Recognize the Dream-like Nature of Life


If you observe very carefully, you are held in an experience that is much like a dream. The wise say that this experience of waking life is just a longer dream, which means we are actually sleeping in the consciousness, because we know that dreams happen when we are sleeping. Is it true that we are held in an illusion, and what we are experiencing as reality isn’t so? That there is a greater reality than what we are experiencing? Is there?

Let us hold that thought for a moment, that what we are experiencing as reality with our human senses is not absolute reality; it is dream-like. Just think for a moment. What have you seen as you look in the mirror every day? You have seen your physical body change. If you look at life very carefully, there is a birth and death every day, you will see the constant change in everything around you. When we go to sleep and have this experience of a dream, why do we call it a “dream”? Because when we wake up, we realize that it was only in the mind and our perception of the dream changed. So every day, you are watching how that which you hold as a reality is ever changing.

Excerpt of talk by Sri Vasudeva, for more go to  www.


The link between the waking and dream states

Every day when I came home from school as a child, my mother had a special treat for me. I was a very fussy eater so the treats were often food. I can remember her giving me a mango. I sat on the ground in the back yard with Snoop Matouk our dog in my lap, and she was a very big dog so only half of her could fit 🙂 and our parrot Sheena Karina on my shoulder. The three of us enjoying the mango. You can see how this memory would have a strong emotional charge.

The thought of, sight, smell or the touch of something; for example like a mango, a parrot, a dog, motherly word or touch, sitting on the ground, may bring back that memory. At night I may have a dream where any of those images from the past and the present may be mixed. The arrangement will probably be influenced by my emotional and mental state. If I’m happy the dream is wonderful. If I’m missing my mother the dream might be colored by that longing.

If I am aware of the experiences of my day, especially the mental and emotional responses, it’s easier to understand how they appear again in my dreams. Of course there are also the rare dreams where some spiritual guidance comes through.

You see why I find the experiences of “I” during the day to be so fascinating? The awareness of the waking and the dream states opens a window to my inner world. I can now use this information to better understand myself and to take the power to transform my world. I start to understand myself in the waking state, and that understanding spills over into the dream state.

So what do you think? Shall we notice what happens to the “I” today? …. Yes I had fun choosing the photo in the header with that in mind :). We shall be keen observers :).