Exploring silence…


Silence is not emptiness, it is the centre of power and possibility. Sri Vasudeva

True Masters are Instruments of the Light


The Guides who are ordained by the Divine are the ones who can lead us back home. They carry an incredible power, when they come into a space, even without a word, they begin to influence the space. What is this power that they carry, this electricity, this magnetism that extends in the space, creating waves, this power of presence? They need not say anything, they do not even have to make an announcement of who they are, but the moment they enter the space their presence is felt. What is this power that they carry that even when we think of them and bring them to mind we feel their vibration and we feel a lift in the space?

What is this incredible power they carry? It is the power of staying completely connected to the Divine such that they become pure instruments. The power they carry is that through every word they utter, through every look or glance, through every benevolent thought towards the Universe, through every touch they bring the energy of the Divine. They bring the Light into the darkness.                                                                                Excerpt from a talk by Sri Vasudeva for more go to  www. blue-star.org 

Acknowledge the Divine in Every Moment


Can we think that the very prana that we are breathing is coming from the Divine, and that we should offer the prana to the Divine with every breath? Shouldn’t we think that the words that we are speaking is coming from a Divine place and every word should be an offering to the Divine? Shouldn’t we think that the food that we are eating came from a Divine source and is going to be offered to the Divine within that is going to digest it? Shouldn’t we acknowledge that when we eat? Shouldn’t we go to bed every night saying, “I hope I have pleased You today through all my actions”? Shouldn’t we live in the constant awareness of a Divine presence as we work, as we move, as we speak, as we act, as we think? Shouldn’t we be constantly in the awareness of the power that lies within us that is really doing? Don’t we call that “God consciousness”? Isn’t that what we should have as created beings, living and being nourished by a constant power within us that has given us free will to navigate? Sri Vasudeva

Ananda – the Bliss of the Self

pexels-photo-87232.jpegNotice how the ordinary pleasures are time based; there is a beginning and an end to the pleasure. You can only drink so much, you can only eat so much, you can only take so much substance. You have to go back for it again and again and again. However this ananda never ends. There is no beginning and end to it. It is ever new; it is joy ever new. This is why you can see mystics and yogis so happy in themselves, needing nothing. They may wear very little, but their faces shine with joy. They are not caught up in all the pleasure seeking. There is something else that excites them, that fulfills that need for pleasure.

Would you know it? It is there in the Self. When you capture it, you will never be excited about just the ordinary pleasure anymore. You will enjoy all the pleasures of the world for what they are, but never get caught in them. When they disappear, your joy does not disappear. When they appear, your joy is not increased. Your joy remains ever new. That ever new experience of bliss is in the Self. It is called ananda. Seek it! The more you come into that consciousness of freedom, moving away from the limitation and experiencing that expansive part of you, the more you are coming into anandaSri Vasudeva Day 6 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www. blue-star.org

Readiness for Change

Sometimes in our search, when we find that time seems to be coming for change, should we begin to look at the holistic picture and see that we are being prepared for something different? Should we listen for every sign, even from within, so that we can really unfold like the caterpillar into a butterfly, or like the seed into the tree? Can we really unfold as we are meant to? This is what readiness is about.

If you don’t feel that the time is ready for you, don’t make the step! Be comfortable with where you are. Continue to do that which strengthens you and wait for the moment. How do we know completely when we will be ready? The signs will be there: inner and outer. Do not make a decision that brings fear or insecurity. Wait until the moment comes. Look carefully, and all the forces of life and Nature will support you on this marvellous journey of unfolding. Sri Vasudeva


Can you Make a Decision in the Divine?

snow-beauty1.jpgAll the problems we have can be solved by the Divine entering our space. When you are confused, indecisive, if you only open your mind to a Great Source Being, you will experience profound responses entering into your space. It is because we are so wrapped up with the ego, ‘I want to solve this, I have to solve this, I have this knowledge, and I have this experience’. We do not allow ourselves to experience the grace of the space.

We need to think in the Divine, we need to reason in the Divine, we need to explore in the Divine, and we need to make decisions in the Divine. Not outside. Not separating our consciousness from the Divine but in the Divine.  Sri Vasudeva

Leading From Within

May we stay connected amidst all challenges – my Higher Self and I.


Where is your Centre of Being?

Non-attachment is not about the dryness of letting go of the world, that passionless existence. Non-attachment simply means not being driven by the world, but being in one’s own power and allowing yourself to be driven by inside. And when you are driven by inside, the drives are noble. They are uplifting instead of destructive. So where is your centre of being? Let it be in that centre of the subtle space. Sri Vasudeva


Acknowledge the Divine as Being the Source of your Existence

Happy New Year Everyone! Here is a wonderful way to make the new year a happy one.

Sri Vasudeva: 

Your will be done in and through me. I am the instrument, You are the Power. Hold me in Your space of grace. Nourish me, protect me, guide me, liberate me, that I may live in the constancy of Your presence and power within me, knowing that I am nothing without You, and I am everything because of You.


Master the Now

Live in the freshness of this moment.