Team Players in the Inner Space

In the game of life we need to have the perfect team on the inside if we are to win this game. So consider this scenario within your inner being, and the players in the inner space. 

You need to have a main person on the team, for example, the captain. The captain has to be very watchful – overlooking, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of everyone, and trying to co-ordinate the game as best as possible.

We have several players because we have several different positions in the game. Every player has an important role. And the team of course, needs to work together; otherwise surely the match is not going to be won.

All of this is happening because you have a manager of a team who has a purpose – this game has to be won because there are so many shareholders involved who are supporting this team – so the manager represents all of them. 

Let us say the manager is the ego, the one who identifies with winning the game.  Of course the captain is going to be the intellect. So the captain has the intelligence of the game. He is vested with that role to overlook all the players, keeping a strict eye on them.

Every player is important in the game. There must be respect for each other. If one player decides that this one is too weak and he wants to do the role, and this one is confused and there is no communication, you can imagine what is going to happen. If someone gets emotional in the game and they become caught up in the emotion, they may lose the aspect of team playing. So there must be a lot of respect for each other in the space, for each other’s abilities. There must be powerful communication and there must be a support. If we have a well integrated team, then certainly it’s unbeatable!

The importance of training                                                                                                                But how do we get a team to actually get to that state of great communication, developing skills for each role, and working together as a team? Training no? Can you imagine without training what is going to happen?

Is the Captain in good condition? Is he well informed? Is he in sync with the manager and the shareholders? Is he sharp in his skills to look? Is he in good communication with the manager so sometimes he can get a tip?

Are all the players well informed and have they practised enough that they can manage their roles masterfully? Is the mind and emotional being well trained within you? Is your vital being well trained within you? Is the body well trained to support?

Who is going to do this training? It has to be the manager and the captain working with the team. It has to be the intellect, together with the one who is identified with winning the game – the ego. The intellect and ego, must work together because they are major team players. We need to have the sense of victory. We need to identify with winning the game, that’s the ego. We need to have the skills of the captain, the intellect.

And we need to train the mind excellently! Zero defect. Zero failure. That is what we are looking for. Of course, failure can be an important learning experience, but that’s for the training, not for the match.

Emotional being has to be appropriate; we need emotional intelligence in the space. Vitality has to be sustained, we need to be vital and body needs to be supporting this.

So there we are. How’s your team? What are the team needs? How confident is the ego in the game – the manager and all the shareholders who identify with the winning? How strong is the captain? How confident is the captain?

Taking stock of our team                                                                                                                  How are we going to train these players? When you look in the inner space, certainly our players need a lot of training. It is good when you can assume that they know nothing, so we train them from the basics.

The mind needs to be trained. When you observe the inner space, how scattered is the mind? How fluctuating are the thoughts? How much silence can we generate? How open is the mind? And how is the intellect holding the mind in the discipline of training? Of course ego wants to be confident of winning the game.

How is the emotional being? Is it scattered? Is it full of fear? Is it lonely? Does it have low self esteem? Does it need to shape up? And how is the vitality, the fire, is it high, is it low, is it struggling? How is the physical body supporting? Is it strong? Is it travel-worthy? Is it being managed well?

There we are. We need to really take stock of what is happening to this team inside, and pull this team together, otherwise, what is going to happen in the game? Sri Vasudeva