What Kind of Spiritual Seeker Are You?

5ZC9K92S09.jpgToday I want to speak about us, the seekers on the journey.  I have noticed in my experience that we have basically three kinds of seekers.  You can see where you fall in this, or whether it is a mixture for you.

The First Seeker: knows the goal, but is caught in pleasure 

The first seeker knows that it has to go somewhere; it knows that this is not the plane, but is so hopelessly caught in this sensory pleasure domain that it completely sidelines this inner remembering.  Of course, the seeker can give you a good lecture on what the goal is.  They will tell you, but they are completely caught in the material experience.  They worship those who are freedom seekers, who are making the journey, “Oh my God, these are great people.”  They become iconic to them.  But they are so hopelessly caught.

When life really becomes challenging and painful, they remember where they need to go.  They begin to practice for a while, because life is painful and they need some relief.  But, as soon as they get better, they are completely caught again.  Only when life really pushes and kicks them; when life becomes miserable and painful, then they are ready to practice.

That is the first kind of seeker.  Blissful in their ignorance, but they know that there is a place they have to go.  Not thinking about death, not thinking about pain, not thinking about the misery that is going to happen, so caught in the pleasure.  That is the first kind of seeker – hopelessly caught, but dreaming of that place.

The Second Seeker: practice is a lower priority

The second kind of seeker is one who knows, and one who practices, but it is a lower priority.  They have more important things in the world to get done.  In the list of priorities,  spiritual seeking takes a little lower priority.  They say, “Well, a little later on, right now I am so busy with so many things that I have to do, so this can wait for a little bit later.”  Of course, for some of them, when the body shuts down too soon, they have missed the boat.  They were waiting for later on to practice, but the body shut down on them.  You know how that can be; it can lead to a lot of misery, while the body is shutting down.

These are the ones who become inspired.  Whenever they see someone seeking and practicing, they are very inspired, and for a little while, they practice.  But when the inspiration has gone, they fall back into the old patterns, putting less priority on spirituality.  That is the second kind of seeker.

The Third Seeker: never forgets spiritual awakening

The third kind of seeker is the one who the moment they become awakened to something, they grab it.  It stays in the mind, it never leaves, and it transforms everything that they do.  No matter where they are, this thought is present in them.  No matter how involved they are in the activities of the world, it is not forgotten.  It is always there, on the forefront of the mind.  These seekers make their active world a part of their seeking.  Whilst they are in the world, they are using the world itself to help them in their seeking.  This is the third kind of seeker.  What is amazing about this seeker is the moment they understand, the moment the knowledge becomes clear in their mind, it transforms them completely; it stays with them forever.

Now you can well imagine that the Universe would respond differently to each seeker.                   Sri Vasudeva


Who is listening?


tulip-1771693_960_720.jpgThat which is intensively listening through the human body was not created. It is embodied, it lives in timelessness. Sri Vasudeva

How is Consciousness experienced in Meditation?


Consciousness is the expansive experience that you begin to have when you go deeper and deeper. But if you notice what is creating that is your surrendering, it is your opening up yourself to that infinite space, relieving yourself of thinking, because the moment you make too much effort; the mind becomes restless. But the moment you start giving up that effort and you start surrendering, “I don’t know. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you are. I don’t know what consciousness is, but I want to know. I want to experience.” It’s that yearning without trying to keep a picture and a thought and a label. It’s such yearning from inside, and that heart of surrender that will bring that experience. Sri Vasudeva

Integrity in the Game of Life

Peace Garden.jpgWe often talk about the “the game of life”. So we continue a little further in looking at this play. You will agree with me that the “field” is consciousness, the source of all possibilities, that is the field that we are playing in.

Can we look at the possibility of a personal field, the field in which we operate in, the inner space; and the collective field of the consciousness, the space that is outside of our personal space? So we have two fields in which we play and both contain all possibilities because both are the consciousness field. We have an inner field that is personal and private to us. And we have a collective field, the external, that we play the game of life in, where we interact with other conscious beings in the field of life.

Yesterday, we were considering the play in the inner field, the personal field. We can call that “the training field,” it’s a field that we are in every moment. I have often remarked that you can be in the midst of a crowd and still be alone, if you are very conscious of your personal field and how huge it is, and how it contains all possibilities.

In fact when all the players that we identified yesterday in the personal field are working together in harmony, how do we call that? Personal integrity – when all the intentions are noble and this team on the inner space is working together in perfect balance, harmony, helping each other, supporting each other, understanding each other, respecting each other, really team playing. Intellect, ego, emotional being, vital being, physical body; the whole team is vibrating with one energy, one goal, which is the noble intention.

Then we have what is called personal integrity, that is strength. Integrity means “whole.” So we are united in the inner space. How does it feel when all these players come together very powerfully in the inner space? You can well understand what happens in an actual game of sport when every player is working in harmony with the whole, very united, full of noble purpose, respecting each other, supporting each other, conscious of each other, and realizing too that each player has a skill and a role that is important in the space. We need that kind of unity consciousness on the inside. Sri Vasudeva

Team Players in the Inner Space

In the game of life we need to have the perfect team on the inside if we are to win this game. So consider this scenario within your inner being, and the players in the inner space. 

You need to have a main person on the team, for example, the captain. The captain has to be very watchful – overlooking, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of everyone, and trying to co-ordinate the game as best as possible.

We have several players because we have several different positions in the game. Every player has an important role. And the team of course, needs to work together; otherwise surely the match is not going to be won.

All of this is happening because you have a manager of a team who has a purpose – this game has to be won because there are so many shareholders involved who are supporting this team – so the manager represents all of them. 

Let us say the manager is the ego, the one who identifies with winning the game.  Of course the captain is going to be the intellect. So the captain has the intelligence of the game. He is vested with that role to overlook all the players, keeping a strict eye on them.

Every player is important in the game. There must be respect for each other. If one player decides that this one is too weak and he wants to do the role, and this one is confused and there is no communication, you can imagine what is going to happen. If someone gets emotional in the game and they become caught up in the emotion, they may lose the aspect of team playing. So there must be a lot of respect for each other in the space, for each other’s abilities. There must be powerful communication and there must be a support. If we have a well integrated team, then certainly it’s unbeatable!

The importance of training                                                                                                                But how do we get a team to actually get to that state of great communication, developing skills for each role, and working together as a team? Training no? Can you imagine without training what is going to happen?

Is the Captain in good condition? Is he well informed? Is he in sync with the manager and the shareholders? Is he sharp in his skills to look? Is he in good communication with the manager so sometimes he can get a tip?

Are all the players well informed and have they practised enough that they can manage their roles masterfully? Is the mind and emotional being well trained within you? Is your vital being well trained within you? Is the body well trained to support?

Who is going to do this training? It has to be the manager and the captain working with the team. It has to be the intellect, together with the one who is identified with winning the game – the ego. The intellect and ego, must work together because they are major team players. We need to have the sense of victory. We need to identify with winning the game, that’s the ego. We need to have the skills of the captain, the intellect.

And we need to train the mind excellently! Zero defect. Zero failure. That is what we are looking for. Of course, failure can be an important learning experience, but that’s for the training, not for the match.

Emotional being has to be appropriate; we need emotional intelligence in the space. Vitality has to be sustained, we need to be vital and body needs to be supporting this.

So there we are. How’s your team? What are the team needs? How confident is the ego in the game – the manager and all the shareholders who identify with the winning? How strong is the captain? How confident is the captain?

Taking stock of our team                                                                                                                  How are we going to train these players? When you look in the inner space, certainly our players need a lot of training. It is good when you can assume that they know nothing, so we train them from the basics.

The mind needs to be trained. When you observe the inner space, how scattered is the mind? How fluctuating are the thoughts? How much silence can we generate? How open is the mind? And how is the intellect holding the mind in the discipline of training? Of course ego wants to be confident of winning the game.

How is the emotional being? Is it scattered? Is it full of fear? Is it lonely? Does it have low self esteem? Does it need to shape up? And how is the vitality, the fire, is it high, is it low, is it struggling? How is the physical body supporting? Is it strong? Is it travel-worthy? Is it being managed well?

There we are. We need to really take stock of what is happening to this team inside, and pull this team together, otherwise, what is going to happen in the game? Sri Vasudeva


Making the Shift

We want to make a shift. We understand the power of this consciousness field. We realize we have to be responsible for our intentions. So how do we begin? There are so many teachings! There are so many teachers! There are so many theories! There are so many possibilities! Where do we begin? How do we choose?

Why don’t we start with “what is” before me? Why am I not present to “what is”? Can “what is” before me, help me to know more? Is it a game of hide and seek, that life is putting everything before me, and I need to begin with “what is”? This seems to make a lot of sense.  I find it to be very practical – stay with “what is,” and explore the possibilities that emerge.

What is the scenario before me? Hmmm – well, I am aware, I am aware of my world. I am aware that my human senses bring information to me: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching.  I am also aware that I can process this information inside, and make opinions, form judgments!

I can create thoughts: “This is a fellow human being; this is a musical instrument; this is a floor; this is a ceiling.” Then, if I want to remember: “The floor was blue in colour. The ceiling was another shade of blue. What was the colour of the musical instrument? Oh, it was brown. And then the fellow human beings … oh, they are different.” My memory is bringing back images. So I can think and I can imagine.

I can recall – hmmm, that is “what is.” And how do I know the difference between a musical instrument and this box? There is a keyboard there, and a bellows. So it draws air in, and air comes out with a sound. This other box has electronic equipment. It is different. Now, I am using reasoning. So there is reason within me.

And who is asking all these questions! “Who am I? I have a human body. I have a mind. I can think, and I am an “I.” I have an identity! I am male, in human body I am tall. This is the colour of my skin. This is my hair. I have an identity! I am different! So there … I have an identity, I have the power to reason, I have the power to think, I have the power to imagine, I have the power to remember. Hmm, I have a lot of power! Sri Vasudeva


Give Attention to the Inner Space

Sri Vasudeva:
The important thing in that inner space is really understanding who is the one who is saying, “I want to know this space.” Who is that entity inside of the space that we have become aware of, that needs to know, that feels ignorant, that feels separate, that has lost some kind of knowledge, so it is seeking to know, “Who am I?” Who is that one inside and how did this one come about? For me, it is tremendously fascinating that there can be a “one” or an individual in that Consciousness space that is seeking. It can only be seeking itself. It can only be seeking to understand the root of its existence.
The attention should be to the inner space. Does it make sense to you that we are so caught up in the things of the outer world, using the human senses, that we do not give enough attention to what is happening in the inner space? So this “one” that is in there, that is searching, that is seeking, that feels separate, that feels that it is ignorant, that one is called the ahamkar in the Vedantic teachings; the ahamkar, the “I” maker. How did this “I” come about inside there? That is also interesting to note.

Consciousness is a field; it is like a clear screen on which or in which anything can appear. So the “I” appears in this Consciousness space. What is the cause? How does an “I” appear in the Consciousness space? If you look at a screen on which a film is being projected, the screen is just this clear space and the picture is projected on that space, and you are having quite an experience of looking at the projection in the space, when the projection disappears, what remains? Clear space; what has always been there. The light is playing with its colours and forms on a clear space that continues to exist after the play.

The human form is an experience in that Consciousness space and this gives us an identity. It embodies the Consciousness. So that which was like a screen, a clear field, now has an embodiment, the physical embodiment allows us to view and to experience this plane.

But we do not only have a physical embodiment, we have a subtle energy embodiment on the inside. We do not perceive it because we do not look carefully. But the moment we begin to explore the other energies that are in the Consciousness, we will begin to become aware that we are more than just a physical embodiment.


The Freedom of Creating Anew

Sri Vasudeva:

We can direct energy to anything if we know our centre of power. But we are so caught up in the energy forms that are created in an unconscious way by the force of environment, and the force of people’s opinion and the force of everything else, it shapes our reality. When someone tells us something, we hold onto that as real when it is not.

So we need to get to that centre where we can create any thought we want, we can deconstruct any thought we want, any pattern we want and we can feel the freedom of creating anew. Reality in the space that we know is fluid, it changes in a moment. But there is a space inside of us that does not. It is the space where we observe change from, and it is a space where we can continuously feel peace because it has no fluctuation in its essence; its essential peace stays. Its essential lovingness stays, its essential bliss stays, its essential existence stays. And that is the state we all need to go to, that is the state where reality is created; the reality we know in the space, the energy forms, that is where it is created. Why not go to the creative space and see what joy there is in there at the very centre?


What Has Grabbed your Attention Today?

I had a request from a reader for a simple tip that a beginner on the meditation path could use to understand and experience what it means to observe oneself. I thought a story would illustrate the concept.

A few days ago I left home early for an appointment. It was downtown and I planned to walk there. On my way I noticed there were quite a number of nail salons that have cropped up. Nail art has grown in popularity. I paused for a moment to gaze through a store window …. mmm creativity on such a tiny canvas.

I arrived a few minutes early at the office and while waiting I looked around at the people in the vicinity and noticed many interesting nail designs ranging from the simple to really complex. I smiled with enjoyment. I love to see variety in expressions.

Now this was not exactly an earth shattering experience, how could something so mundane bring me to a greater inner awareness? It begins when I become curious about why nails were catching my attention. What about my nails? Well at some point that morning I broke a nail, eventually the discomfort drew my attention until I discovered what had happened.

I had walked past those same nail salons many times before but they did not come to my attention until there was some personal connection. If I was to delve a little deeper I can say I have an interest in many forms of creativity so that innate tendency combined with my broken nail drew my interest. This is a simple story where it was easy to figure out the personal connection. Often times when the story is more complicated by emotional overtones it takes quite a lot of reflection to discover the personal connection.

The intention of this article is to illustrate the starting point in self exploration. First we need to become aware of what is drawing our attention in the outer world and begin the investigation of our personal connection with it. So the most important question is what has drawn your attention today, and why do you suppose it did? I recommend starting with the more neutral attention grabbers.


Image courtesy Lassie Maclean




Don’t let a day pass by without discovering something new about yourself

Each day look for something new in your awareness.   There must be something that is new during your day.  To just eat and sleep and to exist in the routine activities is not the way of wisdom.  Sri VasudevaPine_bark_tecpan_guatemala.JPG