First Step In Meditation


At the start of any meditation, the first step is to quiet the mind. We do that by bringing the attention into the present moment. We let go of thoughts, giving attention to the silence in the consciousness space. Then we notice the consequence of that choice by observing the peacefulness in the mind when thoughts disappear. This step awakens us to our potential power – the power to think, to will, to feel, and to influence the body.           Sri Vasudeva


Where to Find Solutions


All the problems we have can be solved by the Divine entering our space. When you are confused, indecisive, if you only open your mind to a Great Source Being, you will experience profound responses entering into your space. It is because we are so wrapped up with the ego, ‘I want to solve this, I have to solve this, I have this knowledge, and I have this experience’. We do not allow ourselves to experience the grace of the space.

We need to think in the Divine, we need to reason in the Divine, we need to explore in the Divine, and we need to make decisions in the Divine. Not outside. Not separating our consciousness from the Divine but in the Divine.  Sri Vasudeva

Openness & the Art of Exploration


I am going to assume that you have the curiosity to know and that you are willing to investigate more. I am going to assume that you have the strong desire to learn and to grow, so that you are very interested in learning the art of exploration.

One of the powerful qualities of our consciousness is that it is able to look at an experience objectively; even whilst we are experiencing something, there is a part of us that can observe it. But sometimes we become so caught up in the experience that we limit the power of observation to what we want to experience, what we want to know, and we are not fully open to all possibilities. So in critically observing – for our development, for our growth, for our learning – it is important to always be open and not think that we know. We always like to operate with the idea, “I know.” Even if we want to learn a little more, we think we know exactly how to learn that little more. Some of us want to direct our process and even make it happen the way we want to make it happen.

So learn to be open – even though you have a good knowledge of something, it is always extremely important to say, “I am sure that I am not seeing everything” – and to be humble enough to observe the Universe and all the information your Universe is bringing towards you, being completely open to every communication that is coming to you.

Now apply that to yourself; are you open? When you listen, are you continuously open? When somebody is speaking to us, often we are already thinking, concluding and preparing our response. It requires listening; having ideas, but keeping them in suspension, no judgement, no conclusion. Even if ideas are coming and we want to conclude, to hold that space of being completely open.

I love to listen to everyone, trying to see more. Whenever the tendency from the conditioned mind is to make me believe,  I check it and say “No, open up a little more,”  I am always willing to listen to my Universe. And no voice is insignificant. So listen to everyone.         Sri Vasudeva

Where to Focus in a Challenge


In this co-existence, life has given us the opportunity to work in and through relationships to grow in consciousness. How can we do this consciously, instead of being pushed and prodded by life?

Where can we start?… One powerful way is to look for what causes stress inside in relating to our world. Where do the challenges lie?  Workplace? Community? People not making the same choices as ours? People close to us not following spirituality as we do? A habit that needs changing?

When  the world challenges us, then in our meditation, we take all those challenges with us and surely our meditations will not be very good because we did not meet our tests well. In our meditation we can think that we have arrived somewhere but we know where we really are when we are tested.

We need to focus our attention on the impact the challenge has on us rather than blaming  those around us. Focus on the gains that we have made by the test of the relationship.  How have we become stronger?

How many times do we say, “I wish this other person would be more aware, more loving, more responsible, would listen more, more …..” ? We keep giving responsibility to the other to change the relationship, when in fact the Universe is prompting us to be the change that we are wishing for. The lack that we observe in the space need not stress us out or put us into a self-righteous mode of wanting to preach to anybody, the lack could bring compassion from our being to want to serve and to help, to lift the consciousness.  Sri Vasudeva

How to Jump to Transcendence

passion-fruit-2378091_960_720You cannot just jump from all the ups and downs.  You need to build a framework of understanding.  “I have to observe how the ego gets caught in the mind and the senses.  And I have to use my reasoning to come out of it.”

If  you are constantly watching the patterns and you are using that framework of understanding the play to come to another space, then you are earning the merit to make a jump.  So the shift happens not only out of dissatisfaction with the play,  it has to have a framework of understanding.  Otherwise you’ll fall again and again if you haven’t made a foothold to stand on that is based on the transcendental Self.

When you do that you will be constantly surrendering to that Self saying “This negative pattern is yours O Divine One and this positive one is also yours.  In the Maya you put me into the state of ignorance where I am creating both.  Now I’m tired of this duality.  Take me away from it.”

“I don’t even want to have a good ego.”  Because you see the futility of the elation of the victory.  And you see the futility of being possessed by the negative patterns. “What would it be like if I can let go of both?”   So you need to build that framework that you will have the understanding that there is a transcendental space to go to when you’re caught in the see saw of life. Sri Vasudeva

May everyone everywhere be happy. May everyone everywhere be healthy. May no one have a share in sorrow. Om peace, peace, peace. May we co-create a world of peace, love and harmony in 2018. Happy new year everyone!

Ananda vs Kama


Look at what our world caters to; going after sensory pleasure as a way to happiness. If you eat this, you will be happy. If you take this drug, you will be happy. If you take this alcohol you will be happy. We have created so many substances of all kinds for the sensory pleasure of the body, thinking that is the way to happiness. Is it really? Or does the pursuit of excess pleasure, kama, sap away the vitality from our nervous system.

Of course it may fulfill the ordinary person. They do not mind the weakening of the nervous system, until the body cannot handle it anymore. But for the true seeker of happiness, they will see the folly in the pursuit of pleasure. At some point, the body is not going to be able to handle all this pleasure seeking, and a lot of people begin to lose their joy because they cannot seek the pleasure anymore; the pleasure of food, the pleasure of sex, the pleasure of drink, the pleasure of substances. They become very unhappy.

Sensory pleasure depletes the nervous system. But when you get the ananda inside what we call the nadis, the pathways of the prana, they become supercharged, and it gives a different kind of experience within the body itself, that is called ecstasy. It is a superconscious experience of joy. It charges up the whole nervous system. The pleasure experiences that we seek will never hold us again when this super pleasure enters.       Sri Vasudeva

What is it that Creates Fear?

branches-3019065_960_720.jpgIt’s ignorance that creates fear.  So what is the solution to ignorance?  It’s more consciousness!  So fear is an expression of ignorance.  When you don’t understand something you fear it.  The more understanding you have around anything, the more you can become excited about it.  So if you really understand what I mean when I say “go to the root of a thought” it is to take you to an exciting place, because thoughts stress us out at the end of a day.  Some may uplift us but we have to be careful about being too excited.  If you’re able to go to the root of thought, where thought begins or where emotion begins, the landscape there is amazing, it’s pure potentiality, it’s pure consciousness and that can be a wonderful experience.

When you begin to realize how stressful a thought could be and you let go of thinking, everything becomes silent, the space becomes different.  The cultivation of a silent mind is an amazing experience, a desirable one.

I’m not sure how conscious you are of what carrying thoughts all day in the mind can do.  Even though we are excited about thoughts it still impacts our nervous system, when we’re depressed or too excited.

When we’re able to keep an even keel it’s different. We need to really appreciate what it means to be aware; and to be silent.  To come to the root of thought is to come to the silence with a high awareness of being.  You do not become less, you become more, you experience more.  Some of us thrive on thinking but that’s stressful.

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A Whisper Behind the Mind


Guru is not a man.

 Guru is that Grace bestowing power to guide us.

It can appear in the pages of a book.

It can appear in a form in a dream.

It can appear in a whisper behind the mind.

The Universe is filled with this guiding power.                                                                               Sri Vasudeva

The Art of Observing


Consciousness has a transcendent quality, it is apart from everything, and it has an immanent quality, it is involved in everything.                                                                    That same nature is within us.                                                                                                       We have a transcendental aspect of our consciousness, where we can observe the object whilst feeling apart from it, and yet we can identify with the experience that we are having with the object.

Observe how the consciousness operates within us, in our experiences.                          Some of us do not give attention to it, but we are constantly observing the experience. That is why we can say, “I am going to change the way I feel, or change the way I think, or change the way I experience something”; because we are observing.                            The more we observe, the more we can see, and the more we can change.                         So the goal is to observe the experience of conscious being, and one may call that “witnessing”.                                                                                                                                        Sri Vasudeva


Maya: The Gaming Nature of the Universe


Maya is nothing more than the creation of a very powerful game. A lot of time is spent in this generation to create games, especially now with the computer; amazing games that draw so many people into the gaming habit. It just shows our typical nature to get involved in a game. Now the games are very involved; more complex, challenging, exciting.

Where did we get that quality of gaming? Why do we enjoy games, in particular hide and seek? Hide something, and then there is the thrill of finding it. Maya shows the gaming nature of the Universe. Maya is nothing more than the Universe in play, and you had to don this suit [the physical body] to come in this earthly plane to engage in this play.

But it is not you who are playing; it is the Universe in you that is in play.                               It is not you, the ego, the apparent self, but the real self that is playing.                                        It is the Universe that is playing in you.                                                                                         The Universe is very much in a hide and seek; it has hidden itself as us, inside of us.    And in the play, we have lost the sense of Self, so it is very much like hide and seek.       Sri Vasudeva