Guided Meditation for Expanded Awareness

Let’s bring the attention into the present moment giving attention to the mental space in our consciousness.  It is the most powerful part of our being.  Clear the mind of thoughts you do not need.  Every thought is an expression of energy that can uplift you or depress you.  Just let go of thoughts giving attention to the silence in the consciousness space.  Stay in the awareness that the mind is the most powerful part of your being.  Your ego comes from there.  And hold the awareness that you are a conscious being.  Consciousness… beingness, is your nature, your fundamental nature, your essential nature.

Give attention to the breathing process observing your breathing out slowly and completely, and breathing in slowly and deeply.

The technique of breathing we will use is called ujai.  It is the victory breath.  By restricting the breath in the throat using the epiglottis you get the sound of the ocean as you breathe.  

There should be:



third eye awareness



root awareness in the pelvic area, grounded, firm body.


Breathe opening up the belly, opening up the chest, consciousness of the throat, back of the neck at the medulla point, centre of eyebrows in the brain.  Staying conscious of the third eye centre, the centre of mental power.  And the rhythm of the breath.  

You have the power of the Universe within you, supporting you.  There is no greater power.  Hold the intention of staying aligned to that power in the karmic play of this day.  Life is full of meaning and purpose when we understand it.  

 As we look ahead to a new day  let’s create an intention strongly in our consciousness:

I center my consciousness in the infinite source of my being – that source of infinite peace, love, goodness, wisdom and vitality.  I stay centered there with my intention that my every thought, my every word, my every action in this day be a blessing to my world.  I give thanks for all the blessings I have received.  I am in gratitude and I pray to continue to be worthy:  om peace, peace, peace. Sri Vasudeva


Access all Support when needed


Every plane of existence supports us when we connect with the different chakras. Observe that.

Sri Vasudeva

Support Comes from an Integrated State of Being


“As I think of a new day, I think of staying in this integrated state of being …  aware of every field and holding it in the beautiful light and powerful love and wisdom of my soul. I am aware of the revitalizing energy that comes from my soul to the body, the recharging energy of the navel and its powerful vitality, the love from my heart and its healing power; its power to create harmony in any space, to communicate effectively and to care for my world. And the peace of my soul that comes from a mental state of quiet that expresses unity with the Divine.”

“Today I seek only to be a humble instrument of my Infinite Self in service to my world. I’m in gratitude for all the support … an entire Universe is supporting me. I’m in gratitude.” Sri Vasudeva