How to Honour the Heart


Open the palms of the hands as the energy of the heart is related to touch, and through the intention of loving, prāa flows though the emotion, coming to the hands, flowing to the body, flowing to the brain. Observe what is passion and feeling and its power. It is with those same hands we touch and hold and hug with the warmth of the heart. Observe the skin. Skin becomes energized it is the organ of touch, just hold this awareness.

Power of an open heart

Stay in the present moment. You are experiencing the power of the open heart. With every out-breath, breathe away any limitation you may be experiencing in the heart and with every in-breath, open up the space of the heart. No matter what you experience there, accept it. But seek to bring light in there and lightness of being.

Observe how light you feel. Observe how more complete you feel as a being in the human experience. Observe how more together you feel. Observe how the mind becomes quiet in the joy of the heart. Observe how more into being you become. Honour the power of the heart. You can see how heart that is held by the mind in an open space of being, nourishes, sustains, nurtures.

Breathe…it is the flow of life.


How to Access Pure Joy


When the Divine creates, it creates out of joy, not under pressure.  The Divine is infinitely wise, infinitely joyous.  It is complete in itself, so whatever it creates has to be out of pure joy.  We call that ananda; the primary or empirical joy of existence.

It is in understanding and in beginning to realize more and more, we too will access that joy from where the play is happening, because it is happening in that fundamental field of existence.

It is not happening in the identification or the limitation in the consciousness; it is happening in the deeper aspect of consciousness.  So to access the joy that is the undercurrent, we need to go a little deeper, hence the journey into Self.  We need to go within,  detaching the Consciousness from its outward nature, and bringing the attention more to the inner consciousness.  And here is where we will experience Self differently: self that is finite, physical body; self that is emotional; self that is mental; and self that is detached and transcendent.  So self is continuously being experienced differently as the consciousness shifts, as we move more and more inwards, and hence if we go deep enough, we can have an experience of infinite Self. Sri Vasudeva

Ananda – the Bliss of the Self

pexels-photo-87232.jpegNotice how the ordinary pleasures are time based; there is a beginning and an end to the pleasure. You can only drink so much, you can only eat so much, you can only take so much substance. You have to go back for it again and again and again. However this ananda never ends. There is no beginning and end to it. It is ever new; it is joy ever new. This is why you can see mystics and yogis so happy in themselves, needing nothing. They may wear very little, but their faces shine with joy. They are not caught up in all the pleasure seeking. There is something else that excites them, that fulfills that need for pleasure.

Would you know it? It is there in the Self. When you capture it, you will never be excited about just the ordinary pleasure anymore. You will enjoy all the pleasures of the world for what they are, but never get caught in them. When they disappear, your joy does not disappear. When they appear, your joy is not increased. Your joy remains ever new. That ever new experience of bliss is in the Self. It is called ananda. Seek it! The more you come into that consciousness of freedom, moving away from the limitation and experiencing that expansive part of you, the more you are coming into anandaSri Vasudeva Day 6 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www.