Become Aware of Subtle Energy

The physical being we know, we see it, we smell it, we taste it, we touch it, we hear it. Physical senses allow us to ground ourselves in the physical world. But energy awareness is a little more subtle and we have to listen, observe, give attention to it, until we begin to feel the existence of this subtle energy field. It is the field of thoughts, it is the field of emotions, it is the field of vitality beyond physical strength. We need to become aware of that energy field. So it requires listening to the thoughts, it requires observing how we feel when emotions flow through our being, it requires observing how we feel as vitality moves within us from the things we eat, from the air that we breathe, from the exchanges with people. We need to be aware of that subtle energy field.

Then as we interact in the world, we need to be aware of the energy that flows inside of the physical, and of the Source from where it comes. That is the idea of multi-dimensionality. The Kundalini model allows us to see all the different qualities of energy that exist within us and within our world. That is why this is such a perfect model in understanding the Universe and our interaction with the Universe. Sri Vasudeva

In Day 5 of our 21 Day Meditation Series Sri Vasudeva guides us in exploring our multidimensional being.




Pathway to Observer-ship

pexels-photo-106132.jpeg We are conscious beings. We are conscious of mind, we are conscious of emotion, we are conscious of physicality, we are conscious of the world around us. But, “How conscious are we?” We are so tied up with the senses that all we are conscious of is what relates to the senses. And for some of us, it is more difficult to be conscious of our own thoughts as separate from who we really are. In other words, we are our thoughts. We pride ourselves in how we think. For some of us, it is our emotion; we are emotional. We say we are emotional, and we pride ourselves by the emotions we produce. And for some of us, it is the physicality; we take pride as we identify with our physicality. So the consciousness is very much identified with mind, with emotion, with physical body, with intentions, and that is how we largely define ourselves.

But can we go a step further to define ourselves not by any of these, but by That which is the source of all of these? The invitation then is to come to a deeper place inside where you can really experience consciousness as separate from the phenomenon, from the other; One without a second.

Consciousness is totally involved in the creation, immanent, and totally transcendental, beyond – and the same is reflected within our being. There is transcendence within us and there is immanence within us.

Initially, when you begin to observe when you are doing something, you may think that you do not enjoy it with the excitement as when you totally identify with it. But the more conscious you become and the more you centre in that transcendental space, and really knowing it, and realizing its nature, then you do not lose it when you identify. That is the place of enlightenment; to be in that transcendental consciousness and never lose it, even in the fullness of engagement.

Sri Vasudeva Day 3 Forty days 2017. For full talk go to www.

What Has Grabbed your Attention Today?

I had a request from a reader for a simple tip that a beginner on the meditation path could use to understand and experience what it means to observe oneself. I thought a story would illustrate the concept.

A few days ago I left home early for an appointment. It was downtown and I planned to walk there. On my way I noticed there were quite a number of nail salons that have cropped up. Nail art has grown in popularity. I paused for a moment to gaze through a store window …. mmm creativity on such a tiny canvas.

I arrived a few minutes early at the office and while waiting I looked around at the people in the vicinity and noticed many interesting nail designs ranging from the simple to really complex. I smiled with enjoyment. I love to see variety in expressions.

Now this was not exactly an earth shattering experience, how could something so mundane bring me to a greater inner awareness? It begins when I become curious about why nails were catching my attention. What about my nails? Well at some point that morning I broke a nail, eventually the discomfort drew my attention until I discovered what had happened.

I had walked past those same nail salons many times before but they did not come to my attention until there was some personal connection. If I was to delve a little deeper I can say I have an interest in many forms of creativity so that innate tendency combined with my broken nail drew my interest. This is a simple story where it was easy to figure out the personal connection. Often times when the story is more complicated by emotional overtones it takes quite a lot of reflection to discover the personal connection.

The intention of this article is to illustrate the starting point in self exploration. First we need to become aware of what is drawing our attention in the outer world and begin the investigation of our personal connection with it. So the most important question is what has drawn your attention today, and why do you suppose it did? I recommend starting with the more neutral attention grabbers.


Image courtesy Lassie Maclean




Dealing With Vague Restlessness

Have you ever felt a vague restlessness, a dissatisfaction with the status quo? For me this is often the signal that change is in the air. Sometimes I can get lost in this feeling and I battle with myself. But if I can remember that this is a signal that I’m about to enter a period of growth and this is the preparatory stage then I find I’m more able to make the most of the opportunity.

I can misunderstand the window of opportunity because the beginning stage presents itself as a challenge I cannot solve easily. I feel lost. I don’t know where to start. This is where my journal comes in useful, because as I start to write about what is happening with my thoughts, emotions and levels of energy I begin to go deeper into the observer state, I become more detached and I’m better able to navigate. The greater the challenge the more I need to focus on one moment at a time. I create intentions about how I want to be in one moment, then I try to hold that intention for another moment and another moment and so on.

What is the challenge calling for? What is the gap I’m hoping someone else will fill? This is easy to figure out because I hear myself say, “If only so and so would do this, everything would be OK.” In other words I can easily tell what someone else needs to do to “fix” the situation for the challenge to disappear. I write this out with a pencil. Then I erase the name of the other person and write the statement again with my name instead. Now I know my soul need.

I often have to live with this soul need a while before I’m able to start acting on it. In this way This is how I dig deeper into chakra energies as I bring more spiritual qualities to bear on the situation. I need to connect to the guidance and inspiration of that Higher power (Crown), I need to have a vision of where I want to go, to manage my mental and emotional energies (brow). I share my vision with others and listen to their ideas.(throat). I engage my passion which helps me to feel motivated and excited by the project (heart). I tap into my vital energy which gives me confidence and belief in myself. I draw the energy from the sacral center to the upper centers so I have more available to me. I ground myself and keep an awareness of the needs and support of the physical body. Sometimes I am not aware of this whole process happening, what I do feel is that, I have to go deeper in myself, and as I engage in spiritual discipline the process unfolds on its own. It is in looking back that I become aware of how it happened.