Do We Need to Detach from Loved Ones?


The Self has love for all.

The idea is not to be caught up in the object of loving but to give attention to the experience of love and where it comes from and what love truly is.  Because when you have true love within your being, that love will manifest towards all.                                 Sri Vasudeva


Non-judgment brings Lightness of Being


When you are not caught in a judgment, there is a feeling that you are free.                There is a lightness that comes, so that you can really navigate, you can float in the space.                                                                                                                             The moment the mind is not tied to anything, there is a freedom in the consciousness.  Sri Vasudeva

Learn to Observe From an Expansive View

telescope-1201497_960_720You need to observe the discriminating mind and whether it is caught up in judgment, limiting the experience that you are having.

When you define someone as “foolish” for example, you have put them in a box. Are you going to keep them there? And the same with yourself; if you judge yourself to be foolish, worthless, helpless and you keep yourself in that box, what is going to happen? You leave no room whatsoever for transformation and change. So the idea of observing with non-judgment is extremely important. I know that it is not an easy thing because we are so caught up in judgments. We need some kind of grace there to lift us in the space where we can see things differently, where we can observe in a more expansive view.                                                                                                                                                Sri Vasudeva

Relationships are Tools for Spiritual Growth

sparrows-2426763__340.jpgSome of us never look at ourselves. We look only outside and we blame everyone for everything. We create a lot of stress within us and outside, and we do not see how this impacts our wellbeing. We can’t sleep properly; we can’t eat properly. We live with these stresses and at some point they surface in terms of physical illness.
Our relationships, therefore, are really a mirror of our wellbeing. They tell how well we are centred within and how harmoniously we relate. So the goal will be to create harmony in all relationships and to see the meaning and purpose of them. The goal is to use them as tools for spiritual growth, for promoting more harmony within and around. It is for promoting more enlightened living because the goal of life itself is the evolution of the soul. It is the evolution of consciousness. Therefore, look at all your relationships and see whether they meet this. Sri Vasudeva

Seeking Divine Love


I am Yours, O Supreme and infinite love within me. Let my ego melt in You.                     Let me become Your perfect instrument in this play.

I hold my body that You may drive away every bit of darkness that may be within me. Energize my every cell. I love you my body; you are God’s gift to me.                                      I love you my every cell; you are so precious to me.

I am a friend of all. I wish everyone well.                                                                                        I centre in harmonious co-existence with the elements of nature, and with all creatures in this existence. In this harmony, I feel free in my soul, unburdened, unfettered.               I adore You in all of creation.          

Let my mind offer you the most beautiful thoughts, fragrant with love.                             You are the wind beneath my wings of love.                                                                                                                               How can I exist without You?

I am Yours, O Supreme One, all of me; body, mind and soul.                                               Bless me; hold me in Your Being that my every moment will be filled with You.                                                                To You, my soul bows again and again.                                                                                       Om peace, peace, peace.                                                                                                                   Sri Vasudeva

Stay True to Who You Are

bleeding-heart-254010_960_720.jpgThe most wonderful relationship you can ever have with the Master, or anyone else, is not that of dependency, but that of sharing, that of collaborating, that of creating unity and harmony. Look for nothing else but for that relationship of oneness, where you do not lose yourself. “I am there and I am relating from who I am and I am staying true to who I am.” That gives me much more power when you relate to me like that. I feel happy because then I see you are becoming the Master, and when you become the Master, it brings me the greatest happiness, not when you are the slave. That does not give me any excitement at all, when everything is about Guru, “Guru said this. Guru said that.” What do you say? Speak from your own truth and as your truth grows, speak from that and hold anybody else’s word as a possibility. “You know, I have listened to what Guru says and this seems like a strong possibility. I want to explore this.” The “I” remains strong.

Then somebody may tell you, “Oh that experience you are having is not true. That is in the imagination.” When you have no sense of Self, you are wiped out. The person has destroyed you because you gave your power away to them, “Oh my God, is that true? Oh my God, what is happening to me?” We become powerless. How many times have we become powerless in speaking with people and feeling we are not where we think we are? No, do not ever do that. Stay in your own seat of power, what you know to be true, and stand up to it.

You need to stay in your own “I” throughout the journey. Your own “I” is the best “I” you can ever think about. The moment you stay there, I am more attracted to you. I want to support you more. The moment I can see that you are staying in your own “I,” and you are really exploring the journey, I become more interested in you, because I am seeing that you are making the true journey. So do not get caught up in the externals. Look for the internal. That is the goal of this journey. Look for it inside and you will find it. You have everything the Master has inside of you. You have everything inside of you that anyone has for that matter. Do not give your power away. Sri Vasudeva

The Gift of Friendship


Spiritual friends allow us to experience a deeper part of ourselves through the quality of their love.  Despite our shortcomings they reach out to us lovingly in an unconditional and non-judgmental way.  They provide a comforting environment where we feel the freedom to share our deepest thoughts and dreams.  Their presence brings strength, inspiration and renewal. Let us give thanks for the gift of spiritual friendship.                 Sri Vasudeva

Access all Support when needed


Every plane of existence supports us when we connect with the different chakras. Observe that.

Sri Vasudeva

Associate With Those Who are Strong

If we are investigating out of fear, searching our way out of the misery, but we are fearful, then it’s a defensive approach. We are trying to protect ourselves, we are trying to save ourselves … but there is fear. Can that create a good learning environment? There is a need to have this curiosity that creates excitement and the desire to explore. And if we don’t, then we really need to ask ourselves, “Do I really want to know more about me, or am I happy with what is happening around me?”

So for the true seeker, there must be this desire. And if you feel you have the desire, but it’s not active, it’s not strong, then this grows by associating with those who have the strong desire. There is nothing more powerful than that energy boost we get from others who are confident about their search, who are centred in strength. Sri Vasudeva


Thought and its Attendants

Sri Vasudeva

Your mind is the most powerful part of you, by now you should know that. We can think anything into reality. What a fascination! If I think I am warm, I become more warm. If I think I am cool, I become more cool. If I think I am well, my system works better. If I think I am not well, I compromise my system. Our very thought has power. Why? Because the power of thought is rooted in the Divine. So we need to respect the power of thought.

We have such creative power, such  quantum power! We can create these powerful energy waves in the consciousness space that can permeate our entire physical being and it can flow in the space around. Thoughts can create toxicity, darkness. Or thoughts can create light waves that uplift. And the centre of creation of these thoughts are right in the brain.

But when we produce a thought, it has siblings attached to it. It opens up a space, it brings an emotion, it influences vitality and it influences physicality. So our thought is always working with a family. So whenever we look at our thoughts, we need to think of the rest of the family that is attendant.