Fundamentals of Meditation

Today instead of quoting directly from my beloved Teacher and guide I thought I would respond to requests I received seeking more help in understanding the fundamentals in the meditation practise.

Unknown.jpegThe goal in meditation is to come into a place of    pure Being, allowing silence to pervade our entire being, at every level. 

Lets take the “pure Being” part first of all. When we allow ourselves to become caught up, and identified with the body and the senses we have moved away from pure Being. How do we know we are caught up? When we put the majority of our attention into how the body looks, how it feels, then the thoughts we create cause us to identify with the body. Think about how much time we spend grooming the body and how distressed we feel when that sleek outward appearance is affected in any way. Of course the media persuades us the way the body looks is everything.

To get to pure Being we have detach ourselves at every level, not    just physical. We need to detach from the mental, emotional and vital levels too. maxresdefault.jpg

The technique we use to disentangle ourselves is “witnessing.” For example we might notice the restlessness of the body. We observe it with no judgment, no conflict, complete acceptance of what is. We give attention to the mind. Is there a compulsion to think? We can quell the momentum of thinking by observing the thoughts as they come and go. When does a thought begin, when does it end? Is there a gap between the thoughts? What happens in that gap? Notice the growing silence and restfulness in the Being.

The second step will be focusing on our spinal column and the brain as we breathe out and breathe in. We make a circle or an orbit.

We breathe in at the third eye centre. 7-chakras-beginners.jpgThen breathe out taking our attention down the centerline of  the body, right down to the perineum area. Then breathe in keeping the pelvic area firm and grounded.      Breathe up along the spinal column  right up to the medulla point at the back of the neck and across the brain to the third eye.That’s how we connect to every level of being

How will we know when every level is coming into balance? There is a greater feeling of physicality, grounding in the body, and connection with the earth. The body feels more revitalized at the core in the gut. The being feels unburdened, filled with more love and compassion. The gift of the throat chakra is a greater sense of spaciousness and the listening power becomes stronger. The silence within the mind is more accentuated and our intuitive ability becomes greater. We now become aware that all is happening in the Divine, in that infinite consciousness of being.  

This is how we centre our consciousness in the Source of our being.

Let me know if this was useful for you. Can you better understand the goal of meditation and the steps we follow to achieve that goal?



Guided Meditation for Expanded Awareness

Let’s bring the attention into the present moment giving attention to the mental space in our consciousness.  It is the most powerful part of our being.  Clear the mind of thoughts you do not need.  Every thought is an expression of energy that can uplift you or depress you.  Just let go of thoughts giving attention to the silence in the consciousness space.  Stay in the awareness that the mind is the most powerful part of your being.  Your ego comes from there.  And hold the awareness that you are a conscious being.  Consciousness… beingness, is your nature, your fundamental nature, your essential nature.

Give attention to the breathing process observing your breathing out slowly and completely, and breathing in slowly and deeply.

The technique of breathing we will use is called ujai.  It is the victory breath.  By restricting the breath in the throat using the epiglottis you get the sound of the ocean as you breathe.  

There should be:



third eye awareness



root awareness in the pelvic area, grounded, firm body.


Breathe opening up the belly, opening up the chest, consciousness of the throat, back of the neck at the medulla point, centre of eyebrows in the brain.  Staying conscious of the third eye centre, the centre of mental power.  And the rhythm of the breath.  

You have the power of the Universe within you, supporting you.  There is no greater power.  Hold the intention of staying aligned to that power in the karmic play of this day.  Life is full of meaning and purpose when we understand it.  

 As we look ahead to a new day  let’s create an intention strongly in our consciousness:

I center my consciousness in the infinite source of my being – that source of infinite peace, love, goodness, wisdom and vitality.  I stay centered there with my intention that my every thought, my every word, my every action in this day be a blessing to my world.  I give thanks for all the blessings I have received.  I am in gratitude and I pray to continue to be worthy:  om peace, peace, peace. Sri Vasudeva

Subtle link between Breath and Mind


meditation-972472_960_720.jpgToday we want to look at the subject of pranayama. There are five pranas that feature driving everything in the body. In a generic way, we call them prana, but in the yoga teachings, the five individual pranas have separate names.

That which opens up the lungs to breathe in is called the generic name prana. It is the one that operates the head and all the senses, the mind, the brain, the nose. When you begin to see the relationship between the prana and the breath, you will be able to gain control over the mind.

That which pushes away is called apana. So we have that apana power in bowel action, in breathing out, in everything to do with pushing out, emptying.

There’s a prana that works the digestive process; it’s called samana. There is one that works all circulatory processes, called vyana. And there is that which moves upwards, called udana. So in speaking, in standing, Kundalini, everything that moves upwards uses udana prana. As you become more aware of these, begin to observe how they operate within you.

Of interest to us in meditation will be the breath. Each time we breathe in, activate the senses, open up the lungs, we’re using prana in every breath. And every time we push out the breath, we use  apana; the action feels different. So we need to create harmony or balance in the prana and apana, hence the rhythmic breathing.

When you begin to use the mind to project energy, the mind engages prana, so mind has pranic power. The same prana that’s activating the mind is also responsible for the breath, so you will be able to manage the mind if you begin to manage the prana of the breath. 

Join Sri Vasudeva’s guided meditation on Pranayama on Day 12 of his 21 day series on Total Well being.

Meditation on Subtle Body

wild-flowers-flowers-plant-macro-40797.jpegLet us bring the attention into the present moment. The goal is to come into awareness of our subtle Self, our energy being that lies within the gross body, and to really wake up to that identity that we have of subtle being.

“Focus on the breath,”  observing how in the breath there is body identity, the breather, breathing in the air and breathing out. Observe that human breathing. Open up your awareness to really observe how the body breathes. Hold the possibility of an energy identity in us, driving that breath, prana and apana.

Stay in breath awareness. Be conscious of the entire out breath, from the moment you begin to push the breath out with your intention, until the out breath is complete. Then pause for a moment and bring the in breath in. Follow that movement of breathing in and breathing out, but in an expanded view.

Stay completely aware of the spinal column and the brain, because you are observing now to wake up in the subtle body, that you can be constantly aware of the Kundalini energy, that evolutionary energy that is working within you. No expectations, no belief system is required because it is already existing within you. It is just that intention to see what we are not seeing.

Keep the focus on bindu awareness

Stay with the breath awareness and focus on that bindu centre between the eyebrows. Each time you breathe out, take your attention down the spinal column, right down to the root of the spine, and as you breathe in, up the spinal column, right up to the back of the neck and centre of the eyebrows. Keep the focus on that bindu awareness because by doing that, you will come into that silent space beyond thoughts.

Stay in the rhythm of the breath. Stay in the energy of the breath as you open up the belly, as you open up the chest, as you breathe with bindu awareness, and observe the experience of total being.

We are following an awakening process. “I want to wake up in this Maya. I want to experience more of who I am.” Hold this intention. Just work the breath intuitively until you begin to feel that the breath has a life of its own. It is energy. Observe what it is doing to the mind, what it is doing to the bindu, what it is doing to the emotional being, the heart, and what it is doing to the vital energy of the body.

Stay with a graceful breath, a gentle breath, a conscious breath, with the longing of the heart to wake up to more of what we are.  Sri Vasudeva Day 14 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www.


Seek the Eyes of Wisdom


Observe what the pause in the breath does; the pause at the end of the in-breath, the pause at the end of the out-breath.  It can hold you in a place of no beginning, no end. It can hold you in a place of timelessness. Your true Self is boundless and free.

O Creator of Maya, I seek the eyes of wisdom that I may understand your play. I seek the vision of the third eye.”

As you breathe into the centre of the eyebrows, as you focus on the brain, let your prayer be to see with the eyes of the wise.

“Let me see the play of your Maya.

Let me see the sport of your Maya, O Creator of Maya. I seek liberation in this play.” 

Asato Mā Sad Gamaya

Tamaso Mā Jyotir Gamaya

Mrityor Mā Amritam Gamaya

Show me the real; take away the unreal from my eyes. Remove the darkness that enshrouds me; let me see the Light. Lead me to immortal consciousness, and take away the consciousness of death.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. 

Peace, Peace, Peace.

Sri Vasudeva Day 8 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www.

Using the Breath to Fill up with Prana

For the next little while I’d like to share some simple practices that I am doing to deepen my spiritual practice.

Today I want to expand my awareness of prana which is subtle energy and it’s effects on my physical and subtle energy body. I want to observe the impact on my mental and emotional being as I consciously take in more prana.

I am starting by doing conscious breathing; becoming more aware of the inhale and exhaled breath. Breathing in, pausing to observe what is happening in me, breathing out, pausing again to observe. I want more. I want to expand how much I inhale and how much I exhale so as I breathe in, when I feel full, I’m breathing in some more and as I breathe out when I feel empty I am seeking to empty some more.

I am visualizing the breath coming into my system flowing into all the energy channels of my body, a wonderfully cool and revitalizing breath. As the breath leaves I see it washing away all the toxins, all that has challenged me.

Now I am noticing the rhythm of the breath. Aah the rhythm gets smoother and more graceful the more I observe it. I stand back and let the breath happen on it’s own.

With this breath I connect with my Universe. As I breathe out I am sending thoughts of gratitude for all my blessings. I send a wish that all who are seeking may be supported in their journey, all who are challenged may feel comforted, supported. I breath in taking in the nourishment, feeling supported by that infinite Source of goodness and wisdom.

As I focus on the breath that moves through my system I am noticing that my mind is becoming more peaceful. I feel more mentally alert. My emotional energies seem to be naturally rejuvenating. My physical body seems more vital. Marvelous.

Did you try it with me? How was the exercise for you? I intend to do it at different locations today so I will see the impact near running water, in the garden, as I go for a walk, at my desk before I start work. I may do it for different lengths of time to suit the time I have available for it. Have a wonderful prana filled day :). Let me know how it goes.