How to Surrender when Challenged (Part 2)


In yesterday’s post Sri Vasudeva (SV) gave us some strategies to deal with a situation where we feel stuck. As promised today we go on to explore another facet.

M: Is it that surrender or humility is a recognition that we need help?

SV: Well of course surrendering means “I can’t do anything more in this situation. I need help.” So you’re surrendering to the forces of life, “I don’t know where I am; I’m totally lost; I’m surrendering to the process.” Surrender means that you’re giving up trying to find something, and expect that help is coming towards you. You’re giving up all the efforts that you made which didn’t work, that’s surrendering. “I don’t know what to do anymore; I can’t do anything; everything seems to not work. So I just need grace here.” So that’s a form of surrendering – helplessness – that you can’t do anything, so you give up. You give up trying to do, because in all your doing, nothing is happening.

M: So when you say “surrendering to the process, what does that mean?”

SV:  It’s surrendering the effort that is not helping…and opening up the way to something else coming to pull us out of the space. The faster you begin to recognise that all the tools that you’re using  are not working, then you have to look outside of the toolbox, “There needs to be a tool somewhere to help me.” So that means “I’m surrendering every effort to stay with my old tools.” I’m opening up now; I’m opening up to grace that a new tool will emerge.

So the surrendering there is the surrendering of useless efforts, efforts that don’t work, that’s where the surrendering is focussed on. But in surrendering there is the intention of opening up the space for a new tool, a new way of working, a new support. So there is a very powerful intention to hold on to any kind of grace that will bring me relief from the situation. So it is not that: I am surrendering hope. I’m surrendering the efforts that don’t work; I’m holding on to hope.

M: This is not the same as giving up in a disempowering way…

SV: No. It is not about giving up everything.

M: From what you’re describing it seems that it will be easier to recognise the new tool, or the new inspiration. 

SV: Right. What it does is it opens up the consciousness space. Because, on one hand, a part of my consciousness has been making effort and it’s useless. It’s not working. I’m going to another part of my consciousness that has hope and has the awareness that grace exists. So I’m opening up to that part of the consciousness. And I’m surrendering all the efforts that I tend to make with my ego, in wanting to do this by myself.

Is it like opening up to my bigger self?

SV: Well, I’m centered in the bigger self, so it is opening up to another part of my bigger self. Because I believe that I have more possibilities than just this. I believe that with my intuitive power I can find something inside of my being that will work. So I need to go into that space of grace within my being. I need to call upon the god within.


Seeking Divine Love


I am Yours, O Supreme and infinite love within me. Let my ego melt in You.                     Let me become Your perfect instrument in this play.

I hold my body that You may drive away every bit of darkness that may be within me. Energize my every cell. I love you my body; you are God’s gift to me.                                      I love you my every cell; you are so precious to me.

I am a friend of all. I wish everyone well.                                                                                        I centre in harmonious co-existence with the elements of nature, and with all creatures in this existence. In this harmony, I feel free in my soul, unburdened, unfettered.               I adore You in all of creation.          

Let my mind offer you the most beautiful thoughts, fragrant with love.                             You are the wind beneath my wings of love.                                                                                                                               How can I exist without You?

I am Yours, O Supreme One, all of me; body, mind and soul.                                               Bless me; hold me in Your Being that my every moment will be filled with You.                                                                To You, my soul bows again and again.                                                                                       Om peace, peace, peace.                                                                                                                   Sri Vasudeva