How A Phone can Remind Us of the Divine

lake-2822394_960_720.jpgWe are eager to have the latest smart phones, we keep alert to the many features available. We constantly are aware of opportunities to take video or photographs of what we are experiencing as we want to capture the moment to upload on social media sites. What if we tuned into our Higher Self with that same zest? What if in every moment we check in with where we are in terms of alignment with that greater power in the Universe? Are we picking up a good signal? How connected are we to that Infinite Divine? We carry the power of the Universe inside! How do we use that power?

We’re constantly checking our pockets and bags to make sure we have our phone. Many of us constantly hold it in our hands as we want it ever ready. Can we check for our Inner Guide with that same constant awareness? Can we  do an internal check to see where we are centered?

Consider the amount of time we spend with the cell phone, even in our idle moments, playing with it, looking at new apps, new ways we can have fun with it. Can we show an even great interest in expanding our awareness? We have a consciousness that can hold itself in limitation, or can expand itself infinitely; to dream of whatever we want to, to create whatever we want to in our consciousness and to bring it into manifestation.

We use the cell phone to receive messages, to keep in touch with, to get love and support from friends and family. What if we open ourselves to receive messages from the Infinite Field of wisdom, to feel carried in love and support? Let us work on growing the self-awareness of who we are and the powers that we carry and not be ignorant in the use of them. We are door ways to the infinite!

What if we related to our Higher Self like we can’t live without knowing it, like we can’t seem to live without our phones? We become so distracted from our own journey, so much so, we get caught up in what is happening outside and we lose focus of our connection with that field of infinite possibilities.


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