Guided Chakra Meditation


Let’s begin our meditation by focusing on the third eye centre and the medulla point at the back of the neck and with firm focus, breathe into that point at the centre of the eyebrows. Be conscious of the prana that you are drawing into the brain, recharging the nadis that fire up or revitalises the brain.

You want a rhythmic breath, the pace of breathing comfortable yet firm and effective. You want expansive consciousness because you want to observe what is happening: how the body and brain is recharged. 

If you feel that your mind is becoming a little scattered, just hold the neck firmly as you breathe. Hold the body firmly, with a little tension, moving the breath with firmness, you have a chance to experience the chakra even more. That means you’re increasing your rajas or dynamic energy.

Now we’re going to look at the mind’s association with the other chakras. The goal is the mind harmonizing with the chakras and channelling energy into the area.

Throat chakra

Let’s come to the throat chakra while still feeling that brow centre connection. Breathe into the throat area. Throat brings the consciousness of space. Space that holds the body. Space of the mind and space that surrounds you. The consciousness of inner and outer space. Throat brings silence, deeper power of observation and listening. Observe the influence it has on the mental field. This is the element of space. You’re learning how to associate the mind with the expansive field of space.  

Heart chakra

Every chakra point connects you to the infinite through the mind and with that consciousness of space expansiveness, let’s go to the heart chakra. We’re coming more into the body. As you come into the heart, give attention to the touch, to the skin, to the lungs and breathe into the chest. Remember every chakra is a centre from where energy flows into the nadis of the particular area. As you breathe into the chest, observe the effect on the organs of the area. Observe the effect on the breathing and observe the effect on the feeling. Here you are more conscious of feelings.

You can lengthen the breath here. Open up to the sense of touch, to the consciousness of air element and to the well being of the organs as you bring prana, energizing the organs in the area; heart, lungs, skin. Be in gratitude for the air that you breathe as you become conscious of air in the body and air around you. You experience that air with the touch around you. The consciousness here is emotional consciousness, loving consciousness. Observe what it does to the mind and to your meditation. There is well being in the body, silence in the mind. Nerves become more soothed, more calm and energized.

These upper centres hold you strongly in your subtle body awareness. Here you are tapping into the subtle body, to the pranic field and building the energies using the heart,  the throat and the brow which are very powerful energy centres in your subtle energy body.

For those of you who are still striving to come into subtle awareness, give attention to the physicality and go deeper into it with a silent mind. Just go to the area that I am speaking about and the deeper experience will come to you as you give more attention to the area. Stay with the breath. At some point you will begin to feel the deepening in the consciousness and the awareness of the energy.


Let’s go to the navel area. Breathe the prana into the navel. Here you come into a greater vitality, into the dynamic core of the physical body. Your physicality now becomes heightened and the core part of the body is experienced, gut power. Extend the breath even more here. Remember if you breathe out completely using the gut power, you are able to breathe in completely, recharging the gut area with prana. Push the breath out first and then draw the breath in.  Stay in full gut breathing: gentle, well paced, very conscious, controlled breathing.

To fully breathe out, you need to breathe out right down emptying the belly and going down to the root in the perineum area. Open up the perineum consciousness in order to have very effective belly breathing. Empty the gut. Empty the belly. You are also emptying the lungs with belly action. Contract the belly fully and as you do, take the attention right down to the perineum as you breathe out completely. When you breathe in, hold the perineum firm, open up the belly. The focus here is on the gut. You want to capture that gut area from way down, to the lowest point that you can, begin to inflate the gut area right up to the beginning of the rib cage.

You want to full that area completely in belly breathing. One more time, follow this instruction. Go right down to the root and begin to open up the belly from there. Fill the belly gradually until you can feel the fullness below the ribcage. The entire solar plexus area is in recharge. Root centre gives you grounding in the body. Holding the body firmly. Belly breathing allows you to recharge the gut. This is a very powerful recharge because body becomes recharged and mind is associated with gut power, gut brain.

Effects of the recharge

This brings stability to the emotional area as well. It makes you less nervous, less irritable. Makes you more confident and more strong in your nervous power, strong nerves. In all of these, the brow centre is involved because focus, concentration, mind power, attention is involved. Mind is being influenced and also empowering the area. Mind is influenced by the vitality, the strength, the energy associated with the area.  Now you should feel a strong grounding power in the body.

Second chakra

Here is where you can begin to tap into the second chakra, the sexual chakra.  Breathe there with strong grounding, connecting to the belly, the heart and the brow. Breathe from that second chakra with a strong  grounding in the root right up with spinal column awareness to the heart and to the brow. Breathe down to the sacral chakra again, rhythmic breath, pushing the breath out, pulling the breath in.

Root Chakra

The breathing system has gotten good exercise. Your respiratory muscles and your physical being will feel the joy of the vital energy of the sacral chakra in addition to the fire power of the navel. Here you have come into the grounding power of the root. The energizing power of the sacral chakra. The revitalizing fire power of the gut. The emotional power of the heart and its nourishing energy in the area. You have the spaciousness of the throat, silent listening. You have the brow power; the mind now is in association with the energy of the particular chakras because you worked the prana in every area in balance, there should be a balanced feeling in your energy awareness. There should be more peacefulness in the breath, more flow in the breath.

This allows you to see if there are any weaknesses within your energy being that compromises your well being. If you feel the prana is obstructed, when you breathe you don’t feel a free flow of prana in the gut or in the heart or in the throat or in the brow, or in the sacral area. You know that you have work to do there. Put the consciousness, put the energy of the breath in that area. I mean being aware of the energy limitations in the consciousness of the area and trying to open up the consciousness to the free flow of energy.

Now you’re well grounded. You should be in a greater state of balance, greater observation of your total well being. You should mentally note the areas that you need to focus upon. We will conclude our meditation with an affirmation.

I centre my consciousness in the source of my being as I prepare for a new day; aligned to the source of all power within me. Today I strive to stay in the awareness of every level of being, to keep my consciousness and my breath there as I need to, that I may tap into the most powerful energies of my being at every level, in order to manifest those nobly in the human experience. May my every thought, every action, every word be inspired by that sacred space inside of me. I give thanks for all the blessings I have received. I bow to all the masters of the light who support my journey. I am in gratitude and I bow to the Supreme one in whom I exist.

Om. Peace. Peace. Peace.

Listen to this guided meditation by Sri Vasudeva by clicking here. It is Day 13 of his 21 day series.


Liberating Meditation on the Chakras, Elements & Senses

spring-pistil-wood-flower-99574.jpegBegin to observe the power that you have in the play, you have mental power in the play. Clear the mental field, observing its potential power in the silence. And the centre of that mental power can be experienced in the brain by focusing at the centre of the eyebrows…

Let us visit the field of the senses, the consciousness of the horses in the hold of the manas and the prāṇa. Go to the throat, and it is related to hearing and sound; gross sound and subtle sound. So focus on hearing the silence. If any mantric sound comes up, just listen to them. Any sound that comes, no judgement, just observing the experience. If any subtle sound appears, just listen without being attached….

Regulate the breath because you want the prāṇas to be steady, stable. You want to enjoy that feeling of love that inspires touch, and the field of a body that is sensitive to touch, and the relationship of your being touching the earth, touching the space in a subtle way.

Breathe the prāṇa into the gut….recharge the nervous system of the gut. And begin to feel that gut power that comes, that fire in the gut. The fire of vitality that can shine in the body with the tejas, that energetic shine that lights up everything. This influences perception; our experience of colours and forms, fire and light, gross and subtle…..

With appreciation for the core vital area of the body, go down to the sacral chakra. It is associated with the sense of taste and the experience of the sexual power in the subtle dimension. So when you breathe the prāṇa there, you will begin to feel it is an energy that is beyond gender. It drives gender and that generative power in procreation. But it is beyond gender; it drives the sexual consciousness. Harmonize with it; no fear. In the subtle mode, you can take it to every part of you; it can revitalize your being.

Then go right down to the perineum area and that is where you get a hold on the physicality, and the earth consciousness, and the sense of smell. Welcome that experience, learn to enjoy your physicality, it is an energy play. The sense of smell is both gross and subtle. Feel the body’s connection to the earth’s field…

That which is really the evolutionary power behind your seeking, That is the doer. And the prayer would be that Cosmic Doer, the true doer, will manifest more and more in your consciousness. Sri Vasudeva Day 23 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www.