Learn to Surf the Waves by Mastering Self


I love the idea of riding the waves. The ocean is a powerful entity, but the joy of the surfer is learning how to ride the waves, come high, and come low. You know the surfer cannot dominate the ocean, the ocean is too powerful. So what does the surfer do? The surfer tries to work with the ocean, to understand the ocean and try to keep that board being held by the ocean. So the surfer has to master himself, he has to learn how to focus well so he does not become a victim. He has to learn how to understand. Many times he is going to sink, but that would not discourage him: “I need to understand a little more.” So he understands how to focus, how to develop confidence and how to work with the ocean; moving the board, moving his weight, balancing his energy, staying focused.

When he has learned to master himself, he will be flowing with the ocean. He will be in complete surrender, he will become the ocean, he and the ocean will not be different; he will feel he is flowing with the ocean, the ocean is carrying him. So in the height of the surfer’s experience, he is flowing with the ocean. He has not conquered the ocean, he has mastered himself and he has learned now how to adjust himself harmoniously, every time the ocean changes. He is completely surrendered to the energy of the ocean by harmonizing himself with it, by mastering himself.

So he is being carried by the ocean. He has the idea that “the ocean is the power not me. The ocean is carrying me with its force.” When the ocean produces the big wave he is happy, he is being carried high up, and when the ocean brings him down into the lowest, he goes down and coasts in the lowest. He enjoys. So he rides the wave however the wave flows.

Manage your energies during the ups and downs

How does that apply to you in riding the waves of life? When you meet the high moments, what do you do? You develop powerful energies, you reserve your energies, you observe how you play with that. You do not become proud; you do not become full of ego. You have great respect, you are happy and you are using the rewards of this for the times when the waves will be low so that you will not lose your joy. And as life changes, as life challenges you, you look for the new skills. “The water does not have as much power now to hold me, so what do I do? How do I generate now? How do I work with this low phase?” So you try to understand and use all the reserve of energy you have now to work with this situation. You use the low moments now, to work with it and build even more energy. You learn how to work with this phase until you are in complete harmony with the vicissitudes of life, the ups and downs. When there is a dark period and you cannot do anything, because there is not so much Light, you go within and you build your energies. You let your inner Light guide you. Learning to work in harmony with life is exciting.

Excerpt of talk by Sri Vasudeva, for more go to  www. blue-star.org