Captured in the Human Experience

Today Gurudev spoke about how the soul has a subtle system connected to the human senses of smelling, seeing, touching, tasting, and hearing. This makes sense to me because in the dream state we smell, we hear, we taste, touch and see things even though the physical senses are not active. I can relate to there being a subtle aspect to the senses which would gather the data that would be stored in the soul. There are even many subtle information gathering tools on the internet. So not so much of  a stretch to think of the soul having a subtle information gathering system running parallel to the physical system. Amazing isn’t it?

Guru mentioned  the powers of action in the soul: speaking, handling, locomotion or moving, excretion, sexual activity.  I can see how the soul could drive the physical body  through these actions. It makes sense that we could be captured by the human experience, driven by the needs of the body and fearing for its survival, in forgetfulness of our immortal, infinite nature.

I was really motivated by the way he spoke of the possibility of self-mastery: managing oneself with wisdom, love, compassion and joy as we navigate the challenges of daily life. Yeah! I want that for myself.

What inspired you today? I must say I really do love the comments that you post. They inspire me, they bring clarity to each day’s message. Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom.


One Response to Captured in the Human Experience

  1. Victoria says:

    Namaskar Madhavi

    That message was like fine dining, without the bloating and stomach ache from eating too much rich food! It is starting to make more sense at the intellectual level and I look forward to the possibilities of the now, as well as what lies ahead.

    What struck and has stayed with me was the story about the lion. I heard it in the 40 Days last year but what was different for me was the part that the lion “became shocked when it saw another lion roaring, and somehow deep within, it remembered. The big lion had to stimulate the thinking.” It makes me wonder about how I could be more effective in stimulating, supporting and hastening my own remembering, by association with our big lion, Sri Vasudeva.

    With love and thanks

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