Find the Place of All Solutions

flower-2502329_960_720.jpgThe solution to every problem that you have is already within you, but you do not know it; sometimes you do not believe it. The solution to every problem is within your soul. When thoughts disturb you to the extent that when you sit to meditate, you cannot remove them from the mind, then you need to give attention to them using the power of your intellect. You can reason, “Why are these thoughts here? Why are they disturbing me? What are they telling me? What am I fearful of? What am I attached to? What am I consumed with? What am I anxious about?” We need to look for the solution, because we do not want to be in a state of worry, that is a state of stress.

Obviously, this shows a disconnection with that Source of all Wisdom within you. It shows the ignorance of the soul, not understanding the Divine Order of things, the Divine Plan of the Universe, the Law of Cause and Effect in the Universe. Because, if the soul understood this, it would see the purpose of every challenge in the mind as being a lesson, a challenge for growth and development. In using the intellect to dismantle this thought pattern that is causing stress, we need also to seek to make that connection to the Source of Wisdom inside. All information is inside! If we have that faith that it is so, inspired by those who are wise, then certainly the stress will go away. We will learn to live in surrender, and we will learn to live in that intuitive connection with our Supreme Self inside, that can give us every solution to any problem.

It is important to understand that in the same way we have problems in the Universe and we are stressed because of our lack of connection, our ignorance of the Divine Order of things, our ignorance of the Law of Cause and Effect; the Universe has a system of Grace. This is not a Universe that punishes you, absolutely not! In the same way it challenges you in your ignorance, it offers Grace – powerfully, abundantly to help you out of it. Sri Vasudeva

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