmi says, ‘Lakshmi Karotu Kalyaanam,’ She is the bestower of happiness. ‘Aarogyam Sukha Sampadam’, She takes away disease bringing wellness. ‘Mamashatru Vinaashaaya,’ She destroys all the enemies of the soul. ‘Deepa Jyoti Namostute,’ I bow to that light. This is how the spirit of Divali pervades in the being. Stay in that space.

As we continue to invoke the power of the light and the blessing of Mahalakshmi, we pray that our spiritual powers would be opened up and our intelligence, ‘Om Siddhi Buddhi Prade Devi.’ And all nourishment will come and freedom, ‘Bhukti Mukti Pradaayini.’ Your mantra is so full of your vibrant power, ‘Mantra Murte Sadaa Devi.’ To you O Supreme One that bestows prosperity, Mahalakshmi Namostute, we bow to your energy.

Hold this spirit in a sustained way, opening up your heart today to every heart that embraces the light, strengthening that light across the world that darkness may be dispelled from every heart. “May we have a world full of light.”

Now let’s centre ourselves in that space as we look ahead to a new day. I centre myself in that supreme light within. I stay centred there that the infinite goodness, peace, wisdom, vitality and love that exists within me will influence my every thought, word and action in this day. May I be an instrument of the light. May the light within flow in and through me to my world. May I be a blessing. I give thanks for all the blessings I have received and I pray to continue to be worthy. Om Peace Peace Peace.

Namaskar everyone. I want to wish  you a happy Divali.  It is a very special day. As much as you prepare for the evening of lighting up, let that lit spirit within you that is full of the fire of love and the fire of goodness and the consciousness of peace, influence every expression of being, be it the thoughts, the words that you speak or the actions that you perform. Let that fire that you have lit within your soul inspire your day. In that way, when dusk comes and you begin to light the deeyas, that will only be the icing on the cake as we say, the dessert, your spirit would have already been filled; now it would be overflowing. The spirit of Divali is not just ordinarily festive but it should be deeply spiritual as well. Sri Vasudeva

How to Witness without Identifying with Change


In this meditation, we are going to centre in that inner posture, that holds us in the  observing mode, without judgement, without labelling, without like and dislike. The only aspect that does not change is that witness conscious aspect of being, where you observe all that changes; mind changes, emotion changes, body changes.

The goal is not to identify with the change, just to observe the change from that centre of peacefulness. 

Observe how quickly we identify with change. A thought comes, and we become carried away by it. An emotion comes, and we get carried away by it. The body’s vitality changes, and we become carried away by it. Is it possible that we can observe everything without being carried away, without losing that centre of consciousness where we are constantly in present moment observation?

A good practice here, as you stay observing without judgement, is to focus on your breathing. Just allow the breath to gracefully and naturally flow as you breathe out completely and breathe in deeply. A rhythmic breath allows us to become more peaceful, more stable in the consciousness. Sri Vasudeva

The Deeper Level of Witnessing

gift-1278395_960_720Now that I am in a human experience, I can truly offer the all of me to that Supreme Self in which I exist. I can truly offer my body. I can truly offer my vitality. I can truly offer my emotionality. I can truly offer my voice. I can truly offer my mind.

“I give everything to You. I offer You this because I can feel them. I can experience them.  I am offering You my voice from the physicality of my being. I am offering You the fullness of my vitality in my speaking. I am offering You my heart in fullness, no reservation, I do not want to keep back anything.  I offer You the best of my voice. I offer You my mind. My mind does not want to think of anything else but Your vastness in my being. How much more can I worship You? How more can I adore You by offering the all of me to You?

In a detached state of being, I able to observe the all of me, observing every energy layer in me, centring my “I” in the expansiveness of my awareness and with the power of will, I am offering everything to You. You have the best of me.”  Sri Vasudeva

Learn to Observe From an Expansive View

telescope-1201497_960_720You need to observe the discriminating mind and whether it is caught up in judgment, limiting the experience that you are having.

When you define someone as “foolish” for example, you have put them in a box. Are you going to keep them there? And the same with yourself; if you judge yourself to be foolish, worthless, helpless and you keep yourself in that box, what is going to happen? You leave no room whatsoever for transformation and change. So the idea of observing with non-judgment is extremely important. I know that it is not an easy thing because we are so caught up in judgments. We need some kind of grace there to lift us in the space where we can see things differently, where we can observe in a more expansive view.                                                                                                                                                Sri Vasudeva

How to Witness the Human Experience

feet-619399_960_720Let us just observe the consciousness space in which the “I” is having an experience. Holding the intention to have the fullest experience of being in the human experience.

We would like to be in a space of no judgment, so do not label your thoughts when they arise. Do not be carried away by them. Observe them, let them come, let them go until the mind becomes truly silent. 

And in that silent space, begin to observe the grossness of the physical body. It is the body that you have in this lifetime. It is a body that your soul carries in its being. Free the mind of judgment as you observe the body. Accept it for what it is. Your joy should be how to transform the experience of the body through your subtle being. So you are identifying with the physical body because you are using your mind to hold your body in its space of observation.

The ego is having the experience of a human body, the experience of being of a certain gender; male, female. It is having the experience of a field of vitality that I call the core of the physical body, and the experience of whether the body is vital or lacking in vitality. The ego is having an emotional experience. The ego will have an experience of speaking or singing, of communication, of using the voice. It will have the experience of listening using the ear. It will have the experience of the human brain and how the thought can influence the brain and the mind.


“There is lack of vitality in me, or there is too much vitality in me. There is sadness in me, and happiness in me.” You need to observe these things. You need to see how they feature in your space because they are important, they affect your well-being, how you feel. But can you witness them in a way of not becoming caught in them? That is where the power is; in the non-judgmental nature of witnessing. Only when you are witnessing from a place of no judgment can you really see things in their entirety. The moment you are caught in one aspect, then you may lose the sense or the awareness of the whole. So in your observing, you need to observe the discriminating mind and whether it is caught up in judgment, limiting the experience that you are having.

Fundamentals of Meditation

Today instead of quoting directly from my beloved Teacher and guide I thought I would respond to requests I received seeking more help in understanding the fundamentals in the meditation practise.

Unknown.jpegThe goal in meditation is to come into a place of    pure Being, allowing silence to pervade our entire being, at every level. 

Lets take the “pure Being” part first of all. When we allow ourselves to become caught up, and identified with the body and the senses we have moved away from pure Being. How do we know we are caught up? When we put the majority of our attention into how the body looks, how it feels, then the thoughts we create cause us to identify with the body. Think about how much time we spend grooming the body and how distressed we feel when that sleek outward appearance is affected in any way. Of course the media persuades us the way the body looks is everything.

To get to pure Being we have detach ourselves at every level, not    just physical. We need to detach from the mental, emotional and vital levels too. maxresdefault.jpg

The technique we use to disentangle ourselves is “witnessing.” For example we might notice the restlessness of the body. We observe it with no judgment, no conflict, complete acceptance of what is. We give attention to the mind. Is there a compulsion to think? We can quell the momentum of thinking by observing the thoughts as they come and go. When does a thought begin, when does it end? Is there a gap between the thoughts? What happens in that gap? Notice the growing silence and restfulness in the Being.

The second step will be focusing on our spinal column and the brain as we breathe out and breathe in. We make a circle or an orbit.

We breathe in at the third eye centre. 7-chakras-beginners.jpgThen breathe out taking our attention down the centerline of  the body, right down to the perineum area. Then breathe in keeping the pelvic area firm and grounded.      Breathe up along the spinal column  right up to the medulla point at the back of the neck and across the brain to the third eye.That’s how we connect to every level of being

How will we know when every level is coming into balance? There is a greater feeling of physicality, grounding in the body, and connection with the earth. The body feels more revitalized at the core in the gut. The being feels unburdened, filled with more love and compassion. The gift of the throat chakra is a greater sense of spaciousness and the listening power becomes stronger. The silence within the mind is more accentuated and our intuitive ability becomes greater. We now become aware that all is happening in the Divine, in that infinite consciousness of being.  

This is how we centre our consciousness in the Source of our being.

Let me know if this was useful for you. Can you better understand the goal of meditation and the steps we follow to achieve that goal?


Guided Meditation for Expanded Awareness

Let’s bring the attention into the present moment giving attention to the mental space in our consciousness.  It is the most powerful part of our being.  Clear the mind of thoughts you do not need.  Every thought is an expression of energy that can uplift you or depress you.  Just let go of thoughts giving attention to the silence in the consciousness space.  Stay in the awareness that the mind is the most powerful part of your being.  Your ego comes from there.  And hold the awareness that you are a conscious being.  Consciousness… beingness, is your nature, your fundamental nature, your essential nature.

Give attention to the breathing process observing your breathing out slowly and completely, and breathing in slowly and deeply.

The technique of breathing we will use is called ujai.  It is the victory breath.  By restricting the breath in the throat using the epiglottis you get the sound of the ocean as you breathe.  

There should be:



third eye awareness



root awareness in the pelvic area, grounded, firm body.


Breathe opening up the belly, opening up the chest, consciousness of the throat, back of the neck at the medulla point, centre of eyebrows in the brain.  Staying conscious of the third eye centre, the centre of mental power.  And the rhythm of the breath.  

You have the power of the Universe within you, supporting you.  There is no greater power.  Hold the intention of staying aligned to that power in the karmic play of this day.  Life is full of meaning and purpose when we understand it.  

 As we look ahead to a new day  let’s create an intention strongly in our consciousness:

I center my consciousness in the infinite source of my being – that source of infinite peace, love, goodness, wisdom and vitality.  I stay centered there with my intention that my every thought, my every word, my every action in this day be a blessing to my world.  I give thanks for all the blessings I have received.  I am in gratitude and I pray to continue to be worthy:  om peace, peace, peace. Sri Vasudeva

Be Always Well

The mind should always be healthy. Do not identify with disease that makes your mind become unhealthy.  Always hold in your mind a template, an energy model, of perfect wellbeing:  emotional health, mental health, vitality in the body and the strength behind the physicality. Using your mind, create that template of perfect wellbeing.  The body is not you – you live in the body, it’s a vehicle.  But in the real you, always hold the template of total wellbeing. Let that vibrate into every cell, total wellbeing, no matter what the condition of the body.  And when you really realise your true nature as Pure Consciousness, you will be ultimately well for always – no fear of birth and death and disease. It is the ultimate wellness of your inner being that will drive wellness into the physical body.

As you grow older, organs will become more inefficient. Your body was designed to deteriorate over time but you want it to do so gracefully and whilst you are maintaining its level of wellness through the inner energies that are the real elixir. The inner energies are what will bring that vibrancy to every cell, holding every cell in the energy of light that it may receive the nourishment that you’re getting from the outside.  So it’s important to hold the body every day in the wonderful vitality, that elixir of prana of subtle energy, through the breathing, through the chakras, this is maintenance.  Always maintain that pranic power at every level of being.  Never lose it even when the organs become challenged, the pranic centre or the chakra should be powerful.

What is ultimate wellbeing? It is that state beyond death and birth, beyond the disease and remember more than anything else, do not let your mind become diseased by your diseased thoughts. Transform the thought to always being a thought of wellness. Be well always no matter no what the condition of the body. Be well in the inner space and be optimally well in the outer. That’s the goal. Thank you for joining us for this 21 Day series. Let’s go into our meditation of today.

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How to Break Free of Patterns of the Past

How does karma come into the meditation practice? Every thought you create that impacts you in any way, leaves an impression within you, that’s called a samskara.  And those impressions influence the way you think in the future, the way you feel, the way you act.  And so that thought that you created that was impactful has left a consequence within your being that’s going to influence you.  Thoughts with consequences, leave karmas. So karma is action with consequence.

When you are able to shift into the position of instrument to the extent where you feel carried, when you allow the Divine to act in and through you fully, then you are becoming “non doer”, the Divine is doing. You’re only driven by how you feel deeply inside from that divine place of your being. When you become the non doer, then you stop creating the karmas because there is no desire within you unless the divine moves you. And the Divine is now in the play and you, the ego, are not involved in creating the karmas. You will be fulfilling karmas but there are no new desires within you. All you desire is to be carried and to stay in that process of being carried.

So if you want to break all the karmas, you need to get into the consciousness of being carried. Create no new desire, except if the Divine pushes you and you can feel it and you know it’s happening, it’s not you:  “It’s not me Lord but it’s you. I can feel it is You and I’m only doing this because I can feel Your power in and through me doing it.” So there you clear the personal karmas. The idea is inaction in action, where the Divine is leading. That’s inaction in action. That’s the non-doer.

So let’s take this into our meditation. Every thought that is going to arise in the consciousness, every pattern that’s going to come up, even the way that we are going to meditate, is based on the karmic influence from the past. See it anew. See it for what it is and decide whether you want to change that in this moment.  The goal will really be, “Even as I desire to co-create, how do I come into a place where I feel completely carried?  Let the Divine work in and through me. That would be the intention. So let’s observe this karmic influence in our meditation.

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The Ego & the Divine

If we feel continuously separate from and forgetful of the Divine, we have no relationship with the great power inside, then life is going to become very difficult, because the ego is on its own journey. How many times do you remember the Divine during the day; that you are divinely driven? Or are you completely on your own?  The question today is, “Are you in a relationship with the Divine and how deep is that relationship?” Is it a relationship of separation that you have to pray to this Divine outside of you? Is it an internal relationship where you feel that you are working with the Divine? Is it a relationship where you feel that it is the Divine is working in and through you; that you can lay back and let the Divine work; or you can act totally in the Divine, feeling that the Divine is doing it and not you? What relationship do you have with the Divine? What relationship do you want with the Divine?

The goal is to be constantly aware of this Power within you,  to deepen your relationship with this Power, through the chakras. This Power never leaves you. This Power is you. So you should be the ultimate seeker, seeking not to be anything on your own, but to be what you really are: the Divine in expression. Every word, every thought, every action should bring you into a place where you feel that the Divine is behind and with you fully.  If you do not feel the Divine so fully, your aspiration should be; “In every thought, every word, every action; I want to be completely immersed in the Divine. So you should try to stretch your consciousness as much as you can, to experience that it is the Divine within you.


So in this meditation we are going to look at the relationship of the ego with the Divine, in seeking to establish ourselves in that instrument mode; letting the Divine be the doer.

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How the Gunas feature in Meditation

Sri Vasudeva .jpg

What is your meditation experience like? Have you ever felt sleepy, dull, held in a state of ignorance or darkness during the meditation?  Or have you felt like you want to continue to be active in the meditation in order to drive away everything that is creating imbalance?  Or maybe you felt a deep peace, love and harmony coming naturally to you and you want to stay in it?  These different qualities when they appear in our space, are qualities of Nature.  Our essential nature is pure Consciousness,  beyond all of these but it becomes associated with these qualities through the ego, through the mind and through the relationship with the senses and the elements.  

We experience what we call gunas, qualities or modes of operation and they feature in every aspect of our being, activity, energy and so we need to learn to understand them.    The guna or quality of balance, of light, of joy, of understanding is called sattva so we may say it’s a sattvic quality.  And this drive to do or to act is a rajas quality.  It’s called rajoguna.   And that quality that holds us down in dullness, slothfulness, inertia, sleepiness, laziness is called tamas.  It can feature in the mental, emotional and physical space.

The wise ones have seen these clearly in how they feature in our conscious being.  And they strive for the sattvic quality – the quality of light and harmony and peace and balance.  But you will find in our meditation that we get caught up in the tamasic.  Why?  Because it’s the veiling power of Nature.  Nature has veiled the consciousness for the play of life.  We call that play of life maya. Even though all of these energy experiences are happening in the consciousness, our pure consciousness remains untouched.  

In meditation you’ll find sometimes there is laziness or sleepiness, dullness, ignorance, lack of understanding and we need to consciously apply the rajas power at every level to hold the tamas in suppression or get rid of the tamas.  And we need to let the sattvic quality come into the space.  Our intention is going to do that.  

So the meditation today is going to be a dynamic practice with the pranayama, so we can look at the gunas and the balance we’re going to create.

Here is the link to that dynamic meditation with Sri Vasudeva on Day 18 of this 21 days series.

Alternate Nostril Breathing for Enlightenment & Wellbeing


Let’s speak about the effect of left and right nostril breathing.  When you become a little more prana conscious you can actually feel that cooling energy that comes through the left nostril, and the heating energy that comes through the right nostril.  I’m more right nostril dominant now so if I were to breathe into the left, I can feel the obstruction in the left.  And when I breathe through the right it’s free and I can feel the effect on the body.

Left nostril breathing is connected to the brow chakra.  The brow chakra is a lunar chakra, it’s more in the mental field, and you see how moonlight is soft.  The more you go into the depth of the brow centre, this bindu centre we call it (that dot), the more calm and peaceful you become and as you go deeper you get a more sweet, intoxicating… a very pleasurable experience, a super-sensual experience up in the brow.  So left nostril promotes going deeper into the mental space and it facilitates right brain awareness, more expansive, spacious awareness, less boundaries, creativity, out-of-the-box.  Left nostril influences right brain.  Think diagonally – left nostril influences right brain.

Right nostril influences navel chakra.  Navel is the fire power of the body.   The physical senses become more energized and body becomes more vital.  That’s why when we focus on the in-breath we focus along the spinal column into the energy centres, tapping into the energies, going up to the brow, gathering all energies in the cooling effect of the mind.  And when we breathe along the front of the body, we are actually recharging the body’s nervous system and we are going to the sun chakra of vitality, nourishing the body.  

The body has an experience in metaphysical terms of “daylight” – it has the more vital experience of the sun power.  And when you’re breathing through the left it’s like “night” – it has a cooler experience at the mental field.  The body has a more passive or introverted experience in the left side of breathing and a more active experience in right side breathing.  So the body needs those alternate energies, and Nature provides it.  

Sri Vasudeva gives many more details and guides us in the use of alternate nostril breathing and meditation on day 17 of this 21 Day series.


Test for the Opening of the Guru Chakra


Today in our meditation I want to focus on the chakra that brings us into that awareness that Aham Brahma Asmi, “I am That. I am Divine.”   We ascribe the word ‘That” to the Divine because the Divine is beyond description. ‘That” means something that we really cannot describe, something that is beyond. In Sanskrit, in the spiritual tradition of India, it is “Tat”. So “Tat Twam Asi” is a mantra that says ‘Thou art That.” You are “That”.

To come into this awareness, we need the power of the brow and this is called the Guru chakra inside. Why the Guru chakra? Because it brings us into a place of self-mastery.  It brings us into place of Divine awareness but in co-creative mode. Not in the mode of subjection but in the mode of being a part of. When your brow chakra becomes awakened, you actually feel that this ‘I’ is Divine. That puts you into a whole new shift of awareness that “My ‘I’ is Divine.”

It means when you act, you can feel that the Divine is with you behind the action because when you say “I am That,” you can actually feel that the Divine is behind your ‘I.’ Not that you are repeating it just mechanically, you are repeating it because you begin to feel the divine power behind your ‘I’. So when you say ‘I am That,’ you can feel this huge power behind your ‘I’. That is what happens when you come to the brow. The brow is the centre of the mental space. It is the home of the ego, the root of the ego. Ego is rooted in mental power, mental thinking.

When you come to this chakra, the “I” now begins to get the chance to really understand its nature. Here with the support of the Master, with proper guidance, with the grace of the Supreme, we begin to feel that “I” within us begins to be Divine. And when we say “I am That, I am That, I am That,” we feel this huge power behind it. That’s how you test the brow to know if you are really in resonance with the Divine. When you begin to say the mantra there, you begin to experience its power.  You begin to become the meaning of the mantra. You begin to realize the potency and meaning of the mantra.

Here is the meditation guidance on Day 16 of this 21 days series by Sri Vasudeva

Be Guided by the Evolutionary Power


Today I want to bring your attention to that energy that lies within us that we tap into.  It’s an intelligent energy because it’s associated with the Infinite Consciousness.  Infinite energy is in association with infinite consciousness.  In yogic terms we may call that the Shiva-Shakti or Consciousness-Energy relationship.

At the root of the spine in the perineum area we have an energy centre called the muladhara chakra, or “root support”.  When we go there we feel strongly connected to the earth as we become more conscious of our subtle being.  That is where the source of infinite energy lies in a sleeping mode.  In a sleeping mode there is only partial or limited consciousness.  In awakened mode when this energy wakes up from its sleep at the base of the spine that energy is called Kundalini.  It then begins an ascent along that central channel called sushumna nadi to various energy experiences, opening up the consciousness.  

So there is a natural movement of energy from the root through an evolutionary drive up the spinal column and that’s what we experience in our meditation and in our spiritual discipline as we begin to focus on these energy centres and the prana that we experience there.  At the very root of the spine in that muladhara area there is infinite energy that is associated with infinite consciousness.  So what this means is that crown and root have a deep relationship.  Infinite consciousness at the crown, infinite energy at the root.  They are in a powerful relationship.

And through this evolutionary drive this energy begins to move up the column in order to unite with that infinite consciousness.  That’s when this “I” that we have, begins to wake up as it were, as this energy moves.  We refer to her as “She” – She’s like a Mother energy.

We begin to feel more and more conscious as this energy moves.  And when She comes into the crown and She merges there we become what we call “cosmic conscious”, we feel merged into this infinite consciousness that lies within us.  We call that the enlightened state.  And of course that’s the state of ultimate wellness and wellbeing.

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How to Free Chakra Blocks


What is required when you begin this journey of going to the different chakras or energy centers, is trying as much as you can to expand the consciousness there, the consciousness of the body, the consciousness of the sexual power, the consciousness of the vitality, the consciousness of the emotionality, the consciousness of the space in the thinking and in the consciousness of mind. We need to observe the consciousness and try to expand the consciousness in each area.

Let’s take a typical example. You are having issues in the emotional area. The emotional part of us is deeper in the soul than the physical part of us. And we respond emotionally in a lot of ways  to events. We can see the limited emotions when we react with fear, with anger, with jealousy, with pride, with greed, with dominating power.  We can actually feel the energy that is involved in the emotion.  And for those of us who want to grow into higher consciousness, we see the limitations of those drives and we want to change them.

So energetically when you go to that area and try to breathe into and to free the prana there,  you find it difficult because the consciousness is being held captive by these patterns of behavior that are emotional and they are low consciousness operation.  You have this stifling feeling, as though you are being trapped and held there. So you want to take your mind, your breath and prana there. You also want to be conscious of the level at which you are operating. So you also want to change the mind set. You want to open the mind to the possibility of more consciousness. The mind is your doing tool.  It’s the main tool of the doer. Doership is in the mental field.

So take the mind there and in that doership experience you want to open up the consciousness to higher qualities of loving, compassion, kindness, empathy. And when you do that, you feel that the energy begins to open up and release is happening.

In this meditation and talk you will find detailed further guidance from Sri Vasudeva on how to free the blocks at every chakra centre. This is Day 14 of the 21 series on Total Well Being.

Guided Chakra Meditation


Let’s begin our meditation by focusing on the third eye centre and the medulla point at the back of the neck and with firm focus, breathe into that point at the centre of the eyebrows. Be conscious of the prana that you are drawing into the brain, recharging the nadis that fire up or revitalises the brain.

You want a rhythmic breath, the pace of breathing comfortable yet firm and effective. You want expansive consciousness because you want to observe what is happening: how the body and brain is recharged. 

If you feel that your mind is becoming a little scattered, just hold the neck firmly as you breathe. Hold the body firmly, with a little tension, moving the breath with firmness, you have a chance to experience the chakra even more. That means you’re increasing your rajas or dynamic energy.

Now we’re going to look at the mind’s association with the other chakras. The goal is the mind harmonizing with the chakras and channelling energy into the area.

Throat chakra

Let’s come to the throat chakra while still feeling that brow centre connection. Breathe into the throat area. Throat brings the consciousness of space. Space that holds the body. Space of the mind and space that surrounds you. The consciousness of inner and outer space. Throat brings silence, deeper power of observation and listening. Observe the influence it has on the mental field. This is the element of space. You’re learning how to associate the mind with the expansive field of space.  

Heart chakra

Every chakra point connects you to the infinite through the mind and with that consciousness of space expansiveness, let’s go to the heart chakra. We’re coming more into the body. As you come into the heart, give attention to the touch, to the skin, to the lungs and breathe into the chest. Remember every chakra is a centre from where energy flows into the nadis of the particular area. As you breathe into the chest, observe the effect on the organs of the area. Observe the effect on the breathing and observe the effect on the feeling. Here you are more conscious of feelings.

You can lengthen the breath here. Open up to the sense of touch, to the consciousness of air element and to the well being of the organs as you bring prana, energizing the organs in the area; heart, lungs, skin. Be in gratitude for the air that you breathe as you become conscious of air in the body and air around you. You experience that air with the touch around you. The consciousness here is emotional consciousness, loving consciousness. Observe what it does to the mind and to your meditation. There is well being in the body, silence in the mind. Nerves become more soothed, more calm and energized.

These upper centres hold you strongly in your subtle body awareness. Here you are tapping into the subtle body, to the pranic field and building the energies using the heart,  the throat and the brow which are very powerful energy centres in your subtle energy body.

For those of you who are still striving to come into subtle awareness, give attention to the physicality and go deeper into it with a silent mind. Just go to the area that I am speaking about and the deeper experience will come to you as you give more attention to the area. Stay with the breath. At some point you will begin to feel the deepening in the consciousness and the awareness of the energy.


Let’s go to the navel area. Breathe the prana into the navel. Here you come into a greater vitality, into the dynamic core of the physical body. Your physicality now becomes heightened and the core part of the body is experienced, gut power. Extend the breath even more here. Remember if you breathe out completely using the gut power, you are able to breathe in completely, recharging the gut area with prana. Push the breath out first and then draw the breath in.  Stay in full gut breathing: gentle, well paced, very conscious, controlled breathing.

To fully breathe out, you need to breathe out right down emptying the belly and going down to the root in the perineum area. Open up the perineum consciousness in order to have very effective belly breathing. Empty the gut. Empty the belly. You are also emptying the lungs with belly action. Contract the belly fully and as you do, take the attention right down to the perineum as you breathe out completely. When you breathe in, hold the perineum firm, open up the belly. The focus here is on the gut. You want to capture that gut area from way down, to the lowest point that you can, begin to inflate the gut area right up to the beginning of the rib cage.

You want to full that area completely in belly breathing. One more time, follow this instruction. Go right down to the root and begin to open up the belly from there. Fill the belly gradually until you can feel the fullness below the ribcage. The entire solar plexus area is in recharge. Root centre gives you grounding in the body. Holding the body firmly. Belly breathing allows you to recharge the gut. This is a very powerful recharge because body becomes recharged and mind is associated with gut power, gut brain.

Effects of the recharge

This brings stability to the emotional area as well. It makes you less nervous, less irritable. Makes you more confident and more strong in your nervous power, strong nerves. In all of these, the brow centre is involved because focus, concentration, mind power, attention is involved. Mind is being influenced and also empowering the area. Mind is influenced by the vitality, the strength, the energy associated with the area.  Now you should feel a strong grounding power in the body.

Second chakra

Here is where you can begin to tap into the second chakra, the sexual chakra.  Breathe there with strong grounding, connecting to the belly, the heart and the brow. Breathe from that second chakra with a strong  grounding in the root right up with spinal column awareness to the heart and to the brow. Breathe down to the sacral chakra again, rhythmic breath, pushing the breath out, pulling the breath in.

Root Chakra

The breathing system has gotten good exercise. Your respiratory muscles and your physical being will feel the joy of the vital energy of the sacral chakra in addition to the fire power of the navel. Here you have come into the grounding power of the root. The energizing power of the sacral chakra. The revitalizing fire power of the gut. The emotional power of the heart and its nourishing energy in the area. You have the spaciousness of the throat, silent listening. You have the brow power; the mind now is in association with the energy of the particular chakras because you worked the prana in every area in balance, there should be a balanced feeling in your energy awareness. There should be more peacefulness in the breath, more flow in the breath.

This allows you to see if there are any weaknesses within your energy being that compromises your well being. If you feel the prana is obstructed, when you breathe you don’t feel a free flow of prana in the gut or in the heart or in the throat or in the brow, or in the sacral area. You know that you have work to do there. Put the consciousness, put the energy of the breath in that area. I mean being aware of the energy limitations in the consciousness of the area and trying to open up the consciousness to the free flow of energy.

Now you’re well grounded. You should be in a greater state of balance, greater observation of your total well being. You should mentally note the areas that you need to focus upon. We will conclude our meditation with an affirmation.

I centre my consciousness in the source of my being as I prepare for a new day; aligned to the source of all power within me. Today I strive to stay in the awareness of every level of being, to keep my consciousness and my breath there as I need to, that I may tap into the most powerful energies of my being at every level, in order to manifest those nobly in the human experience. May my every thought, every action, every word be inspired by that sacred space inside of me. I give thanks for all the blessings I have received. I bow to all the masters of the light who support my journey. I am in gratitude and I bow to the Supreme one in whom I exist.

Om. Peace. Peace. Peace.

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Subtle link between Breath and Mind


meditation-972472_960_720.jpgToday we want to look at the subject of pranayama. There are five pranas that feature driving everything in the body. In a generic way, we call them prana, but in the yoga teachings, the five individual pranas have separate names.

That which opens up the lungs to breathe in is called the generic name prana. It is the one that operates the head and all the senses, the mind, the brain, the nose. When you begin to see the relationship between the prana and the breath, you will be able to gain control over the mind.

That which pushes away is called apana. So we have that apana power in bowel action, in breathing out, in everything to do with pushing out, emptying.

There’s a prana that works the digestive process; it’s called samana. There is one that works all circulatory processes, called vyana. And there is that which moves upwards, called udana. So in speaking, in standing, Kundalini, everything that moves upwards uses udana prana. As you become more aware of these, begin to observe how they operate within you.

Of interest to us in meditation will be the breath. Each time we breathe in, activate the senses, open up the lungs, we’re using prana in every breath. And every time we push out the breath, we use  apana; the action feels different. So we need to create harmony or balance in the prana and apana, hence the rhythmic breathing.

When you begin to use the mind to project energy, the mind engages prana, so mind has pranic power. The same prana that’s activating the mind is also responsible for the breath, so you will be able to manage the mind if you begin to manage the prana of the breath. 

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How to Develop a Focused Mind

child-241749_960_720.jpgYesterday we talked about how desire motivates us. When our desire is very strong we very easily develop detachment from everything that is distracting. We need to develop the ability to see clearly and let go of things that are distracting,

To decide what is distracting and what is not; to see your desire clearly, and to observe the strength of your desire – you need discriminating power.  You need the intelligence of the mind to be able to see clearly where you want to go, where the distractions are, and to stay one-pointedly focused.  Discriminating power is important, so in every meditation you need to be discriminating to see how you are straying, to see how your attention is going away and to be able to pull it back, to see where the weaknesses within your being are, and being able to stay focused on them and transform them.  So you need that degree of discriminating intelligence.  Alertness and intelligence is required.

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Desire – Vital Motivator


The most important quality that we need to develop when we want to master anything is having a strong desire in our consciousness for what we want to achieve.  That is a powerful motivator.  How strong is your desire to go deeper into meditation?  How strong is your desire to open up your consciousness more?  How strong is your desire to stay more conscious of every level of being in your multidimensionality?  How strong is your desire to master energies at every level?  When your desire becomes very strong you will have one-pointed attention, nothing can distract you, you’ll be able to detach from all the things that are distracting.  So we need to observe our desire to achieve more consciousness, more awareness of the energies that feature in our consciousness and the desire to master those energies.

How do you develop a desire?  By giving attention to it, seeing why you want to develop this desire, seeing it very clearly, and keeping that in your mind on a continuous basis, and associating with those people who have that quality that you want to develop, and feeding the mind the kind of diet of thoughts that will help you to strengthen that desire and detach from everything else that is distracting.  

In your every meditation you should have this intense desire to want to become more conscious, to want to become more aware of every energy experience in your consciousness, to be able to see it clearly, and to want to master the energies.  So desire is extremely important. Sri Vasudeva

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Let Us Pray for Our World


Many of our brothers and sisters in our world need our prayers and whatever support we are able to give. It is a time of great turmoil with hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, war. Let us go within ourselves and bring out the best in us. Let us join together in meditation, to find that strength, that love and compassion. And lets join together in the inner space and pulse vibrations of peace and unity to every corner of our world.

Let us resolve today to keep a harmonious inner space as we hold our world in healing. Let wisdom manifest in every thought, word and action.

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We Can Recharge Ourselves


If you are in a vehicle, how can you say the vehicle is you? Think carefully. The vehicle can be on idle, so all functions are working, but without the driver what can the vehicle do? I want you to remember that we carry a body.  The driver inside is the part of us that does the thinking, the feeling, and creates intention. It allows us the idea of soul awareness whilst in the body. That is why we can think in terms of soul consciousness. That is why we can realize Self, because of the nature of this body. 

In ignorance we say that we are thinking in the brain. Yes, we are thinking in our brain, but with our soul. It is the soul that has the power to think, to reason, to experience chakras, and it uses the marvellous nature of the body to drive it.

We can power up the body from different spaces. We can power up the brain from two chakras in the head, Ajna chakra and Sahasrara chakraWe can bring energies in our voice at will, when we are more soul aware. And we have the ability to also bring energies through our voice, with a throat centre, Vishudda chakra. When we begin to feel this chakra, we feel our listening power, because this is connected to the Akash, the element of ether through which thoughts flow. We are able to feel the communication space beyond audible sounds of the human being. We are able to feel quantum energies in the space and what information they are carrying.

We have an emotional centre, Anahata chakra, from where we can pulsate energies of love, compassion and forgiveness at will. You have forgotten your power; you‘ve lost it. We have a chakra at the navel area. This is able to recharge the body in a very powerful way. So, this soul has the power to recharge a physical body from Manipura. Just breathing into the navel area, we can begin to feel that power recharging the body.

Then we have the Swadhisthana chakra in the sexual area that is able to allow true lovers to share energies in that field. Those who are devoted to higher purposes can transmute that energy and take it to other places. It gives such awesome power. And in the perineum area we can energize the body in a very physical way, ground ourselves to the earth like a tree and to earth consciousness.

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How to Find Stability & Wellness


In meditation you will find that there are two aspects to your Self inside.  There is one that thinks and experiences the effects of positive and negative thinking.  The other is an observer or witness that is unaffected by whatever goes on in the mind.

Try to meditate from the standpoint of the observer.  Do not follow the mind but merely observe it.  When you start doing this the mind will slow down and eventually become still.  In this stillness you will become aware of your true Self as  pure blissful consciousness.

The goal of meditation is to become established in the state of the witness.  Do not be carried away by the thoughts of the mind but become intensely aware of all that is happening, unaffected by the changes within.  This brings a feeling of tremendous peace and stability.

We want to manifest the best energies from that consciousness space, into the human experience at every level, so we are always optimally well.   To do that we need to stay in that space of conscious being, seeking to be established in that state of Pure Consciousness where we can observe everything objectively, without being carried away by the different energies that feature in our consciousness:  mental, emotional, vital, sexual, physical. So the goal is to stay established in that state of objectivity in the consciousness.  We call that witness consciousness, that’s a freedom space in the consciousness. Sri Vasudeva

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Become Aware of Subtle Energy

The physical being we know, we see it, we smell it, we taste it, we touch it, we hear it. Physical senses allow us to ground ourselves in the physical world. But energy awareness is a little more subtle and we have to listen, observe, give attention to it, until we begin to feel the existence of this subtle energy field. It is the field of thoughts, it is the field of emotions, it is the field of vitality beyond physical strength. We need to become aware of that energy field. So it requires listening to the thoughts, it requires observing how we feel when emotions flow through our being, it requires observing how we feel as vitality moves within us from the things we eat, from the air that we breathe, from the exchanges with people. We need to be aware of that subtle energy field.

Then as we interact in the world, we need to be aware of the energy that flows inside of the physical, and of the Source from where it comes. That is the idea of multi-dimensionality. The Kundalini model allows us to see all the different qualities of energy that exist within us and within our world. That is why this is such a perfect model in understanding the Universe and our interaction with the Universe. Sri Vasudeva

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Don’t Overlook the Power of Attention & Intention

flower-2197679_960_720.jpgScientists with very delicate equipment have shown that plants respond to our negative and positive intentions in the space. The moment someone intended to drop hot coffee on the plant, having not done it yet, but just the intention, “I am going to burn this plant”, the meter showed a spike of waves. The plant reacted.

We can create destruction in our world, and we can create uplift in our world simply by intentions! That’s the secret of generating energies from the inner space: sustained intention.

The power of intention can drive our thoughts, it can generate more passion, it can communicate in the space powerful energies – negative and positive. Intention can lift our being, liberating our deeper Self and it can change our world. Are we overlooking a very powerful tool that we have, as beings of consciousness, being able to generate phenomenal energies from that space that we all own?

Of course, it also requires the power of attention. To focus our consciousness on a particular object, particular thought.  Holding the attention there, and generating through intention these energies from our inner being. Think about this. Sri Vasudeva

In Day 4 of our 21 Day Meditation Series Sri Vasudeva guides us in meditation using the power of attention and intention, leading us to the experience of Total Wellbeing.

Find the Place of All Solutions

flower-2502329_960_720.jpgThe solution to every problem that you have is already within you, but you do not know it; sometimes you do not believe it. The solution to every problem is within your soul. When thoughts disturb you to the extent that when you sit to meditate, you cannot remove them from the mind, then you need to give attention to them using the power of your intellect. You can reason, “Why are these thoughts here? Why are they disturbing me? What are they telling me? What am I fearful of? What am I attached to? What am I consumed with? What am I anxious about?” We need to look for the solution, because we do not want to be in a state of worry, that is a state of stress.

Obviously, this shows a disconnection with that Source of all Wisdom within you. It shows the ignorance of the soul, not understanding the Divine Order of things, the Divine Plan of the Universe, the Law of Cause and Effect in the Universe. Because, if the soul understood this, it would see the purpose of every challenge in the mind as being a lesson, a challenge for growth and development. In using the intellect to dismantle this thought pattern that is causing stress, we need also to seek to make that connection to the Source of Wisdom inside. All information is inside! If we have that faith that it is so, inspired by those who are wise, then certainly the stress will go away. We will learn to live in surrender, and we will learn to live in that intuitive connection with our Supreme Self inside, that can give us every solution to any problem.

It is important to understand that in the same way we have problems in the Universe and we are stressed because of our lack of connection, our ignorance of the Divine Order of things, our ignorance of the Law of Cause and Effect; the Universe has a system of Grace. This is not a Universe that punishes you, absolutely not! In the same way it challenges you in your ignorance, it offers Grace – powerfully, abundantly to help you out of it. Sri Vasudeva

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Experience vs Intellectual Knowledge


That place inside where there is no disease, is called the Source of our being. Difficult to understand, difficult even to appreciate, and to some it is totally non-existent, they would not even consider it a possibility. Do not wait until you are challenged to begin to look for that place. Do you know why? Because even if you consider it a possibility, and even if intellectually you have an idea of where this place is, when you become challenged, you do not believe in it anymore. You never made it an experience. You will say to yourself, “but I can’t feel it”, rightly so because you never went to the experience.

I remember this story about a rich man who was going across the river on a little ferryboat. The rich man is looking at the ignorance of the ferryman, asking him about his education, if he went to school and what he learned. The poor ferryman could only say, “No, I didn’t go.” The rich man was telling the ferryman how much of his life had been lost. Suddenly the boat sprung a leak, and the ferryman asked the rich man, “Do you know how to swim?” The rich, very educated man said “No.” The ferryman said, “Well, all of your life is going to be lost!” The ferryman, though he did not have the education that the rich man did, knew how to swim. That was the only knowledge necessary in that situation, not how educated the rich man was.

You need to learn how to swim to that place inside, now, while you are healthy, because when challenged with anything, you will know how to find that place, and how to operate from there. So you need to learn how to swim to that centre of being whilst you are healthy. Can you imagine the joy? Whilst you are healthy, you can be healthier; you can make yourself better to meet the many challenges of life. That is the place of pure Consciousness.

We need to go into that place of Consciousness, where we can be more aware of who we are in the human experience. Some call it “Enlightenment”. I think it is then that we really understand our humanity. We become normal. This state of ignorance is an abnormal state in the human consciousness, for our soul that is. Sri Vasudeva

Join our 21 Day Meditation Series geared towards Optimal Wellness. The entire series is freely available on youtube. 

Seek that Place of Constant Strength

caudata-1073282_960_720.jpgSri Vasudeva: In my many years of the human experience I have seen around me all kinds of suffering. I have seen situations where there is no hope for physical survival. I have seen people helpless in these situations. There is the need for strength, there is the need for comfort, there is the need for understanding in these distressing situations. 
I have found a place inside that can give us continuous strength, even in these most challenging situations. I have experienced a place inside from where we can draw energies when challenged, from a deeper space. That makes me unafraid of any of the challenges that life will bring to me. I know in this world that I have seen, and experienced, we can expect any challenge any time. Wouldn’t you agree that life is unpredictable? So the need to be prepared, the need to understand, and the need to be wise, is important.
I am inviting you to consider that there is a place of well-being within you that is untainted by the entire human experience. I am saying to you that in all aspects of healing, all aspects of comforting, all aspects of well-being, we need to understand this place. That is not going to happen unless we have a desire to understand more. That is not going to happen until we consider it a possibility. And that is not going to be experienced until we shift the consciousness. Do you understand what I mean? Until we shift the consciousness, until we realize, not intellectually only, but in experience.                               

Meditation for Freeing the Blocks

We need the meditation practice.  It not only prepares the consciousness for a new day but it brings us into a place of balance at every level of being. It’s important to feel that silence and restfulness at every level of being.

Begin by focusing at the centre of the eyebrows.  This connects us to the energy centre of the mind that is in our subtle body.   As you breathe out take your attention down the centre line of the body right down to the perineum area. As you breathe in, keep that pelvic area firm and grounded and breathe up along the spinal column. Your attention should be along the spinal column,  right up to the medulla point at the back of the neck and across the brain to the third eye.  That’s how you connect to every level of being.

Now, if you feel that the prana or the breathing is not settling down then look for the area where you may feel a block in the breathing.  Breathe out from that point and breathe in from that point, keeping attention on the block, but holding the consciousness of freeing the block every time you breathe out and breathe in.  Each time you breathe in tap into your deeper centre of being, tapping into Grace, into a greater flow of energy.  And every time you breathe out, you’re letting go.  So if you feel a knot in the chest area for example focus there, begin to nourish that area.

As you breathe out once again take your attention down the centerline of the body letting the shoulders drop, the chest contract, belly contract and go right down to the root.  It should give the experience of being grounded, making contact with the earth and keeping that grounded feeling on the consciousness of the perineum area.  That’s the energy centre of the base that grounds you to the earth.  Breathe up along the spinal column.  So the spinal column is in your awareness and the brain is in your awareness and this is how you  balance the prana at every level of being. Sri Vasudeva


       Diagram credit Denise Parris

Freedom from Fear


How much fear is in our being!                                                                                                        Fear to make a decision.                                                                                                                     Fear when children leave us.                                                                                                           Fear when a spouse challenges us.                                                                                                Fear when we have difficulties at the work place.                                                                         Fear of ill health.                                                                                                                                  Fear of dying and fear of living.                                                                                                      Only that experience of higher consciousness, our true reality can protect us and can save us.

Oh Supreme One, we give thanks for Your boundless grace.                                                     We thank You for lifting us to a greater awareness of Your presence in us.                     Help us to stay there, never to lose awareness of You and Your presence everywhere as we interact with our daily life.                                                                                                        Sri Vasudeva

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Witnessing opens us to the Infinite


Consciousness is capable of infinite expansion. That is why you can become so creative with so many ideas, because you expand so that you can see from many different angles. That is why we listen to people in conversations; so we can begin to appreciate the many ways of seeing in the consciousness. So consciousness has an infinite nature and we need to give attention to that consciousness inside and move away from all the contraction, the limitation – that is what the Māyā is, it is a contraction of consciousness that makes us see the unreal for the real.

So when we think of Self, we do not think of an immortal Self, we think human. The wise ones say that we are immortal but we are dreaming mortality, they say “Be conscious, wake up and see that you are dreaming.” I showed you the dream-like nature of life – everything around you is changing before your very eyes,  and I said, “That which is changing cannot be real, cannot be eternal.” The goal then is to keep on witnessing.

If we are to Go Beyond Time…


                        If we are to go beyond time, then we need to go beyond change.                                               Begin to observe change in the inner space.                                                                                 The breath begins, and the breath ends. That is change.                                                       Thought begins, thought ends. That is change.                                                                    Emotion begins, emotion ends. That is change.                                                                  Intention begins, intention ends. That is change.                                                                         Just observe how change features in our consciousness.                                                         Sri Vasudeva

Does Perception Influence Suffering? (Part 3)


Dreams seem to be real whilst they are happening but when they are finished, we say,  “Oh this was just a dream!” When you change from youth to adulthood, isn’t youth like a dream, because it will come back no more?  Wouldn’t you say yesterday was like a dream because today is different? How can that which is changing ever be real? Isn’t it dream-like? Tell me now, all of these realities that we hold on to, how real are they?

Could we take suffering in the same context, that suffering is an experience that is not real but is perceived? If I were to change my interpretation of an event, can I change my suffering? For example, if I am having an experience of pain, can I see that pain is creating a transformation in me and I am learning something? When I go to the gym and I work the body, I want to push the exercise a little further, it is painful but I am doing it because I know it is a sweet pain because the muscle is going to become stronger and tougher.

Or if someone is changing their diet because they know that the body is going to be far better, but it is painful to do because we are addicted to food. Once they keep the image of where they want to go, suddenly it feels like it is not an issue at all. “I can do this!” The interpretation of the event changes the experience. That’s why we say what can be painful for someone, might be joyful for another.

If we have an ailing relative and the person is going through severe pain and subsequently passes away. If we think that they are relieved from the suffering, and they are continuing on their journey, then our interpretation of the event frees us of suffering. Somebody could misinterpret our response, thinking that we are happy because the person passed away. Another person will see our response as not right and they are totally sad, depressed because the person passed away. You see different interpretations of the same event?

Is it possible then that we can transform the interpretation of any kind of suffering because we have a divine self, “This is happening but it is not totally real.”  If we could interpret the event in terms of it being transformative then would we ever see suffering?

If we are to interpret change as being good for something then when change is happening we will not have an issue with it. If I have the awareness that I am going to live beyond the life of the body, and I can feel that deep within my being and it resonates powerfully within me, then there is absolutely no fear of death. There is no suffering in terms of that. Is it possible then that the consciousness could shift and go to a place where there is never suffering because we can reinterpret events in the way of learning, growing and evolving? We will only continuously see the blessing of transformation.

Is it possible then that the only one who is suffering is the ego which is not divine self? It is false self. If we can come back to that place of pure being where we can reinterpret events and see everything as being transformative, every experience in the consciousness as helping the ego to evolve and finally become free, then would life be free of suffering?

That’s what Buddha found out. He speaks only of pure consciousness; no God, no angel, no event, simply that which is not impermanent. He speaks about this consciousness space that is the basis of everything. Everything else is changing, transitory. Sri Vasudeva

How to Surrender when Challenged (Part 2)


In yesterday’s post Sri Vasudeva (SV) gave us some strategies to deal with a situation where we feel stuck. As promised today we go on to explore another facet.

M: Is it that surrender or humility is a recognition that we need help?

SV: Well of course surrendering means “I can’t do anything more in this situation. I need help.” So you’re surrendering to the forces of life, “I don’t know where I am; I’m totally lost; I’m surrendering to the process.” Surrender means that you’re giving up trying to find something, and expect that help is coming towards you. You’re giving up all the efforts that you made which didn’t work, that’s surrendering. “I don’t know what to do anymore; I can’t do anything; everything seems to not work. So I just need grace here.” So that’s a form of surrendering – helplessness – that you can’t do anything, so you give up. You give up trying to do, because in all your doing, nothing is happening.

M: So when you say “surrendering to the process, what does that mean?”

SV:  It’s surrendering the effort that is not helping…and opening up the way to something else coming to pull us out of the space. The faster you begin to recognise that all the tools that you’re using  are not working, then you have to look outside of the toolbox, “There needs to be a tool somewhere to help me.” So that means “I’m surrendering every effort to stay with my old tools.” I’m opening up now; I’m opening up to grace that a new tool will emerge.

So the surrendering there is the surrendering of useless efforts, efforts that don’t work, that’s where the surrendering is focussed on. But in surrendering there is the intention of opening up the space for a new tool, a new way of working, a new support. So there is a very powerful intention to hold on to any kind of grace that will bring me relief from the situation. So it is not that: I am surrendering hope. I’m surrendering the efforts that don’t work; I’m holding on to hope.

M: This is not the same as giving up in a disempowering way…

SV: No. It is not about giving up everything.

M: From what you’re describing it seems that it will be easier to recognise the new tool, or the new inspiration. 

SV: Right. What it does is it opens up the consciousness space. Because, on one hand, a part of my consciousness has been making effort and it’s useless. It’s not working. I’m going to another part of my consciousness that has hope and has the awareness that grace exists. So I’m opening up to that part of the consciousness. And I’m surrendering all the efforts that I tend to make with my ego, in wanting to do this by myself.

Is it like opening up to my bigger self?

SV: Well, I’m centered in the bigger self, so it is opening up to another part of my bigger self. Because I believe that I have more possibilities than just this. I believe that with my intuitive power I can find something inside of my being that will work. So I need to go into that space of grace within my being. I need to call upon the god within.

The Outstretched Hand of Grace (Part 1)


hand-1331323_960_720.jpgWe had the opportunity to be in conversation with Sri Vasudeva. I’d like to share a small excerpt that might be useful to many seekers.

We asked him, “What do we do if we are caught in a situation and we don’t know how to come out of it, no solution is apparent?”

He said, “When you’re caught, the ego is stuck, it feels like it can’t come out of the ditch, or out of the condition, then grace is required.  Choose to be in a good space, in company of more evolved people as grace can come through them. It is also important to stay with deep prayer, with mantras, seeking grace. So when it becomes very very difficult there is no other way but to seek grace, the outstretched hand of the divine.

How will we notice the loosening of the bind? What does it look like as we start to become unstuck?

SV: Loosening means that you begin to feel that you’re not backed against a wall anymore; you begin to feel that something is helping to carry you.  You begin to feel supported, like a hand comes out to hold yours and it’s outstretched. So even if the hand doesn’t grasp yours yet, but you can see that it’s stretched towards you; just seeing the hand alone can give you that lift, “Ohh, I can feel that something is happening in the space…I can’t touch it, I cannot understand it fully, but I can actually feel that the space is changing.” So that’s what happens when we go into deep prayer. Because when the ego feels totally bound and helpless it needs support. That’s why we go to church to pray in a group or we go to a therapist or we go to google…it is for that outstretched hand of grace that can come to us.

[ I will make another blog post where I ask Sri Vasudeva about the role of surrender in challenging situations. Stay tuned.]


How do we Recognize the Presence of the Ego?


What is it about the ego that grabs us so much? Energy! We can feel this rush of energy to do something, to want something. That energy move us to become emotional, to become mental, to become physical. It is a rush of energy. So ego is an energy experience. When you feel the ego within you strongly; you feel strongly negative or positive towards something or drawn towards something… isn’t there a rush of energy that is channeled through a contracted self?

The idea is to purify the ego, not to destroy it. The ego is always existing, but the selfishness disappears and selflessness appears. So to gauge whether we are growing we need to examine the nature of the ego. Is it moving from selfishness to selflessness? In the selflessness it becomes transparent to the divine, it channels the divine in a far better way. When it is selfish, it is out of sync with the divine. But when it becomes selfless, it’s sort of melting with the divine, harmonizing with the divine. And in that way it can channel the divine.

You can’t get rid of the ego. So long as you have a form, ego will exist. But at the same time, you will have the ability to observe the ego, even though it exists; and to not give power to it; and only the divine Self can help you to do that. That expansive self inside…Because the ego, in the experience of the expansive self feels like it has come home; it has found its home base, and it doesn’t want to move out of there.

That’s what we call yoga – it is having the ego and the higher Self in unity with each other. So ego is also the divine. It is the divine in limited expression; it is the divine in selfish expression. Sri Vasudeva


Who am I?


The ego is the changing part of us.                                                                                               The divine Self is the unchanging part of us.                                                                                      Sri Vasudeva

The Journey with A Master


Learning to work with a Master is extremely important.  First of all, we need to be able to see beyond the humanity of Masters.  For example, some people may sit, meditate, listen and say, “That was a good talk.”  And that’s what they get from it; some good ideas.

Then some people will say, “When I sat there, I felt my whole being lifted.  I felt as though I was entering another space.  Didn’t matter what was said,  I felt so lifted by his presence and consciousness.”  So they picked up something else.

Some would say, “When I came into that space, I felt as though I was him.  I started to feel what he was experiencing inside of him, I began to feel it in me; this aliveness and this strength of being.  Wow.”  And they took that co-creative power that arose within them, “I could be like him.”  That’s how they felt.

In coming into the presence of a Master, one may just take it superficially, one may take it as an energy play, and one may actually begin to feel the tremors of becoming a Master, feel equal or in oneness with the Master.  So the journey of being with a Master can take us from that physical kind of connection to a deeper connection, an energy  or subtle connection, and then to a co-creative power where we begin to feel that we are becoming like the Master.  When we speak, we hear the voice of the Master coming out.  When we look at the thoughts, we feel that the thoughts of the Master are entering the space.  See how differently we can experience a Master?

The goal of every Master is to wake up the Master within you.  You need to begin to feel that co-creative power of Self in the experience of any Master.  You need to become masterful.  So that’s where the journey is in the inner space: it’s a journey of seeking; it’s a journey of finding; it’s a journey of being supported; it’s a journey of discriminating and understanding; it’s a journey that is completely transforming.  Sri Vasudeva

Grasp Every Opportunity to Learn & Grow


Sometimes in the karmic play, we try to extract ourselves from the karma when it is that very karma that we need to engage in, that will help us to become liberated. Sometimes a relationship we try to escape from is the one that can help us to grow. The situation we try to extricate ourselves from is just the situation we need to grow. So when you try to wrestle with the karma, to run away or move away from it, be careful in how you try to do that, because it might be your stage for growing. Sri Vasudeva

How to Access Pure Joy


When the Divine creates, it creates out of joy, not under pressure.  The Divine is infinitely wise, infinitely joyous.  It is complete in itself, so whatever it creates has to be out of pure joy.  We call that ananda; the primary or empirical joy of existence.

It is in understanding and in beginning to realize more and more, we too will access that joy from where the play is happening, because it is happening in that fundamental field of existence.

It is not happening in the identification or the limitation in the consciousness; it is happening in the deeper aspect of consciousness.  So to access the joy that is the undercurrent, we need to go a little deeper, hence the journey into Self.  We need to go within,  detaching the Consciousness from its outward nature, and bringing the attention more to the inner consciousness.  And here is where we will experience Self differently: self that is finite, physical body; self that is emotional; self that is mental; and self that is detached and transcendent.  So self is continuously being experienced differently as the consciousness shifts, as we move more and more inwards, and hence if we go deep enough, we can have an experience of infinite Self. Sri Vasudeva

Relationships are Tools for Spiritual Growth

sparrows-2426763__340.jpgSome of us never look at ourselves. We look only outside and we blame everyone for everything. We create a lot of stress within us and outside, and we do not see how this impacts our wellbeing. We can’t sleep properly; we can’t eat properly. We live with these stresses and at some point they surface in terms of physical illness.
Our relationships, therefore, are really a mirror of our wellbeing. They tell how well we are centred within and how harmoniously we relate. So the goal will be to create harmony in all relationships and to see the meaning and purpose of them. The goal is to use them as tools for spiritual growth, for promoting more harmony within and around. It is for promoting more enlightened living because the goal of life itself is the evolution of the soul. It is the evolution of consciousness. Therefore, look at all your relationships and see whether they meet this. Sri Vasudeva

I Kindle the Flame of Love Within

4fc4843fab65cc5d71b83c5094f988f2--bleeding-heart-flower-bleeding-hearts.jpgToday I kindle the flame of love within me that will drive away the darkness of misery, loneliness and worry. May it grow into a fire that burns brightly in my inner world. May all my thoughts be filled with the brightness of love and positive energy. May all my actions be inspired by the love of my spirit. And may my bliss touch my fellow human beings and my world. May my bliss awaken in others the awareness of their own bliss. Today, I take the responsibility of creating a better world by sending positive thoughts, by sending my healing love, by spreading my bliss to the world. Sri Vasudeva

I am in the Heart of Love


Say “I place my “I” in that infinite space of love. I am in the heart of love.” Observe what it does: it brings ease, it brings flow; it brings rhythm to the breath. You want to move with joy, with happiness. So welcome your new day with this energy of loving being. And let that love ripple through your body; to every cell. “I love you my body. You are nature’s gift to me. I love you my every cell, you are so precious to me.”

Keep on remembering that you are in the heart of infinite love – a love that you cannot possess, but a love that you can channel; it is free to share, but not to possess. Allow it to color your thoughts, let intentions and the feeling of loving your world appear within you ,,, loving your Self, loving the Source of Being. And feel comfortable with your love,  feel comfortable with your emotional space. It shines like the sun to all. Sri Vasudeva

The Divine Mentor


When you shift in consciousness you begin to realize how attached you have been.  When you become free of the body and you begin to experience that the body exists in you and that you’re not the body, that’s a freedom experience.  When you realize that you’re not the emotional or the mental patterns inside of you, you begin to feel the freedom to act in and through a pattern or change it.  So that’s the kind of freedom we need.

You can well realize when we are entrenched in these thoughts and emotions and physicality how difficult it is to become detached or disengaged from it.  We become caught up in the momentum of it, carried away by its energy.  We see it every day driven by the primal drives, driven by emotional or mental patterns of the past.

So to become free of that we need some kind of guidance, we need some kind of hand holding, we need some kind of mentoring, some kind of coaching on the journey.  And the universe provides that.  That which guides us back into that state of liberation is called Guru.  Gu in the Sanskrit stands for “darkness” and ru for that which removes darkness, the light.  So Guru is not a person.  We tend to think of Guru as a person.  Guru is not man or woman or person.  Guru is a principle operating in and through that being.  When that is operating you can actually feel that the Divine is guiding you, not the person, that the Divine through the person is guiding you to itself. And we see that the gu also stands for the maya, the illusion – and the ru for that which removes the illusion. Sri Vasudeva

Seeking Divine Love


I am Yours, O Supreme and infinite love within me. Let my ego melt in You.                     Let me become Your perfect instrument in this play.

I hold my body that You may drive away every bit of darkness that may be within me. Energize my every cell. I love you my body; you are God’s gift to me.                                      I love you my every cell; you are so precious to me.

I am a friend of all. I wish everyone well.                                                                                        I centre in harmonious co-existence with the elements of nature, and with all creatures in this existence. In this harmony, I feel free in my soul, unburdened, unfettered.               I adore You in all of creation.          

Let my mind offer you the most beautiful thoughts, fragrant with love.                             You are the wind beneath my wings of love.                                                                                                                               How can I exist without You?

I am Yours, O Supreme One, all of me; body, mind and soul.                                               Bless me; hold me in Your Being that my every moment will be filled with You.                                                                To You, my soul bows again and again.                                                                                       Om peace, peace, peace.                                                                                                                   Sri Vasudeva

Be Like a Flower

We’re all striving to create a better world and one of the best ways of doing it is simply the way a beautiful flower influences its environment. Why are you drawn to a little flower in a garden? You’re attracted to its fragrance and its beauty. A flower doesn’t say anything to you directly, yet it draws everyone to its beauty and it can transform its environment. Its mere presence changes the environment. If you take the lesson of a simple flower, you can see how you too can be a positive influence on your environment simply without saying anything. Sometimes too much speech is unnecessary, because after a while, people don’t hear it anymore. They automatically tune out. Through the fragrance and the beauty of your divine Self, can you influence the environment in a very positive way? Sri Vasudeva

Do We Need to Detach from Loved Ones?


The Self has love for all.

The idea is not to be caught up in the object of loving but to give attention to the experience of love and where it comes from and what love truly is.  Because when you have true love within your being, that love will manifest towards all.                                 Sri Vasudeva

How Do you Get Answers?

ask-2341784_960_720A friend emailed me this, “when you have a question about the direction of your life, how do you get answers?” It seemed like such a simple question I thought the answer would be obvious but becoming aware of my inner process of seeking has not been easy. All the same the question intrigued me and I have been ruminating about it.

I looked at everything right in front of me to see what clues I could pick up. For example I went to buy fruits and vegetables and I noticed I wasn’t just randomly taking anything that came to hand. I had some criteria I was following. That criteria I had figured out with time and experience so it was second nature,  it happened almost automatically. The same with my seeking, my process would have evolved and would be so ingrained that it is hard to decipher. However giving attention to it started to bring the subconscious thinking into my conscious mind.

A significant step for me is thinking there is an answer and I just have to find it. This is an important step because if I think there is no hope of finding an answer even if the solution was right in front of me I would not recognize it. So this active, curious seeking is an essential starting point. I find it helps me to be in wide open spaces, to spend time in nature, the natural environment helps me to open myself to a wider Source of wisdom. It is as if the outer openness brings about a corresponding inner openness.

I ask questions when a mechanical device may not be working properly. In a similar way if my body is not functioning well I also ask questions. I ask questions about my relationship with myself and others. So I already have a lot of experience in asking questions and finding answers.

If an idea comes to mind I contemplate the ramifications of that choice. How would it affect my future? Would it cause hurt to anyone? Are my intentions noble or selfish?

When I move into asking questions where I am seeking an intuitive answer that is also a process. I hold the question in my mind and look to see what thoughts arise. I don’t form conclusions readily even if ideas come up inside me. I remain with an open inner posture, ready to change direction at a moment’s notice.

In the beginning  I would constantly ask myself if these thoughts were really intuition or if they were subconscious desires. So I would cautiously follow one of these thoughts and observe my inner space. If I felt expansive, or more buoyant then I would remember the quality of feeling or energy of that thought. With time I noticed that these intuitive ideas  might be difficult to follow yet behind it I could feel this huge space. With experience I begun to recognize that as a sign this idea will eventually help me to experience greater inner freedom.

How do you find answers? I’m sure there is more to the exploration and it would be interesting to hear your point of view.


Love Lit up my Way


When I came back from India I was no way in any enlightened state, but I was happy.  Then I chose love, so that love lit up my way, and that brought me deeper and deeper into the experience of a Higher Self, and then finally this ultimate shift happened.  I knew even that love was only a means to an end.  When I got into that final state of experience, it was a love of a different kind.  It was not just an ordinary love, it was an extraordinary feeling.

This is a beyond kind of love                                                                                                         this is a love that breathes freedom,                                                                                                 this is a love that sees no prejudice,                                                                                             this is a love that is not self-righteous,                                                                                             this is a love that is not connected to happiness or unhappiness;                                               this was a different kind of love.

 From that state, I can go into love or I can go into being non-emotional.  So it brought me into a kind of higher experience of love, a different quality of love.                                      So on my journey I used love to lift me.                                                                                        Sri Vasudeva