Opening the Floodgates of our Heart


Do we challenge ourselves to embrace another into our world? Or do we allow fear to push us into contraction? Do we have criteria that has to be satisfied before we will allow our love to flow? Is our love a commodity up for trade? “If and only if you approach me with this kind of attitude, if you say these kinds of words, if you perform these actions  will I love you, if you don’t I won’t love you.” Don’t we long for another way?

Whenever we are together with others, whether they be family, colleagues or community members, we often experience irritation or impatience as we discover the limits of our love. We are invited into a more expansive inner space but we often misunderstand this prompt and become sucked into a blame game.

We’ve been talking about centers of intention. There is a powerful plexus of love that is located in the chest area. It is not physical but it certainly influences the physical organs and tissues in the region. It is like a vortex of energy. By tapping into this center we can connect with an ocean of love, a place of unconditional loving, no contracts. Our essential nature is love. We are all connected in that Source of infinite love. We are one in spirit. The Divine resides in all of us, freedom from emotional burdens of anger and depression lies in recognizing that.

I am reminded of the beautiful song by Parmahansa Yogananda:

Door of my heart

Open wide I keep for Thee

Wilt Thou come, wilt Thou come?

Just for once come to me

Will my days fly away without seeing thee my Lord?

Night and day, night and day

I wait for thee night and day

Door of my heart open wide I keep for Thee

Lets us breathe in the love of the universe and breath out, opening the floodgates of our heart, sharing our love with our world.


How to Benefit from Experienced Guides


Lets say we decided to go on an eco tour, to a place we’ve just heard about. Once we decide to explore new territory, we find out all that we can about this new place. We might research on the internet, talk to people who have information about similar places and best of all, talk to someone who has been to the specific region we are interested in.

It’s the same with meditation. Having a personal guide can make all the difference. It can make the journey much easier. The guide can give us an energetic boost that can really jump start our inner experiences or help  us to make a leap.

Recently I had some technical difficulty with this blog. I tried everything I could to solve the problem. When I couldn’t think of how to proceed I wrote to a friend who is a tech whiz. I continued trying, but now I knew she had read of my challenge and she was thinking of me and I was sure she was lending support. Although she was far away and couldn’t figure out the problem her brainstorming with me helped a great deal.  I imagined myself with her technical capacity and yes I was able to figure it out.

Meditation is the same. We can “catch” a deeper experience by being together with those who are stronger in the practice.

Does that mean we have to physically be with a guide all the time in order to have that guidance? No. We can align ourselves with evolved souls. Because we are consciousness beings we can be together in spirit just by tuning in to each other.  When you read this blog doesn’t it feel like we are together? Almost like we are chatting over a cup of tea? Don’t you feel a boost in energy from the field we co-create together?

Today lets remember and feel uplifted by each others presence and the presence of evolved masters. We are never alone.

How to See from an Expanded Space


We’ve been talking about the meditation practice and using the analogy of going on vacation. I’d like to continue in this vein. When we go to a new place we are changed by the experience. The more we explore that place, the greater the impact on us. It is the same when we journey within. Our experience of ourselves, or what we call the “I” is profoundly changed. Meditation is really shifting the “I” from limited, contracted awareness to boundless, expansive awareness.

You see my mind can be quiet and I can still be in limited awareness; I can still be in selfishness. I can be in the moment and still be limited. For example I can be fully in the moment while I’m eating, not wanting to share my food and my mind can be very quiet. Or I can be in a selfish state of loving when I seek the best for myself, my family, my friends, not caring for those outside my circle. You see what I mean about moving from the limited “I” to the expansive?

Meditation is going deep inside, touching a space of incredible joy, love, peace, intuition; an enjoyment of our expansive nature. And just like when we come back from vacation we love to share our pictures, tell stories about our adventures so too with meditation; when we come out of meditation we express that expansive nature in all that we are. Our very presence is transformed.

Doesn’t it make you excited about the meditation practice?

How to Power Up your Intentions

Sometimes we set intentions and we are not able to follow through with them. For the past two days we discovered that we have the power to intensify our intentions. We did a practise sending a thought of love and energizing it from every energy centre in our being.

Today lets pause a moment and choose a personal intention we would like to energize. Maybe you set some new years resolutions but found it hard to follow through with them. Let us choose one of those intentions and do the practise. That way we can test how effective this process is.


We know where to find the centres of intention; at the base of the spine, in the sacral or genital area, the navel area, in the chest or heart area, the throat, brow and top of the head.  They are ours to tap into, to energize ourselves for our daily lives. Shall we explore these centers some more?

Let us build on our practice of yesterday.  Lets “prime the pump” so to speak by seeking the help of Evolved Souls, that they may lend their energetic support to us. This time let’s make the body as comfortable as possible, in a steady posture that we can keep  throughout, as we get ready to embark on our adventure. Isn’t it exciting?

Lets begin by focusing on one of the most powerful tools that we have at hand, the breath. As we breathe out,  let go, empty ourselves. As we breathe in embrace all the energy in the Universe. Lets do this cycle of emptying and filling until we feel an inner prompt to go deeper.

Now lets begin to listen intently to the breath as we continue to do the cycle. If we like we can use a mantra that we feel drawn to, like the soham mantra. “So” means the “universe” and “ham” means “I.” For the length of the inhaled breath repeat silently “Soooooooooooooo”, embracing the energy of the universe and for the duration of the out breath silently repeating “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam” thinking about “I”. In fact soham means I and the Universe are one. Take a keen interest in the sound of the mantra as it harmonizes with the breath.

Now  let us focus on the base of the spine, traveling up through the sacral, navel centers and noticing how the experience changes at each center of intention. Continue the journey through the heart, throat, brow and crown centers. Lets be like tourists on vacation, enjoying every center, lingering where we are drawn, soaking up the experience. Marvellous, isn’t it?

Let us remember our personal intention and visit every centre powering it up as we travel upward.

Doesn’t the physical body feel better? Doesn’t the mind feel more focused, more organized? Overall isn’t there a feeling of more synchronization, greater uplift?

Have a blissful day everyone!

How to Intensify Intentions Pt 2

In yesterday’s blog we started talking about the possibility of varying the intensity of our intentions. Today I’d like to explore this topic some more. Once I realized that intensity can be varied then the natural question is can I add different qualities to that intensity and what will be their effect? You see, curiosity leads to extension of the practise.

This is how I do it. I start by observing myself as I send out waves of love and make a wish that a special person  feels uplifted today. I note my inner state before I send the wish, I notice that I experience subtle changes during the wish sending, and even after the wish there is a shift in my inner space. The shift is so subtle that if I am not watching for it I might miss it.

Now I do a second practise.  This time I relax my body first. Then I focus on my breath.    I breathe out letting go of all other thoughts, emptying myself of stress. I breathe in filling myself with the love and vitality of the Universe.

On an out breath I focus on the base of my spine. I ground myself in the source of divine energy. As I breathe in I bring the focus up along the spinal column following an energy pathway which runs parallel to the spinal column. Allowing my awareness to travel up through the sacral area, vitality at the navel,  the ocean of love in my heart center, upward through the expansive tranquility of the throat, the focal point between the eyebrows and to the crown of the head. I breathe out going back to the base center and repeat the cycle.

chakra diagram


I am very interested in the process. Looking to see what happens in each area. I don’t need to do anything I only watch the process. The body already knows how to breath. I am the observer.

When I’m comfortable with the cycle and I’m at the base of the spine I introduce my wish to send love to a special someone. I observe the influence on the thought as I ground in the base. I see the thought taking on greater power and vitality. I witness how it becomes infused with love. I see how focus and attention strengthens the intention. I picture that special person seeing them uplifted by divine love. I do this practice until I feel fulfilled.

The experience of sending the thought in the second practise is very different, much more nuanced, deeper and really soul satisfying. Try it and see for yourself.

How to Refine the Power of Intention


This morning we are having light flurries of snow and it brought to mind the intensity of intentions. Let me explain some more. While at this moment we’re having light flurries, later this could intensify into heavy snow fall. It’s the same if we talk about rain. We could have a light drizzle or heavy showers.

Likewise the intensity of our intentions can also vary. We can increase the power of intention and will. We can consciously intensify desire. I find it very interesting that intensity is under our control or another way of putting it is that we have the power of intention.

My personality does not like to just hear intriguing ideas such as this, I want to know it, to experience it for myself. So I devised a little experiment for myself. I choose someone who I find it easy to work with. Then I send a conscious wave of love to them. Then I try to send a bigger wave. I look at the process that is happening in me, so that I can understand what it means to intensify my intention, and bring the process more into my awareness.

Shall I stop here? You try it!

How to Expand Awareness


What does it mean in a practical sense to expand our awareness? We can observe how we use our energies during our day; the way we treat people, people’s responses to us, how we impact on our environment and how the environment impacts upon us.

It might also be interesting to look at how we are using our energy. Are we looking for all the ways that we are sharing energies and trying to express them most powerfully from the deepest place within? Does our look have love? What kind of energy do our words carry? Have we ever thought about the kind of energy our hands carry? What about the energy of our thoughts?

When we become more aware of our soul’s identity, we begin to realise that we are beings of light, beings of energy, and there is more in terms of communication – that we do not communicate with words only,  we communicate with the power of intentions.  Just to intend or to think about something, energy is already in motion.  Just the intention to love channels love.  We may start to feel the energies of people,  to pick up the energies of ideas  around us and we relate to our world differently – this is energy awareness.

How Will We Dare to Be Today?


We carry the power of the Universe in us. How will we use that power in an innovative, creative way today? How will we dare to be different? How will we break free from our conditioned thinking? How will we roar like a lion instead of bleating like sheep?

We have the power to change our life, to change our world! We have the power to dream, to create powerful visions, and we can materialize them when they are aligned with the Universal will.

Are we ready for an exciting day, full of possibilities?

See From A New Perspective


spring-flowers-355858_960_720.jpgAre we caught up in specific roles, coming alive in a space based on those roles? Do we respond to our world predominantly from the view of  one who gives advice to others, one who needs advice and help, one who supervises, one who is a pacifist or a warrior, one who cleans, heals, cooks, designs, parents?  How do we habitually view our world? This world is like a mirror; it tells us about ourselves. Can we come out of the box and consciously adopt another view? This is a world of infinite possibilities.

It is not easy to see ourselves in the box. When I consciously decided consciously adopt one view for an hour it shocked me to find out how my habits had controlled me in the way I interpreted what was happening around me, how much my view was biased, how much I missed out on. I invite you to try this practice.  Decide which primary role you will play for a specific period and then consciously let go of the role at the end of that time. Then review what you discovered. Was it easy? What was challenging and how did you deal with that challenge? It is a real eye-opener.

Let us  begin to honor our purpose, to  serve the world in the best possible way instead of being caught in only one possibility.

Where to Find Solutions


All the problems we have can be solved by the Divine entering our space. When you are confused, indecisive, if you only open your mind to a Great Source Being, you will experience profound responses entering into your space. It is because we are so wrapped up with the ego, ‘I want to solve this, I have to solve this, I have this knowledge, and I have this experience’. We do not allow ourselves to experience the grace of the space.

We need to think in the Divine, we need to reason in the Divine, we need to explore in the Divine, and we need to make decisions in the Divine. Not outside. Not separating our consciousness from the Divine but in the Divine.  Sri Vasudeva