Grasp Every Opportunity to Learn & Grow


Sometimes in the karmic play, we try to extract ourselves from the karma when it is that very karma that we need to engage in, that will help us to become liberated. Sometimes a relationship we try to escape from is the one that can help us to grow. The situation we try to extricate ourselves from is just the situation we need to grow. So when you try to wrestle with the karma, to run away or move away from it, be careful in how you try to do that, because it might be your stage for growing. Sri Vasudeva


I Am Nothing But Your Instrument O Infinite One

I come before You O Infinite One, that I may grow in wisdom, that I may grow in self-mastery, that I may grow in understanding of You, and in service to You as an instrument of Your being. I centre myself in Your being within me, in the awareness of Your infinite nature, Your infinite peace, Your infinite love, Your infinite goodness, Your infinite wisdom, Your infinite vitality. I centre myself in Your infinite nature, and I stay there with my intention that throughout this day, I will continue to be aware of Your presence within me. 

Guide me through this day. Protect me from my lower self, take away the darkness from my mind, lighten my consciousness, drive away all fear from within my being. How can there be fear when You are there? I centre myself in You, O Supreme One. I am nothing but Your instrument. Let me continue to grow in awareness of You within me. In the karmic play of this day, I take You with me in my consciousness, that I may see only You in the playground of life.

I pray to grow in awareness, in soul awareness, in Your awareness, through every encounter, every relationship, every situation. I seek to grow in consciousness, I seek to be a blessing to my world. I give thanks for all the blessings that I receive from You, and I pray to continue to be worthy.

Om peace, peace, peace….Sri Vasudeva


I Celebrate Every Day

It is a new day and another opportunity to engage in the karmic play in higher consciousness.  When you can see everything from that space, you see the perfection of the play, you accept the players and you use all the experience of the play itself to grow in consciousness. The play is perfect: all the challengers, all the friends, all the partners, if only we have the eyes to see it. Everything that we need to grow is right before us, so the goal would be to see all the opportunities that are there in every day.

It does not matter what the condition of the body is, it does not matter what the condition of the space is; I celebrate every day, simply because of higher consciousness. The weather conditions may not be right, astrological conditions may not be right, social conditions may not be right, there are so many things to be desired. But one thing is right; that I could be centred in my Higher Self, an Immortal Self, totally in present moment, totally in all possibilities. That is one thing that is right. Sri VasudevaUnknown.jpeg