How to Benefit from Experienced Guides


Lets say we decided to go on an eco tour, to a place we’ve just heard about. Once we decide to explore new territory, we find out all that we can about this new place. We might research on the internet, talk to people who have information about similar places and best of all, talk to someone who has been to the specific region we are interested in.

It’s the same with meditation. Having a personal guide can make all the difference. It can make the journey much easier. The guide can give us an energetic boost that can really jump start our inner experiences or help  us to make a leap.

Recently I had some technical difficulty with this blog. I tried everything I could to solve the problem. When I couldn’t think of how to proceed I wrote to a friend who is a tech whiz. I continued trying, but now I knew she had read of my challenge and she was thinking of me and I was sure she was lending support. Although she was far away and couldn’t figure out the problem her brainstorming with me helped a great deal.  I imagined myself with her technical capacity and yes I was able to figure it out.

Meditation is the same. We can “catch” a deeper experience by being together with those who are stronger in the practice.

Does that mean we have to physically be with a guide all the time in order to have that guidance? No. We can align ourselves with evolved souls. Because we are consciousness beings we can be together in spirit just by tuning in to each other.  When you read this blog doesn’t it feel like we are together? Almost like we are chatting over a cup of tea? Don’t you feel a boost in energy from the field we co-create together?

Today lets remember and feel uplifted by each others presence and the presence of evolved masters. We are never alone.


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