Love Lit up my Way


When I came back from India I was no way in any enlightened state, but I was happy.  Then I chose love, so that love lit up my way, and that brought me deeper and deeper into the experience of a Higher Self, and then finally this ultimate shift happened.  I knew even that love was only a means to an end.  When I got into that final state of experience, it was a love of a different kind.  It was not just an ordinary love, it was an extraordinary feeling.

This is a beyond kind of love                                                                                                         this is a love that breathes freedom,                                                                                                 this is a love that sees no prejudice,                                                                                             this is a love that is not self-righteous,                                                                                             this is a love that is not connected to happiness or unhappiness;                                               this was a different kind of love.

 From that state, I can go into love or I can go into being non-emotional.  So it brought me into a kind of higher experience of love, a different quality of love.                                      So on my journey I used love to lift me.                                                                                        Sri Vasudeva


Witnessing opens us to the Infinite


Consciousness is capable of infinite expansion. That is why you can become so creative with so many ideas, because you expand so that you can see from many different angles. That is why we listen to people in conversations; so we can begin to appreciate the many ways of seeing in the consciousness. So consciousness has an infinite nature and we need to give attention to that consciousness inside and move away from all the contraction, the limitation – that is what the Māyā is, it is a contraction of consciousness that makes us see the unreal for the real.

So when we think of Self, we do not think of an immortal Self, we think human. The wise ones say that we are immortal but we are dreaming mortality, they say “Be conscious, wake up and see that you are dreaming.” I showed you the dream-like nature of life – everything around you is changing before your very eyes,  and I said, “That which is changing cannot be real, cannot be eternal.” The goal then is to keep on witnessing.

What Kind of Spiritual Seeker Are You?

5ZC9K92S09.jpgToday I want to speak about us, the seekers on the journey.  I have noticed in my experience that we have basically three kinds of seekers.  You can see where you fall in this, or whether it is a mixture for you.

The First Seeker: knows the goal, but is caught in pleasure 

The first seeker knows that it has to go somewhere; it knows that this is not the plane, but is so hopelessly caught in this sensory pleasure domain that it completely sidelines this inner remembering.  Of course, the seeker can give you a good lecture on what the goal is.  They will tell you, but they are completely caught in the material experience.  They worship those who are freedom seekers, who are making the journey, “Oh my God, these are great people.”  They become iconic to them.  But they are so hopelessly caught.

When life really becomes challenging and painful, they remember where they need to go.  They begin to practice for a while, because life is painful and they need some relief.  But, as soon as they get better, they are completely caught again.  Only when life really pushes and kicks them; when life becomes miserable and painful, then they are ready to practice.

That is the first kind of seeker.  Blissful in their ignorance, but they know that there is a place they have to go.  Not thinking about death, not thinking about pain, not thinking about the misery that is going to happen, so caught in the pleasure.  That is the first kind of seeker – hopelessly caught, but dreaming of that place.

The Second Seeker: practice is a lower priority

The second kind of seeker is one who knows, and one who practices, but it is a lower priority.  They have more important things in the world to get done.  In the list of priorities,  spiritual seeking takes a little lower priority.  They say, “Well, a little later on, right now I am so busy with so many things that I have to do, so this can wait for a little bit later.”  Of course, for some of them, when the body shuts down too soon, they have missed the boat.  They were waiting for later on to practice, but the body shut down on them.  You know how that can be; it can lead to a lot of misery, while the body is shutting down.

These are the ones who become inspired.  Whenever they see someone seeking and practicing, they are very inspired, and for a little while, they practice.  But when the inspiration has gone, they fall back into the old patterns, putting less priority on spirituality.  That is the second kind of seeker.

The Third Seeker: never forgets spiritual awakening

The third kind of seeker is the one who the moment they become awakened to something, they grab it.  It stays in the mind, it never leaves, and it transforms everything that they do.  No matter where they are, this thought is present in them.  No matter how involved they are in the activities of the world, it is not forgotten.  It is always there, on the forefront of the mind.  These seekers make their active world a part of their seeking.  Whilst they are in the world, they are using the world itself to help them in their seeking.  This is the third kind of seeker.  What is amazing about this seeker is the moment they understand, the moment the knowledge becomes clear in their mind, it transforms them completely; it stays with them forever.

Now you can well imagine that the Universe would respond differently to each seeker.                   Sri Vasudeva

Desire Can be a Ladder to Freedom

Sri Vasudeva:

We need to be very careful about the things we dislike, to not allow them to preoccupy our minds, because they bind us to the world. We need to be able to be aware of our desires, to see how they hold us, drive us, how we become caught up in them and then how we can create the desires that are required to lead us to freedom. Desire is like a ladder that can help us to climb out of bondage and can lead us to ultimate freedom.


The Freedom of Creating Anew

Sri Vasudeva:

We can direct energy to anything if we know our centre of power. But we are so caught up in the energy forms that are created in an unconscious way by the force of environment, and the force of people’s opinion and the force of everything else, it shapes our reality. When someone tells us something, we hold onto that as real when it is not.

So we need to get to that centre where we can create any thought we want, we can deconstruct any thought we want, any pattern we want and we can feel the freedom of creating anew. Reality in the space that we know is fluid, it changes in a moment. But there is a space inside of us that does not. It is the space where we observe change from, and it is a space where we can continuously feel peace because it has no fluctuation in its essence; its essential peace stays. Its essential lovingness stays, its essential bliss stays, its essential existence stays. And that is the state we all need to go to, that is the state where reality is created; the reality we know in the space, the energy forms, that is where it is created. Why not go to the creative space and see what joy there is in there at the very centre?


Freedom Is the Goal

Unconditional loving, no boundaries, non-judgemental thinking, present moment awareness, harmonizing with every level of being. Inner peace …. acceptance at every level.

“To live in limitless being is my goal. I seek to be free.”  Sri Vasudeva


When Putting Yourself First Is Important

You have come into the world for your own liberation, not for anybody else’s but your own.  When I was quite young, I was reading a book and this idea became crystal clear in my mind.  The book said we come to the world for our own realization.  Every situation that we are placed in is an opportunity for us to work out our own freedom.

Sometimes we can get caught up and think that we are helping other people.  But can we see differently that people are placed so that we may have an opportunity that we may become selfless, that we become free.  Sometimes we are more focused on “I’m helping the world and that’s my purpose to free and to lift people around me.”  But we have to consider first, am I fully lifted?

All the experiences whatever they might be,  it’s really for us.  It gives us the opportunity to lift ourselves and helps us grow.  So everything that happens around us, every opportunity to serve, to help to give, is really an opportunity for us, not the other person, it’s for us to become more and more free.  Sri Vasudeva


Treating With Limitations

I was clearing out my documents folder and came across this little nugget. It’s a note I made while Sri Vasudeva was speaking in a discussion group at the ashram. He asked, “Can I see my limitation? Does it bother me? Does it really bother me (like it did me, Vasudeva)? And am I really serious about coming out of it? Do I want to open my awareness? Do I want to see my world differently? Do I want to rise above ignorance? Do I really want to? So when we really ask the question of the Universe…How can I, an embodied soul, become free? When we really begin to ask that question, our true journey to freedom begins.” He went on to say, “ limitations and how we treat with limitations also tell who we are.”

I found this a thought provoking piece as I reflect on my response to limitations. I’ve been encouraging myself to come out of blindness to limitations by noticing when I feel uneasy, cramped, uncomfortable in any way, and to celebrate this awareness as a first step in overcoming a limitation.

I can get caught up in intellectualizing how to get out of the limitation. I can find myself rationalizing the existence of the limitation if I’m not careful. For example today I’m thinking there’s so much to do that I don’t have time to do all of it. I want to spend time in the garden, I need to catch up on emails, I have a lot of cleaning to do, I have tons of research and writing that I haven’t started…and the list goes on. I feel overwhelmed. What can I do?

I remind myself about my spiritual goals, that I will strive to see life as it is without judgment, to be a Source of love and light wherever I am, to seek to experience the fullness of Being. Hmmm! OK that brings a whole new perspective.

I stopped writing and spent fifteen minutes in the garden enjoying the sunshine, pulling the weeds, allowing myself to be reminded of the value of the mantra and the need to manage the mind and emotions just like I need to manage the weeds in the garden. As I did that I became calmer, more centered inside. I decided to give ten to fifteen minutes to each of the tasks that I consider important. I made up a schedule. Funnily enough there was time to make a start on every thing I want to do.  I’m reminded of why these activities are all important to me. I resolved that every small step is important and will be done in enjoyment and with the fullness of my Being.

I began to feel more in charge of myself once more, to feel a sense of direction, to feel great. What a transformation! Writing this post has made me aware of an important process for myself. When I notice the need to make a change then if I take a small step in the direction I want to go, that will create momentum and energy to take even more steps.

Thank you for sharing this time with me and allowing me to explore this idea. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you become aware of limitations and how you overcome them and how you think the way we treat with our limitations tell who we are.