Be in Balance


It’s extremely important to be in balance.  Once you’re emotional over long periods, I see what it does to the nervous system, and in a minute I can tell your level of depletion and where it exists,  because I have been doing so much work with the energy in the body,   It’s extremely important that we become conscious of that ourselves because many times I’m telling you something you’re really not conscious of, but it’s right within you

You’re not conscious of the depletion of your navel centre, or the depletion of your heart centre, especially those of us in later years when we try to go with the Kuṇḍalinī in the upper spaces and the nervous system is not strong, we begin to experience the negative effects of trying to move KuṇḍalinīWe want to take Her up but we are not charging up the nervous system enough to be able to handle those energies, so we end up with shaking and different experiences of fear and insecurity.  It’s extremely important to observe that and really do the remedial work of building the nervous system strongly, and allowing this Energy to ascend in a more powerful way.  

Before we age significantly, I think it’s extremely important to take the energies up to a level where we can experience a high consciousness in an aged body.  Saying that, my intention is to have you fascinated about this subject; about what you can’t see but what can be realized and is a possibility. Sri Vasudeva


Are You Strong Enough?

Is your nervous system strong to manage the impact of spiritual power that you are seeking for? Make your nervous system strong. Eat the right food. Breathe. Rest. Exercise. As your body gets older, you need it even more. How are you going to build a strong mind in a weak nervous system? When you are jittery, your nerves are frayed, you are tired every moment and you become emotional, it shows the nervous system is also weak. Take stock of where you are and use every tool that you have to help your mind to become stronger. Sri Vasudeva

The Path of Maha Yoga


Karma yoga defines a path for us to freedom by learning to be unselfish. It is easy to say but not easy to do. It requires a transformation in the consciousness and the gift of Mahayoga is that it allows that energy to carry you, to allow this to happen. I cannot say that I did this on my own; to come into that space where I can be carried. It is the blessing of the Master and the blessing of the Supreme Energy working in and through me that has brought me there. So when I sing, I am carried. When I speak, I am carried. When I work, I am carried. When I am in my gym, I am carried. When I breathe, I am carried. When I think, I am carried. Why do you want the burden of doer-ship, when it is so easy to be carried? That is the path of Mahayoga. Sri Vasudeva

Shaktipat – Flow of Energy from Divine to Divine


Those of us who are ready and receptive feel the power of a true Master immediately. The moment we tune in to that need that we have, we can actually feel that some kind of transmission is happening. Through that voice, through that attention, through that touch, we feel that some kind of transmission is happening. That phenomenal transmission of energy that comes out of a pure need and readiness in the disciple, in the seeker, and flows freely from the Master, just like the sun offers sunshine, that power is called Shaktipat. It is the descent of Shakti energy from the Supreme to the Supreme, not from man, not from master with ego to disciple; from Supreme to Supreme, Divine to Divine – Shaktipat. That is what I experienced on my journey.

Excerpt from a talk by Sri Vasudeva for more go to  www. 

Meditation on the Guru Principle

2s6x8d.jpgIn our meditation today, let us give attention to that marvellous power that lies at the centre of the eyebrow. Breathe into it and breathe out from it. And begin to honour the Guru principle, that power we see alive in the Masters; that incredible power of wisdom, of detachment, of unity with the Divine, of being the instrument. Centre yourself in that Guru tattva, bowing to all Masters, and to the Supreme Master within you. That is where the power is to wake up from the dream fully.

If you want to invoke the mantra of the Guru, the eternal Guru, the cosmic Guru; Om Guru Om Guru Om Guru Om. ‘Gu‘ stands for darkness, and ‘Ru‘ for the light. ‘Gu‘ is the darkness of ignorance, and ‘Ru‘ is the light of Divine Consciousness. And hold that focus.

If you can feel the stirrings of the energy, then let it bring you into a space where you can become one with the Guru Power. Allow it to come into your space. Observe what happens to the mind when you are centered there. The mind has the tendency to come into quietness – manas gets a chance to rest. Honour the silence there, and the goal would be to surrender to the wisdom, to the power, to the presence that emerges in the space.

Bring all of you to the brow

Bring all of you to the brow, so the centre of the perineum should be connected to the brow, the sacral area connected to the brow, navel area connected to the brow, heart area connected to the brow, throat area connected to the brow. So you breathe from the root right up to the brow, and from the brow right down to the root. And this is how you get every chakra connecting to the brow, serving the brow. So this is where you make your true Guru offering, with every level of your being.

I honour you, O Cosmic Guru, O Guru tattva, with every level of my being; with my body, with my vitality, with my heart, with my silence. I bow to you completely, within me.

So all the prāṇas are given to the Guru. The mind and senses become absorbed in Guru. This is meditation in Guru.

Guru Gita says, “mokṣa-mūlaṁ guroḥ kṛpā.” When you get the blessing of the brow chakra, guroḥ kṛpā, the blessing of the Guru tattva, the freedom will come.

Let the Guru manifest in the entire being

And now let us bring the Guru to the heart. Let us fill the heart with the love that comes from the Guru tattva; Guru manifesting as love in the heart, Guru manifesting as vitality in the gut, the energy that courses through the physical body, the Guru power through the body, and Guru energy manifesting in the space around, through the root into the space around. Let us fill the space with Guru tattva. Let the Guru power unite us all.

Om Guru Om Guru Om Guru Om. 

The liberating power in the Māyā – the Guru tattva, the Guru Shakti.

May we be protected together, Guru tattva and disciple; Om saha nāvavatu.

May we be nourished together; Om saha nau bhunaktu. 

May we be strengthened together; Saha vīryaṁ karavāvahai.

May our knowledge be full of light; Tejasvi nāvadhītam astu.

And may we always remain in unity, despite our diversity; Mā vidviṣāvahai

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Peace, Peace, Peace.

Sri Vasudeva Day 31 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www.

Meditation on Subtle Body

wild-flowers-flowers-plant-macro-40797.jpegLet us bring the attention into the present moment. The goal is to come into awareness of our subtle Self, our energy being that lies within the gross body, and to really wake up to that identity that we have of subtle being.

“Focus on the breath,”  observing how in the breath there is body identity, the breather, breathing in the air and breathing out. Observe that human breathing. Open up your awareness to really observe how the body breathes. Hold the possibility of an energy identity in us, driving that breath, prana and apana.

Stay in breath awareness. Be conscious of the entire out breath, from the moment you begin to push the breath out with your intention, until the out breath is complete. Then pause for a moment and bring the in breath in. Follow that movement of breathing in and breathing out, but in an expanded view.

Stay completely aware of the spinal column and the brain, because you are observing now to wake up in the subtle body, that you can be constantly aware of the Kundalini energy, that evolutionary energy that is working within you. No expectations, no belief system is required because it is already existing within you. It is just that intention to see what we are not seeing.

Keep the focus on bindu awareness

Stay with the breath awareness and focus on that bindu centre between the eyebrows. Each time you breathe out, take your attention down the spinal column, right down to the root of the spine, and as you breathe in, up the spinal column, right up to the back of the neck and centre of the eyebrows. Keep the focus on that bindu awareness because by doing that, you will come into that silent space beyond thoughts.

Stay in the rhythm of the breath. Stay in the energy of the breath as you open up the belly, as you open up the chest, as you breathe with bindu awareness, and observe the experience of total being.

We are following an awakening process. “I want to wake up in this Maya. I want to experience more of who I am.” Hold this intention. Just work the breath intuitively until you begin to feel that the breath has a life of its own. It is energy. Observe what it is doing to the mind, what it is doing to the bindu, what it is doing to the emotional being, the heart, and what it is doing to the vital energy of the body.

Stay with a graceful breath, a gentle breath, a conscious breath, with the longing of the heart to wake up to more of what we are.  Sri Vasudeva Day 14 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www.


Chakras – Positive and Negative sides

Day 17: As we journey this path opening up the consciousness, we experience both the limitations of the chakras and also their powerful qualities. There is a range of experiences in every chakra. When we are held or hijacked in the limited experiences of a chakra, it can sometimes be referred to as “the dark area” of the chakra because it leads us into more misery, pain and disharmony.  When we become more spiritually awakened and we experience the positive side of the chakras, (and you may refer to that as the side that involves the Light), then this promotes well-being at every level.

You therefore need to look at the different chakras to see where are you now in the experience? Are you caught up in thoughts and ideas? Do you feel empowered in your being that you can do it? Are you still caught up in the lower area where the emotions are fluctuating, and your attention is still on the worldly things? Are you caught up in the navel area where you are trying to use all your vitality to gain more in the human experience?  Are you caught up in sexuality where you are unable to manage these desires and thoughts?  Are you still so caught up in the human physical experience that you want to amass more wealth and seek to promote survival? Are you caught in the positive side of the chakra or the negative side of the chakra? Where are you caught?

Energy Experiences on Spiritual Awakening

There are many energy experiences we will have on the journey, and that is a fascinating by itself. On spiritual awakening some people may have negative experiences while some people may have positive experiences. It depends on their level of consciousness, how aware they are, on experiences they have had from past lives and what they have been carrying with them in their soul Being. Based on all these experiences a person may begin to have different kinds of energy experiences or manifestations, on spiritual awakening.

These can happen at different levels: on the physical level, emotional level, mental level and  the spiritual level. You can have these manifestations taking place at different levels depending on where the person is in the consciousness.  Of course in spiritual awakening, one person might be drawn immediately into a very deep state of meditation.  Another person may begin to weep and feel all sorts of emotional trauma coming up, after a while these begin to disappear.  Some people may have very heavy physical experiences. It depends on where you are; it depends on what is required for you. And all of these will happen in an intelligent field governed by that Supreme Energy manifesting in you.

So, the Kundalini journey is a marvelous journey, a mystical journey and a journey that can take you to freedom.   Kundalini can make us truly well.  It can bring us to that place of true well-being.

Healing Exercise -Part 3

One day I was walking down a busy shopping area, enjoying the hustle and bustle on the street. I saw a reflection of someone in a shop window and I was intrigued. That person attracted me. I wanted to get to know her better. As I got closer to the reflection I realized with a jolt, that person is me! I had to sit and process this experience. I walk around, in fact, I live with me every day. So I have the possibility of having a very interesting friend always with me. What kind of friend do I want to be to myself?

I don’t enjoy being with someone who complains a lot about what they don’t have or who envy’s others for what they have. Or people who are highly critical. I thought a lot about what I didn’t like and that helped me to figure what I really liked. I thought about the people whose company I  enjoyed and what I enjoyed about them. I decided I would be my own best friend. As an example I sing to myself  “hurray” for every tiny bit of growth in myself. I love being with me. 🙂

The way we talk to ourselves has a powerful impact on our energy level. I’d like to invite you to repeat the meditation exercise from yesterday.

This time at the end of the exercise consider adding an affirmation like ‘I am strong’, ‘I am confident’, ’ I am powerful’.

Every time we hold the breath powerfully inside, we repeat the affirmation while keeping the whole body tense. Then release the breath but keeping a little tension in the belly area and tightly holding the knees throughout.

At the end of the exercise observe the effect on the mind. Did you feel that the affirmation heightened, that it actually helped your concentration? Did you feel  you could meditate for longer? Did the tiredness of the body disappear? Did  your stomach feel more comfortable, a little lighter … because it helps with digestion?

There is so much more I can say about healing, lots of exercises I can share that’s easier to learn when demonstrated in person. Perhaps next time we meet physically we can arrange a session where we can practice together. That would be fun don’t you think?

Healing Burn Out-Part 1

Each energy center is a like a doorway to a new level of consciousness. As we continue our discussion of the navel center, or to use the Sanskrit name, the manipura chakra, let us explore more about this plane of radiant energy, vitality and dynamism. In Japanese this area is called the hara. In Qi gong and Tai chi the focus is just below the navel, what is called the dan tien. The navel center is also sometimes called the city of jewels because of how beautiful and radiant the body looks when this center is tapped. As we get ready for work won’t it be great to put on the jewels of the navel center which is available to all of us?

The navel center can store energy and keep it in reserve so it’s available to us whenever we need it. Today I’d like to share the first part of a practice that helps with healing and preventing burn out. We will add to our practice from yesterday.

As we begin we want to keep the body alert and comfortable, not so much relaxed. We can place the palms of the hands on the navel area. As we breathe out feel the stomach contract and as we breathe in feel the stomach expand. Keep the consciousness in the navel area. This is the way to begin to empower this chakra. Let the inhale and exhale be slow and long. Keep the awareness of the navel very strongly. Hold the navel area with just a little bit of tension so that it is not flabby. The more we breathe out the more we can breathe in. Follow the breath for a while.

When ready we can take it further. It’s important to follow these steps gradually. There is an inner guide which will  prompt you, look for it.

This time when we breathe out all that we can, breathe out some more. As we inhale all we can, breath in some more. Go gently. To do this very smoothly we might like to pause after every inhaled and exhaled breaths. Breathe in fully. Pause. Breath out fully. Pause. If the focus is very strong on the navel center you can remove the hands while keeping the focus as intently as possible. Enjoy the rhythm of the breath.

When we begin to work with the manipura follow closely what this energy is doing. Notice where it is carrying us and we will feel that we are guided in doing the exercises.

Once again at the end of the exercise look at the experience of well-being built up in the body, a feeling of comfort, like the body is held, supported. Notice the tranquility of the mind and the emotional stability.

During the day just take a few moments and place the hands on the navel and consciously breathe into that area. Keep the tank filled.

Tomorrow I will continue. Have a great day.