Test for the Opening of the Guru Chakra


Today in our meditation I want to focus on the chakra that brings us into that awareness that Aham Brahma Asmi, “I am That. I am Divine.”   We ascribe the word ‘That” to the Divine because the Divine is beyond description. ‘That” means something that we really cannot describe, something that is beyond. In Sanskrit, in the spiritual tradition of India, it is “Tat”. So “Tat Twam Asi” is a mantra that says ‘Thou art That.” You are “That”.

To come into this awareness, we need the power of the brow and this is called the Guru chakra inside. Why the Guru chakra? Because it brings us into a place of self-mastery.  It brings us into place of Divine awareness but in co-creative mode. Not in the mode of subjection but in the mode of being a part of. When your brow chakra becomes awakened, you actually feel that this ‘I’ is Divine. That puts you into a whole new shift of awareness that “My ‘I’ is Divine.”

It means when you act, you can feel that the Divine is with you behind the action because when you say “I am That,” you can actually feel that the Divine is behind your ‘I.’ Not that you are repeating it just mechanically, you are repeating it because you begin to feel the divine power behind your ‘I’. So when you say ‘I am That,’ you can feel this huge power behind your ‘I’. That is what happens when you come to the brow. The brow is the centre of the mental space. It is the home of the ego, the root of the ego. Ego is rooted in mental power, mental thinking.

When you come to this chakra, the “I” now begins to get the chance to really understand its nature. Here with the support of the Master, with proper guidance, with the grace of the Supreme, we begin to feel that “I” within us begins to be Divine. And when we say “I am That, I am That, I am That,” we feel this huge power behind it. That’s how you test the brow to know if you are really in resonance with the Divine. When you begin to say the mantra there, you begin to experience its power.  You begin to become the meaning of the mantra. You begin to realize the potency and meaning of the mantra.

Here is the meditation guidance on Day 16 of this 21 days series by Sri Vasudeva


Meditation on the Guru Principle

2s6x8d.jpgIn our meditation today, let us give attention to that marvellous power that lies at the centre of the eyebrow. Breathe into it and breathe out from it. And begin to honour the Guru principle, that power we see alive in the Masters; that incredible power of wisdom, of detachment, of unity with the Divine, of being the instrument. Centre yourself in that Guru tattva, bowing to all Masters, and to the Supreme Master within you. That is where the power is to wake up from the dream fully.

If you want to invoke the mantra of the Guru, the eternal Guru, the cosmic Guru; Om Guru Om Guru Om Guru Om. ‘Gu‘ stands for darkness, and ‘Ru‘ for the light. ‘Gu‘ is the darkness of ignorance, and ‘Ru‘ is the light of Divine Consciousness. And hold that focus.

If you can feel the stirrings of the energy, then let it bring you into a space where you can become one with the Guru Power. Allow it to come into your space. Observe what happens to the mind when you are centered there. The mind has the tendency to come into quietness – manas gets a chance to rest. Honour the silence there, and the goal would be to surrender to the wisdom, to the power, to the presence that emerges in the space.

Bring all of you to the brow

Bring all of you to the brow, so the centre of the perineum should be connected to the brow, the sacral area connected to the brow, navel area connected to the brow, heart area connected to the brow, throat area connected to the brow. So you breathe from the root right up to the brow, and from the brow right down to the root. And this is how you get every chakra connecting to the brow, serving the brow. So this is where you make your true Guru offering, with every level of your being.

I honour you, O Cosmic Guru, O Guru tattva, with every level of my being; with my body, with my vitality, with my heart, with my silence. I bow to you completely, within me.

So all the prāṇas are given to the Guru. The mind and senses become absorbed in Guru. This is meditation in Guru.

Guru Gita says, “mokṣa-mūlaṁ guroḥ kṛpā.” When you get the blessing of the brow chakra, guroḥ kṛpā, the blessing of the Guru tattva, the freedom will come.

Let the Guru manifest in the entire being

And now let us bring the Guru to the heart. Let us fill the heart with the love that comes from the Guru tattva; Guru manifesting as love in the heart, Guru manifesting as vitality in the gut, the energy that courses through the physical body, the Guru power through the body, and Guru energy manifesting in the space around, through the root into the space around. Let us fill the space with Guru tattva. Let the Guru power unite us all.

Om Guru Om Guru Om Guru Om. 

The liberating power in the Māyā – the Guru tattva, the Guru Shakti.

May we be protected together, Guru tattva and disciple; Om saha nāvavatu.

May we be nourished together; Om saha nau bhunaktu. 

May we be strengthened together; Saha vīryaṁ karavāvahai.

May our knowledge be full of light; Tejasvi nāvadhītam astu.

And may we always remain in unity, despite our diversity; Mā vidviṣāvahai

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Peace, Peace, Peace.

Sri Vasudeva Day 31 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www. blue-star.org