Seek that Place of Constant Strength

caudata-1073282_960_720.jpgSri Vasudeva: In my many years of the human experience I have seen around me all kinds of suffering. I have seen situations where there is no hope for physical survival. I have seen people helpless in these situations. There is the need for strength, there is the need for comfort, there is the need for understanding in these distressing situations. 
I have found a place inside that can give us continuous strength, even in these most challenging situations. I have experienced a place inside from where we can draw energies when challenged, from a deeper space. That makes me unafraid of any of the challenges that life will bring to me. I know in this world that I have seen, and experienced, we can expect any challenge any time. Wouldn’t you agree that life is unpredictable? So the need to be prepared, the need to understand, and the need to be wise, is important.
I am inviting you to consider that there is a place of well-being within you that is untainted by the entire human experience. I am saying to you that in all aspects of healing, all aspects of comforting, all aspects of well-being, we need to understand this place. That is not going to happen unless we have a desire to understand more. That is not going to happen until we consider it a possibility. And that is not going to be experienced until we shift the consciousness. Do you understand what I mean? Until we shift the consciousness, until we realize, not intellectually only, but in experience.