I Kindle the Flame of Love Within

4fc4843fab65cc5d71b83c5094f988f2--bleeding-heart-flower-bleeding-hearts.jpgToday I kindle the flame of love within me that will drive away the darkness of misery, loneliness and worry. May it grow into a fire that burns brightly in my inner world. May all my thoughts be filled with the brightness of love and positive energy. May all my actions be inspired by the love of my spirit. And may my bliss touch my fellow human beings and my world. May my bliss awaken in others the awareness of their own bliss. Today, I take the responsibility of creating a better world by sending positive thoughts, by sending my healing love, by spreading my bliss to the world. Sri Vasudeva


The Gift of Friendship


Spiritual friends allow us to experience a deeper part of ourselves through the quality of their love.  Despite our shortcomings they reach out to us lovingly in an unconditional and non-judgmental way.  They provide a comforting environment where we feel the freedom to share our deepest thoughts and dreams.  Their presence brings strength, inspiration and renewal. Let us give thanks for the gift of spiritual friendship.                 Sri Vasudeva

Love is the Way


Be a disciple of Love.

Be an instrument of Love.

Be an agent of Love.

Experience the limitless power of your inner being.

Love is the way to freedom.

Sri Vasudeva

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