The Specialness of Today


Can you see that the role that you have in your lifetime was specially selected for you, and the Divine is holding your hand in the Play and is just behind you? Can you feel worthy and special, however it is? Can you meet life seeing every situation as a Divine orchestration that you accept willingly, and hold the hands of the Divine as you meet with it? Can you do that? That makes every day special. Sri Vasudeva


How to have Strength & Faith

water-lilies-3199516_960_720My strength and faith is that the Divine is with me and behind me, so I do not carry any burden. Immediately a task is before me, I hold on to the Divine; “This is what You want me to do. You are sending this person to me today. You are sending this challenging situation, but I know that You are going to solve it. You are going to give me all the answers that are required.” So a little excitement comes in there however the situation may be. And when I meet the person, I begin to see why they came. I begin to see why I am needed in the play, and everything that is required unfolds. So it is never a burden for me, absolutely never. The meaning becomes very obvious, the solutions are there, and then I feel grateful for being an instrument in the play, that the Divine would choose me. Sri Vasudeva

Accept Every Page in the Book of Life


Every day presents a new page in the book of life. You never know how the day is going to feature. You may have an idea, but it may not turn out exactly as you want it to be. It may be better or it may be challenging, not as you expect it to be, but it is a new day.

However my day features, I know it is a day that was prepared for me by the Universe, so I am in absolutely no conflict with my day. However challenging it may be, however rewarding it may be, it is a day that was prepared for me in the book of life, and it is all based on karmas. Sri Vasudeva

Where to Find Solutions


All the problems we have can be solved by the Divine entering our space. When you are confused, indecisive, if you only open your mind to a Great Source Being, you will experience profound responses entering into your space. It is because we are so wrapped up with the ego, ‘I want to solve this, I have to solve this, I have this knowledge, and I have this experience’. We do not allow ourselves to experience the grace of the space.

We need to think in the Divine, we need to reason in the Divine, we need to explore in the Divine, and we need to make decisions in the Divine. Not outside. Not separating our consciousness from the Divine but in the Divine.  Sri Vasudeva

How Will we Know we Have Arrived?


No matter how much peace or power we feel on the inside, when we have arrived we’ll know, because the humility will be tremendous.

We will not feel that we have caused the arrival, or that suddenly we have become greater because of the arrival, but we have become a greater instrument of that which is, and we could have only arrived because of That.                                                                      Sri Vasudeva

How to Break Free of Patterns of the Past

How does karma come into the meditation practice? Every thought you create that impacts you in any way, leaves an impression within you, that’s called a samskara.  And those impressions influence the way you think in the future, the way you feel, the way you act.  And so that thought that you created that was impactful has left a consequence within your being that’s going to influence you.  Thoughts with consequences, leave karmas. So karma is action with consequence.

When you are able to shift into the position of instrument to the extent where you feel carried, when you allow the Divine to act in and through you fully, then you are becoming “non doer”, the Divine is doing. You’re only driven by how you feel deeply inside from that divine place of your being. When you become the non doer, then you stop creating the karmas because there is no desire within you unless the divine moves you. And the Divine is now in the play and you, the ego, are not involved in creating the karmas. You will be fulfilling karmas but there are no new desires within you. All you desire is to be carried and to stay in that process of being carried.

So if you want to break all the karmas, you need to get into the consciousness of being carried. Create no new desire, except if the Divine pushes you and you can feel it and you know it’s happening, it’s not you:  “It’s not me Lord but it’s you. I can feel it is You and I’m only doing this because I can feel Your power in and through me doing it.” So there you clear the personal karmas. The idea is inaction in action, where the Divine is leading. That’s inaction in action. That’s the non-doer.

So let’s take this into our meditation. Every thought that is going to arise in the consciousness, every pattern that’s going to come up, even the way that we are going to meditate, is based on the karmic influence from the past. See it anew. See it for what it is and decide whether you want to change that in this moment.  The goal will really be, “Even as I desire to co-create, how do I come into a place where I feel completely carried?  Let the Divine work in and through me. That would be the intention. So let’s observe this karmic influence in our meditation.

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The Ego & the Divine

If we feel continuously separate from and forgetful of the Divine, we have no relationship with the great power inside, then life is going to become very difficult, because the ego is on its own journey. How many times do you remember the Divine during the day; that you are divinely driven? Or are you completely on your own?  The question today is, “Are you in a relationship with the Divine and how deep is that relationship?” Is it a relationship of separation that you have to pray to this Divine outside of you? Is it an internal relationship where you feel that you are working with the Divine? Is it a relationship where you feel that it is the Divine is working in and through you; that you can lay back and let the Divine work; or you can act totally in the Divine, feeling that the Divine is doing it and not you? What relationship do you have with the Divine? What relationship do you want with the Divine?

The goal is to be constantly aware of this Power within you,  to deepen your relationship with this Power, through the chakras. This Power never leaves you. This Power is you. So you should be the ultimate seeker, seeking not to be anything on your own, but to be what you really are: the Divine in expression. Every word, every thought, every action should bring you into a place where you feel that the Divine is behind and with you fully.  If you do not feel the Divine so fully, your aspiration should be; “In every thought, every word, every action; I want to be completely immersed in the Divine. So you should try to stretch your consciousness as much as you can, to experience that it is the Divine within you.


So in this meditation we are going to look at the relationship of the ego with the Divine, in seeking to establish ourselves in that instrument mode; letting the Divine be the doer.

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How do we Recognize the Presence of the Ego?


What is it about the ego that grabs us so much? Energy! We can feel this rush of energy to do something, to want something. That energy move us to become emotional, to become mental, to become physical. It is a rush of energy. So ego is an energy experience. When you feel the ego within you strongly; you feel strongly negative or positive towards something or drawn towards something… isn’t there a rush of energy that is channeled through a contracted self?

The idea is to purify the ego, not to destroy it. The ego is always existing, but the selfishness disappears and selflessness appears. So to gauge whether we are growing we need to examine the nature of the ego. Is it moving from selfishness to selflessness? In the selflessness it becomes transparent to the divine, it channels the divine in a far better way. When it is selfish, it is out of sync with the divine. But when it becomes selfless, it’s sort of melting with the divine, harmonizing with the divine. And in that way it can channel the divine.

You can’t get rid of the ego. So long as you have a form, ego will exist. But at the same time, you will have the ability to observe the ego, even though it exists; and to not give power to it; and only the divine Self can help you to do that. That expansive self inside…Because the ego, in the experience of the expansive self feels like it has come home; it has found its home base, and it doesn’t want to move out of there.

That’s what we call yoga – it is having the ego and the higher Self in unity with each other. So ego is also the divine. It is the divine in limited expression; it is the divine in selfish expression. Sri Vasudeva


Who am I?


The ego is the changing part of us.                                                                                               The divine Self is the unchanging part of us.                                                                                      Sri Vasudeva

How to Access Pure Joy


When the Divine creates, it creates out of joy, not under pressure.  The Divine is infinitely wise, infinitely joyous.  It is complete in itself, so whatever it creates has to be out of pure joy.  We call that ananda; the primary or empirical joy of existence.

It is in understanding and in beginning to realize more and more, we too will access that joy from where the play is happening, because it is happening in that fundamental field of existence.

It is not happening in the identification or the limitation in the consciousness; it is happening in the deeper aspect of consciousness.  So to access the joy that is the undercurrent, we need to go a little deeper, hence the journey into Self.  We need to go within,  detaching the Consciousness from its outward nature, and bringing the attention more to the inner consciousness.  And here is where we will experience Self differently: self that is finite, physical body; self that is emotional; self that is mental; and self that is detached and transcendent.  So self is continuously being experienced differently as the consciousness shifts, as we move more and more inwards, and hence if we go deep enough, we can have an experience of infinite Self. Sri Vasudeva