How to See from an Expanded Space


We’ve been talking about the meditation practice and using the analogy of going on vacation. I’d like to continue in this vein. When we go to a new place we are changed by the experience. The more we explore that place, the greater the impact on us. It is the same when we journey within. Our experience of ourselves, or what we call the “I” is profoundly changed. Meditation is really shifting the “I” from limited, contracted awareness to boundless, expansive awareness.

You see my mind can be quiet and I can still be in limited awareness; I can still be in selfishness. I can be in the moment and still be limited. For example I can be fully in the moment while I’m eating, not wanting to share my food and my mind can be very quiet. Or I can be in a selfish state of loving when I seek the best for myself, my family, my friends, not caring for those outside my circle. You see what I mean about moving from the limited “I” to the expansive?

Meditation is going deep inside, touching a space of incredible joy, love, peace, intuition; an enjoyment of our expansive nature. And just like when we come back from vacation we love to share our pictures, tell stories about our adventures so too with meditation; when we come out of meditation we express that expansive nature in all that we are. Our very presence is transformed.

Doesn’t it make you excited about the meditation practice?


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