Look Ahead to the Day with Gratitude


Give thanks to the Masters of the light. We meet the Supreme One through them on our journey. Sri Vasudeva



The Ancient Masters

The ancient Masters were profound and subtle.
Their wisdom was unfathomable.
There is no way to describe it;
all we can describe is their appearance.

They were careful
as someone crossing an iced-over stream.
Alert as a warrior in enemy territory.
Courteous as a guest.
Fluid as melting ice.
Shapable as a block of wood.
Receptive as a valley.
Clear as a glass of water.

Do you have the patience to wait
till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
till the right action arises by itself?

The Master doesn’t seek fulfillment.
Not seeking, not expecting,
she is present, and can welcome all things.

Ch 15 Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu
as translated by Stephen Mitchell


Divine Beings Are Models To Show Us The Way

Love is a wonderful path! If you want to become unconditionally loving, and you want to experience this field of limitless love, be inspired by those human beings who show that kind of love, then you know it is attainable! If you associate with those who selflessly love and are unconditionally loving, you begin to feel it within you in a natural way, then you begin to feel its possibility and its power.

We say that God is love because love is such a beautiful energy. Love brings unity, it brings harmony and inspiration. When love comes into your field, it is a marvellous energy that enters in. It makes you want to give, to share. It challenges your boundaries and it opens you up to new possibilities.

In the way of the heart we begin by creating an image of love that drives us – the love of God, the love of a Divine being. We begin to hold images of love in our mind to motivate and inspire us. It may seem to be a conditional loving because we are only loving a divine image or divine expression, but that’s only so in the beginning. Sri Vasudeva


If You Think You Know, How Will You Learn?

12241323_1237475279612099_5840389905898325002_n.jpgWe are connected to all the minds in the Universe wherever they are and we can pick up information but we have to be receptive. We have to tune into the frequency and we need the language to interpret. So once we are receptive, once we have the language in our consciousness, wow, these thoughts will come.
It requires an openness of the mind because if you think you know, how are you going to learn? With me, even if I think I know something, I know I really do not know because the Universe has infinite views so why should I be so proud that I know two or three or even four or even a million? That is the Universe, infinite views.
So always, the very safe space to be is to think that you do not know. In fact there is a saying that “he who knows that he knows not, really knows. And he who thinks he knows, knows not”. Remember that. He who knows that he knows not, really knows. And he who thinks he knows, knows not. So be wise. That is how we become intuitive. Sri Vasudeva

Journaling the Retreat Expereince

As you know last weekend we had a retreat with Sri Vasudeva on discovering and living your life purpose. I’ve been journaling about the experience.

I am reflecting on what intentions I had going into the retreat and assessing how those intentions unfolded. As expected I came back with a treasure trove!

I am taking a look at the impact on my physical body. I was striving for a level of vitality and I have some discoveries that I want to explore further in myself, I’ll have to experiment to see the effect.

Sri Vasudeva is amazing in his ability to pick up energies in a space. I wanted to “catch” some of that capacity from him so I was paying special attention. I could detect the difference in my energy  from when I hugged him in greeting on Friday to when I said goodbye on Sunday. It was “cleaner”. In the process of the weekend I became aware of the energy impact of my thoughts. When I struggled to understand a concept that created a certain energy experience, when I sought help from my guides, from the Source that was another energy experience, when I engaged in casual conversation that energy had it’s own signature.

I won’t spoil it for you by giving too much details, in case you plan on looking at the retreat on pay per view or if you have the CDS or DVDS. I’ll just give a few points from my notes.

He started by talking about who is the “I” that is wanting to know it’s life purpose and the soul experience in the human body, our relationship with the Divine and our ultimate purpose in every lifetime. He spoke about the plans and preparations we made together with our guides before we incarnated and those plans are still in place and our guides are still available to us if we open ourselves to them. I want to consciously use this idea more.

Another interesting idea is to look at what is not working out in this life time and how this features in our life purpose. I want to deeply contemplate that one to better understand the point. He also spoke about the importance of taking care of the vehicle, the physical body, so that it can support us in our life purpose.

He provided five principles for living our life purpose: (1) Staying aware of our life purpose (2)Staying present to what life is currently offering us  (3) Staying connected with the higher self, the Divine & our Guides (4) Being an instrument of the Divine (5) Staying healthy.

A retreat is a time for refreshment and soul rejuvenation. I hope you have received a little of what we experienced this weekend. Have a wonderful day!