How to Surrender when Challenged (Part 2)


In yesterday’s post Sri Vasudeva (SV) gave us some strategies to deal with a situation where we feel stuck. As promised today we go on to explore another facet.

M: Is it that surrender or humility is a recognition that we need help?

SV: Well of course surrendering means “I can’t do anything more in this situation. I need help.” So you’re surrendering to the forces of life, “I don’t know where I am; I’m totally lost; I’m surrendering to the process.” Surrender means that you’re giving up trying to find something, and expect that help is coming towards you. You’re giving up all the efforts that you made which didn’t work, that’s surrendering. “I don’t know what to do anymore; I can’t do anything; everything seems to not work. So I just need grace here.” So that’s a form of surrendering – helplessness – that you can’t do anything, so you give up. You give up trying to do, because in all your doing, nothing is happening.

M: So when you say “surrendering to the process, what does that mean?”

SV:  It’s surrendering the effort that is not helping…and opening up the way to something else coming to pull us out of the space. The faster you begin to recognise that all the tools that you’re using  are not working, then you have to look outside of the toolbox, “There needs to be a tool somewhere to help me.” So that means “I’m surrendering every effort to stay with my old tools.” I’m opening up now; I’m opening up to grace that a new tool will emerge.

So the surrendering there is the surrendering of useless efforts, efforts that don’t work, that’s where the surrendering is focussed on. But in surrendering there is the intention of opening up the space for a new tool, a new way of working, a new support. So there is a very powerful intention to hold on to any kind of grace that will bring me relief from the situation. So it is not that: I am surrendering hope. I’m surrendering the efforts that don’t work; I’m holding on to hope.

M: This is not the same as giving up in a disempowering way…

SV: No. It is not about giving up everything.

M: From what you’re describing it seems that it will be easier to recognise the new tool, or the new inspiration. 

SV: Right. What it does is it opens up the consciousness space. Because, on one hand, a part of my consciousness has been making effort and it’s useless. It’s not working. I’m going to another part of my consciousness that has hope and has the awareness that grace exists. So I’m opening up to that part of the consciousness. And I’m surrendering all the efforts that I tend to make with my ego, in wanting to do this by myself.

Is it like opening up to my bigger self?

SV: Well, I’m centered in the bigger self, so it is opening up to another part of my bigger self. Because I believe that I have more possibilities than just this. I believe that with my intuitive power I can find something inside of my being that will work. So I need to go into that space of grace within my being. I need to call upon the god within.


The Outstretched Hand of Grace (Part 1)


hand-1331323_960_720.jpgWe had the opportunity to be in conversation with Sri Vasudeva. I’d like to share a small excerpt that might be useful to many seekers.

We asked him, “What do we do if we are caught in a situation and we don’t know how to come out of it, no solution is apparent?”

He said, “When you’re caught, the ego is stuck, it feels like it can’t come out of the ditch, or out of the condition, then grace is required.  Choose to be in a good space, in company of more evolved people as grace can come through them. It is also important to stay with deep prayer, with mantras, seeking grace. So when it becomes very very difficult there is no other way but to seek grace, the outstretched hand of the divine.

How will we notice the loosening of the bind? What does it look like as we start to become unstuck?

SV: Loosening means that you begin to feel that you’re not backed against a wall anymore; you begin to feel that something is helping to carry you.  You begin to feel supported, like a hand comes out to hold yours and it’s outstretched. So even if the hand doesn’t grasp yours yet, but you can see that it’s stretched towards you; just seeing the hand alone can give you that lift, “Ohh, I can feel that something is happening in the space…I can’t touch it, I cannot understand it fully, but I can actually feel that the space is changing.” So that’s what happens when we go into deep prayer. Because when the ego feels totally bound and helpless it needs support. That’s why we go to church to pray in a group or we go to a therapist or we go to google…it is for that outstretched hand of grace that can come to us.

[ I will make another blog post where I ask Sri Vasudeva about the role of surrender in challenging situations. Stay tuned.]


How is Consciousness experienced in Meditation?


Consciousness is the expansive experience that you begin to have when you go deeper and deeper. But if you notice what is creating that is your surrendering, it is your opening up yourself to that infinite space, relieving yourself of thinking, because the moment you make too much effort; the mind becomes restless. But the moment you start giving up that effort and you start surrendering, “I don’t know. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you are. I don’t know what consciousness is, but I want to know. I want to experience.” It’s that yearning without trying to keep a picture and a thought and a label. It’s such yearning from inside, and that heart of surrender that will bring that experience. Sri Vasudeva

Joyfully Wait Knowing the Answer Will Come

12239684_1238574279502199_5877592475281651655_n.jpgSometimes we are so tense. “Oh God I wonder if the answer will come? Will it come now? Is it ever going to come?” How is it going to come that way? You are already creating a condition there. Just open the mind, open the heart and then intuition will come. The wisdom is there. It is simply attuning to it.

Intuition is another form of Grace and this can feature in your meditation as you go into the space. Use what you know to come into a harmonious space on the inside and then be open to the Infinite. And a lot of relevant, pertinent information comes into the space, the Inner Guide becomes even more accessible. Sri Vasudeva