Accept Every Page in the Book of Life


Every day presents a new page in the book of life. You never know how the day is going to feature. You may have an idea, but it may not turn out exactly as you want it to be. It may be better or it may be challenging, not as you expect it to be, but it is a new day.

However my day features, I know it is a day that was prepared for me by the Universe, so I am in absolutely no conflict with my day. However challenging it may be, however rewarding it may be, it is a day that was prepared for me in the book of life, and it is all based on karmas. Sri Vasudeva


The Divine Mentor


When you shift in consciousness you begin to realize how attached you have been.  When you become free of the body and you begin to experience that the body exists in you and that you’re not the body, that’s a freedom experience.  When you realize that you’re not the emotional or the mental patterns inside of you, you begin to feel the freedom to act in and through a pattern or change it.  So that’s the kind of freedom we need.

You can well realize when we are entrenched in these thoughts and emotions and physicality how difficult it is to become detached or disengaged from it.  We become caught up in the momentum of it, carried away by its energy.  We see it every day driven by the primal drives, driven by emotional or mental patterns of the past.

So to become free of that we need some kind of guidance, we need some kind of hand holding, we need some kind of mentoring, some kind of coaching on the journey.  And the universe provides that.  That which guides us back into that state of liberation is called Guru.  Gu in the Sanskrit stands for “darkness” and ru for that which removes darkness, the light.  So Guru is not a person.  We tend to think of Guru as a person.  Guru is not man or woman or person.  Guru is a principle operating in and through that being.  When that is operating you can actually feel that the Divine is guiding you, not the person, that the Divine through the person is guiding you to itself. And we see that the gu also stands for the maya, the illusion – and the ru for that which removes the illusion. Sri Vasudeva

Exercising With Awareness


When I am engaged in exercise I can actually feel my energy body. I am watching the Guide and the Guide inside tells me exactly how to align my body for the exercise. I can feel all the stress points in the body. I can feel the alignment of the body and when the body is perfectly aligned, exercise just flows; it just happens. I go gradually into the yoga posture with grace and I can feel the energy moving me into the posture so beautifully. Even if I am in the gym and I am lifting a weight, I am lifting it with such grace – just as when I am doing my yoga posture – such slowness with an awareness of every movement, every experience of the muscle, every experience of the breath; and the joy of the exercise – what it is doing to my body. Sri Vasudeva

Freedom from Limitation

Sri Vasudeva: Hinge yourself to the Divine!


May my Soul be Free of all Fetters

Sri Vasudeva

I greet a new day with the intention of being a blessing to my world today, with the intention that my eyes will see only Divine Order in the Play. And I will see it in every moment, knowing that the Universe is communicating with me through every response to my actions. What more can I ask for when I have the Universe holding me, supporting me, instructing me, showing me, guiding me, loving me. I pray only for liberation from all the bondages that hold me in ignorance. May my soul be free of all fetters. May I be aware of my existence in the Infinite and never stray from that awareness.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


I Am Nothing But Your Instrument O Infinite One

I come before You O Infinite One, that I may grow in wisdom, that I may grow in self-mastery, that I may grow in understanding of You, and in service to You as an instrument of Your being. I centre myself in Your being within me, in the awareness of Your infinite nature, Your infinite peace, Your infinite love, Your infinite goodness, Your infinite wisdom, Your infinite vitality. I centre myself in Your infinite nature, and I stay there with my intention that throughout this day, I will continue to be aware of Your presence within me. 

Guide me through this day. Protect me from my lower self, take away the darkness from my mind, lighten my consciousness, drive away all fear from within my being. How can there be fear when You are there? I centre myself in You, O Supreme One. I am nothing but Your instrument. Let me continue to grow in awareness of You within me. In the karmic play of this day, I take You with me in my consciousness, that I may see only You in the playground of life.

I pray to grow in awareness, in soul awareness, in Your awareness, through every encounter, every relationship, every situation. I seek to grow in consciousness, I seek to be a blessing to my world. I give thanks for all the blessings that I receive from You, and I pray to continue to be worthy.

Om peace, peace, peace….Sri Vasudeva