What are your Intentions?


Sri Vasudeva: During the 40 Days of 1978 my intentions were and have always been to get to the highest state of consciousness.   During those days of 1978 I was so focused on reaching the highest point inside of me, to recognize the grace that surrounded me and to do only what the Universe wanted of me.  Those were my goals.  I wanted to follow to the letter, all the instructions I was given, and I did.  They were 40 Days of tremendous transformation.

I wish the same blessings for you.  I do believe that this period is extremely sacred and is supported by so many heavenly beings.  I know that if you create the right intentions that they will be fulfilled for you.  And even if you don’t create the right intentions, the wisdom will come to change them.  That is how blessed this period is.  So enjoy these days.  We begin the first day of our 40 Days tomorrow morning.

You can register and find out more information at the bluestar website.


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