Meditation: Observe Without Identifying With Change


In this meditation, we are going to centre in that inner posture, that holds us in the witness consciousness, observing mode, without judgement, without labelling, without like and dislike. Just learn to observe. The only aspect that does not change is that witness conscious aspect of being, where you observe all that changes; mind changes, emotion changes, body changes. Observe everything from that centre of being, where you do not identify with the change. The goal is not to identify with the change, just to observe the change from that centre of peacefulness.

The goal is to observe how we quickly identify with change. A thought comes, and we become carried away by it. An emotion comes, and we get carried away by it. The body’s vitality changes, and we become carried away by it. Is it possible that we can observe everything without being carried away, without losing that centre of consciousness where we are constantly in present moment observation?

A good practice here, as you stay observing without judgement, is to focus on your breathing – breath awareness. Just allow the breath to gracefully and naturally flow as you breathe out completely and breathe in deeply. A rhythmic breath allows us to become more peaceful, more stable in the consciousness. Observe the human experience.

Observe the physical body without judgement. Observe how the belly breathes when you relax the belly. Observe how the chest opens up as you fill the lungs. Observe how the shoulders move to allow for a deeper breath. Observe how the breath flows out as you push the breath out completely. Just observe, and in a very natural way, breathe.

Clear the mind of thoughts that you will stay fully in the present moment, observing that mental experience of being. If a thought comes, gently push it away. If many thoughts come, take a remote view; allow them to come, allow them to go. Just witness them. And learn how to observe the human experience. If emotions come, again observe them, do not be carried away by them, and come into a place of equanimous being; just observing the duality from that space of acceptance and lovingness. Sustain that awareness. That is learning how to go deeper into the reality.

Excerpt of guided meditation by Sri Vasudeva, for more go to  www.

Meditation on the Subtle Energy Space

pexels-photo-132344.jpegBreathe down to the root, and then breathe with attention up the spine, giving attention to every area where the senses are connected: root chakra and smell; sacral chakra and taste; navel chakra and light, seeing; heart chakra and touch, feeling; throat chakra and space, ākāsh, and; then the mind, centre of the eyebrows. So let the breath revitalize every area that you can see it clearly.

Now an important point is to observe whether the prāṇa is energizing you, whether you are becoming aware of these areas of the senses, and whether you are having an even breath. Go to that place where the breath can be more even, where the prāṇa can be more steady, and begin to revitalize those areas, regulate the prāṇa, and begin to observe what happens to the mind when you do.

Keenly observe whatever thoughts are arising in the mind; they are coming from the chitta, the memory store. Learn to develop a relationship of the manas with every area: mind with throat; mind with heart; mind with gut; mind with sacral area; mind with root. And observe what thoughts enter the play; that will give you an idea of where you need to work more.  Sri Vasudeva Day 25 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www.

Seek the Eyes of Wisdom


Observe what the pause in the breath does; the pause at the end of the in-breath, the pause at the end of the out-breath.  It can hold you in a place of no beginning, no end. It can hold you in a place of timelessness. Your true Self is boundless and free.

O Creator of Maya, I seek the eyes of wisdom that I may understand your play. I seek the vision of the third eye.”

As you breathe into the centre of the eyebrows, as you focus on the brain, let your prayer be to see with the eyes of the wise.

“Let me see the play of your Maya.

Let me see the sport of your Maya, O Creator of Maya. I seek liberation in this play.” 

Asato Mā Sad Gamaya

Tamaso Mā Jyotir Gamaya

Mrityor Mā Amritam Gamaya

Show me the real; take away the unreal from my eyes. Remove the darkness that enshrouds me; let me see the Light. Lead me to immortal consciousness, and take away the consciousness of death.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. 

Peace, Peace, Peace.

Sri Vasudeva Day 8 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www.

Two Ways of Dealing with Persistent Thoughts

We’ve been talking about looking at the categories of thought that occupy the mind during the day. We said we would try sitting for a short period, fifteen to twenty minutes repeating the mantra and observing what comes up in the mind.

Today I want to talk about the types of persistent thoughts that come up. This type of thought reveal areas of our lives that need attention, they tell us we have pressing issues to sort through. These thoughts are difficult to remove from the mind unless examined and analyzed.

While I am sitting in meditation I promise myself I will deal with the thoughts outside of the meditation. during the meditation I keep the focus on the mantra and the gaps between each mantra repetition.

Once I’m out of the meditation I keep my promise. I deal with these types of thoughts in two main ways.

The first way is to use my intellect to try to figure out a solution. For further information I may read inspirational books or works of fiction that address a similar situation. I may look to movies to give me another perspective of the situation. Sometimes museums that give historical context are helpful, because there are few really new situations in life, many others in history would have faced a similar situation.

Another important way of dealing with persistent troubling thoughts is to look for inner guidance from the Universal wisdom field. Wisdom thoughts are different from ordinary thoughts. They are simple and seem to resonate with a unique energy. When they first start to arise I take note of them and after the meditation I consider the new information. At first I was cautious in following such thoughts. Now I know when I follow the guidance given I feel uplifted, I feel open, expansive….

I have more experience now and I find it easier to distinguish wisdom thoughts from the rest. Now I can actively seek such guidance. I can see those wisdom thoughts coming outside of the sitting meditation too. They may arise in my mind or they may come from the many sources of information around me.

If I stay stuck with a difficult situation and I can’t seem to find my way, then I seek help from someone who has experience and has the capacity to support me in working through my challenge. One way or the other I am determined not to stay stuck and somehow a way always opens up.

What is your experience of dealing with persistent thoughts? How do you over come them? Share your success strategies so that we all can top up the options we have, when persistent troubling thoughts occupy our minds.


Will you donate eight mantras?

Our ultimate goal is to connect with the Source of our being and to sustain that connection and we want to take some concrete steps to achieve that goal.

We’ve laid good ground work this last week by pausing ten times during the day to repeat the mantra ten times for a total of one hundred mantras. As promised today I’d like to add another part to the practice.

Would you consider  donating eight mantras? You can donate your mantras to those who need physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing. Another possibility is to donate to those who are struggling to survive, who need food, shelter, clothes. Perhaps you feel called to say your mantra for the environment; to purify the air, water and soil. May be you want to support all those who work for social justice. Or you might like to say your mantras to support all spiritual teachers. There are many possibilities. It would be great to hear about your donation.

This means that we are increasing our daily mantra amount to  108. When will we do our additional eight mantras? That’s the interesting part. We get a chance to experiment with when and how we say it. Will we say it at the beginning or end of the day? Do we prefer to say it at some special point during the day? Will we say all eight at the same time or do one at a time and spread them out throughout the day?

Here comes another very important part of the practice. Observe what impact the addition of these eight mantras make to the experience of the day.

Please share your experiences as we keep in mind those who are trying to do mantra repetition for the first time and who are sincerely seeking to take another step on the journey.

Enjoy! I’ll be back on Thursday.

Throat Chakra-Meditation Part 1

Yesterday I said the throat center is a center of purification. We talked about how as this Vishudha chakra opens up we have the capacity to energize our words and so they can have a powerful positive or negative influence on those around us.

Today I’d like to bring attention to the fact that our words, through our internal talk, have a tremendously powerful impact on ourselves. So it is essential that we purify our internal talk. Lets start by connecting to the Source from which all expressions emerge.

Meditation on Throat Center

In our meditation when we were doing mental training of the mind I said to listen to the mind repeating the mantra, to follow the vibrations of the sound, to notice as the sound subsides, to experience the silence within.

Today we extend that practice into observing the space of silence from which the mantra emerges, repeat the mantra, then observe. We can combine the mantra with the breath if we feel that inner prompt to do so. Repeating the mantra breathing out. Repeating the mantra breathing in. Take time to experience the silence between each repetition of the mantra.

Use the brow chakra to keep a one pointed focus on the sound vibrations of mantra, the arising of those sounds, the fullness of the sound of the mantra and the subsiding of the sound, then the silence that follows. The exquisite silence.

I will be developing this meditation practice in the coming posts. It will be easier to follow what comes in the next few days if we begin with this practice today.



Support from the brow center

We’ve been talking about the navel center or Manipura Chakra and I’ve been sharing exercises to stimulate this chakra. When we tap into manipura we are tapping into that infinite source of energy within us and in the process we boost our immune system,  fire up the digestive system and bring  renewed vitality throughout our nervous system and the whole body feels tremendously energized.

I’ve been saying that it is important while doing the exercises to keep a strong focus on the navel center. Now if we could develop our power of concentration and use it to focus on the navel center we will be able to really take the exercise to another level. Don’t you think?

We have an energy center that can help us to hone our attention where ever we decide to focus. That center is located in the eyebrow area. I will be writing a lot more about the brow center. Today lets start to become in tune with the brow area and start to build our powers of concentration and focus.

Meditation Exercise

Close the eyes and place the tip of the index finger on the point between the eyebrow. Just a light pressure. Now when we breathe out feel as if all the chatter in the mind is being released and the breath is coming in to that point between the eyebrow bringing all the energy of the Universe. When you feel you can keep the focus remove the finger and continue with the breathing exercise. Let the exhaled breath be one of cleansing of all stresses, all thoughts and the inhaled breath one of energizing. Now let us add the affirmations to the breath. We can use any affirmation or mantra of power. Perhaps we can continue with the ones from yesterday. “I am powerful”. “I am strong”. “I am confident”.

Now if you like bring the palms of the hands to the navel center. If you feel inspired to, continue the exercise from yesterday. Otherwise just keep the focus on the brow area, breathing into and out of the brow area.

How did stimulating the brow area affect you?

Healing Burn Out-Part 1

Each energy center is a like a doorway to a new level of consciousness. As we continue our discussion of the navel center, or to use the Sanskrit name, the manipura chakra, let us explore more about this plane of radiant energy, vitality and dynamism. In Japanese this area is called the hara. In Qi gong and Tai chi the focus is just below the navel, what is called the dan tien. The navel center is also sometimes called the city of jewels because of how beautiful and radiant the body looks when this center is tapped. As we get ready for work won’t it be great to put on the jewels of the navel center which is available to all of us?

The navel center can store energy and keep it in reserve so it’s available to us whenever we need it. Today I’d like to share the first part of a practice that helps with healing and preventing burn out. We will add to our practice from yesterday.

As we begin we want to keep the body alert and comfortable, not so much relaxed. We can place the palms of the hands on the navel area. As we breathe out feel the stomach contract and as we breathe in feel the stomach expand. Keep the consciousness in the navel area. This is the way to begin to empower this chakra. Let the inhale and exhale be slow and long. Keep the awareness of the navel very strongly. Hold the navel area with just a little bit of tension so that it is not flabby. The more we breathe out the more we can breathe in. Follow the breath for a while.

When ready we can take it further. It’s important to follow these steps gradually. There is an inner guide which will  prompt you, look for it.

This time when we breathe out all that we can, breathe out some more. As we inhale all we can, breath in some more. Go gently. To do this very smoothly we might like to pause after every inhaled and exhaled breaths. Breathe in fully. Pause. Breath out fully. Pause. If the focus is very strong on the navel center you can remove the hands while keeping the focus as intently as possible. Enjoy the rhythm of the breath.

When we begin to work with the manipura follow closely what this energy is doing. Notice where it is carrying us and we will feel that we are guided in doing the exercises.

Once again at the end of the exercise look at the experience of well-being built up in the body, a feeling of comfort, like the body is held, supported. Notice the tranquility of the mind and the emotional stability.

During the day just take a few moments and place the hands on the navel and consciously breathe into that area. Keep the tank filled.

Tomorrow I will continue. Have a great day.

Is Your Navel Center Pinging?

We have a system which tells us when the gas in our car needs refilling. Perhaps we have one of the newer models which pings when the gauge gets to half or quarter tank and pings again and again until we fill up.

We too have an energy storage tank in the navel area. When the tank is full we feel full of vitality, confident, great self-esteem, strong, healthy, excellent digestion. When we wake up we are rearing to go. We can not only create powerful intentions, we also have the drive to follow through with them.

When that tank is low we feel tired, listless, body is often challenged with illness; when faced with exams or challenges in the university of life we quake inside, the knees feel weak, the stomach is full of butterflies. These are the ways our navel center pings to get our attention, to tell us we need to fill up our tank. Is your navel center pinging?

The intent of today’s exercise is to begin to feel the power of the navel. We have the power to keep our attention anywhere, our toe, knee, finger, navel…anywhere.  Lets begin to develop the capacity to bring attention to the navel area. We can place the palms of our hands in the navel area. See, it’s easy to bring attention to that area now. Feel the warmth of the hands on the navel. There are powerful energy centers in the palm of the hands. Ever notice saints send out blessings through their palms?

It’s always nice to start by emptying the breath. Lets breathe out completely. Feel the stomach contract, move inwards. Slowly breathe in. Feel the stomach expand, pushing against the palms. Continue. Begin to notice the rhythm of the breath.

Now this requires focus. Keep the attention completely on the palms of the hands where they touch the stomach. Keep going until a feeling of well-being starts to arise, perhaps we might feel energy stirring in this area, a building up of warmth, might even feel like a raging fire. Stay with it for ten or fifteen minutes. Then observe the experience of the body, the quietness in the mind, the greater emotional stability.

If  our tank is very low then we might need to do the exercise more than once during the day. It does take commitment to the practice.

Have an energized day!

Opening Our Heart’s Door

Do we think we can only be in someone’s presence when we are physically together? Do we challenge ourselves to embrace another into our world? Or do we allow  fear to push us into contraction? Do we have contracts in our minds, the criteria that has to be satisfied before we will allow our love to flow? Is our love  a commodity up for commerce, for barter or trade? “If and only if you approach me with this kind of attitude, if you say these kinds of words, if you perform these actions  will I love you, if you don’t I won’t love you.” Don’t we long for another way?

We’ve been talking about centers of intention. There is a powerful subtle energy center, or plexus of love that is located in the chest area. It is not physical but it certainly influences the physical organs and tissues in the region. It is like a vortex of energy. By tapping into this center we can connect with an infinite ocean of love, a place of unconditional loving, no contracts :). Our essential nature is love. We are all connected in that Source of love. We are one in spirit. The Divine resides in that boundless love.

I am reminded of the beautiful song by Parmahansa Yogananda:

Door of my heart

Open wide I keep for thee

Wilt thou come, wilt thou come?

Just for once come to me

Will my days fly away without seeing thee my lord?

Night and day, night and day

I wait for thee night and day

Door of my heart open wide I keep for thee

Lets us breathe in the love of the universe and breath out, opening the floodgates of our heart, sharing our love with our world.