How to Honour the Heart


Open the palms of the hands as the energy of the heart is related to touch, and through the intention of loving, prāa flows though the emotion, coming to the hands, flowing to the body, flowing to the brain. Observe what is passion and feeling and its power. It is with those same hands we touch and hold and hug with the warmth of the heart. Observe the skin. Skin becomes energized it is the organ of touch, just hold this awareness.

Power of an open heart

Stay in the present moment. You are experiencing the power of the open heart. With every out-breath, breathe away any limitation you may be experiencing in the heart and with every in-breath, open up the space of the heart. No matter what you experience there, accept it. But seek to bring light in there and lightness of being.

Observe how light you feel. Observe how more complete you feel as a being in the human experience. Observe how more together you feel. Observe how the mind becomes quiet in the joy of the heart. Observe how more into being you become. Honour the power of the heart. You can see how heart that is held by the mind in an open space of being, nourishes, sustains, nurtures.

Breathe…it is the flow of life.


Abiding Peace and Love


If your love is a changing love, if your peace is a changing peace, then it isn’t the peace or love that I speak about.

I speak of something that is abiding, that remains the same.

When love gets into a space of constancy, when the manifestation of it is the same in all conditions, then that is it.

When the peace is the same under all conditions, then that is it.                                              Sri Vasudeva

Support Comes from an Integrated State of Being


“As I think of a new day, I think of staying in this integrated state of being …  aware of every field and holding it in the beautiful light and powerful love and wisdom of my soul. I am aware of the revitalizing energy that comes from my soul to the body, the recharging energy of the navel and its powerful vitality, the love from my heart and its healing power; its power to create harmony in any space, to communicate effectively and to care for my world. And the peace of my soul that comes from a mental state of quiet that expresses unity with the Divine.”

“Today I seek only to be a humble instrument of my Infinite Self in service to my world. I’m in gratitude for all the support … an entire Universe is supporting me. I’m in gratitude.” Sri Vasudeva