The joy of using the energy spectrum

What a marvelous title for today’s talk. The fascinating idea for me is that once there is awakening then we have made a major step in our spiritual journey. I was glad for the reminder that all chakras are connected and they are meant to work with each other in the human experience.

Sri Vasudeva gave so many examples of how we could use any activity and strive to make it better by channeling the energies of the chakras. This one was my favourite:

“As I live in an aging body and seek to improve the health of the body, and seek to keep the body stronger and more flexible, to keep the body more vital in the human experience, I have to give attention to the lowermost chakras. I do so with a kind of excitement, no fear, because I want to understand the physical body. That requires me to use my brain in a more full way. I want to have vitality in my body, and I want to have a powerful flow of vitality, therefore I need to use my Manipura chakra.

I want to love what I do. I want to have a passion for keeping my body healthy, so I need to open up the heart chakra. I want to share that with other people. It is such a joy to share what I am doing and get other people’s opinion. I want to talk about it, I want to communicate with what I am doing and when other people become involved I feel happy. There is a sense of happiness in opening up the space to share what I am feeling with others, and so vocal activity becomes important.

Then when I am getting involved in taking care of my body, I want to have a vision for it.  I want to have a goal for it. I want to know where I am going and so I am employing my brain in a better way. I want to reason out the steps.  I want to monitor my performance and I want to measure it, I want to see how I perform in my daily life. Then I am using all my chakras and tapping into my soul energy to be able to fully master this.”

What struck you about today’s message?


One Response to The joy of using the energy spectrum

  1. Marlene says:

    What struck me about today’s talk were the following words, “The soul, in trying to go deeper into its experience in the human experience, begins to invite the different chakras into opening. When we begin to seek, information is going to come as to how to go deeper. That is the way of Grace in the Universe.” I really liked how Guru expressed the invitation of the soul for the opening of various chakras. It is like the soul is just waiting for us to strongly desire the search to really know ourselves; to ask “Whom am I?”

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