Keys to Transformation


 If you want to learn something, if you want to transform weaknesses into strength, if you want to transform consciousness then you need the discipline of protecting yourself from indisciplined ways.  Discipline is a protection.  It holds you and your objective in focus.  And it helps you to reprogram your brain and nervous system so that you can be supported by the physical body.  You need the consistency of doing.

So there we have four “D’s” that are important in developing the qualities and skills that are required for your meditation: strong desire, detachment, discrimination and discipline.

It is wise for the seeker to remember these four “D’s”: a strong desire for self-transformation; detachment to give the power of proper observation; discrimination so we can reason out in the space how to transform ourselves, and discipline to sustain our focus and efforts. Sri Vasudeva

Let is sit for this guided meditation on Day 11 of the 21 day series.





How to Develop a Focused Mind

child-241749_960_720.jpgYesterday we talked about how desire motivates us. When our desire is very strong we very easily develop detachment from everything that is distracting. We need to develop the ability to see clearly and let go of things that are distracting,

To decide what is distracting and what is not; to see your desire clearly, and to observe the strength of your desire – you need discriminating power.  You need the intelligence of the mind to be able to see clearly where you want to go, where the distractions are, and to stay one-pointedly focused.  Discriminating power is important, so in every meditation you need to be discriminating to see how you are straying, to see how your attention is going away and to be able to pull it back, to see where the weaknesses within your being are, and being able to stay focused on them and transform them.  So you need that degree of discriminating intelligence.  Alertness and intelligence is required.

Join Sri Vasudeva on Day 10 as he guides us in meditation describing the mental experience..

Desire – Vital Motivator


The most important quality that we need to develop when we want to master anything is having a strong desire in our consciousness for what we want to achieve.  That is a powerful motivator.  How strong is your desire to go deeper into meditation?  How strong is your desire to open up your consciousness more?  How strong is your desire to stay more conscious of every level of being in your multidimensionality?  How strong is your desire to master energies at every level?  When your desire becomes very strong you will have one-pointed attention, nothing can distract you, you’ll be able to detach from all the things that are distracting.  So we need to observe our desire to achieve more consciousness, more awareness of the energies that feature in our consciousness and the desire to master those energies.

How do you develop a desire?  By giving attention to it, seeing why you want to develop this desire, seeing it very clearly, and keeping that in your mind on a continuous basis, and associating with those people who have that quality that you want to develop, and feeding the mind the kind of diet of thoughts that will help you to strengthen that desire and detach from everything else that is distracting.  

In your every meditation you should have this intense desire to want to become more conscious, to want to become more aware of every energy experience in your consciousness, to be able to see it clearly, and to want to master the energies.  So desire is extremely important. Sri Vasudeva

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Take Initiative in your Transformation


As a seeker, we have a number of things to do. We have to catch up on our act. If we sit still, nothing is going to happen. The past karmas would just push us, here, there and everywhere, so we really need to take initiative. We need to hold the rope firmly. Swami Vivekananda said to let go of the rope, but first we have to hold the rope; the rope of that desire that will help us to transform. Ultimately we will let it go. The rope that Swami Vivekanda was saying to let go was really the detachment; detach yourself, let go of that which binds you, but do not let go of the desire to transform yourself, to stay on the path and to sustain your discipline. This is what we need to do as a seeker. Sri Vasudeva

Role of Curiosity & Desire

What is required in this journey is curiosity and desire to really understand the Consciousness. Because if you don’t have that deep curiosity or desire, how will you learn? For learning, curiosity is extremely important, and a desire to investigate and to know — a desire that is so strong that it consumes your mind. And if you reflect on what I have just said, you will see why we don’t learn. The curiosity may not be strong enough; the desire to investigate may not be strong enough because we are distracted by other things. So if you really want to make a shift, and if you really want to evolve in consciousness, you need to have that curiosity and desire to investigate so strong that it holds your mind; that it holds your interest. Sri Vasudeva


Desire Can be a Ladder to Freedom

Sri Vasudeva:

We need to be very careful about the things we dislike, to not allow them to preoccupy our minds, because they bind us to the world. We need to be able to be aware of our desires, to see how they hold us, drive us, how we become caught up in them and then how we can create the desires that are required to lead us to freedom. Desire is like a ladder that can help us to climb out of bondage and can lead us to ultimate freedom.