How to Nourish the Mind


Let us centre in the present moment, observing our chariot, it needs to be in good order. Think kindly of it. Hold your body in your love. It is on a journey, it is on a ride of a life time.  

Observe that Self inside of you that you are trying to uncover, trying to know fully and to unite with. It is just behind your thoughts. It is behind your emotions. It is behind your vitality. It is right there. It is quiet, silent. It is ever loving. It is holding you, even when you do not know it. Humbly acknowledge that Great Power inside.

Hold the intellect in the light by breathing prāa into the brow

Let us look for where the intellect is; the traveler is in the Self. Let us give attention to the centre of the eyebrows. The reins are there and the charioteer is there – the mental power is there and intellectual power. You have the power to nourish that mind and intellect by holding the intellect in the intuitive light of Self. 

Do not think that you know anything. Just open up your space in silence so that knowledge may come to you from the source of all knowledge. Breathe the prāa or lifeforce into that centre of eyebrows, focusing in the brain. The energy centre of the mind and intellect is not the centre of the eyebrows, it is inside of the brain.  

When you breathe through the nose to that centre point at the eyebrows, connect with the medulla at the back of the neck, breathe in with the ujjai, you can actually feel that prāa that feeds the mind and intellect. Intellect has to be held in the intuitive light.

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How the Gunas feature in Meditation

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What is your meditation experience like? Have you ever felt sleepy, dull, held in a state of ignorance or darkness during the meditation?  Or have you felt like you want to continue to be active in the meditation in order to drive away everything that is creating imbalance?  Or maybe you felt a deep peace, love and harmony coming naturally to you and you want to stay in it?  These different qualities when they appear in our space, are qualities of Nature.  Our essential nature is pure Consciousness,  beyond all of these but it becomes associated with these qualities through the ego, through the mind and through the relationship with the senses and the elements.  

We experience what we call gunas, qualities or modes of operation and they feature in every aspect of our being, activity, energy and so we need to learn to understand them.    The guna or quality of balance, of light, of joy, of understanding is called sattva so we may say it’s a sattvic quality.  And this drive to do or to act is a rajas quality.  It’s called rajoguna.   And that quality that holds us down in dullness, slothfulness, inertia, sleepiness, laziness is called tamas.  It can feature in the mental, emotional and physical space.

The wise ones have seen these clearly in how they feature in our conscious being.  And they strive for the sattvic quality – the quality of light and harmony and peace and balance.  But you will find in our meditation that we get caught up in the tamasic.  Why?  Because it’s the veiling power of Nature.  Nature has veiled the consciousness for the play of life.  We call that play of life maya. Even though all of these energy experiences are happening in the consciousness, our pure consciousness remains untouched.  

In meditation you’ll find sometimes there is laziness or sleepiness, dullness, ignorance, lack of understanding and we need to consciously apply the rajas power at every level to hold the tamas in suppression or get rid of the tamas.  And we need to let the sattvic quality come into the space.  Our intention is going to do that.  

So the meditation today is going to be a dynamic practice with the pranayama, so we can look at the gunas and the balance we’re going to create.

Here is the link to that dynamic meditation with Sri Vasudeva on Day 18 of this 21 days series.

We Can Recharge Ourselves


If you are in a vehicle, how can you say the vehicle is you? Think carefully. The vehicle can be on idle, so all functions are working, but without the driver what can the vehicle do? I want you to remember that we carry a body.  The driver inside is the part of us that does the thinking, the feeling, and creates intention. It allows us the idea of soul awareness whilst in the body. That is why we can think in terms of soul consciousness. That is why we can realize Self, because of the nature of this body. 

In ignorance we say that we are thinking in the brain. Yes, we are thinking in our brain, but with our soul. It is the soul that has the power to think, to reason, to experience chakras, and it uses the marvellous nature of the body to drive it.

We can power up the body from different spaces. We can power up the brain from two chakras in the head, Ajna chakra and Sahasrara chakraWe can bring energies in our voice at will, when we are more soul aware. And we have the ability to also bring energies through our voice, with a throat centre, Vishudda chakra. When we begin to feel this chakra, we feel our listening power, because this is connected to the Akash, the element of ether through which thoughts flow. We are able to feel the communication space beyond audible sounds of the human being. We are able to feel quantum energies in the space and what information they are carrying.

We have an emotional centre, Anahata chakra, from where we can pulsate energies of love, compassion and forgiveness at will. You have forgotten your power; you‘ve lost it. We have a chakra at the navel area. This is able to recharge the body in a very powerful way. So, this soul has the power to recharge a physical body from Manipura. Just breathing into the navel area, we can begin to feel that power recharging the body.

Then we have the Swadhisthana chakra in the sexual area that is able to allow true lovers to share energies in that field. Those who are devoted to higher purposes can transmute that energy and take it to other places. It gives such awesome power. And in the perineum area we can energize the body in a very physical way, ground ourselves to the earth like a tree and to earth consciousness.

In Day 7 of our 21 Day Meditation Series Sri Vasudeva guides us in energizing ourselves through the subtle energy system.


How to Find Stability & Wellness


In meditation you will find that there are two aspects to your Self inside.  There is one that thinks and experiences the effects of positive and negative thinking.  The other is an observer or witness that is unaffected by whatever goes on in the mind.

Try to meditate from the standpoint of the observer.  Do not follow the mind but merely observe it.  When you start doing this the mind will slow down and eventually become still.  In this stillness you will become aware of your true Self as  pure blissful consciousness.

The goal of meditation is to become established in the state of the witness.  Do not be carried away by the thoughts of the mind but become intensely aware of all that is happening, unaffected by the changes within.  This brings a feeling of tremendous peace and stability.

We want to manifest the best energies from that consciousness space, into the human experience at every level, so we are always optimally well.   To do that we need to stay in that space of conscious being, seeking to be established in that state of Pure Consciousness where we can observe everything objectively, without being carried away by the different energies that feature in our consciousness:  mental, emotional, vital, sexual, physical. So the goal is to stay established in that state of objectivity in the consciousness.  We call that witness consciousness, that’s a freedom space in the consciousness. Sri Vasudeva

In Day 6 of our 21 Day Meditation Series Sri Vasudeva guides us in a witness consciousness meditation.

Don’t Overlook the Power of Attention & Intention

flower-2197679_960_720.jpgScientists with very delicate equipment have shown that plants respond to our negative and positive intentions in the space. The moment someone intended to drop hot coffee on the plant, having not done it yet, but just the intention, “I am going to burn this plant”, the meter showed a spike of waves. The plant reacted.

We can create destruction in our world, and we can create uplift in our world simply by intentions! That’s the secret of generating energies from the inner space: sustained intention.

The power of intention can drive our thoughts, it can generate more passion, it can communicate in the space powerful energies – negative and positive. Intention can lift our being, liberating our deeper Self and it can change our world. Are we overlooking a very powerful tool that we have, as beings of consciousness, being able to generate phenomenal energies from that space that we all own?

Of course, it also requires the power of attention. To focus our consciousness on a particular object, particular thought.  Holding the attention there, and generating through intention these energies from our inner being. Think about this. Sri Vasudeva

In Day 4 of our 21 Day Meditation Series Sri Vasudeva guides us in meditation using the power of attention and intention, leading us to the experience of Total Wellbeing.

I am in the Heart of Love


Say “I place my “I” in that infinite space of love. I am in the heart of love.” Observe what it does: it brings ease, it brings flow; it brings rhythm to the breath. You want to move with joy, with happiness. So welcome your new day with this energy of loving being. And let that love ripple through your body; to every cell. “I love you my body. You are nature’s gift to me. I love you my every cell, you are so precious to me.”

Keep on remembering that you are in the heart of infinite love – a love that you cannot possess, but a love that you can channel; it is free to share, but not to possess. Allow it to color your thoughts, let intentions and the feeling of loving your world appear within you ,,, loving your Self, loving the Source of Being. And feel comfortable with your love,  feel comfortable with your emotional space. It shines like the sun to all. Sri Vasudeva

Exploring silence…


Silence is not emptiness, it is the centre of power and possibility. Sri Vasudeva



insect-208575_960_720.jpgI can feel silence when I let go of thoughts, there is peace.                                                          I want to explore that more.                                                                                                               I have the ability to place my attention anywhere – let me place my attention on peace.    I have an innate feeling that is going to take me deeper.                                                          So I place my attention on peace – peace in my mind, peace in my body, peace in my emotional space.

As I centre on peace, I feel that I need to listen more.                                                     Listen….                                                                                                                                                  A thought is arising in my mind at this moment…                                                                     “Every layer of peace that I touch has always been there. ”                                                                  It feels like home.                                                                                                                                  I want to feel more of this….                                                                                                            This brings me into a state of beautiful restfulness.                                                                  Sri Vasudeva

How is Consciousness experienced in Meditation?


Consciousness is the expansive experience that you begin to have when you go deeper and deeper. But if you notice what is creating that is your surrendering, it is your opening up yourself to that infinite space, relieving yourself of thinking, because the moment you make too much effort; the mind becomes restless. But the moment you start giving up that effort and you start surrendering, “I don’t know. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you are. I don’t know what consciousness is, but I want to know. I want to experience.” It’s that yearning without trying to keep a picture and a thought and a label. It’s such yearning from inside, and that heart of surrender that will bring that experience. Sri Vasudeva

The Nature of a Silent Mind

pulsatilla-764661_960_720.jpgCultivating a silent mind is the goal of every true seeker; that the mind should become quiet. There should be no conflict in the mind. The mind should be listening to the Universe, observing every level of communication with the Universe, being open and receptive to every form of guidance.

A mind that is humble to its Source; a mind that is not seeking to impose itself with its own ideas and visions, but a mind that is very open and receptive to every possibility that can appear in the inner space; a mind that tries not to dominate the space; a mind that is vigilant, observant, with a lot of curiosity, but with a lot of openness. That is a mind that is alive, awake and naturally silent.

How can we learn to cultivate that silent mind that is so awake, so much in the present, so open, so receptive, so humble? We need to manage the thoughts. We need to break free from the belief systems so that we may come into that silent space. And that is the space where we can really grow in the Consciousness. How do we get there? That is the goal when we sit to meditate. That is the very goal: get into a silent space in the mind.

When you give power to thoughts they grow. So giving no power to them and giving power only to the clearness of the space, the silence behind everything, the peacefulness in that space from where everything arises.

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