Love Lit up my Way


When I came back from India I was no way in any enlightened state, but I was happy.  Then I chose love, so that love lit up my way, and that brought me deeper and deeper into the experience of a Higher Self, and then finally this ultimate shift happened.  I knew even that love was only a means to an end.  When I got into that final state of experience, it was a love of a different kind.  It was not just an ordinary love, it was an extraordinary feeling.

This is a beyond kind of love                                                                                                         this is a love that breathes freedom,                                                                                                 this is a love that sees no prejudice,                                                                                             this is a love that is not self-righteous,                                                                                             this is a love that is not connected to happiness or unhappiness;                                               this was a different kind of love.

 From that state, I can go into love or I can go into being non-emotional.  So it brought me into a kind of higher experience of love, a different quality of love.                                      So on my journey I used love to lift me.                                                                                        Sri Vasudeva


How Real is a Dream?


I remember as a young boy, looking up at the sky, looking at everything around me – so beautiful – and thinking, “This moment is going to pass,” and I am telling myself, “I want to remember this when it changes. I want to remember that I was lying on this grass, looking up at the sky and thinking that this is only for a moment; the physical experience.” I still remember that. And I remember very clearly being conscious in dreams of finding a priceless coin. Repeatedly I would want to wake up from the dream holding the coin and thinking, “Oh my God, now I will wake up with this coin,” the coin was so real. Then waking up and no coin.

We live in this experience every day. Why is it that we do not contemplate the temporary nature of life around us? It is so changing, it is so unpredictable. That is the Maya; we are so held in what is not real as real, and we do not even think that we are held in this false reality. We are so gripped by it that we do not even think. Those who have made the journey appear in the space reminding us, “Hey, what you are looking at is not real! What you are experiencing is not real. There is a greater reality.” Only those who are ready and receptive will begin to see the truth of that. Sri Vasudeva

Are we Sleeping in the Consciousness?


The wise say that this experience of waking life is just a longer dream, which means we are actually sleeping in the consciousness, because we know that dreams happen when we are sleeping. Is it true that we are held in an illusion, and what we are experiencing as reality isn’t so? That there is a greater reality than what we are experiencing? Is there?

Every day, you watch how that which you hold as a reality is ever changing. Things disappear around you: people whom you know, their body goes back to nature; pets that you have, they go back to nature; plants that you have, they go back to nature. You are seeing a constant change and flux in the space, and that which you hold close and dear today is going to leave you someday. What do you call a changing experience, if not dream-like? So why do we give so much attention to what is changing around us, as the reality? Why do we hold on to it so much, only to realize that it goes away, just like the dream? Which one of you is going to stay in that constancy of the physical?                          Sri Vasudeva

Meditation on the Inner Light on Divali


It is the morning of Divali. So the focus of our meditation is the light, to become that light. The light that drives away all darkness.  Deep within your being is the source of all light. The light within your being is considered to be the light that is brighter than a thousand suns. Let us invoke that inner light.

Breathe away the useless thoughts, as you breathe away the stale air from the lungs. Give attention to the peacefulness that appears in your consciousness as you let go of unwanted thoughts.

The Divine expresses through love. So as that love appears in the heart, it is really like the lighting of a Deeya.  A sacred light in the heart. As that light spreads into your being, a gentle smile appears on the face. Gratitude extends to every cell in the body. Allow God consciousness to permeate every part of you. “It is in that light that I exist. It is that Supreme light within that nourishes me.” Let God flow through your being.

Spread this loving and peaceful energy into your space. Breathe into the gut area. Feel the entire body warming up to your love. Love nourishes. Love heals. Let the sacred line of the Upanishads resonate with this feeling, Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya.  Tamas is the darkness; we are saying take away the darkness, lead me to the light, so that my immortal consciousness may manifest. Mrityurmaa Amritam Gamaya, we pray that the consciousness of death may disappear. “Hold me in that sacred space of truth and in the words of the Upanishads, Asato Maa Sad Gamaya. Take away the false that I may see, let me only see or experience that which is real.” Hold yourself there, feeling and experiencing the power of that prayer.

“Let the light manifest within me, driving away darkness. Let my immortal consciousness shine, driving away ignorance of mortality. Let the knowing of the truth manifest within me; that everything that changes is false and only that peaceful, loving being that pervades my being is the essence of existence.” This is the way you light the inner Deeya.

Sustain that spirit of the light. Breathe into it as you breathe into the heart, opening up to warmth and fire inside that lights up your being with love. Breathe into the gut, extending it to every cell across the body. Think of all the nadis within the body, the subtle energy channels. They become lit with the subtle fire of prana as you open up to love, to compassion and to vitality.

When you open up the consciousness to charity, to being kind, and compassionate towards life, to sharing this love and peace with everyone around you, to wishing everyone well and bestowing the blessings of your soul that is filled with divinity towards your world, then you have embodied the spirit of Mahalakshmi, the spirit of the Divine goddess of prosperity, of abundance, and happiness.

The mantra of  Mahalakshmi says, ‘Lakshmi Karotu Kalyaanam,’ She is the bestower of happiness. ‘Aarogyam Sukha Sampadam’, She takes away disease bringing wellness. ‘Mamashatru Vinaashaaya,’ She destroys all the enemies of the soul. ‘Deepa Jyoti Namostute,’ I bow to that light. This is how the spirit of Divali pervades in the being. Stay in that space.

As we continue to invoke the power of the light and the blessing of Mahalakshmi, we pray that our spiritual powers would be opened up and our intelligence, ‘Om Siddhi Buddhi Prade Devi.’ And all nourishment will come and freedom, ‘Bhukti Mukti Pradaayini.’ Your mantra is so full of your vibrant power, ‘Mantra Murte Sadaa Devi.’ To you O Supreme One that bestows prosperity, Mahalakshmi Namostute, we bow to your energy.

Hold this spirit in a sustained way, opening up your heart today to every heart that embraces the light, strengthening that light across the world that darkness may be dispelled from every heart. “May we have a world full of light.”

Now let’s centre ourselves in that space as we look ahead to a new day. I centre myself in that supreme light within. I stay centred there that the infinite goodness, peace, wisdom, vitality and love that exists within me will influence my every thought, word and action in this day. May I be an instrument of the light. May the light within flow in and through me to my world. May I be a blessing. I give thanks for all the blessings I have received and I pray to continue to be worthy. Om Peace Peace Peace.

Namaskar everyone. I want to wish  you a happy Divali.  It is a very special day. As much as you prepare for the evening of lighting up, let that lit spirit within you that is full of the fire of love and the fire of goodness and the consciousness of peace, influence every expression of being, be it the thoughts, the words that you speak or the actions that you perform. Let that fire that you have lit within your soul inspire your day. In that way, when dusk comes and you begin to light the deeyas, that will only be the icing on the cake as we say, the dessert, your spirit would have already been filled; now it would be overflowing. The spirit of Divali is not just ordinarily festive but it should be deeply spiritual as well. Sri Vasudeva

How to Witness without Identifying with Change


In this meditation, we are going to centre in that inner posture, that holds us in the  observing mode, without judgement, without labelling, without like and dislike. The only aspect that does not change is that witness conscious aspect of being, where you observe all that changes; mind changes, emotion changes, body changes.

The goal is not to identify with the change, just to observe the change from that centre of peacefulness. 

Observe how quickly we identify with change. A thought comes, and we become carried away by it. An emotion comes, and we get carried away by it. The body’s vitality changes, and we become carried away by it. Is it possible that we can observe everything without being carried away, without losing that centre of consciousness where we are constantly in present moment observation?

A good practice here, as you stay observing without judgement, is to focus on your breathing. Just allow the breath to gracefully and naturally flow as you breathe out completely and breathe in deeply. A rhythmic breath allows us to become more peaceful, more stable in the consciousness. Sri Vasudeva

The Deeper Level of Witnessing

gift-1278395_960_720Now that I am in a human experience, I can truly offer the all of me to that Supreme Self in which I exist. I can truly offer my body. I can truly offer my vitality. I can truly offer my emotionality. I can truly offer my voice. I can truly offer my mind.

“I give everything to You. I offer You this because I can feel them. I can experience them.  I am offering You my voice from the physicality of my being. I am offering You the fullness of my vitality in my speaking. I am offering You my heart in fullness, no reservation, I do not want to keep back anything.  I offer You the best of my voice. I offer You my mind. My mind does not want to think of anything else but Your vastness in my being. How much more can I worship You? How more can I adore You by offering the all of me to You?

In a detached state of being, I able to observe the all of me, observing every energy layer in me, centring my “I” in the expansiveness of my awareness and with the power of will, I am offering everything to You. You have the best of me.”  Sri Vasudeva

Non-judgment brings Lightness of Being


When you are not caught in a judgment, there is a feeling that you are free.                There is a lightness that comes, so that you can really navigate, you can float in the space.                                                                                                                             The moment the mind is not tied to anything, there is a freedom in the consciousness.  Sri Vasudeva

Learn to Observe From an Expansive View

telescope-1201497_960_720You need to observe the discriminating mind and whether it is caught up in judgment, limiting the experience that you are having.

When you define someone as “foolish” for example, you have put them in a box. Are you going to keep them there? And the same with yourself; if you judge yourself to be foolish, worthless, helpless and you keep yourself in that box, what is going to happen? You leave no room whatsoever for transformation and change. So the idea of observing with non-judgment is extremely important. I know that it is not an easy thing because we are so caught up in judgments. We need some kind of grace there to lift us in the space where we can see things differently, where we can observe in a more expansive view.                                                                                                                                                Sri Vasudeva

How to Witness the Human Experience

feet-619399_960_720Let us just observe the consciousness space in which the “I” is having an experience. Holding the intention to have the fullest experience of being in the human experience.

We would like to be in a space of no judgment, so do not label your thoughts when they arise. Do not be carried away by them. Observe them, let them come, let them go until the mind becomes truly silent. 

And in that silent space, begin to observe the grossness of the physical body. It is the body that you have in this lifetime. It is a body that your soul carries in its being. Free the mind of judgment as you observe the body. Accept it for what it is. Your joy should be how to transform the experience of the body through your subtle being. So you are identifying with the physical body because you are using your mind to hold your body in its space of observation.

The ego is having the experience of a human body, the experience of being of a certain gender; male, female. It is having the experience of a field of vitality that I call the core of the physical body, and the experience of whether the body is vital or lacking in vitality. The ego is having an emotional experience. The ego will have an experience of speaking or singing, of communication, of using the voice. It will have the experience of listening using the ear. It will have the experience of the human brain and how the thought can influence the brain and the mind.


“There is lack of vitality in me, or there is too much vitality in me. There is sadness in me, and happiness in me.” You need to observe these things. You need to see how they feature in your space because they are important, they affect your well-being, how you feel. But can you witness them in a way of not becoming caught in them? That is where the power is; in the non-judgmental nature of witnessing. Only when you are witnessing from a place of no judgment can you really see things in their entirety. The moment you are caught in one aspect, then you may lose the sense or the awareness of the whole. So in your observing, you need to observe the discriminating mind and whether it is caught up in judgment, limiting the experience that you are having.

The Power of One Thought

“I have faith that in every day and in every way, my Universe is taking care of me.” When you begin your day with that thought and you keep that thought throughout your day, you will be amazed how your Universe will respond.

 Just a single thought in your mind, without doubt, because doubt is like the rubber that steals your energy away. No doubt. You learn to have no doubts when you are around positive people. If you are around positive people, you pick up their spirit and you lose the fear. Just one thought in the mind continuously. That sort of mental training is important. One thought in the mind- continuously, continuously, continuously.

 Why do you need so many thoughts in your day? You know how you can have a household that is cluttered with all kind of things you like to keep but you do not need? And the moment you clean up the house and give away everything that you do not need, see how light it feels? Or the same in an office, when you have all the information around you and you do not need them, you clear them up, you put the things that you do not need away and you deal with only the things you need right away. See what happens. You are more organized and more energised.

 It is same with the mind; you do not need so many thoughts. That is inefficiency if you need so many thoughts for all the actions you do every day. Just use the thoughts that are necessary and you will see what happens to you. You become more powerful.

 You have plenty of unimportant thoughts in your mind every day. Do you really need all of that? Do you? I doubt it. So, clear up the clutter of the mind, fewer thoughts are better and one thought continuously in the mind when the mind is idle is a good thing. Let us practice keeping one thought in the mind.” Sri Vasudeva