insect-208575_960_720.jpgI can feel silence when I let go of thoughts, there is peace.                                                          I want to explore that more.                                                                                                               I have the ability to place my attention anywhere – let me place my attention on peace.    I have an innate feeling that is going to take me deeper.                                                          So I place my attention on peace – peace in my mind, peace in my body, peace in my emotional space.

As I centre on peace, I feel that I need to listen more.                                                     Listen….                                                                                                                                                  A thought is arising in my mind at this moment…                                                                     “Every layer of peace that I touch has always been there. ”                                                                  It feels like home.                                                                                                                                  I want to feel more of this….                                                                                                            This brings me into a state of beautiful restfulness.                                                                  Sri Vasudeva


The Nature of a Silent Mind

pulsatilla-764661_960_720.jpgCultivating a silent mind is the goal of every true seeker; that the mind should become quiet. There should be no conflict in the mind. The mind should be listening to the Universe, observing every level of communication with the Universe, being open and receptive to every form of guidance.

A mind that is humble to its Source; a mind that is not seeking to impose itself with its own ideas and visions, but a mind that is very open and receptive to every possibility that can appear in the inner space; a mind that tries not to dominate the space; a mind that is vigilant, observant, with a lot of curiosity, but with a lot of openness. That is a mind that is alive, awake and naturally silent.

How can we learn to cultivate that silent mind that is so awake, so much in the present, so open, so receptive, so humble? We need to manage the thoughts. We need to break free from the belief systems so that we may come into that silent space. And that is the space where we can really grow in the Consciousness. How do we get there? That is the goal when we sit to meditate. That is the very goal: get into a silent space in the mind.

When you give power to thoughts they grow. So giving no power to them and giving power only to the clearness of the space, the silence behind everything, the peacefulness in that space from where everything arises.

Excerpt from a talk by Sri Vasudeva for more go to  www. 


The Power of Focused Awareness

As a young person I was fascinated with the way a lens and sunlight can burn a newspaper without lighting a match. I would take this piece of glass, put it over the newspaper, bring it into focus,  keep it there long enough, then see a bright little point as the paper starts to burn.  This lens had the power of focusing the rays of light, creating a flame. When it focused those scattered particles of light into one focal point on the newspaper, it created such heat with the rays of light, that it burned the paper.

When we bring our awareness to one point, can you imagine the power that it has? Let us say you have a diseased organ in the body, and you bring your focus there and you keep an image of a healthy organ. You keep that positive thought “this organ is going to be transformed.” In your mind, with image and thought and the power of belief, it is going to happen. 

You apply that focus, staying with it, one thought, no other thought, no conflict,  even if there is conflict, it is easy to push away, that is training. Bring that point of focus continuously, “I am healed. I am healed.” Say it enough times that you believe it, “I am healed.” Keep the image there, “I am healed.” Do you know what is happening with the body when you do that with total focused awareness? If your belief is strong, if your focus is strong, the cells begin the regenerate. Then you see the marvellous power of focused attention.

If you apply it to another person and you think, “I am holding this person in the Light. May they continue to grow in love and peace.” And you hold that. Do you know what power you are extending to them? If you keep that thought and image strongly, do you know how much you are uplifting them? 


Practises to develop focused awareness

15747817_1654929434533346_7887573456716839793_n.jpgHow do you develop focused awareness? You can begin with simple practises like observing and just staying with the breath. It is an easy practise because a rhythmical breath, a full breath, relaxes you; brings more stability in the inner space; releases stress. So it is a wonderful focusing tool. Just begin to do breath awareness and after a while, you will be amazed at the kind of focused awareness you will develop.

Or, you can use a sacred word like a mantra, and you begin to repeat the mantra together with the breath. Open the space of the mantra into full zoom, so you can feel that this mantra is being said in an infinite space of peace, in love. Just begin the practise of holding this one thought in the consciousness, in this open field that is peaceful, with the breath that relaxes you. With this practise, you will develop a great sense of focus. Sri Vasudeva