Catch that Experience of the Quantum Space


Observe the physical experience of being. Observe the human body and the experience of the human body in the consciousness space – weight, gravity, heat, movement of fluids, taste in the mouth. Observe the human experience. The goal would be to observe in a pure way, no judgement, no labelling, moving away from conditioning.

If you observe carefully, there is an experience of lightness of being. There is an energy experience in there that we do not see if we do not focus beyond the humanity, beyond the physicality. Observe and see if you can catch that experience of the quantum space, the energy space, the subtle energy space. Mind is subtle energy; mind moves in waves. Emotions are subtle energy; they move in waves. The vital energy that moves the core of the body, that feeling of vitality, that experience of vitality; it moves in waves. Your intent generates waves; the intention of being loving, being peaceful, being vital; they are waves that permeate the physical, so learn to observe.

Breath moves because of a wave of energy; it is called a vāyu, prāa vayu and apāna vāyu. So breathe out and breathe in, observing the movement of the breath. There is an energy experience behind the physical movement of the breath, so sharpen your observing skills.

Sri Vasudeva



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