I Kindle the Flame of Love Within

4fc4843fab65cc5d71b83c5094f988f2--bleeding-heart-flower-bleeding-hearts.jpgToday I kindle the flame of love within me that will drive away the darkness of misery, loneliness and worry. May it grow into a fire that burns brightly in my inner world. May all my thoughts be filled with the brightness of love and positive energy. May all my actions be inspired by the love of my spirit. And may my bliss touch my fellow human beings and my world. May my bliss awaken in others the awareness of their own bliss. Today, I take the responsibility of creating a better world by sending positive thoughts, by sending my healing love, by spreading my bliss to the world. Sri Vasudeva


Make a Positive Impact

How do we tap into this power inside to impact our world positively, so that we can create a world of peace, love, and harmony? Of course, you will agree with me that’s a better world, that’s the world we are all seeking, whether we know it or not. Even those who are in a negative bent, they are seeking the same, but they don’t know it. They feel that by destructive means they are going to have power and happiness and freedom. But, no, no, destruction is never the answer!   

So as we tap into this unlimited potential, we need to be benevolent. We need to be kind towards our world. We need to be well intentioned to our world and then all the forces of the Light will support us. The entire Universe will support us.   

We can be destructive in very visible ways and very subtle ways. In the way we defame others, in the way we insult others, in the way we make them inferior, in the way that we take their power away; these are very subtle ways and sometimes we don’t see it.  Of course we do it in very visible ways too by hurting someone physically. When you are destructive pain is eventually going to come. Whenever we create hurt and harm in the human experience it’s going to come back to us. In harming another, we are harming a part of ourselves. So in tapping into “that potential that we are,” and experiencing a higher power, that we use it for the good of our world, it is extremely important to be aware of this. Sri Vasudeva



The Way of the Flower

Today I would like to bring your awareness to who  you are and how you influence the world.  We’re all striving to create a better world and one of the best ways of doing it is simply the way a beautiful little flower influences its environment.  If you think of why you are drawn to a little flower in a garden,  you’re attracted to its fragrance and its beauty.  A flower doesn’t say anything to you directly, yet it draws everyone to its beauty and it can transform its environment.  Its mere presence changes the environment.  If you take the lesson of a simple flower, you can see  how you can be a positive influence on your environment without saying anything.  Sometimes too much speech is unnecessary. When you keep on saying the same things, people don’t hear it anymore,  they automatically tune out.  Through the fragrance and the beauty of your divine Self, can you influence the environment in a very positive way?

Take responsibility by observing your actions

It calls for being the Witness, the observer in every moment.  Can you be watchful today and see how you are influencing your environment by what you think, what you say and what you do?  That’s a way of taking responsibility for our environment, our world.  

Sometimes we just do as we feel.  Sometimes in our weakness, we do things that create disharmony and conflict around us.  Sometimes we want to teach lessons to those around us and we take the way of force and fear and creating pressure.   Can we think of a gentle way?   Can we think of a very powerful and effective way just as a flower influences its environment by its being?  Can we manifest what we would like to see around us?  Can we be the example?

 If we love to see silence, can we be powerfully silent,  lovingly silent, unaffected by anything around us and unaffected by anyone?  Can our silence be so powerful that those around us will be drawn into silence, automatically?  Can you see the power of it?  Can you work in your environment in such a way, that people can’t help but are drawn in to look at you:  “How marvelously she works!  How in the moment she is!  How spontaneous is her smile!  How kind is her look!  How gentle are her words!”  Can we do that?  Can our silence, our beautiful actions, our wonderful thoughts be so apparent in its beauty that people can’t help but be attentive to and experience a transforming effect?  Can your kindness be so felt that people can’t help but notice it?  Not that you want them to notice, but it’s so beautiful to look at, to observe.  

This is a way that we can really transform our world, not in the preaching of many words, not in creating guilt and pressure because of what we want to see in others.   We can become the beautiful example, so powerful in our expressions that they begin to see the beauty of what we’re doing and automatically begin to be influenced by it.  That’s the way of the flower.  That’s how the flower transforms its environment.  

May your peacefulness, your love, your silence, your kindness, your compassion be so resonant today that we can’t help but notice it and be transformed by it.  Sri Vasudeva


Resolution for the Week

Here’s another little gem I found as I was unpacking … It’s a note I made to myself about my practice for the week … It’s still fresh and very relevant to me.

Today I resolve in every relationship with my world to be aware of my true purpose for being on this earthly plane. I do that whilst honouring every other goal that I choose to embrace. I feel a sense of gratitude to this external world that shows me my weaknesses and gives me the opportunity to transform them through these same relationships. I  intend to be honest with myself in my self reflection and take responsibility for my actions…. actions geared to transformation.

Every word in each sentence is riveting don’t you think?. Will you join me in this resolution this week?