How A Phone can Remind Us of the Divine

lake-2822394_960_720.jpgWe are eager to have the latest smart phones, we keep alert to the many features available. We constantly are aware of opportunities to take video or photographs of what we are experiencing as we want to capture the moment to upload on social media sites. What if we tuned into our Higher Self with that same zest? What if in every moment we check in with where we are in terms of alignment with that greater power in the Universe? Are we picking up a good signal? How connected are we to that Infinite Divine? We carry the power of the Universe inside! How do we use that power?

We’re constantly checking our pockets and bags to make sure we have our phone. Many of us constantly hold it in our hands as we want it ever ready. Can we check for our Inner Guide with that same constant awareness? Can we  do an internal check to see where we are centered?

Consider the amount of time we spend with the cell phone, even in our idle moments, playing with it, looking at new apps, new ways we can have fun with it. Can we show an even great interest in expanding our awareness? We have a consciousness that can hold itself in limitation, or can expand itself infinitely; to dream of whatever we want to, to create whatever we want to in our consciousness and to bring it into manifestation.

We use the cell phone to receive messages, to keep in touch with, to get love and support from friends and family. What if we open ourselves to receive messages from the Infinite Field of wisdom, to feel carried in love and support? Let us work on growing the self-awareness of who we are and the powers that we carry and not be ignorant in the use of them. We are door ways to the infinite!

What if we related to our Higher Self like we can’t live without knowing it, like we can’t seem to live without our phones? We become so distracted from our own journey, so much so, we get caught up in what is happening outside and we lose focus of our connection with that field of infinite possibilities.


Find the Place of All Solutions

flower-2502329_960_720.jpgThe solution to every problem that you have is already within you, but you do not know it; sometimes you do not believe it. The solution to every problem is within your soul. When thoughts disturb you to the extent that when you sit to meditate, you cannot remove them from the mind, then you need to give attention to them using the power of your intellect. You can reason, “Why are these thoughts here? Why are they disturbing me? What are they telling me? What am I fearful of? What am I attached to? What am I consumed with? What am I anxious about?” We need to look for the solution, because we do not want to be in a state of worry, that is a state of stress.

Obviously, this shows a disconnection with that Source of all Wisdom within you. It shows the ignorance of the soul, not understanding the Divine Order of things, the Divine Plan of the Universe, the Law of Cause and Effect in the Universe. Because, if the soul understood this, it would see the purpose of every challenge in the mind as being a lesson, a challenge for growth and development. In using the intellect to dismantle this thought pattern that is causing stress, we need also to seek to make that connection to the Source of Wisdom inside. All information is inside! If we have that faith that it is so, inspired by those who are wise, then certainly the stress will go away. We will learn to live in surrender, and we will learn to live in that intuitive connection with our Supreme Self inside, that can give us every solution to any problem.

It is important to understand that in the same way we have problems in the Universe and we are stressed because of our lack of connection, our ignorance of the Divine Order of things, our ignorance of the Law of Cause and Effect; the Universe has a system of Grace. This is not a Universe that punishes you, absolutely not! In the same way it challenges you in your ignorance, it offers Grace – powerfully, abundantly to help you out of it. Sri Vasudeva

Join our 21 Day Meditation Series geared towards Total Wellbeing. The entire series is freely available on youtube. Here is the link to Day 3  where Sri Vasudeva talks about how to train the mind.

Let your Inner Being Shine Brightly

I centre my consciousness in the Infinite Self within me, the Ishvara within me, that timeless, infinite, transcendent Self. I centre my consciousness there that the light of this Infinite Self will dispel all darkness in my consciousness, that the ignorance that is there will be dispelled by the experience of the Light. I embrace the space, letting go of the consciousness of separation. I seek to let go of all attachments to the senses and to the world around me, that I may experience the infinite nature of my being, that this experience may stay with me, even as I engage in action in the world I can be centred in that Infinite Self within me, that I may be a witness in the play of life.

Even though I am engaged in the duality, because of my sentient nature as achiever, I seek to be free in my soul, that I may experience jivanmukti; freedom in my inner space whilst living in the limitation of the physical world. I pray to continue to be held by the guru tattva within me, as I firmly establish my consciousness in my Infinite Self. I pray that the guru tattva within me will hold me there in firmness of focus and centred-ness on my goal of freedom. I humbly pray to my Infinite Self, “Hold me within you. Free me of all attachments, my soul longs to be one with you.”

Om tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ puṣṭivardhanam, urvārukamiva bandhanānmṛtyormukṣīya mā’mṛtāt.

I worship you O Infinite One, your fragrance nourishes me and brings growth. Free me of all unhealthy attachments and the disease of ignorance, and light up my soul with immortal consciousness. Please do not withhold it from me O Supreme One. May your peace fill my being.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.
Sri Vasudeva

The Timeless Space


There is a timeless aspect to the consciousness where the pure observer is. Thought, emotions and the physical body exist in time, but the place from where we observe is beyond time. Sri Vasudeva

I am in the Heart of Love


Say “I place my “I” in that infinite space of love. I am in the heart of love.” Observe what it does: it brings ease, it brings flow; it brings rhythm to the breath. You want to move with joy, with happiness. So welcome your new day with this energy of loving being. And let that love ripple through your body; to every cell. “I love you my body. You are nature’s gift to me. I love you my every cell, you are so precious to me.”

Keep on remembering that you are in the heart of infinite love – a love that you cannot possess, but a love that you can channel; it is free to share, but not to possess. Allow it to color your thoughts, let intentions and the feeling of loving your world appear within you ,,, loving your Self, loving the Source of Being. And feel comfortable with your love,  feel comfortable with your emotional space. It shines like the sun to all. Sri Vasudeva

Be Like a Flower

We’re all striving to create a better world and one of the best ways of doing it is simply the way a beautiful flower influences its environment. Why are you drawn to a little flower in a garden? You’re attracted to its fragrance and its beauty. A flower doesn’t say anything to you directly, yet it draws everyone to its beauty and it can transform its environment. Its mere presence changes the environment. If you take the lesson of a simple flower, you can see how you too can be a positive influence on your environment simply without saying anything. Sometimes too much speech is unnecessary, because after a while, people don’t hear it anymore. They automatically tune out. Through the fragrance and the beauty of your divine Self, can you influence the environment in a very positive way? Sri Vasudeva

Changeless reality…


Change is part of your experience, it is not your reality. Sri Vasudeva


The Path of Maha Yoga


Karma yoga defines a path for us to freedom by learning to be unselfish. It is easy to say but not easy to do. It requires a transformation in the consciousness and the gift of Mahayoga is that it allows that energy to carry you, to allow this to happen. I cannot say that I did this on my own; to come into that space where I can be carried. It is the blessing of the Master and the blessing of the Supreme Energy working in and through me that has brought me there. So when I sing, I am carried. When I speak, I am carried. When I work, I am carried. When I am in my gym, I am carried. When I breathe, I am carried. When I think, I am carried. Why do you want the burden of doer-ship, when it is so easy to be carried? That is the path of Mahayoga. Sri Vasudeva

Where is the Sacred?


Within us, in the depth of our Being, is the meeting place with the Divine.                         Sri Vasudeva

Look Ahead to the Day with Gratitude


Give thanks to the Masters of the light. We meet the Supreme One through them on our journey. Sri Vasudeva