Where to Find Solutions


All the problems we have can be solved by the Divine entering our space. When you are confused, indecisive, if you only open your mind to a Great Source Being, you will experience profound responses entering into your space. It is because we are so wrapped up with the ego, ‘I want to solve this, I have to solve this, I have this knowledge, and I have this experience’. We do not allow ourselves to experience the grace of the space.

We need to think in the Divine, we need to reason in the Divine, we need to explore in the Divine, and we need to make decisions in the Divine. Not outside. Not separating our consciousness from the Divine but in the Divine.  Sri Vasudeva


How Do you Get Answers?

ask-2341784_960_720A friend emailed me this, “when you have a question about the direction of your life, how do you get answers?” It seemed like such a simple question I thought the answer would be obvious but becoming aware of my inner process of seeking has not been easy. All the same the question intrigued me and I have been ruminating about it.

I looked at everything right in front of me to see what clues I could pick up. For example I went to buy fruits and vegetables and I noticed I wasn’t just randomly taking anything that came to hand. I had some criteria I was following. That criteria I had figured out with time and experience so it was second nature,  it happened almost automatically. The same with my seeking, my process would have evolved and would be so ingrained that it is hard to decipher. However giving attention to it started to bring the subconscious thinking into my conscious mind.

A significant step for me is thinking there is an answer and I just have to find it. This is an important step because if I think there is no hope of finding an answer even if the solution was right in front of me I would not recognize it. So this active, curious seeking is an essential starting point. I find it helps me to be in wide open spaces, to spend time in nature, the natural environment helps me to open myself to a wider Source of wisdom. It is as if the outer openness brings about a corresponding inner openness.

I ask questions when a mechanical device may not be working properly. In a similar way if my body is not functioning well I also ask questions. I ask questions about my relationship with myself and others. So I already have a lot of experience in asking questions and finding answers.

If an idea comes to mind I contemplate the ramifications of that choice. How would it affect my future? Would it cause hurt to anyone? Are my intentions noble or selfish?

When I move into asking questions where I am seeking an intuitive answer that is also a process. I hold the question in my mind and look to see what thoughts arise. I don’t form conclusions readily even if ideas come up inside me. I remain with an open inner posture, ready to change direction at a moment’s notice.

In the beginning  I would constantly ask myself if these thoughts were really intuition or if they were subconscious desires. So I would cautiously follow one of these thoughts and observe my inner space. If I felt expansive, or more buoyant then I would remember the quality of feeling or energy of that thought. With time I noticed that these intuitive ideas  might be difficult to follow yet behind it I could feel this huge space. With experience I begun to recognize that as a sign this idea will eventually help me to experience greater inner freedom.

How do you find answers? I’m sure there is more to the exploration and it would be interesting to hear your point of view.


Universal Versus Individual Self


In that experience of Paramatma, of Higher Self, there is omnipotence. You do not feel that you are lacking power when you go there; you feel that you are connected to the source of all power in your being. The contrast will be that if you identify with the senses, you feel limited power. When you identify with the ego, the ahamkāra that is connected to the senses, you feel limited power. And that is a challenge in the human experience; when we find our power is limited, we can only do so much. Then the thirst is there, the desire is there to go back to that unlimited power, which is there in potential in the consciousness. But we have to merge back; we have to go back to make that connection with the higher consciousness to feel that experience of omnipotence.

In that Universal Being, there is also the experience of omniscience; that we know everything, we feel that we are connected to That which knows everything. The more you go into that experience in the consciousness of omniscience, you begin to not feel that you are lacking in knowledge. You develop the intuitive faculty that when you want to know something, you know that it is going to come from inside of you. You trust in that intuitive power opening up inside of you, so there is less dependence on the intellect. So that universal experience is all-knowing, omniscient.

I also told you that there is the experience of a different kind of joy in that, a bliss of the freedom experience in the consciousness; the ananda experience is there in that universal consciousness. And the all-pervasive nature that is there gives us the idea of freedom in the consciousness, not bound by end and beginning and causation. So we have this feeling of freedom. Of course that brings with it also the timeless experience; that we are not caught in the beginning and end of things. We begin to experience timelessness in the consciousness.

The contrast is that when we get caught in the individuality, then we are dependent on the intellect for knowledge. Māyā veils us in the thinking that we do not know; it brings the experience of ignorance. Mergence in the universal brings the idea that, “It is going to come to me. My Self within knows all.” Of course you know the wonderful saying, “He who thinks he knows, knows not” – that  is intellectual –  “and  he who knows that he knows not” –  in  the intellect – “truly knows.” Because then he knows he is connected to the source of all knowledge and in this individuality, he cannot know everything. So, “He who knows that he knows not, truly knows,” that is the experience of the intuitive faculty that, “Something bigger than me knows everything, I only have to tune into that.”

Sri Vasudeva Day 10 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www. blue-star.org

Steps to Intuitive Learning

Intuition is that ability to open up the space to the Universe communicating with us through so many Beings. The Divine has instruments everywhere. All we need to do is open up the field, and all the information we can ever need and want will come to us. That is intuitive learning.

But it requires tremendous humility of the intellect. Because the tendency in all of us, with the ego, is to think that “we know.” So I love that statement, “He who knows that he knows not, really knows.” Then that is a platform for learning, that is a platform for intuitive awareness. And he who thinks he knows, really has closed the field, knows not.

Orchids-in-their-Natural-Environment-900x581.jpgSo where are you? Are you open in every moment, to every instrument, to learn from an ant, to learn from a fly, to learn from a bird, to learn from human beings who we consider ignorant and uneducated? We can learn from everybody. The moment we begin to respect every being in the Universe, and to realize they can teach us, we have become a true student of life. Open your space to intuitive wisdom, to intuitive learning, and you will realize that information is always available from the Universe. 

We are in a time period now, where there is an amazing store of information about spirituality, about consciousness development. Just open your mind, create a genuine desire, and you will see how much information will come towards you. It is in the field!

So be intuitively receptive, and you will be nourished from the information field. Do not embrace poverty in terms of knowledge. There is an ocean of knowledge in the Universe. Open your vessels and you will be filled to your maximum!  Sri Vasudeva

Tuning into the Universal Mind

When I go into any space where there are people, I am excited about the opportunity to learn so much from all these minds gathered there. I am excited about tuning in to that space before I begin to converse, I can pick up a lot of information about what the space already has. Simply tuning in with the idea that there is so much to learn, happy with what I know, but knowing that I don’t know the All, and opening up my field to learn. I can learn from anyone, everyone! So I am humble to learn. My field is always open. That is how we can begin to pick up from that Universal mind. Sri Vasudeva


Accessing the Universal Mind

Intuition, or inner learning, is a way of accessing a universal store of information that is Unknown.jpegheld in a Universal Mind and it is accessible to us all! When someone makes a discovery, they think in their little minds that they have made the discovery. It could have been an idea already floating in the space, and they picked it up. It came through them. Well, of course, they did make a discovery, but does it belong to someone? The idea was already there in the Universe, it was already in the space, they were just open to picking it up. So all information is there in this Infinite Mind that contains all minds.

In our ignorance we are unable to access this space. It requires a very keen intellect. But the tendency is to get caught up in our intellect and think that we know. The moment you think you know, you close off this field. Of course, if you think you know so much, there is much more to know if the ego continues to stay open. You know so much within your experience, but you can open to learn so much more.

When we come into a space, we think we know, so we are going to present what we know into the space. We do not think for a moment that the space is full of information, and if we just become open to the space, we can become humbled to know how much information is there. Sri Vasudeva

The Universe Extends Support in Myriads of Ways

I constantly see how my universe is supporting me. When a day becomes challenging, I see how it is bringing support. When there is a need somewhere, I see how it engages me to help to fulfill that need. When I need some wisdom and I open my mind, I see how it sends it to me in different ways. When I go into my mind and I clear my field, I can see how it is placing thoughts in my mind. And I constantly search for what it is trying to say to me. If there is a challenge in the space, and I may not have in the moment all the views, I open my mind and I listen. I listen, I listen, I may create some thoughts there for prompting, and I listen.

I listen, I listen, and I wait, patiently, and the ideas come. It may happen when I am eating, it may happen when I am sitting silently, it may happen when I am in the shower, it may happen while I am walking, but it is going to come! This is my amazing and supportive universe. I need to be aware, I need to listen, and I will see how a whole universe is communicating to me, with me, and guiding me back to that place of freedom, and to the experience of all of me. Sri Vasudeva


Joyfully Wait Knowing the Answer Will Come

12239684_1238574279502199_5877592475281651655_n.jpgSometimes we are so tense. “Oh God I wonder if the answer will come? Will it come now? Is it ever going to come?” How is it going to come that way? You are already creating a condition there. Just open the mind, open the heart and then intuition will come. The wisdom is there. It is simply attuning to it.

Intuition is another form of Grace and this can feature in your meditation as you go into the space. Use what you know to come into a harmonious space on the inside and then be open to the Infinite. And a lot of relevant, pertinent information comes into the space, the Inner Guide becomes even more accessible. Sri Vasudeva