First Steps in Mind Training


I see many people having greater control over their pets than their minds. For example they invest time training their beloved dog, so eventually when they tell their dog, “sit” the dog sits immediately and remains sitting until the next command.

In order to gain better control over our minds we too need to invest time in the training. That training works best if we start with a simple request, “mind focus only on this one thought”. Every time the mind runs away with a distracting thought, gently bring it back to the thought of choice.

How about if we choose a training thought that will give power to the mind while it is being repeated? A two for one deal. 🙂 A thought that can remind us of our true nature like, “I am divine.” Or we can choose an ancient Sanskrit mantra, so we get an additional freebie, we get the benefit of the energy that has been invested in that mantra by its countless repetitions over the ages. We can choose one like “Om namah shivaya”, I bow to that universal consciousness. Or we can use soham, “I am that”.  Choose something from your tradition that creates an inner response. Let that inner prompt help in the choice of the mantra.

Now  we start our day with this training. Settling in so that the body is comfortable. Just like we need to pay attention while dog training, so too we need to look to see how the mind is doing as it repeats its mantra. We need to closely observe our mind.

After a while when the mind starts getting it 🙂 we can go deeper. Listen to the mind repeat the mantra. Later we can combine the mantra with the breath. When mind is more advanced we can listen to the reverberations in the mind after each repetition. Then follow the silence as the sound subsides. Repeat the mantra once more and observe the vibrations, like the way a string when plucked, vibrates for a while before becoming still.

I find it very helpful to repeat the mantra as often as possible during the day. Especially if I am busy. Once I create such an intention I discover many idle moments when the mantra can be repeated. It is in such idleness the mind loses it’s energy. Shall we engage in some mind training today?


The Power of One Thought

“I have faith that in every day and in every way, my Universe is taking care of me.” When you begin your day with that thought and you keep that thought throughout your day, you will be amazed how your Universe will respond.

 Just a single thought in your mind, without doubt, because doubt is like the rubber that steals your energy away. No doubt. You learn to have no doubts when you are around positive people. If you are around positive people, you pick up their spirit and you lose the fear. Just one thought in the mind continuously. That sort of mental training is important. One thought in the mind- continuously, continuously, continuously.

 Why do you need so many thoughts in your day? You know how you can have a household that is cluttered with all kind of things you like to keep but you do not need? And the moment you clean up the house and give away everything that you do not need, see how light it feels? Or the same in an office, when you have all the information around you and you do not need them, you clear them up, you put the things that you do not need away and you deal with only the things you need right away. See what happens. You are more organized and more energised.

 It is same with the mind; you do not need so many thoughts. That is inefficiency if you need so many thoughts for all the actions you do every day. Just use the thoughts that are necessary and you will see what happens to you. You become more powerful.

 You have plenty of unimportant thoughts in your mind every day. Do you really need all of that? Do you? I doubt it. So, clear up the clutter of the mind, fewer thoughts are better and one thought continuously in the mind when the mind is idle is a good thing. Let us practice keeping one thought in the mind.” Sri Vasudeva

Subtle link between Breath and Mind


meditation-972472_960_720.jpgToday we want to look at the subject of pranayama. There are five pranas that feature driving everything in the body. In a generic way, we call them prana, but in the yoga teachings, the five individual pranas have separate names.

That which opens up the lungs to breathe in is called the generic name prana. It is the one that operates the head and all the senses, the mind, the brain, the nose. When you begin to see the relationship between the prana and the breath, you will be able to gain control over the mind.

That which pushes away is called apana. So we have that apana power in bowel action, in breathing out, in everything to do with pushing out, emptying.

There’s a prana that works the digestive process; it’s called samana. There is one that works all circulatory processes, called vyana. And there is that which moves upwards, called udana. So in speaking, in standing, Kundalini, everything that moves upwards uses udana prana. As you become more aware of these, begin to observe how they operate within you.

Of interest to us in meditation will be the breath. Each time we breathe in, activate the senses, open up the lungs, we’re using prana in every breath. And every time we push out the breath, we use  apana; the action feels different. So we need to create harmony or balance in the prana and apana, hence the rhythmic breathing.

When you begin to use the mind to project energy, the mind engages prana, so mind has pranic power. The same prana that’s activating the mind is also responsible for the breath, so you will be able to manage the mind if you begin to manage the prana of the breath. 

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Find the Place of All Solutions

flower-2502329_960_720.jpgThe solution to every problem that you have is already within you, but you do not know it; sometimes you do not believe it. The solution to every problem is within your soul. When thoughts disturb you to the extent that when you sit to meditate, you cannot remove them from the mind, then you need to give attention to them using the power of your intellect. You can reason, “Why are these thoughts here? Why are they disturbing me? What are they telling me? What am I fearful of? What am I attached to? What am I consumed with? What am I anxious about?” We need to look for the solution, because we do not want to be in a state of worry, that is a state of stress.

Obviously, this shows a disconnection with that Source of all Wisdom within you. It shows the ignorance of the soul, not understanding the Divine Order of things, the Divine Plan of the Universe, the Law of Cause and Effect in the Universe. Because, if the soul understood this, it would see the purpose of every challenge in the mind as being a lesson, a challenge for growth and development. In using the intellect to dismantle this thought pattern that is causing stress, we need also to seek to make that connection to the Source of Wisdom inside. All information is inside! If we have that faith that it is so, inspired by those who are wise, then certainly the stress will go away. We will learn to live in surrender, and we will learn to live in that intuitive connection with our Supreme Self inside, that can give us every solution to any problem.

It is important to understand that in the same way we have problems in the Universe and we are stressed because of our lack of connection, our ignorance of the Divine Order of things, our ignorance of the Law of Cause and Effect; the Universe has a system of Grace. This is not a Universe that punishes you, absolutely not! In the same way it challenges you in your ignorance, it offers Grace – powerfully, abundantly to help you out of it. Sri Vasudeva

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Keep an Even Keel

When you begin to realize how stressful a thought could be and you begin to let go of thinking, everything becomes silent, the space becomes different.


The cultivation of a silent mind is an amazing experience, a desirable one.  I’m not sure how conscious you are of what carrying thoughts all day in the mind can do.  Even though we are excited about thoughts, it still impacts our nervous system when we’re depressed or too much excited.  When we’re able to keep an even keel, it’s different. So we need to really appreciate what it means to be aware, and to be silent. Sri Vasudeva