Be in Balance


It’s extremely important to be in balance.  Once you’re emotional over long periods, I see what it does to the nervous system, and in a minute I can tell your level of depletion and where it exists,  because I have been doing so much work with the energy in the body,   It’s extremely important that we become conscious of that ourselves because many times I’m telling you something you’re really not conscious of, but it’s right within you

You’re not conscious of the depletion of your navel centre, or the depletion of your heart centre, especially those of us in later years when we try to go with the Kuṇḍalinī in the upper spaces and the nervous system is not strong, we begin to experience the negative effects of trying to move KuṇḍalinīWe want to take Her up but we are not charging up the nervous system enough to be able to handle those energies, so we end up with shaking and different experiences of fear and insecurity.  It’s extremely important to observe that and really do the remedial work of building the nervous system strongly, and allowing this Energy to ascend in a more powerful way.  

Before we age significantly, I think it’s extremely important to take the energies up to a level where we can experience a high consciousness in an aged body.  Saying that, my intention is to have you fascinated about this subject; about what you can’t see but what can be realized and is a possibility. Sri Vasudeva


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