Enter the Space of Freedom beyond Limitations

pexels-photo-349451.jpegWhen you sit to meditate, are you caught in the thought and the idea, or are you observing a deeper space from where you can see clearly the thoughts and ideas that are coming up in the mind, and you do not identify with them? You are not caught or carried away by them? When that happens, there is a greater peace that you feel in your inner being, because the mind is a burden, thinking is a burden, and you only appreciate that when the mind stops thinking; not suppressed in the silence, but naturally the thought stops. “Wow, how free I am!” That is why you have such a beautiful experience in deep sleep; because the mind is completely absent, inactive. You get up from a deep sleep and you say, “Oh my God, this is so good”; mind has disappeared. If in your waking and conscious experience, you can let the mind disappear, think of what you will experience in that space. That is the space of freedom.

Sri Vasudeva Day 5 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www. blue-star.org


Aspire to a Shift in Consciousness

pexels-photo-206756.jpegLet us hold the intention of transforming the inner space, trying to rise above the human consciousness, to experience more and more of our spiritual nature. We need to be patient with this, as we have had life times of conditioning that hold us in the grasp of material thinking. To transform this consciousness it takes a shift. Let us aspire to shift the consciousness. It is simply an awakening, nothing else but an awakening more and more to our true nature. And the more we come together and do this; the shift will become easier for us as individuals. Sri Vasudeva

Tuning into the Universal Mind

When I go into any space where there are people, I am excited about the opportunity to learn so much from all these minds gathered there. I am excited about tuning in to that space before I begin to converse, I can pick up a lot of information about what the space already has. Simply tuning in with the idea that there is so much to learn, happy with what I know, but knowing that I don’t know the All, and opening up my field to learn. I can learn from anyone, everyone! So I am humble to learn. My field is always open. That is how we can begin to pick up from that Universal mind. Sri Vasudeva


Do not Jump to Conclusions

8363564653_9b42f17e71_o.jpgRestrain yourself from wanting to jump to a conclusion. Even though you think you almost know, restrain yourself, because in this Universe of so many possibilities, you can never know completely. It is said, “the one who thinks he knows; knows not.” It is very wise, isn’t it? Because he is caught up in the mind, he is caught up in limitation, “the one who thinks he knows; knows not.” But the one who knows that he knows not; truly knows. That is power; that means that person is completely open every time for new. In a Universe of all possibilities, how can we with a finite mind ever think that we know completely, that we have the full knowledge?

It is the same way we think about the Divine, the Supreme. Every tradition has so many ideas of what the Supreme is; everyone is locked into a particular way of looking. Of course, it is a way of looking, it is valid, but is it the only way? Can we be open to every tradition, every aspiration towards the Divine, know that it is one way of looking at the Universe and celebrate the many ways of looking at the Universe? That is being open. Sri Vasudeva

Nurture the Flame of Goodness

Sometimes people say, “This is a hard journey! Everywhere I look there is a challenge. And it seems difficult to come out of this challenge, because whenever I aspire towards good, it seems all the negative things come to me, how can I give attention to the good?” We are so caught up in looking at the negative, that the good becomes insignificant … it becomes the small. We are consumed with the negative – all day – negative thinking, worry, misery, all challenges! We are so consumed with the challenges that we attract those possibilities, just like a wish-fulfilling tree.

If only we’ll grow that little flame of goodness. Begin to nurse it every day, like the way we nourish a plant. Protect it from violation. Every day nurture it, so it grows, so it becomes stronger and stronger and stronger, because we are giving attention to it and intention to it, and we are making it more powerful.  If we continue to let it grow, it will become stronger than the negative one! If we make it grow so huge the dark one appears small. That which was so big has become so small – and this that was so small, now is so huge simply because of attention and intention. Sri Vasudeva


The Rapturous State

Let’s withdraw the energy from the senses and focus it on that space inside. Hold the reins of the thinking mind, allow the intellectual mind to hold that rein firmly as we centre in the inner space. Beyond waking, dreaming and deep sleeping; beyond the Waker, the Dreamer and the Deep Sleeper lies another space, a fourth space, a turiya space. In that space we are carried. That is a rapturous space where this individuality that witnesses from its very centre of Pure Being, is enraptured with the joy, the ananda, the bliss of the inner space. 

Here we unite with our essence, our creative Source, without the need to use the mind. Just to be; not to be anything, not to be any of the several roles we play, but just to be. Our nature is just to be, allowing that Divine Self to manifest in all its glory in and through us.

Who am I? Just an instrument. Who am I? Just a servant. Who am I? Just a transparent one, the humble one in surrender. It is the Divine that is the doer. It is the Divine that holds us when we allow it to. Withdraw the attention from the senses, from the mind, internally and rest it in that Source, opening up the mind to all possibilities in the silence of being. Without the urge to believe anything, without the urge to create another label, without the urge to define ourselves as any of the roles we play. Just stay in that Source, knowing that everything that we are and could be is from the Source of life itself. We are nothing without the Source. Sri Vasudeva


Living in the Space of the Mystics

Sri Vasudeva:

Whatever we dream about and hold very firmly can actualize, and though it might be a challenge to have this happen, our dreams ultimately come true. The Universe supports every dream and gives us a chance to experience every consequence of those dreams. That’s why we say that the mind is like a wish-fulfilling tree. Once you think about it, the Universe is going to offer it to you and give you an experience. So it is like a child with a parent, wanting to keep the child happy, the parent gives the child everything.

In the journey from darkness into light we want to be carried away from suffering, because suffering is all in the mind. When we accept suffering as our lot, when we own it as ours, we are identifying with it. It is possible to experience it but not identify with it. It is happening in our space and it is an experience, but at the very core of our being, just like in the eye of a storm, the experience is of stillness amidst change, of being carried amidst challenges. And that is the experience the mystics, the yogis and every spiritual seeker is striving for—to come to that space and to live in that space. Not to be in that space for a moment, but to live in it.


Treasures of the Soul

My spiritual guide, Sri Vasudeva, will be holding a retreat on Discovering and Living Your Life Purpose, November 25-27 in Cobourg, Ontario, and I am so looking forward to it. He was here in June and what I remember most about that visit was the idea that if we touch the sacred space inside then we will automatically know how to respond to every situation because we would have accessed that space of all possibilities.

This is a very interesting idea because it means that we don’t have to remember all kinds of techniques. The focus is in connecting with the Source of our being, then seeing all as consciousness expressing itself in myriads of ways. Connecting to the Source for me, means connecting to a wisdom field, the field of never ending joy, peace and harmony. If I can connect to this Source then I will not be challenged by the ups and downs of daily life. It brings the utmost in flexibility.

The value of such a retreat is not only interesting ideas to contemplate but also the ambiance created by the gathering. Depending on how open and ready I am, there is the possibility of experiencing my inner being in a whole new way. The experience of meditation is very powerful, not just the sitting meditation, I mean also holding the meditative space outside of the formal sitting. My physical body experiences a greater state of health and vitality, my mind and emotions become strongly positive and I just feel great  boosts of energy.

I am very excited to see what treasures of the soul will be uncovered for me in this retreat, some I will unwrap at the retreat, others I will bring home with me. Oh it’s going to be wonderful. Join us if you can.