Observe Consciousness and Energy in Meditation

Let us centre in conscious being. We are conscious beings. Let us stay centered in that awareness of conscious ‘being’, keeping that space clear as much as we can. That is the centre of your existence; ‘conscious being’.

And that centre of conscious being is a centre of an energy experience. You are having an energy experience in that consciousness centre. Begin to observe the qualities of both. Consciousness is not energy; consciousness is awareness of Self, awareness of being. Energy is the experience of the body. Energy is an experience of a thought. Energy is an experience of an emotion. Energy is the experience of an intention. Let it be very clear in your consciousness what energy is. Sri Vasudeva




Joyfully Wait Knowing the Answer Will Come

12239684_1238574279502199_5877592475281651655_n.jpgSometimes we are so tense. “Oh God I wonder if the answer will come? Will it come now? Is it ever going to come?” How is it going to come that way? You are already creating a condition there. Just open the mind, open the heart and then intuition will come. The wisdom is there. It is simply attuning to it.

Intuition is another form of Grace and this can feature in your meditation as you go into the space. Use what you know to come into a harmonious space on the inside and then be open to the Infinite. And a lot of relevant, pertinent information comes into the space, the Inner Guide becomes even more accessible. Sri Vasudeva

The Value of Dissatisfaction

Have you ever felt a vague restlessness, a dissatisfaction with the status quo? For me this is often the signal that change is in the air. Sometimes I can get lost in this feeling and I battle with myself. But if I can remember that this is a signal that I’m about to enter a period of growth and this is the preparatory stage then I find I’m more able to make the most of the opportunity.

I can misunderstand the window of opportunity because the beginning stage presents itself as a challenge I cannot solve easily. I feel lost. I don’t know where to start. This is where my journal comes in useful, because as I start to write about what is happening with my thoughts, emotions and levels of energy I begin to go deeper into the observer state, I become more detached and I’m better able to navigate. The greater the challenge the more I need to focus on one moment at a time. I create intentions about how I want to be in one moment, then I try to hold that intention for another moment and another moment and so on.

What is the challenging calling for? What is the gap I’m hoping someone else will fill? This is easy to figure out because I hear myself say, “If only so and so would do this everything would be OK.” In other words I can easily tell what someone else needs to do to “fix” the situation for the challenge to disappear. I write this out with a pencil. Then I erase the name of the other person and write the statement again with my name instead. Now I know my soul need.

I often have to live with this soul need a while before I’m able to start acting on it. In this way I find myself digging deeper into chakra energies as I bring more spiritual qualities to bear on the situation. I need to connect to the guidance and inspiration of that Higher power (Crown), I need to have a vision of where I want to go, to manage my mental and emotional energies (brow). I share my vision with others and listen to their ideas.(throat). I engage my passion which helps me to feel motivated and excited by the project (heart). I tap into my vital energy which gives me confidence and belief in myself. I draw the energy from the sacral center to the upper centers so I have more available to me. I ground myself and keep an awareness of the needs and support of the physical body. Sometimes I am not aware of this whole process happening, what I do feel is that I have to go deeper in myself, and as I engage in spiritual discipline the process unfolds on its own. It is in looking back that I become aware of how it happened.

We will explore this unfolding together at the retreat on the weekend.

Tuning into the prana in our Environment

Did you observe your internal talk as you did the exercise yesterday? There may been good clues on how we pick up or sense prana. For example we may notice that something or someone has a glow about them, something about the look is appealing.

Sometimes we pick up prana through touch, our hands are particularly sensitive. For example in selecting fruits we may say, “This one feels good.”

Walking in different areas, especially barefooted, we can pick up the prana from grass, the sand on the beach is also very high in prana.

Lets observe ourselves in our environment today. What are we sensing about the prana, or life force, all around us?

Prana and fresh fruit

In response to Henk’s comment about the post on Experiencing the abundance of prana in fresh foods today I’ll give more details about the practice. Before I go into it I have to say that doing the breathing exercises helps me to have a greater sensitivity to prana so all the posts on this topic are linked with each other.

Lets first create the intention and ask for grace that we may be able to perceive the life force or prana in a small fruit for example a grape, a berry or a slice of apple. Then I try to expand my awareness of the fruit – how it looks, feels, smell. I begin to get a sense of it’s freshness, it’s aliveness. I hold the fruit in my hands while sending prayers of gratitude to all who have contributed to getting this fruit to me, and to the earth, plants, natural enviroment for nurturing this fruit, that all may be blessed.

I take a small bite, as small as I can make it. As I chew I keep an awareness of how my teeth is grinding the fruit, the flavors that are flooding my mouth, how the texture of the fruit is impacting my tongue, teeth and mouth. I keep chewing for as long as possible so that the fruit is thoroughly liquified. Then I swallow, following the movement of the juice as it goes down my throat and into my stomach. I pause to savor the experience. I continue eating the fruit.

Now I look to see how this fruit has impacted on physical body and my subtle energy body. Since it’s a small fruit the impact is subtle. My system feels lighter, more refreshed, lifted up, just like when I do breathing exercises.

Try this out and let me know how it works.

Prana & Surprising Discoveries

Since we started the pranayama series I notice surprising differences in myself. I am keeping a keener eye on my levels of energy and I’ve noticed it’s easier to boost up when my energy is a little low instead of waiting until the “tank” is much depleted.

A new habit is forming of pausing and taking a few deep breaths before starting an activity. This allows me to be more observant of what’s happening with my day. It’s more managed because I’m consciously engaging in activity. At the end of the day I feel more fulfilled.

I notice that it is easier to deal with stress full situations. I feel more connected to the Wisdom field so I feel more guided. It doesn’t mean that the challenges have disappeared, it’s that I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

I can remember times when I used to say, “I just don’t have the energy to ….”. Since we started the series I haven’t said this to myself. I find it easier to motivate myself to do what I plan, to follow the goals I set myself for the day, even tasks that I was procrastinating in getting started I feel more energy to get it done.

How about you, what’s been your experience?

Ujjai Pranayama

Prana is subtle energy. It is a movement of energy inside of us. As we go within, we can actually touch a part of our being that is supporting, empowering, nourishing us. This is what we call “the Source within.” A seemingly simple, yet not so simple exercise can take us through different levels of awareness and Being and allow us to tap into that Source.

Today the practice will focus on the Ujjai breath. Ujjai means victory. When we breathe in the ujjai, we constrict an opening inside that is called the glottis. It is the opening in the windpipe area as we breathe into the lungs. In the glottis area there is a flap that is called the epiglottis that prevents food from going into the air passage. So when we are swallowing, the epiglottis closes off the windpipe. When we breathe and constrict the muscles around the windpipe, the breath makes a different sound. The breathing in has a particular sound and the breathing out has a particular sound. To understand the muscles involved, if you make a hissing sound, it will help you to identify the area. Then you can make the sound in a more gentle way. It actually regulates the breath, makes it slow and long.

It is also called a warming breath and it is said to be a cleanser of phlegm, improving digestion and helps us to balance energies. In meditation the hissing sound or what is sometimes called the “ocean sound” is a very soothing sound for concentration. Lets practice this breathing today and see how much more masterful we feel in our experience of the day.

Expanding awareness of Ida & Pingala Energies

Today I want to explore my awareness of how I interact with my world and the link with prana. At the start of the day I am revitalizing my self with the breath awareness exercise I described a few days ago. I am noticing which nostril is active.  Energy comes through the nostrils. The two nadis (energy chanels) are connected to the two nostrils, so when I breathe through the right and left nostril, energy comes through the ida and pingala channels. Ida is the right channel and pingala is the left channel.

Take a moment to notice which nostril is active in you in this moment? 🙂

The ida nostril gives us a passive energy experience. The pingala gives us an active energy experience. When we breathe through the ida or the left nostril we are in the restful mode and this is associated with the tamas quality, the passive quality. When we breathe in through the pingala or right nostril we experience the active, dynamic mode and this is associated with the rajas quality.

I have a very active morning and afternoon planned so I will use the pingala (left nostril) energy to support me. I will take pauses to recharge during the day and use the ida (right nostril) energy to give me periods of quiet.

I anticipate expanding on this exercise tomorrow. It’s easier to practice small steps don’t you find?

Taking charge of pranic flow

When someone has a very strong presence, it is pranic energy in manifestation. Today I want to become more aware of how I can move prana.  Every chakra allows me to bring prana into manifestation from that infinite supply, that infinite store that I have within me.  I want to consciously look towards another with the intention of loving or supporting or showing compassion being aware of the pranic flow; observing how the stronger my intention, the more the flow of prana. Today I take charge of how I use my energy in my interactions with my world.

I also want to take this opportunity to wish all fathers a blessed father’s day.

Experiencing the abundance of prana in fresh foods

Yesterday we talked about filling up our system with subtle energy using  the breath.

Today I want to continue with the theme this time I want to expand my awareness  of the pranic energy in the foods I eat. ‘Prana’ is life force and also exists in food. I seek to deepen the experience of the abundance of prana in fresh fruits.  As I eat them, I want to observe how my physical  body is nourished and to feel that extra vitality as my body picks up the prana.

I will observe my energetic state before I start eating, then during the process of eating and after my meal has digested. I will probably be able to observe better if I pause briefly while eating and maybe eating slowly to give myself ample opportunity to pick up the signals. This practice will help me to make food choices that can support my spiritual practice.

I look forward to the experience of my meals as an opportunity to expand my awareness. I’d like to hear your experiences with this practice.